What Is Coaching?
How Does It Work?

What would your life look like if you believed that anything was possible?

What is possible when are transformed from a place of overwhelm, burnout, or just being stuck to a place where you enjoy work, play and relationships that are purposeful, passion-driven, feeds your soul and uniquely impacts others?

Living each day with purpose, passion, intention, value and meaning.

Let’s get real. If you have a goal or vision for your life, and you’ve been hoping to, dreaming about it, thinking about it, talking about it, or wishing you could for the last year, and you still haven’t done it, then it’s time for a coach.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It deals with the present and moves toward creating the future you want.

It is co-creative equal partnership between the coach and client in which the coach stands with the client and supports the client in achieving victories.

Here are a few examples of the results my clients are looking for.


I support business women and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, create ideal clients, confidently charge premium prices, and build a highly profitable 6-figure+ business while maintaining a better quality of life.

I support professional women who are unfulfilled in their jobs to discover their purpose, create a clear vision, connect with what is most important to them, develop a strong mindset, and move past fear to confidently create their dream business.

I also help business women turn their heartbreak into the best thing that ever happened to them.

I work with business women and entrepreneurs who are unfulfilled in their marriage/relationship, and want to communicate effectively, increase emotional/physical intimacy and passion so they can end conflict, and reduce any negative impact on their business..

I work with business women or entrepreneurs going through a breakup, separation or divorce. I help you thrive beyond the end of the relationship so that you regain confidence and self-esteem rebuild your life and reduce any negative impact on your business.

How does it work?

We start with where you are now and your life and business vision. Then we identify exactly all the hidden challenges sabotaging your success.

Sometimes those challenges are cash, marketing or sales-related.  Or they could be leadership, team building or accountability issues.

Sometimes those challenges are involve mindset; the dialogue that keeps you stuck.

Your inner critic screaming, “you’re not good enough.”

My job as a coach is to hold you accountable to what you say you want, in the presence of every reason why you say, “it’s impossible.”

money mindset coach for entrepreneurs

As a trained ontological coach, I help you discover your essence, and show up as your true self in every area of your life.

Coaching transforms your relationship to the things that once held you back.  Once you shift your perspective, your whole life changes.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching goes beyond just looking for results.

It involves doing the deep inner work that provides the long lasting optimal results in personal and professional lives, relationships, finances, health, wellbeing, spirituality and other key areas of our lives.

Transformational coaching works from the inside out to shift who you are being and how you show up for you or your family. It changes how you see your situation, make decisions or see the world.

What is Ontological coaching?

Ontological coaching supports people to achieve their goals not only by their actions (doing), but by who they are being during the process of creating what they want.

It has been described as “coaching to the human soul.”  Who we are being influences what we do, and in turn, what we have.

Instead of asking “How could he breakup with me?” Ontological coaching asks, “Who am I being right now”?  It gives you the power to choose to “be” whatever serves you powerfully.  Who you are being controls how you act, do and win in every area of your life.

Your being is the essence of who are, and how you show up in life.

I coach the whole woman and not just a specific goal because everything you do and experience in one area of your life affects other areas of your life.  Together, we take a deep look into every area of your life.

Maybe you think it’s your boss, the job, your marriage, your relationship with your children or your business.  Maybe you’re just done and you want to move on to a new job, relationship or business.

While transitioning to something new may be a great idea, it’s even better to see where you are making choices from, and why you are making those choices.

Understanding the what and why in your vision and every decision you make will challenge any self-imposed limitations, shift your mindset, allow you to let go of stories that no longer serve you, and empower you to create your best life.

This is difference between living a life full of impact and just surviving whatever life throws your way.

I have been there.

And that is why I am passionate and committed to empowering you to live your best life.  Powerful transformational coaching has an authentic impact not just in your personal life, but with your work, business, relationships, family, communication, and leadership.

Life coaching for high performing women like you is not a quick fix.  Your vision and big goals are more than just a to do list.  It takes a commitment on your end coupled with powerful coaching to do the deep work required before any natural shift happens.

My specialty is working with women who are done with just existing, and are fully committed to living more than just a generic version of a great life.

No two clients are alike or have the same need.  For this reason, I create bespoke custom coaching packages tailored to the needs of each woman.  While each custom coaching package has a different time window, and several tiny steps along the way, the core coaching structure includes work relating to Vision + Purpose, Strategy + Goals + Action, Mindset, Skills + Resources and An Optimal Environment.

As your coach, I hold you accountable to reaching your goals and creating clear, measurable results.

Leaning fully into my commitment to make impact in the lives of women and children around the world, I show up to every coaching session with just one question:  “How can I powerfully serve you today?”

I listen, challenge and support you every step toward creating your vision.

Coaching is NOT:

  1. Advice – Coaches do NOT tell you what to do or how to behave. Coaching assists you to identify and achieve what you want for your life.
  2. Mentoring – You Coach is NOT your mentor. Your coach is a co-creative partner who does not purport to know more than you do about your life.
  3. Therapy – A coach is NOT a therapist. Your therapist deals with your past and any emotional trauma. It involves healing, and a doctor patient relationship. Your therapist provides path to healing.
  4. Consulting – Consulting involves strategy and methodology where the consultant is the expert, and has all the answers. They stand back, evaluate and tell you how to fix it. In the coaching relationship, the client is the expert of their life and knows what they want. The client is whole, and there is nothing to fix.

Coaching is NOT for Everyone. Coaching IS for you if:

You’re ready to move forward with your life vision and make impact.

You’re willing to give up the crummy stories you have created and convinced yourself about your life.

You’re willing to believe that you’re not broken; Your story is broken;

You’re willing to shift your relationship to fear, doubt, overwhelm, and time or money scarcity.

You’re ready to create new possibilities and places to choose from.

You’re willing to take responsibility for your life and for the decisions that you make.

You’re willing to create an authentic relationship with yourself and others.

You’re willing to shift your perspective so that you can change your life.

You’re willing to accept that you’re powerful, courageous and brilliant.

You deserve more than just a generic version of the good life.

You’re ready to commit to coaching, and stretch outside of your comfort zone.

You’re willing to CHOOSE.

I work with only a limited number of women so that I can fully commit to each client.  Are you ready to create the success you know is possible in your personal life, relationships, career and business?

Check out the options below for how we can work together!

Coaching packages with me begin at six months because that is the least amount of time that consistent action towards your goals will create space for the impossible to happen.

Ways We Work Together

All coaching sessions are held via phone/Zoom video/Skype.
Customized in-person sessions available upon request.

The chemistry between a coach and client is an important component of the coaching relationship. 

I work with clients by application,invitation and referral only.

Schedule your 10X Business Breakthrough Consultation with me to see how I can help you.   In this session we will…

1. Create a crystal-clear vision for your business.
2. Uncover all the hidden challenges sabotaging your success.
3. Learn the 5 secrets that will get you the result you want AND leave inspired and ready to take concise action steps towards your measurable goals.

If we are a good fit, we’ll set up our first appointment and get going!  If not, I can provide helpful resources for your vision.

I work with clients individually in my Private 1-on-1 programs, or in a Group Program or VIP 1-Day Program.