How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers without The Skinny Black Billionaire Syndrome

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers. 

If you’ve been here before, you already know I believe that growing a successful coaching business where you sell high-ticket coaching offers is an important key to building a simple, 7 or 8 figure (and higher) coaching business that creates the most impact in the world.

And yes, when it comes to making more money with high-ticket coaching offers in a coaching business in any niche, we only need 3 simple things to sell them.

We’ll dive into these 3 simple things, and look closer at how the Skinny Billionaire Syndrome consistently derails High-Ticket Sales for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.

Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer Clients LOVE

The first of the 3 simple things, is to create a radiant, juicy, and luxe high-ticket coaching offer suite (with one signature high-ticket coaching offer) that potential high-ticket coaching clients want so badly they’ll chase you down and throw their bank deposit password at you.

Yes, your high-ticket coaching offers can be that irresistible when you create out of pure love of; just truly living out your purest desire in the world. 

When you’re channeling what Soul is expressing through you, you’ll create and quickly sell high-ticket coaching offers purely for co-creating collective wealth, love, relationships, money, career, joy, health, wellbeing and life satisfaction in the world, no matter what your niche or area of focus. 

Of course, it’s different when you’re creating and selling high-ticket coaching offers because you’re trying to prove something to your old high school nemesis, your mother, your ex-husband, your children, or yourself. That’s when challenges show up. Systems, structures and strategies don’t work. All because you’re not aligned with the collective and highest good of the work coming through you.

So, to easily sell high-ticket coaching offers, during the creation stage, focus on pure desire and you’ll create a beautiful world where your luxe and deeply transformational high-ticket coaching offers are so powerful that they each support your high-ticket coaching client to co-create exponential expansion in every area of her life.  Not just in her money or wealth or health or career or relationship.  It’s HOLISTIC.

Let me ask you.

If you were easily and joyfully making 7-figures a year, or 8 figures in your coaching business today. And if you’re were making that blissful money doing exactly what you’re amazing. And you’re using your gifts, your creativity, your divinity, everything Soul is expressing through you.

And if the exponential results you are creating for your high-ticket coaching clients, creates MORE Love. More Healing. More Joy. More Quality Relationships. More Wealth. More Health. More Money. More Life.

More of everything that is good for you, your family, your clients, your community and your world, would you be a HECK YES to creating, packaging, pricing, positioning, marketing and selling your high-ticket coaching offers with Confidence?

If you’re here for this, I invite you make $100K Coaching Offers (or as close to that as possible) your baseline and Let Yourself Have this Experience Now.

Can you feel the possibility?

Can you feel the expansion?

Can you feel the bliss?

Can you feel the joy?

Can you feel the grace?

Can you feel the ease?

Can you feel the flow? Can you feel the alignment?

Can you feel yourself working in your assignment?

Can you feel God?

Soften. Surrender.

Let it All In.

If you’re excited to find out how to truly create a juicy high-ticket coaching offer that sells then, it’s your lucky day.  Watch this video to start confidently selling those high-ticket coaching offers (the pleasurable way).

How to Create High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Now, let’s move on to the second thing it takes to figure out how to sell high-ticket coaching offers. 

Dial-In Magnetic Messaging that Attracts High-Ticket Coaching Clients You LOVE

It’s simple.  Create magnetic messaging that attracts ONLY (and I emphasize ONLY) those high-ticket clients you want to buy.

It’s true that marketing is the highest level of transformational impact in the world.  Because we can reach millions of people in our audience who are impacted by our work even when they never invest in working with us. 

And when it comes to actually building a successful coaching business that makes BOTH money and impact, selling those high-ticket coaching offers is key. Watch these videos where I dive deeper than you’ve probably ever heard into how to create marketing and messaging that attracts high-ticket coaching clients who are ready NOW to invest in themselves.

After all, you want to create dialed-in messaging for your high-ticket coaching offers that are so aligned, no one else but those they’re meant for will even show up when you’re ready to sell those high-ticket coaching offers.

Say bye bye to back and forth DMs for life. (Bonus – After watching this marketing for high-ticket coaching offers video series, you’ll know exactly where to get those high-ticket coaching clients you actually want to work with).

Marketing High-Ticket Coaching Offers – How to Get High-Ticket Coaching Clients
Marketing High-Ticket Coaching Offers – How to Find High-Ticket Coaching Clients
Marketing High-Ticket Coaching Offers – Where to Find High-Ticket Coaching Clients

Now, let’s look at number 3 of the three simple things. And that’s the actual Selling.

Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers Quickly

What I’ve realized after 20 years inclusive of doing my fashion business and online coaching business, is that the most important thing to focus on while concurrently birthing the High-Ticket Sales systems, structures and strategies that work for you is working on your spiritual container, whatever that is for you.

The alignment, the faith, the trust, the energetics, the flow, the pleasure. This is what actually births the systems, strategies and structure.

Instead of just typing another dry blog post on how to sell high-ticket coaching offers, I’ve created these videos for you that touch on both the spiritual container and mindset for selling high-ticket coaching offers and the strategies and systems that support the big HOW to sell. Let’s start with a few potent videos on creating a powerful spiritual container for High-Ticket Sales.

And before you grab your popcorn to dive into the actual How….. The High-Ticket Sales for Women videos, let’s talk about that Skinny Black Billionaire.

Here’s a rich and radiant truth for Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches and all Women Coaches in every known niche or coaching focus.

If it truly was just that basic business stuff (create a high-ticket coaching offer, share dialed-in messaging and go out there and sell) that we needed to quickly sell high-ticket coaching offers and build a 7 or 8 figure coaching business; One that creates MASSIVE Impact in the world, and deep transformation for our high-ticket coaching clients, as well as the Freedom we desire, then everyone would be a Skinny Black Billionaire right now.

This is applies to you even if you say, you don’t want to be skinny, or black or a billionaire. It doesn’t matter.

I call this the Skinny Black Billionaire Syndrome in the business world.  Where we think, once we make X amount, we’ll be free.  

Or where we equate financial freedom as real freedom. When we have the Skinny Black Billionaire Syndrome, we forget that we don’t want money for itself, but instead for what we believe it will give us, the opportunities, the flexibility, the pleasures, the experiences, and the ability to invest in higher quality of food, shelter, clothing and health (if we choose).

The reality of business success is that the level of holistic success that changes our lives, and by that I mean, wellbeing, wealth, money, health, life satisfaction, joy, peace, love, relationships, everything in our lives, is tied to NOT to the 6, 7, 8 or 9 figures we make, but to the level of our own growth – our inside work; the spiritual container that creates space to BE Free.

It doesn’t matter if we have a waitlist or a sold-out program or a billion dollars in our bank accounts, we’re never really enjoying true freedom without alignment in every area of life.

In fact, without this element of the business strategies we’ve mastered, the more money you make won’t really matter.  Other than accumulating things and some amazing experiences, you’ll end up spending way more time than you need, in therapy trying to figure out why the money is not making you happy or free.

And obviously blaming one or both parents for something. Probably related directly or indirectly to money, your happiness and holistic freedom aka that seemingly elusive Skinny Black Billionaire.

And that’s why co-creating that spiritual container in every successful coaching business is essential for real freedom.

It not only puts multiple 6 figures in your bank account every month, but your waistline doesn’t expand as your bank account expands, you sleep better at night, you’re glowing and brighter and more fun to be around, you’re getting off medication, your family and friends can’t wait to be around you.

You create offers you actually love, believe in and WANT to sell today.

You accept ease and flow without making things harder to prove that you’re smart or strong or can do it alone.

You build your spiritual container with alignment, flow, energy, trust and faith and birth systems, strategies and structures that light you up and work exclusively for you.

You’re making impact for the highest and collective good in the world and you’re bringing your deepest desire to life.  Your life satisfaction is off the charts and you’re genuinely happier.

You’re grateful and loving everything about your life, even the low moments.

You’ve got so much free time on your hands that you look 15 years younger.  20 hour work weeks and you’re still powerfully working with your clients.

Delicious, right? 

The level of success in your coaching business is NOT mutually exclusive from the level of your internal growth.

That’s why we don’t just focus on creating your offer, mastering your message and selling.  That’s just fundamental and surface level.  Even my 9-year old can do that and is doing that in her own blossoming art and jewelry business.

And no, it’s not a mindset thing either.  It’s a spiritual growth thing.  Not a religious thing, but an identity thing.

Remembering who you are and Who is in you, recognizing the desires God has put in your heart for the collective wellbeing and highest good of all. Enjoying your SuperNatural Unfair Advantage…..the Holy Spirit.

It dwells in you, beautiful!

And creating what you want from that place. Everywhere.  Anytime.

Not to prove anything.

To just be YOU aka LOVE. Partner with the Holy Spirit and create SuperNatural Results.

And now, from this place of LOVE, here are the ‘how to sell high-ticket coaching offer’ videos I promised earlier on.

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K
How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Offers
Confidently Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers
Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Cheers to you creating freedom everywhere in your life and confidently selling your High-Ticket Coaching Offers!

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers” Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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