How to Share Content that Converts When Selling $100K Coaching Offers

How to Share Content that Converts into High-Ticket Sales and Exponential Transformation for High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

If you’re using content as a marketing pillar for your High-Ticket Coaching business, especially if you’re selling $25K or $50K or 100K Coaching Offers, you’re no stranger to the many variations of this question, including,

How to Create Content that Converts and How to Create Content that Sells High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K.

And you’re not alone. 

These are just a few of the exact content, marketing and sales-related questions I get from the phenomenal spiritual women coaches who work with me in The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ Experience and The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience.

And while these are valuable and useful questions, the BIG issue I see in the coaching world is NOT really content creation. 

The challenge lies in what content to share, how to share content that sells and when to share content that converts.

How to Share Valuable Content that Converts When Selling $100K Coaching Offers

Once you have some coaching experience under your toolbelt, you’ve got everything you need to create the content that serves your premium clients.

But how you do you share your valuable content in a way that captivates and engages your clients, and positions your coaching services as the obvious choice, regardless of the investment?

That’s what we’re going to dive into today.

Let’s take a little trip down a familiar content lane for a few minutes.

Imagine for a moment that you’re at a cocktail party.  You notice a woman in pain.  She can barely sit or stand as the tears roll down her eyes.  She’s dealing with severe PMS.  You can tell she’s in agony.

And of course, you have exactly what she needs.  The exact outcome she desires.  The solution she’d kill for right now.

So, you start talking to her.  Describing PMS.  Telling her the symptoms.  Why PMS happens.  How it’s affecting her.  What she probably needs to do to alleviate the pain.  On and on you go.  Sharing valuable, important, and even transformational PMS content with her.

Meanwhile, she’s getting all this information and yet the pain is still getting worse.  There’s no reprieve in sight.

And you’re still talking to her.  Still sharing more info about PMS and her body. PMS and her hormones.  Going on and on.  It’s valuable.  It’s important to know.

You have the solution in your purse.  But bless your heart, you don’t want to bother her.

So, you don’t make her an offer to work with you.

She’s dying.  She can barely keep up with the content.

But you’re waiting for her to ask for the solution that you’re hiding in your purse.

Because you don’t want to bother her.

Yes, you don’t want to bother her an offer for her to invest in the solution that will save her life today.

No, you’re wayyyy too spiritual for that.  So, you keep sharing more content.

I’m sure by now, you’re rolling your eyes at me because you got the point the minute you saw the first mention of PMS.

But that’s what most women coaches do, especially spiritual women coaches.

The Most Important Content in Your High-Ticket Coaching Business

Hiding the most important part of their content. 

Hiding the most valuable and transformational content that the client desires – AKA the OFFER.

No matter how much valuable content you share, consider that if your audience was going to implement the powerful stuff you share, everyone will already be a skinny black billionaire. 

But NO ONE is. 

So, there you have it.

It’s time to stop living out as true the assumption that Sales happens only after you’ve put your potential High-Ticket Coaching Client in a content coma.

Transformation, Value, Impact and Results come from working with you.  Working with you involves making an offer.

So, it’s time to shift out of the ‘bothering’ paradigm and move into Sales.

Start selling – Make the OFFER. 

That’s the most powerful transformation you can share…in addition to your valuable content.

Include an offer or next step with each content you share so that your potential client can create the results you’ve outlined in your content. 

It’s time to stop treating your coaching business like a post-dated check.  You can make a difference today.  Stop waiting!

Watch the video for a deeper dive into how to share content that converts into High-Ticket Sales when selling $25K or $50K or $100K Coaching Offers.

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