3 Sneaky Pricing Money Mindset Blocks to Release Now

Let’s talk Money Mindset and Money Blocks.

I remember it was a beautiful January morning in 2018 and it was my first sales consultation call since creating my then $15,000 High-Ticket Next Level Business Coaching Package.

At the time, I was supporting women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who had been in business for less than a year to create over $100,000 in income annually.

I got on the call with my potential client. Let’s call her Jess. Jess had applied to work with me because she wanted to 5X her income from $25,000 to $125,000. I was excited for this new journey. Yet, I was swimming in my own pricing money mindset blocks and limiting beliefs right before the call.

I was a bit nervous to talk about the increased investment to work with me. I’d recently switched my coaching niche from life and relationship coaching, and I had only been doing business coaching for women for a year. The investment for my previous coaching package was only $6,500.

And thanks to my website, online marketing and magnetic messaging, I’d become known as THE “Life Coach for Women.” Even though I had over 15 years of online business experience, over 20 years of corporate experience, my own High-Ticket business coaches, few years of coaching experience, and business coaching certifications under my belt, I was still insecure in the online business coaching world.

But thankfully, Jess was the perfect Ideal High-Ticket Client that January day. I knew I could support her to shrink time and space and create the exponential results she desired.

Jess was excited, eager and super chatty about her goals for her business. She was a yoga instructor, who was ready for her Next Level. She was living her parents to save money because she was going through a divorce and things were a bit complicated.

Right from the start, I thought to myself, there is no way she can afford me. She just had too many legal expenses and issues going on (just like I did at the time), and I immediately was ready to heavily discount my High-Ticket Coaching Package and offer it to her for only $6,500. I wanted to help her, or so I thought.

Right before we got the money part of the consultation call, she told me she’d read on my website that the investment to work with me was $15,000 for 12 months, and she wanted to know if it was ok to pay in 4 installments or if I had a payment plan. I did and she asked, when do we start? This was an eyeopener for me.

Why? Because It taught me not to assume who could or could not afford to work with me. I learned over the next few years that women entrepreneurs HAVE or CAN CREATE the money to invest in whatever they believe is important to them. In Jess’s case, she had saved up a lot of money and was able to invest $15,000 to work with me even in the middle of the biggest financial losses in her personal life.

It served as a wake up call for me to look at myself in the mirror and identify where I was projecting my own personal SNEAKY pricing money mindset blocks on to potential clients and how this was affecting every other area of my business. This was the catalyst for me deep diving into Money Mindset and learning how to convert money blocks into High-Ticket Clients, Higher Profits and Exponential Impact without working harder.

The experience also taught me to keep my prices on my website. This was important for the type of clients I chose to work with. They were more interested in exponential return on investments and the value of their transformation than how much they would have to investment to work with me.

What about you?

Have you ever considered that you may have sneaky money mindset blocks in your High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-based business? 

Have you ever wondered how to clear these money mindset blocks and turn them into instant High-Ticket sales, clients, and profits without working harder?

What about this one?

Ever hear about other female entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants charging $25,000 or $50,000 for their High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting services and think, “Why can’t I charge that?” or ask, “How can she charge $25,000 just for coaching?” or “Where do I find High-Ticket Clients who want to invest in themselves at that level?”

Perhaps you’re afraid to raise your prices and wondering how to change your money mindset.  Or does just the thought of raising your prices or creating High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-based Packages scare you?

If you’ve ever experienced fear or anxiety around raising your pricing, or you consider charging the worth of your High-Ticket Packages sleazy, then you’re in the right place.

Now, raise your hand if you’re charging the actual value of your services.  Keep them up if you’re over-charging. 

And clap if you know that you need to double, triple or even 10X your prices today because you’re completely undercharging and overdelivering in your business.

If you tend to resist raising your prices or you can’t imagine charging more for your High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting services, you might be dealing with a few money mindset blocks. Check to see if one or more of these 3 Sneaky pricing money mindset blocks could be creating self-imposed High-Ticket Sales, High-Ticket Client and Profit ceilings in your business.

Money Mindset and Pricing

Don’t worry.  Nothing’s broken.  Nothing needs fixing and You’re NOT alone.

You, Me, female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, everyone; we’re all wired with programmed beliefs about everything in our lives, and we’ve created patterned relationships and beliefs to everything, including Pricing.  When these beliefs start to sabotage our sales and income, they become money mindset blocks that keep us from creating profits in our business.

