When you're going against the corporate norm, and selling high ticket coaching offers based on the work your Soul is here to do in the world, You've got to suspend mediocrity and feelings of unworthiness, and be a portal of expansion for those high ticket coaching clients who desire the SuperNatural value of your high ticket coaching offers.

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

high-ticket profit explosion business coach
When you're going against the corporate norm, and selling high ticket coaching offers based on the work your Soul is here to do in the world, You've got to suspend mediocrity and feelings of unworthiness, and be a portal of expansion for those high ticket coaching clients who desire the SuperNatural value of your high ticket coaching offers.

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

Free Money Mindset and Business Coaching Workbook PDF for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches

10x Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for  Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches – FREE Money Mindset Course

You’re a woman entrepreneur committed to creating a meaningful and profitable business.

Your business is NOT just about money.  You want a 10X Money Mindset.

You desire a Wealth and Abundance Mindset in every area of your Relationships, Health, Finances, Business, Spiritual Life, and Environment.

You want a Money Mindset Course to help you take out the trash.

You’re ready to identify your limiting beliefs and create new empowering beliefs that support you to create the things you really want, and not limit yourself to lower quality clients than you deserve.

You want to understand your money stories and release your money blocks so that your content, marketing message, sales and pricing attract ONLY your premium ideal clients.

You want to increase your Time Freedom, Money Freedom, and the Freedom to make more positive Impact.

You want to experience a better quality of life, make the money you desire, spend what you want, save what you want, and share what you truly want to give.

You’re done with the burnout, overwhelm, over-delivering and under-charging.

You want to invest in what it takes to allow in the abundance and watch things shift so that you can fully live NOW.

You’re asking “What does my Money Mindset have to do with my business?”

Your money mindset is your relationship to yourself and your self-worth + value, AND your relationship to, and attitude about money.

No matter how successful you already are in your business, you always have to Uplevel to get to the next level, and there is always an opportunity to create a money breakthrough.

It’s all about the Inner Game.

And here’s where even the most successful business women get stuck.


Simply put, it’s because of Money Blocks.

Yup, all the baggage you’ve been carrying around all these years!

Now showing up as negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.  All of the stories, self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-sabotage that keep you from cultivating a powerful CEO mindset.    .

I’m not Enough / I can’t afford it  /  This is too hard   /  I feel like a fraud  /  Nobody is going to pay me that   /  Money is always slipping through my fingers   /  I never have enough money   /  It’s impossible   /  People like me don’t make 6 or 7 figures    /  I have to work really hard.


And no, its not just about money.  It is every subconscious belief, fear and habit, as well as the hidden challenges in the way of you achieving life, relationship and business success.

All you want is to build a successful business and share your unique gifts, experiences and talents with world.


Even when you think you’ve got it all figured out, each new level brings back old limiting beliefs in their more sophisticated form.

You’re in a start-stop pattern that has you procrastinating and self-sabotaging your business success.

You’re stuck in an either-or pattern that has you believing you can’t have both time and money, or money and love, or joy and money.


You’re making decisions about your life and business based on what you learned about money from others – But you’re not even aware of the financial and emotional impact those money beliefs have on your life, business and relationships.


You spend so much time focused on your business that you’re not incorporating the people, things and places you love into your life.


I get it.  I’ve been there. 

Because of my limiting money beliefs and blocks, I adopted other people’s disempowering money stories, believed them and made them my own – money doesn’t grow on trees; I’m not made of money; You can’t have love and money, etc.


Sick and tired of losing my passion to serve, I got super clear on my money stories.

I identified where they come from and how they show up in other areas of my life, and learned and developed tools and strategies to shift them.

Because of this work, I have created a life and business I love and the freedom to give what I truly want to give.

Your coaching session yesterday was enlightening, informative, and transformative!

Thank you for listening, mirroring, challenging, and reframing my thought patterns about responsibility, money, success, and more!

