How to Fall in Love with Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

How to Fall in Love with Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is key when you know the powerful impact you’re here to make, and you want to make a luxurious income doing it.

If this is your first time here, welcome to the high-ticket business blog with for spiritual women coaches marketing and selling high-ticket coaching offers.  You’ve already done the difficult part of this process when you simplified your coaching business with a high-ticket business model.

And now, you’ve decided that high-ticket sales will be the easiest part of your coaching business.  Knowing how to attract high-ticket coaching clients and how to sell high-ticket coaching offers in a profitable high-ticket coaching niche is exactly what will support your high-ticket clients to expand fully and confidently into what’s 100% possible for them.

One of the best ways to fall in love with selling high-ticket coaching offers is creating aligned sales systems and strategies that gently call in your aligned high-ticket coaching clients.  A high-ticket coaching business you can run without all the fancy sales funnels, memberships, courses, or stressful technology.  Sounds simple enough, right??

It’s easy to fall in love with high-ticket sales when you’re selling tangible products that your potential clients can see, feel, touch, taste, or smell.  But what happens when you’re selling an outcome or results?  What about when you’re being the transformation?  How do you confidently sell “coaching?”  Especially when the investment is $25,000 and more.

So, let’s dive right into some simple steps to fall in love with high-ticket sales when selling high-ticket coaching offers.  These may sound obvious to you, and if you’re already queen of this information, then ask yourself how you’re currently using each step in your own coaching business today, how you’ve applied it to your business over the last 90 days and over the last year.  And what results you’ve created so far.

Step 1 of How to Fall in Love with Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers (Beyond the Pain)

Commit to moving beyond fixing the pain.  One of the biggest challenges to selling high-ticket coaching offers is this obsession the coaching industry gurus have with poking at the pain or fixing the pain.  I get it.  We need to know what problem our clients want to solve so we can create coaching offers with the results they desire.

And we also know that Sales, especially High-Ticket Sales is a relationship built on connection and trust.  Selling from the heart with connection, getting to know the aligned High-Ticket Client.  Learning what she wants, why she wants it.  What results she wants and how those results will impact her life, relationship, health, career, business, or finances. 

It’s challenging to fall in love with High-Ticket Sales when you approach it from the Pain Doctor perspective.  When you fall into the online coaching industry’s trap of fixing the pain, it’s challenging to connect with your potential high-ticket client’s dream and aspirations because you commoditize the transformation into another informational product. 

Falling in love with high-ticket sales means moving from being a pain doctor and tuning into your own divinity.  Stepping into divine intuitive high-ticket sales.

Step 2 of How to Fall in Love with Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers (Holding Divine Space)

Commit to holding space.  As coaches, we’re not the expert of our aligned high-ticket client’s life, business, relationship, career, body or finances.  Yes, I know we do have expertise, but that expertise is our coaching expertise….those tools, trainings and experiences that support us to co-create with our clients.  Of course, if you’re an expert and not a coach, then skip over this.

A couple of years ago, I worked with a business coach who was very stressed and frustrated because she felt like she should be an expert in her clients’ niche.  She was a business coach for chiropractors.  Her background was in marketing.  You get the point. 

Once we’ve moved beyond fixing the pain, it is easier fall in love with high-ticket sales because we get to see (maybe for the first time) who our clients really are.  It’s exciting and liberating to see and hold Your aligned potential high-ticket coaching client as Powerful, Brilliant, Expert, Well-Able, Competent, and Confident.  Because from this place, we can hold space for her to see herself in the result or outcome she aspires to be/do/create.

Imagine the difference, emotionally, physically, and energetically when selling high-ticket coaching offers to someone you hold as powerful versus selling to someone you see as broken or in pain or suffering.  This doesn’t mean you’re not the leader in your sales journey and sales conversation.  It just means who you are being and where you choose to come from will dictate whether you love selling or not.  Or how challenging sales will be.

Falling in love with high-ticket sales means tuning into our divinity as well as our potential high-ticket coaching client’s divinity and listening with our heart, our eyes, our soul, our spirit and ultimately, our ears.

Step 3 of How to Fall in Love with Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers (Beyond Commitment Trauma)

Commit to creating a transformational container.  In my late 20s, my then therapist noticed that I was experiencing what he called commitment trauma.  It was showing up everywhere in my romantic relationships, in my fashion business and even with my legal career. 

I put a time cap on experiences even those beneficial to my life, business, relationships, and career.  So, how do I see this play out with spiritual women coaches selling high-ticket coaching offers?  They commit to short term informational experiences consistent with “fixing” the pain.  Or at most a 90-day coaching experience that gives another quick result or fix. 

I’m not saying that transformation must take a longgggggg time, and I know that we all get our best results when we are supported in a container that doesn’t feel rushed.  Kind of like coming home to stay.  I spent so many years staying in hotel rooms all over the world for my legal career that I would kiss the ground when I came home (true story).  Because it felt so peaceful to just be home for a while.  To feel held and fully supported for more than another 6 weeks.

It’s the same with high-ticket coaching clients.  They invest in high-ticket coaching to create exponential results and get real support along the journey.  To feel truly held.  Truly supported over time.  Time that considers every step of their transformation, including all the paradigm shifts that come with each step of every result. 

Falling in love with high-ticket sales means moving beyond commitment trauma and trusting yourself to hold long-term space for your high-ticket coaching clients for a year, 18 months, 24 months; maybe even 3 years.  What would be possible for you?  What will be possible for your client?

The Benefits of Falling In Love With Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

The benefits of falling in love with selling high-ticket coaching offers using these three steps are too numerous to count, but I’ll list a few of the results.


Repackage Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer to into a Transformational Long-Term Container that Creates Exponential Results.

Double or Triple the Investment to Work with You Consistent with the Future Lifetime Value of the Results You Co-Create.

Confidently Own Your Prices without Guilt or Proving Your Worth.

Reposition Your Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Aligned, Dialed-In Messaging.

Identify and Map Out Your Aligned 90-Day High-Ticket Marketing Strategy to Gently Call in Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Create Divine High-Ticket Selling Strategies and Systems and Fall in Love with High-Ticket Sales without Losing Yourself.

Sell from Your Divinity with your Own Personalized Sales Script that Doesn’t Make You Cringe.

Fall in Love with Yourself (Again).

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