And when it comes to selling High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Services, those beliefs, stories and patterns show up when we are considering raising our prices or creating High-Ticket Packages, to dictate how we’ll be when pricing our services and results clients create.

Building a successful High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-Based business is not a leisurely walk in the park.  Every woman entrepreneur building a profitable business has had a money mindset block at some point in her entrepreneurship journey. 

I’ve been very open about facing my own limiting beliefs and money mindset issues, as well as my daily money mindset showers to release the money blocks in my life, business and relationships. 

The truth is that each new level of success and growth brings its own version of new money mindset issues and money blocks for women in business. 

When it comes to creating bold goals, ideal High-Ticket Clients, High-Ticket Sales and setting pricing points, money mindset blocks show up at every level of success and lurk in your blind spots, constantly recycling fears, stories and limiting beliefs to slow you down or stop you from creating the sales, clients, income, profits, impact and pleasure you desire in your business.

As you’ll see below, pricing is one of those areas where money mindset issues show up and cause female entrepreneurs to engage in sophisticated levels of self-sabotage that repel ideal High-Ticket Clients. 

Most of the clients who come to me already know they’re not charging enough for their coaching or consulting services.  They want to radically increase their income and profits without working more, and they want to turn their annual income goals into actual monthly income with High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or service-based Packages. 

One of the most troubling problems with these money mindset issues is that a less than powerful money mindset compels female entrepreneurs to work 20 times harder just to compensate for the limiting beliefs or money blocks. 

Sometimes potential High-Ticket clients think they lack sales skills and need a new High-Ticket sales script, or need new branding or their 900th marketing strategy, or a more complex lead generation process, or perhaps, a new team member.  They’re juggling several different business, marketing and sales strategies and doing ALL. OF. THE. SHINY. THINGS without creating the results they want.  They keep working more hours, working harder and making less than they deserve.

You can have the best lead generation templates and High-Ticket sales scripts, but if you have money blocks and limiting beliefs that slow you down or stop you altogether, you’ll set an invisible income ceiling.

Why?  Because the Money Blocks create a roadblock to success – no matter how many business, marketing and sales strategies you accumulate. What is a Money Block?  A Money Block (or any block) is any belief that pushes away the money (whatever you want).

I’ve got the Good news!

Pricing Money Mindset blocks don’t have to stop you anymore or keep you hiding in secret burnout.  You’re about break free of any pricing limiting beliefs, stories and negative patterns holding you back from creating a profitable and pleasurable High-Ticket business.

Nothing impacts your business more than your pricing.  Think of it as the oxygen for your business.  It’s s time to stop settling with your pricing and take back your power. 

Before take that power back, let’s back up for a moment.

If you’re still asking, what is money mindset, or what are money blocks, then consider reading one or more of the numerous Money Mindset articles right here

And download the FREE Money Mindset Journaling Course, The 10x Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for  Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches to dive deeper into your money mindset, identify and release your own money blocks, and quickly shift your money mindset to successfully create, price, market and sell High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Services, and turn your annual income goals into actual monthly income.

Let’s dive deeper into these 3 sneaky pricing money mindset blocks and learn how to shift them quickly to create an unshakeable High-Ticket Money Mindset.

Sneaky Pricing Money Mindset Block #1: I don’t like the phrase “Charge Your Worth.”

I cannot tell you how many times a month that women entrepreneurs tell me, “I hate the phrase ‘charge your worth’ and that’s why I haven’t raised my prices.” 

I remember the first time I heard this complaint. I thought, what does that have to do with you, but as I’ve listened to the “charge your worth” conversation over the last few years, I understand why many women entrepreneurs feel this way and I see how it is one of the most sophisticated, sneaky forms of pricing self-sabotage in business, especially in a High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-based business.

Many women entrepreneurs who come to me believe that their value and worth are tied to how much money they charge for their services.  It translates to Who am I to charge $50,000 for X, or I can’t imagine charging $15,000 for Y, or Where will I ever find a client who will pay me $25,000 for N?

For all of us women entrepreneurs, raising prices by any amount (even a dollar) brings up many of the multiple limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.  And this can be a great thing if we are aware of, and have the tools to release and shift these “I’m not good enough” money blocks.

What tends to happen though is that the “charge your worth” phrase triggers the worst form of unworthiness and impostor syndrome for women entrepreneurs who subconsciously believe pricing is a literal translation of their value as a human being.

