The Natural High-Ticket Sales for Women Upper Room

High-Ticket Sales for Women and God-Made Women Millionaires.

Hello Beautiful. If this is your first time here, welcome to the Prosperous Womb where we partner with God + Jesus Christ + Holy Spirit to joyfully….

Co-create exponential high-ticket coaching offers, enjoy natural high-ticket sales for women and serve deeper with only a handful of our best high-end coaching clients in a profitable and simple boutique high-ticket coaching business we love.

Welcome to our ongoing discussion about natural high-ticket sales for women in our high-ticket sales upper room at the Prosperous Womb.

This is part of our ‘WHOLE woman in business and sales’ theme this month, so let’s dive right in.

A few months ago, Sarah, one of my clients, had her first high-ticket sales call, and a few days before that, she reached out for support.  

In her own words,

I know I can do this.  I’ve learned how to sell naturally, but there’s the part of me that is so doubtful and doesn’t believe I can sell anything over $30K because that’s the highest value I’ve been brave enough to ask for even though I know the offer was worth way more.  I really want to have confidence in God stand in faith on this one because I already know what to do.  It’s just a conversation, right?!?.  I think my challenge is that no one other than you believe in me right now.  Even my husband is skeptical.”

When it comes to running your coaching business, have you always felt 100% confident making all the business decisions you’ve made so far?   

Have there been times when you’ve doubted or questioned yourself? 

Where you’ve doubted or questioned God, and even wondered what this partnering with God means if a lot of doubt is still showing up for you? Especially when you’re still asking HOW.

The Natural High-Ticket Sales for Women Upper Room

If we’re honest, we’ve all been Sarah (some of us, a couple of times every day or week).  

Confidence in a coaching business is not based on knowing the latest strategy or having the best high-ticket sales funnel sequence or Facebook ads that convert.  Confidence is part of being and showing up as the WHOLE woman.  It’s being the whole woman while doing the thing.  Not waiting until…….

Part of the whole woman work I do with women who’ve bravely decided to double, triple or 10X their income and profits + enjoy natural high-ticket sales for women is coaching them to have confidence in God and the faith of God.

I call this the “natural high-ticket sales for women upper room.” 

Upper room coaching can be more challenging for me than supporting women to sell without a sales script, believe me.

But remember the Bible in Romans 4: 20-21 reminds us of Abraham’s faith in God.  It reminds us to remember who we are when it tells us that,

No unbelief or distrust made Abraham waiver, doubt or question the promises of God.  It adds that Abraham grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God, fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised.

Do you truly believe? 

When you’ve partnered with God and you’re doing the thing (especially when you already have all the tools, strategies and systems in place), do you believe and do the thing, having full assurance that God simply is? 

Or do you still struggle with doubt and unbelief because your faith is not growing?

Let’s be honest.  

Some of us are still casting a skeptical eye when it comes to confidence and faith in God, and this creates all kinds of intellectual doubts for us in our businesses.

For many women in sales, this doubt and unbelief manifests in lies that high-ticket sales is challenging, or that it’s easier to sell lower ticket $25K or $10K coaching offers.

Do you truly believe that God is still today this month, mighty and able to keep His word and do through you what He has promised?  So that you can use those spiritual and divine gifts and magic He has given you for your assignment.  And serve deeper while being luxuriously paid.  

Do you have that level of faith and confidence in God working through you in your business?

Who are you being when you have confidence in God in your coaching business, and what actions do you take from that place?

Who are you being when you have the faith of God in your coaching business, and what actions do you take when you step out in faith?

Who are you being when you’re partnered with God in high-ticket sales?

This is how you attract and draw to you self-led powerful high-end coaching clients – your best high-end coaching clients for your health coaching offers, leadership coaching offers, relationship coaching offers, executive coaching offers, parenting coaching offers, or whatever you co-create.

Slaying Giants in the Natural High-Ticket Sales for Women Upper Room

Sarah is not the only one who’s dealt with folks not believing in her.  You probably have too.  And when it’s those close to you, it can be a big blow sometimes. 

But let’s look at David.

No one believed he could defeat the giant, Goliath.  No one.  Especially not his family.

But the Bible reminds us that he wasn’t discouraged.  He sought God, and seeking God gave him the confidence in God to what he was supposed to do that day.

And when he killed Goliath, he ran into the battlefield and gave God the victory; he was a God-Made victor.  

All of us who claim to partner with God can learn to seek God each morning for the daily wisdom, courage and confidence to do what we need to do in our business.  

To naturally do the things we see as giants.  For Sarah, it was a high-ticket sales call to sell her first $150K offer (which she did). 

If you see natural high-ticket sales for women as a giant in your business, are you seeking God daily for His wisdom, courage and confidence through you to BE who you need to be for your best high-end coaching clients, for you, for your coaching business?

Maybe for you it’s dialing-in your messaging with your full expression and publishing that email, post, blog or video that you think will trigger someone or make them NOT like you. (They’ll trust you for being YOU).

Maybe it’s raising the investment for your coaching offers from $10K to $100K and leaving some folks behind, without having confidence in God that those who are willing to afford you will rise up and invest. And those who are not will find a better alternative to you that fits within their financial allocation.

You’re the only one who knows what you’ve made your giant in your business, and where doubt and unbelief are sabotaging you and your high-end coaching clients’ results, outcomes and ROI.

And today is a good a time to face that giant and serve your clients even deeper while growing in your skills, mastery and ‘whole woman-ness.’

All the strategies in the world won’t help if you’re not doing this from a place of being fully WHOLE.  

Who and what we have confidence in matters when we’re doing bigger things in the world.  

The key is to stop looking at strategies and tools or things outside of you, for confidence.  The only confidence that matters is the one in God through you. 

Because at the end of the day, your dream, your mission, your vision?  God gave it ONLY to you for his people.  He didn’t give it to your coach, to your family or your mastermind sisters or colleagues. 

Just you.  No one has to believe in it or in you for you to co-create it with God. 

Partner with God for Confidence, Courage and Wisdom in your Coaching Business

When it comes to natural high-ticket sales for women or anything else in your business, go within.

It’s all in your Prosperous Womb.

The confidence it takes to sell $25K offers is not the confidence it takes to sell $150K offers. 

The confidence it takes to decide to make a million dollars a month is not the confidence it takes to decide to make $100K a month or $10K a month.  

As we uplevel, we need to uplevel our confidence in God to continue to step out in faith.

My invitation to you if you sometimes find that your confidence is wavering and doubt is rearing its ugly head, is to add this to your morning routine….

Seek God daily and ask for His wisdom, confidence and courage through you, to slay any giants in your life that could sabotage God’s plan for you and your high-end coaching clients.

That same living God that made promises to David and Abraham and kept those promises is the same living God inside of you today, working in and through you to serve deeper and live life to the fullest, for His glory.

Drop a comment below and let me know how this lands for you today.  😉

Cheers to being WHOLE and complete as you share your gifts and value with the world!

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