How to Sell $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers with FAITH

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Create Exponential 10X Growth Results with FAITH.

One of the favorite questions I get from Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches is how to sell bespoke, transformational $100K+ high value, deeper impact, high-ticket coaching offers and 10X their lives and Coaching Businesses with Faith.

In this space, we call that High-Ticket Profit Explosion.

And one of things I love most about being a High-Ticket Profit Explosion Business Coach working with women coaches is reminding these amazing women that they already know.

That they’ve always known. 

You already know.  I’m simply here to remind you WHO you are so that you 10x your life from the inside out and sell high-ticket coaching offers with Faith.

If you’ve been following the blog this month and all of Q2, you know we’re leaving behind 10% good and going for 10x great as we sell our high-ticket coaching offers and co-create deeper impact and exponential results with our high-ticket coaching clients.

Ditching incremental 10% incremental growth and partnering with God to 10X or more exponential results in our lives, relationships, health, money, profits, wealth, money, spirituality and joy.

Why We Sell $100K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Faith and Create 10X Exponential Growth

Most of the women coaches in The Prosperous Womb community are here because they’ve 100% outgrown their incremental growth mainstream coaching businesses are ready for full 10x or more growth and expansion.

At this point in their coaching business journey, they’re being open to allow God to use them.  They become the divine path to love, joy, freedom, a better quality of life, Expansive Time Freedom, Wealth, Profits, and exponential results for their own coaching clients.

The truth is, your transformational bespoke $100K+ high-ticket coaching offers and potent body of work are a transformational portal for your high-ticket coaching clients and a manifestation portal for own coaching business.

10X starts with gratitude for the beautiful beating heart and life you already have, and then upleveling your coaching business to a Simple Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Boutique that wraps around your life.

You’re not here to suffer. You’re not here to shrink back. You’re not here to cut back and hide under the covers. You not here to be like every other coach. You’re not here to blend in. There is NO recession in Heaven.

Prosperity, everywhere and in everything – in life, health, wealth, relationships, time freedom, and money – is your birthright.

High-Ticket Profit Explosion in your coaching business is your birthright.

High-Ticket Profit Explosion demands that you believe who God says you are and make MORE than enough so that you’re a bigger, brighter blessing in the world.

Let that sink in….. slowly.

If you don’t 10X YOU from the inside out, you can’t 10X your coaching business and results.

Part of co-creating exponential growth and transformation is softening, allowing and receiving, even in the face of fear of the unknown. 

Fear that we’re not ready, fear that we can’t because we don’t have x or y, or fear that everything is NOT yet affordable, perfect and aligned.

None of us came to earth to chase things, pay bills and die.  We’re complete.   

We’re here to energize and co-nourish each other and allow God to do His work through us. 

We’re here to allow God to Be through us. For God’s exquisite wisdom to flow through us in our divine Soul-led transformational coaching offers as we co-create high-ticket profit explosion. 

We’re here to be open to being the divine path, and let your High-Ticket offers be the transformational portal for your clients, and your own high-ticket profit explosion.

God didn’t create you, me, any of us to accumulate things, chase things or wallow in uncertainty of our dreams, visions and goals. 

We’re here for our greatest adventure.

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Create 10X Exponential Results from the Inside Out

We simply need to claim and own our John 10:10 Promise…. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

So, let’s enjoy and step fully into our greatest adventure.  You can’t get it wrong and there’s no place to get to.  Everything is here now.

Part of enjoying life until it overflows is taking that uncertainty and moving through the fear and walking ourselves back home…. to Ourselves.  Through LOVE, Shalom, Joy, Health, Wealth, Money, Profits and Freedom.

Uncertainty is the magical home of possibility, 10x growth and expansion.  Uncertainty is our fuel for cultivating (from a place of FAITH) more of what we choose to feel, be, do, have and enjoy.  This is the gateway to Certainty.

The Bible – Romans 10:17 tells us that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

So go ahead and speak what God says about you to yourself. Words have power. Unplug from what the world is saying. Unplug from the world’s way of doing things.