Pricing is not a judgment about your value. What would you pay for something that solves your top of mind problem?

One of the best things I learned from one of my mentors is that money is just money, a price is just a price and pricing is just energy.  Everything thing else is the story we tell ourselves or what we make the price mean about us. 

What we make it mean about our worth.

What we make it mean about our value.

What we make it mean about our expertise.

What we make it mean about our services.

What we make it mean about our clients.

What we make it mean about our colleagues.

The powerful Money Mindset Shift to release this money block is to remember that charging your worth merely means charging the value or worth of your services.  We do our clients a disservice by charging lower prices than our services are worth.

Personally, this money mindset issue was one I struggled with until a few years ago because I believed my pricing was tied to my value as a human being.  Once I owned and stepped into who I am; a child of God, which means I’m priceless, I was able to release this block, take the brakes off my life, relationships and business and rev up my High-Ticket Sales and High-Ticket Clients, as well as my impact and profits.   I got over myself and focused on Results and the Return on Investment for my High-Ticket Clients.

So next time you’re scrolling through Facebook or reading a blog, and someone gives great tips on how to charge your worth, I invite you to read it through the lens of how you can price the value of your work based on what you offer and the exponential results your clients create instead of giving your power away by procrastinating or stopping altogether just because the phrase triggers subconscious limiting beliefs.

Caveat – This is NOT a post dictating how to feel about the phrase “Charge Your Worth.” This post is merely a reframe for any woman entrepreneur who wants to see this phrase through a different lens, release any money blocks around charging her worth, and use that money mindset shift to up level her pricing. You’re the BOSS of your life and business.

Sneaky Pricing Money Mindset Block #2: I Won’t Be Able to Find Clients Who Can Afford Me.

This is the one of the biggest pricing money mindset issues I see female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who create, market and sell High-Ticket Packages over $10,000 tolerating in their businesses.  It’s quite sneaky because it shows up as..

No one will pay me that much; or

I’m too expensive; or

They won’t be able to afford it; or

My price will be higher than everyone in my niche; or

I can’t justify charging that much; or

It will be hard to find clients who can afford me.

At some point in your business, you’ve thought this and I’ve thought this.  Most women entrepreneurs do it.  If you’ve ever wondered whether your services are too expensive, then you have this money block.  If you’ve wondered whether you’re pricing yourself out of your niche, you have this money block.  If you’ve wondered how or where you’ll ever find clients who will pay you $35,000, you have this money block.

This pricing money mindset block is like getting into bed with our potential clients’ wallets and finances.  The truth is that you have absolutely no idea what your potential client can or cannot afford.  Believe me, you don’t.  Yet, you’re busy freaking out over what you have convinced yourself to believe about how resourceful potential clients are when they want to invest in what they want.  We’ve got to do better about being so arrogant.

And many of us will keep tolerating this money block until we create awareness around it and learn how to up level and create a High-Ticket money mindset.

Instead of holding the potential High-Ticket client as a powerful adult who can make decisions for herself and her money, you’re deciding they’re too fragile or stupid to make that decision.  No potential client will invest in something she doesn’t want (on some level) so I personally never assume a potential client doesn’t want the results she applies to work with me to create.  I create my pricing with the attitude and energy that the client who wants to create the results I offer will show up and invest in themselves without drama. 

The powerful Money Mindset shift to release this money block is this.  Focus on Investment over your price stories. Your services are an investment, and the price is just the cost of the investment to work with you. When it comes to High-Ticket Pricing, it’s never about the Number.  It’s ALWAYS about the story we tell ourselves about the number.  This is the story that either keeps us moving or keeps us stuck. 

Pricing, charging your worth, charging the value of your work is ONLY about stories.   There will always be someone who charges more than you do, and there will always be someone who charges less than you do. 

There is no perfect number. 

A High-Ticket Client wants exponential results and is willing to pay for the results and invest the time and energy to create it.   And perhaps, most important when it comes to pricing is, a High-Ticket Client is focused MORE on the Return on her Investment over Price.

Consider creating your High-Ticket money mindset shift or reframe by looking in the mirror.  What are your own beliefs about investing in yourself at the $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $75,000 level?  What is your own relationship to High-Ticket value?  Have you personally invested in High-Ticket services? 

