How Do I Sell More High-Ticket Coaching Offers

How do I sell more high-ticket coaching offers and make millions of dollars in my coaching business without working harder?

This is an actual question I got from one of the spiritual women coaches in my ‘Aligned Profit and Impact Explosion for Women Coaches’ Workshop last week.

Other questions during the workshop included, How do I get more high-ticket coaching clients without creating a complicated high-ticket sales funnel?

And my ultimate favorite, MiMi, how do I get my soul aligned high-ticket coaching clients to just fall out of the sky and buy my high-ticket coaching offers within the next 24 hours?

how do I sell high-ticket coaching offers
How do I Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers

I love, love high-ticket sales and marketing questions like these from Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches who are very, very committed to doing their soul work and making massive impact in their lives, for their clients, their communities, and the world.

And I’m grateful that Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches and ALL Women Coaches are now standing in their power and claiming their holistic wealth without guilt, shame, 100 explanations or waiting to prove their worth/or be validated first.

My High-Ticket Coaching Clients’ desire to make more money and impact in the world is My desire for them, collectively, individually, each of them, to make more money and impact in the world.

Because I know that MORE money in the hands of these talented, gifted and soul-led women coaches is a HEALING BALM in the world. The more money we make, the more collective health, wealth, joy, bliss, peace, wellbeing, love and beautiful relationships humanity will enjoy.

The Real Reason Behind Asking How to Sell More High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Before just diving into some dry strategic response to the previous ‘How do I sell more high-ticket coaching offers and make millions of dollars in my coaching business without working harder” question, let me say, the questions from these ladies ARE NOT about getting another high-ticket sales strategy or high-ticket coaching client acquisition strategy.

The coaches asking this “HOW” questions ALREADY have all the structures, systems, and strategies for creating, pricing, marketing and selling their high-ticket coaching offers. And they’ve already invested multiple 6-figures in high-end group coaching programs masquerading as high-end coaching masterminds. They have tons of PROVEN, yet unaligned strategies and that’s why they’re here…asking the same questions.

I’m not going to give another proven sales or marketing strategy that has worked for other coaches. In this post, I’m going to give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that will create an explosion of harmony, profits, sales, clients, income, impact and everything you desire in your life. The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that softens you to enough to surrender to the bliss of making money that supports and nourishes you.

It’s the difference between making $20K Months in a coaching business and making $100K Months or multiple 6-figure months and 7,8, or 9-figure months, as well as exponential impact.

Let’s dive into this unfair advantage. (Skip the Next Paragraph and high-ticket sales strategy links + resources if you simply want the unfair advantage and you’re NOT here for MORE high-ticket sales strategies).

But this is NOT for everyone. So, if you are here because you know that you could really use some strategy then, here are a few curated resources with over 200 videos and a few hundred blog posts with answers to every variation of how do I sell high-ticket coaching offers or how to sell high-ticket coaching offers. Enjoy!

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Alright! The suspense is over.

how to sell your high-ticket coaching offers

The Unfair Advantage to Creating a Radiant, Rich and Joyful 7 Figure or 8-Figure Coaching Business

One more thing before we get to the Unfair advantage.

Let me ask you.

If you were easily and joyfully making 7-figures a year, or 8 figures in your coaching business today. And if you’re were making that blissful money doing exactly what you’re amazing. And you’re using your gifts, your creativity, your divinity, everything Soul is expressing through you.

And if the exponential results you are creating for your high-ticket coaching clients, creates MORE Love. More Healing. More Joy. More Quality Relationships. More Wealth. More Health. More Money. More Life.

More of everything that is good for you, your family, your clients, your community and your world, would you be a HECK YES to creating, packaging, pricing, positioning, marketing and selling your high-ticket coaching offers with Confidence?

If you’re here for this, I invite you make $100K Coaching Offers (or as close to that as possible) your baseline and Let Yourself Have this Experience Now.

Can you feel the possibility?

Can you feel the expansion?

Can you feel the bliss?

Can you feel the joy?

Can you feel the grace?

Can you feel the ease?

Can you feel the flow?

Can you feel the alignment?

Can you feel yourself working in your assignment?

Let it All In.

With that out of the way, we can move to why we’re really here.

What is this unfair advantage?


Yes, your relationship to CLIENTS and your relationship to MONEY, as well as your relationship to LOVE and most importantly, the Holy Spirit….your relationship to God (your higher power. I call it God).