The world is NOT your source. God is your sole source. Everything in the world is JUST a resource.

Listen to everything and see everything through God’s exquisite lens. Not what your family says. Not what CNN or Fox News say.

Not what Stephanie from Alabama says when hiding behind her computer and trolling you on social media. Not what cousin Bob says. Not what Jason from 5th grade thinks.

Know Your Identity and Your Assignment.


Simply know who God says you are. Believe who He says you are. Believe what He says about you. Trust who God says you are and trust yourself enough to know HOW.

God already put the HOW in your prosperous womb. Serve, share value and give to your audience and community with love. Be the answer to your potential high-ticket coaching client’s prayers. Be a blessing.

Your high-ticket coaching offers, and your potent body of work contain a unique energetic blueprint that is nourishment for your high-ticket coaching clients, and they need that from you NOW.  

Just like The Prosperous Womb holds your high-ticket profit explosion nourishment for you. 

Your client’s overflow is resting in the nourishment you’re withholding by focusing on mainstream 10% incremental growth, instead of moving into your full expansion- 10x- full enjoyment.

The feeling of what we’re seeking is not found in more money or more profits, but money and profits support us to enjoy the feeling more and be a bigger blessing sharing that feeling with others.

You’re not here reading this because of habit or to test your capacity to hold more useless information. 

There’s something in The Prosperous Womb that’s leading you back home to meet what’s already there. 

To come home to what’s always been there.  The whole YOU.

Pretending not to know, pretending you have to wait until x happens, pretending you need another coach’s blueprint or formula dissociates you from yourself. 

From your prosperous womb. From home.

And that’s when you lose the feeling of peace.  When you walk by sight, instead of by Faith.

Keep showing up.

Keep being the self-led powerful woman coach who does the work.

Keep upleveling your skills for consistent 10X growth and success – your way.

Trust that your sacred pricing and packaging are perfect for those who are the perfect fit for it.

Keep positioning yourself to be the obvious choice for those you’re called to serve.

Keep sharing your high-ticket coaching offers by name in your dialed-in heartbeat connection messaging.

Keep marketing platforms that light you up.

Keep selling with love.

Even when it seems challenging.

Even when you don’t know how.

Even when you think you can’t afford it.

Even when everyone else is doing it the other way.

Even when it seems impossible.

Those are the moments that I stand for you.

Believing in you. Fully supporting you. And trusting that God has your back now, and always to co-create high-ticket profit explosion everywhere in your life.

You don’t need God for 10% results. You know exactly how to raise your arms and do that.

It’s when you have powerful dreams, an exponential vision, a potent 10X vision that scares the crap out you.

That’s when you’re 100% confident you can’t do it without God, and that’s when you step out in FAITH.

Until you move into 10X you’ll keep doing it without God. That’s playing small.

Don’t sell your 10X dreams or put your 10X life and mission on layaway.  Let God shine in and through you.  Don’t wait until you die to meet the woman God created you to be. 

Go ahead and sell your high-ticket coaching offers today.

As of one my coaches, Katrina Ruth says, Life is now.  Press play.

Trust yourself enough to uplevel your offers, packaging, pricing, positioning, messaging, marketing and sales, YOUR Way and stay connected to the HOW that God has also planted in you.

Be consistent lose the good girl paradigm so you’re not addicted to other people’s approvals, opinions or thoughts. The good girl paradigm is a dream killer.

That’s how to sell $100K+ high-ticket coaching offers by Faith today.

What’s Next for Your Coaching Business?

To dive deeper into the world of selling bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers in any amount, here are a few ways to go deeper with your high-ticket profit explosion.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops

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Private Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching

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The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day. A Full Deep Dive with just me, you and your coaching business at a luxury 5-Star Hotel. Everything from Niching, Offers, Packaging, Pricing, Positioning, Signature Systems, Marketing, Messaging, Sales and Intimate Heart-based Scaling, depending on where you are now.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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