If you believe your pricing is expensive, your potential clients will believe so too.  Your potential clients merely mirror your own beliefs.  The bottom line is that it’s not your job to get into your client’s wallet.  Anyone who wants to afford it will invest in working with you. 

Your potential clients are sophisticated and capable enough of deciding whether they choose to invest in themselves or not.  They are also quite capable of deciding what they can and cannot afford.  It’s not your job to decide for potential clients what they can or cannot invest in or afford.  Business coaching and Money Mindset coaching with women entrepreneurs has taught me that while people don’t have money for everything, they have money for the most important things in their lives.

When it comes to pricing, find your Business G-Spot and keep your eyes on the Value and Return of Investment for your High-Ticket Clients.  ROI is so much more than the money AND more about who our High-Ticket Clients are being + what they are doing and creating as they reach their goals.

Asking “who is going to pay that much” has NOTHING to do with the value you offer and EVERYTHING to do with the crappy story you’re telling yourself about your pricing.

If you haven’t done the work to see that the investment in your coaching, consulting or service is a drop in the bucket vis a vis the value you offer, then it’s time to invest some time in the Money Mindset part of your business plan.

You have to believe in the power of investing at a higher level to achieve a higher level.  Otherwise, you’re consistently creating resistance.  You cannot download free stuff forever and raise your prices to charge High-Ticket prices.  You won’t be aligned with your pricing, and it won’t feel congruent.

Finally, know your true value and believe in it.  It’s challenging to raise your pricing and charge your worth if you don’t believe in the value of your own High-Ticket Packages or Offers.  For this to work, you MUST believe in the High-Ticket Package you’re offering.  That it actually creates exponential results.  Raising prices feels deceptive if you believe your services doesn’t work. 

Sneaky Pricing Money Mindset Block #3:  Apologizing for Your Pricing.

One of the money blocks I’ve seen and experienced myself early on in my High-Ticket coaching business, and even in my fashion business, is apologizing for my prices.  When I made the shift from making $10 jewelry pieces to creating and selling $300, $500 or $900 pieces, I was consistently apologizing for my “high[er] prices.”  Apart from being convinced I had priced myself out of the handmade Etsy market, I struggled to stand in my feminine power when it came to money. 

I see many female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants tolerate this same “apologetic” money mindset issue.  We struggle to own our worth, feel guilty about how much we charge and are incongruent with our pricing. 

This usually shows up as…

How much should I charge for X?  Asking other people what they think you should charge for your High-Value services.  I see a lot of this in masterminds and group coaching scenarios.  Business Coaching programs women entrepreneurs to believe they’re being collaborative by asking others for pricing opinion.  It’s not a great strategy. 

What you’re basically doing is harnessing the collective limiting beliefs in the room, swimming with their money blocks and then basing the value of what you offer on that.  At that point it’s challenging to discern whether your pricing represents the results/outcome/transformation you provide or whether it represents fear.

Well, guess what?

You’re not apologizing for your prices because you need a better sales script.  It’s just a money block drenched in self-doubt.

It’s time to lose the level of uncertainty, fear and apology that even the most experienced women entrepreneurs deal with every day.  It’s hard to deny that women are trained to people please and twist themselves into a pretzel to prove their worth and value.

The key to shifting and creating a reframe for this money block is to identify whose opinion you’re prioritizing over your own.  Who are you giving your power away to?  Who are you afraid will judge you?

Setting the investment amount to work with you is up to YOU.  The peanut gallery, your haters, everyone – their opinion is NONE of your business. 

Imagine what your business and your life would look and feel like if you were no longer apologizing for your prices?  Heck, what would be possible if you were no longer undercharging?

You’re not qualified to raise your prices and offer High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Packages because you’ve achieved some superficial external goal.  You raise your prices simply because you’re charging for the value of your work.  Claim it, own it and do it. 

One of the bonuses of releasing these pricing money blocks is feeling more confident to grow your business.  Raising your prices or charging your worth or charging for the value of your work is not about waiting until you’re ready.  You’re undervaluing YOU and your business when you procrastinate or wait until everything is perfect.

Creating a powerful High-Ticket Money Mindset elevates you to see yourself at a higher level, step into leadership in your life and business, and choose WHO you want to work with in your business.  This is the secret to creating High-Ticket Clients with your pricing – a more expansive abundance money mindset that supports you to ask for what you want and get it.

Bottom Line? Leave your own Money Blocks at the door.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert  www.highticketbusinesscoach.com.

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