This is your biggest SuperNatural Unfair Advantage for making millions and impacting millions with your SuperNatural High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

It’s less about gathering and hiding away more high-ticket sales strategies, and MORE about your alignment, flow, faith and energy, as part of your spiritual container that holds all the strategies, systems and structures that don’t work the way you want them to.

Gently hear this.

You, me, none of us spiritual women coaches and Christian Women Coaches are ever going to bring in more money – whether its adding an extra $100K to your month, or an extra $50K, if we’re not in alignment with our Assignment (the work Soul is expressing through each of us). Exquisite, beautiful and divine alignment to the work we’re being called to share in the world. Period.

It’s ALSO about the STORIES we subscribe to and believe when we’re creating high-ticket coaching offers, creating high-ticket coaching clients or selling those high-ticket coaching offers.

The truth is, CLIENTS, SALES, MONEY can come through ANY avenue. There is absolutely no limit to how coaching clients, high-ticket sales, and money show up in your experience. Based on our relationship with MONEY, we tend to limit the way money shows up for us to just through a job, through a particular coaching program in our business, and by working really hard (and proving our worth) to earn it.

The reality is, we can all choose to frequently experience the number of soul aligned coaching clients we desire, the amount of money we desire and the love we desire just showing up. These infinite ways are limited only by contracted stories we tell ourselves, and the limiting belief movies we write up, cast ourselves in, and direct.

So, how do we shift and realign to the CLIENTS and MONEY and IMPACT we desire, AND step out in FAITH to take the aligned action? How do we rewrite the crappy movie we’ve been starring in for the last 20, 30 or even 50 years? (Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for a first look when I do deep dive video into this unfair advantage).

But for now, let’s look at your relationship vibes.

I’m curious.

What is your relationship to the Holy Spirit, to God?

Do you lean on your own understanding? Do you tap into your gifts?

Or you do just go as far as your logical mind will allow? What happens when you go as far as your logical mind expects?

What is your relationship to making 7 or 8-figures in your coaching business?

Do you believe it is challenging?

What about your relationship to creating consistent high-ticket coaching clients who love your high-ticket coaching offers?

Just like your relationship to making millions of dollars in your business, do you believe this is challenging too? Or NOT?

And where else is this showing up? Do you believe having a 100% healthy and beautiful romantic relationship is challenging?

Do CLIENTS/HEALTHY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS/MONEY come into your life and then go straight out? Do clients stop paying, break contracts or just stop showing up for coaching?

Or are CLIENTS just not showing up to invest in your high-ticket coaching offers at all?

Or are you still trying to figure out if there’s a special place where CLIENTS who invest in $100K or $50K or even $25K high-ticket coaching offers are hiding? Do you even believe they exist?

Or when the CLIENTS/HEALTHY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS/MONEY do show up, do you feel like they will leave you at anytime. Do you feel secure and confident that THIS is truly for you?

Or when CLIENTS/HEALTHY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP/MONEY do show up, do feel like you don’t want any of it….because it’s just too overwhelming or confronting or too much?

What is your current High-Ticket Sales Reality and current High-Ticket Coaching Client Reality showing about your relationship to CLIENTS, MONEY AND REAL IMPACT?


And I don’t mean intellectually ready. I mean can you feel this readiness deep in your Soul. Are you 100% completely ready to surrender and let Soul express itself through you now?

These questions may seem like just another basic mindset brush up, but they’re NOT. Because once you make the DECISION to create the clients you want, and you have the FAITH that this is FOR YOU, you will constantly align ONLY with strategies, structures and systems that support you to sell high-ticket coaching offers and make as much money and impact as you desire in your coaching business.

Decide its for you and get it! The HOW will reveal itself once you’re ready for it. ONE Key to also make sure you FULLY believe in and stand behind the exponential value and results of your high-ticket coaching offers, because if you don’t, your loving heart will prevent you from selling something you don’t believe in.

I’ve seen Clients rain down from the sky as soon as there is 100% alignment with the offer, and an alignment with the proven strategy or system.

Take the Aligned Next Step to Selling Out Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers

‘If you want to really get solid strategic, mindset, alignment and energetic support with creating, packaging, pricing, positioning, marketing and selling high-ticket coaching offers, as well as creating and enjoying FREEDOM everywhere in your life, then subscribe to the High-Ticket Business Coaching Channel on YouTube.

And if you want to ACTUALLY create a thriving 7 or 8-figure coaching business on your terms, then Apply to Work with Me here.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How Do I Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers” Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with other Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches who want to create a successful 7 or 8-figure coaching business on their terms without sacrificing their time, energy, faith or joy.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, SuperNatural High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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