High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches | How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers without Being Weird

High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches | How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers without Being Weird or Wonky.

High Ticket Sales for Women Coaches and Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers was a huge topic in the most recent High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop where several Women Coaches opened up about feelings of guilt, shame and condemnation around selling their offers.

While I usually hear this from many of the Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches that I work with, nearly all the women in the virtual room had mixed emotions and varying levels of discomfort and weirdness when it came to exchanging their potent High-Ticket Coaching Offers for money.

As someone who actually enjoying selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers and supporting Women Coaches with High-Ticket Sales, I get it. There’s such negative vibe around selling, especially selling higher ticket offers in the coaching industry, that sometimes I wonder if someone started the rumor just to be number 1 in the industry.

But what I know is true is that High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches can be heart-centered, loving, service-based, impactful and a beautiful Transformational experience for both the High-Ticket Coach and her potential High-Ticket Coaching Client.

I started hosting these LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops because I know that sales challenges destroy any chance of making profits in a coaching business.

And I believe that we women coaches are an Abundance Portal, and our High-Ticket Coaching Offers are Transformational Portals for our High-Ticket Coaching Clients in any Coaching Niche.

We become Profit Portals by sharing our high-value, high-impact potent body of work, and selling our divine High-Ticket Coaching Offers straight from our Prosperous Wombs.

In this High-Ticket Sales blog post, I’ll share 3 ways that Women Coaches can stop making High-Ticket Sales and Selling High-Ticket Offers weird and start selling with confidence.

I’ve also included a video with 5 ways Women Coaches can have more fun with High-Ticket Sales and Selling, in general. You can watch it below.

Nothing here is mind blowing. We’ve both heard it all before, but if it supports us to end the unnecessary sales shaming game, then it’s worth repeating, right?

High-Ticket Sales for Women is Simply the Bridge to a Beautiful, Deep Transformational Relationship

First, it’s important to recognize that for women coaches, High-Ticket Sales or Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is simply the beginning of a beautiful coaching relationship.

Sales is the moment when the relationship goes beyond superficial and merely sharing transformational information to really going deeper and being and doing the real work.

It’s one thing to spend weeks or months, marketing your High-Ticket Coaching Offers, but the true impact, real transformation happens during the exchange of value.

The moment a potential client says YES to her transformation and exponential results. High-Ticket Sales is deepening the relationship between you the woman coach, and her client.

What’s weird about that?

You’ve come this far, done all the messaging and marketing work.

You understand their challenges and aspirations. You know their dreams better than they do. And you’ve created the perfect potent solution for them with your High-Ticket coaching Offer.

It’d be selfish to stop now.

Results don’t exist outside of the deepened relationship because your High-Ticket Coaching Offer is the Transformational Portal for the High-Ticket Coaching Clients Results.

That’s beautiful, not weird. So, my invitation to you is to look at sales from a new perspective.

An opportunity to remember who you are, own your true Identity as a loving child of God. It’s less about you and ALL about WHO you’re here to serve.

Connect to the heartbeat of your dream High-Ticket Coaching Client who is a part of your divine Assignment and create a genuine relationship.

And then, invite her by sharing value and making an Offer.

This is divine heart-centered High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches.

Selling without making it weird because it’s just an invitation to connect a deeper level of your work.

She’s FREE to RSVP No.

Midwife ONLY the Most Potent High-Ticket Coaching Offer that Light’s You All the Way UP

When you’ve taken the time to midwife your gifts, magic, divine expression and unique work from your prosperous womb, you can’t help but fall in love with your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

After all, it’s Soul’s highest expression through you, and not something your coach told you to do.

When you’re a lit up Transformational Portal, your dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients can feel your energy. They can’t help but be attracted to whatever it is you’re selling. It draws them into connecting with you at the deepest level of your work.

Authentic High-Ticket Coaching Offers that not parroted off anyone else in the coaching industry, or that are not the blueprint of your favorite coach or Instagram guru empower you to BE yourself, because you gave birth to them.

You don’t have push against the current, be someone you’re not, or market like “she” does.

Heart-centered High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches is centered on being genuine with who you are and what you create.

Being lit up, sharing your excitement about your offer is a magnet for dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients and High-Ticket Sales become a natural bridge for both Women Coaches and the potential clients.

Dial-In Your High-Ticket Messaging to Speak ONLY to Your Dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients

Number 3 is the one where most women coaches fall hard when it comes to High-Ticket Sales.


Because many of us don’t want to leave anyone out.

We take inclusivity to self-sabotaging levels. The key is to dial-in your message and take the EXCLUSIVE route so that you energetically dismiss ANYONE who’s not a great fit for your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

The earlier you can get rid of the UNaligned clients, the faster and easier it is for those who ACTUALLY DESIRE what you have and ARE 100% READY to invest now will find you so that you can create real profits in your coaching business.

Exclusivity is the key to messaging that speaks to the heartbeat of your dream clients. Exclusivity is what takes your sales vibe from wonky and weird to ease and flow.

Watch the High-Ticket Sales video for more on how to dial-in your High-Ticket messaging for High-Ticket Sales.

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