Within one hour, you shifted my mindset from ministry (much of which is volunteer work) to business (charging for products and services so I can do greater good in the world). You also offered a glimpse of the endless possibilities for my vision board business!

Thank you for inspiring me to operate from abundance and greatness instead of scarcity and fear.

If the free consultation is any indication, then exponential growth is the only option for anyone who hires you!

Trecie W.
Vision Board Entrepreneur, Memphis, TN

And, I’ve got some great news for you!!

This FREE Money Mindset Course is the first step to mastering your money game, transforming your money mindset and creating significantly more IMPACT, MONEY, TIME and FREEDOM to build your beautiful dreams is looking under your bed.  Yes, under your bed.

Looking at the gremlins.  Those dirty socks hiding under your bed. 

The stories and limiting beliefs holding you back from living a fabulous life and creating the business of your dreams.


The 10x Money Mindset Course and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches.  This PDF Workbook (Money Mindset Course) is in a Journal format.

This Money Mindset Course Takes You Deeper with Your Money Mindset

Money is just the lens we use to interpret other areas of our lives.  Money is opportunity and possibility, and the beautiful power of choice.

Women entrepreneurs have invented some of the most sophisticated tools for self-sabotage, including developing a relationship to money that gives Money their power.

Giving away their power to money supports women entrepreneurs to play it safe – withholding permission from themselves to receive money.

The money mindset narrative is not really about money.  The limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging stories are not about money.  The level of sabotage depends on what we make the stories mean about us.

Our personal relationship to money is what drives everything – our vision for money, our lives and our businesses, how we make money, what we do with money, how much money we permit ourselves to receive and charging for the value for our services.

One powerful money mindset coaching question I use to dive into my own money stories is, asking what money is really teaching me about myself (I invite you to ask yourself this question at least once a week).

My own money stories and self-reflection journey led to this Money Mindset Course for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultant – the Money Mindset Journal aka Money Mindset Shower.

Why Money Mindset Journaling?

Journaling is a powerful tool for boosting the momentum to understanding money mindset and turning on an automatic flow of abundance in health, relationships, finances, life, business, well being, spiritual life, and love.

The goal of this experience is to empower and support you to uncover the subconscious patterns and beliefs that may be sabotaging you and holding you back from getting to the next level in your business.

Most importantly, it will help you determine what isn’t working, and give you clarity on how this impacts your life, relationships and business.

This clarity empowers you, and gives you the courage to choose what serves you best.  The courage to choose in alignment with your purpose + vision + mission + core values.

As a heart-centered and purpose-driven woman entrepreneur, the way you relate to money, wealth, and abundance affects your Time Freedom, Money Freedom and Relationships.

Money Mindset, Money blocks and Money stories affect how you show up in every area of life, how you own your value, what you think you deserve, how you run your business, how you use your time, and what you tolerate.

One benefit of this Money Mindset Course?  Imagine a 10X money mindset that helps you shine the light on your biggest fears.

Success depends on the power of your inner game.

The 10X Money Mastery and Wealth Workbook is Perfect for You ONLY IF:


  • You’re ready to create opportunities to spot your success barriers before they show up and derail you and your business at your next level.
  • Like energy attracts like energy – You want to intentionally create content and position your business in a way that attracts ONLY the people you want to serve.
  • You’re ready to be creative and resourceful in your business.
  • You’re ready to choose abundance, faith and possibility and prosperity mindsets over scarcity.
  • You’re finally  ready to step into your power and become the CEO.
  • You’re ready for the Next Level mindset, strategic thinking, and perspective.
business coach for female entrepreneurs

What Your Business Looks Like After Implementing the Tools in the Money Mindset Workbook


We’ll explore your money story in every area of your life

Dive into what you believe about money and wealth

Identify where these beliefs come from

Explore how they affect your Packages, Pricing, Positioning and Profits in your business


Journaling is a powerful tool for boosting money mindset clarity.

