How to Make Money and Impact Selling $25K or $50K or $100K Coaching Offers Now

What comes up for you when you imagine selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers for $25K, or $50K or $100K? 

Confusion?  Fear?  Indecisiveness?  Fear of not getting it right?  Fear that no one will believe in your offer?  Who are you to do this?  Who do you think you are?

These are just a few of the real life responses I hear from spiritual women coaches who work with me in both The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ Experience and The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience.

I’ve been there myself and I totally get it. That’s why I’m sharing these 5 powerful High-Ticket Sales Tips for Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers at any investment amount. 

Yes!!!  It’s time to flip the script on the wimpy story that no one will pay you $25K or $50 or $100K and more for your coaching services. 

It’s time to get out of your own way and connect to your desire to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K.  It’s time to finally start selling $100K Coaching Offers today.

What’s stopping you from dropping into the power of your desire to make 7-Figure IMPACT with your coaching services, and make $100K months or more in your coaching business?

It’s time to DECIDE to Be that woman, that outlier, that powerful woman who knows she’s an oak tree in an acorn. 

The amazing brilliant spiritual woman coach who knows her Identity.  She remembers who she is and Whose she is. The coach who knows her assignment and the impact of her coaching services in the world.

These 5 tips for selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K or $100K are some of the many shifts I support women coaches to make when selling High-Ticket Coaching offers. 

I’ve been called arrogant, greedy and a few other names I can’t really type here.  All because I support and empower extraordinary spiritual women coaches to opt out of spreading themselves too thin with a massive audience and low-ticket offers and opt into selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K or $100K to a few aligned ‘YES’ High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Let’s dive right IN into 5 High-Ticket Sales Tips for Selling $25K or $50K or $100K Coaching Offers Now. You can watch the video or read the rest of the blog post.

High-Ticket Sales Tips for Selling $25K or $50K or $100K Coaching Offers

First, you gotta focus on transformation, value and impact. 

When you shift your focus from, I need to make $100K this month in my coaching business to how can I deeply transform my client’s life/health/relationships/body image/sleep/hormonal issues/business/brand/marriage at the deepest level, money always follows.  

Focus on the the length of your High-Ticket Coaching container. What amount of time and level of access would support the level of transformation you’re co-creating?

Identify what wants to emerge for your client.

How can you create and structure a high-value, life altering High-Ticket Coaching Offer over $25K that expands her vision and exponentially pulls her into what’s possible in her life, business or whatever niche you’re coaching in?

Depth unlocks results and creates extraordinary impact including spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial outcomes.

Second, it’s easier to sell higher ticket coaching offers for $25K or $50K or $100K than it is to sell a low-ticket coaching offer.

As many spiritual women coaches have found out, it’s just as much work, if not less to sell a $25K coaching offer as it is selling a $500 offer.  So why not create and sell a $25K offer that has massive transformational value and a longer-term relationship? 

You’ll spend similar or less time, energy and effort enrolling high-ticket clients for $25K, than hundreds of clients for your $2,500 coaching offer.

For a deeper dive into how and why selling a $25K or $50K or $100K coaching offer is much easier than selling low-ticket items, read How to Make Money Online in 2022 Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers and How to Scale A Coaching Business to Your First Million Dollars Within 18 Months.

Third, break up with trying to fit into someone else’s skinny jeans. 

What I see every single day is spiritual women coaches working really hard, hustling, stressing and overdelivering just to conform to someone else’s formula.  Just to be like everyone else.

There is no other industry that I know of, where everyone wants to be the same.  Offer the same thing.  Use the same copy and go after the same clients.  Market and Sell coaching offers the same way.

I see that everyday in the coaching world and it’s sad.

Focusing on what everyone else is doing keeps you from making decisions that empower you and your brand. 

When you’re willing to forge your own path, even if you fail 100 times, you’re way more likely to create massive impact , way more powerful value and impact, than trying to color within the lines of someone else’s coloring book.

Don’t play it safe.  Play it real and don’t settle for the dialed-down version of your business goals. 

Fourth, be crystal clear on the outcomes you co-create with your clients, bearing in mind that your client is not in a box.  

As your clients moves through the transformation, goals and desires change because your coaching empowers her to expand her vision and step into what’s fully possible for her. You want to really get clear on how you transform her life/health/body/sleep/intimacy/relationship/business/brand/whatever you coach on.

And finally, be fully sold on yourself and your offer. 

You’re not selling snake oil.  You’re co-creating transformation in whatever niche you’re in so you have to GET OVER your perceived value of $25K or $50K or $100K and keep your focus on your client.

You cannot attract high-ticket clients for a luxury or premium program when you sell it for $5K or $10K or $15K and wonder why you still feel like you’re not working and making impact at the level you desire. 

Your offer and the investment to work with you is a drop in the bucket for the person who wants to invest in themselves with it.  Stop looking for leads and focus on creating a transformational life altering coaching offer that only your client can recognize.

There’s so much more to the secret sauce of selling high-ticket coaching offers and creating and structuring them in a way where you don’t worry about how to find leads. If you’re ready to dive deeper, register for The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ Experience.

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