Uncover the subconscious patterns and beliefs that may be sabotaging you and holding you back from getting to the next level in your business

Determine what isn’t working

Gain clarity on how this impacts your life, relationships and business

Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs

As a heart-centered woman entrepreneur, the way you relate to money, wealth, and abundance affects your Time Freedom, Money Freedom and Relationships

Know your worth

Own your value

Charge your worth

Gratitude and Self-Reflection

Gratitude is the cornerstone of success, health and wealth, and success depends on the power of your inner game

Connect with what lights you up

Discover what you truly want to create

Celebrate your journey and every win along the way

I believe that women entrepreneurs who change lives and make a difference in the world deserve a profitable business and powerful money mindset.

So, if you’re Ready to own your worth, charge what you’re worth and make more than enough money,


You’re ready to Step Out in Faith and enjoy ABUNDANCE in every area of your life,

Then, I invite you to Invest in the 10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches.

This Money Mindset Course will give you insight to push the limits on everything in your life, relationships and business.

I worked with MiMi for 3 months and what a ride it has been. I am so thankful and honored to be working with such a talented coach, consultant and counselor. Even though MiMi is a coach, I had to include all three roles because they are all different, and MiMi clearly distinguished each role when they came up during our work together.

My life has been transformed in ways I never thought was possible. My relationship with my husband, family and self were all crumbling and I was finding faults in everyone but myself. Putting myself in a weak place with all my power in other people’s hands.

MiMi helped me build my self-esteem, self-awareness and gave me my power back. Not only did my personal life flourish, but it helped boost my business and it’s all because of the work she did to get my inside clear of all the distractions and destructions that were storming inside.

Ladies if you feel you need support, MiMi and her coaching can bring you to a place you never thought was possible to be. That place would be at the top of the world.

MiMi, I am super Grateful to have known you and worked with you. You are the best thing that happened to me. You gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. Thank you for wiping my tears, for being there to hear my pains and helped me explore them on a deeper level. This was exactly the self-growth I needed. Thank you for trusting me, working with me and being my friend in need.

God Bless you always!

Mahreen A.
Photographer & Entrepreneur, Washington, DC

This Journaling Workbook Includes:

60 Self Coaching Business and Money Mindset Questions and Journaling Prompts.

Bonus Journal Prompts.

Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs.

Gratitude and Self-Reflection.

Extra Pages for Journaling (Possibility).

Download the FREE 10x Money Mindset Workbook

FREE 10X Money Mindset Workbook

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches (PDF)

Your Investment:  $0

Meet Your Coach

Hi!  I’m MiMi Dabo.

I’m an Intuitive Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert who supports Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches to Confidently Raise their Prices or Charge their Worth, Create High-End Packages and Sell their Services with Ease.

I admit that even with a couple of degrees, a 15-year diverse and extensive corporate background, 10 years of fashion entrepreneurship, and a huge toolbox of strategies and tips, I have a very intimate relationship with money blocks and disempowering money mindsets.

Depending on the day of the week and the level of commitment involved, I juggled fear of success, waiting for permission to truly live, fear of earning more money, and the fear of been visible.

Almost 20 years later than I had planned AND with enough money blocks to land a plane, I finally stepped out in FAITH, cashed out my 401K and quit my job to be who God was calling me to be.  It was the scariest, most exciting, and most empowering moment of my life..

Without a backup savings plan, financial support or a PLAN B, AND adjusting to the breakup of my marriage and single motherhood, I spent most of my time swimming in my limiting beliefs, entertaining my inner critic, and navigating a feast or famine life.

My FAITH, coupled with my training, deep transformative work with my coaches, and me finally fully embracing and saying YES to my spiritual side, support me into BEING the Woman who creates her highest vibe life.

Each new level brings new blocks, but learning to get out of my own way, generating abundance, owning my worth and value, stretching, growing and stepping into my power has been the key to creating powerful shifts in my lifestyle and business.

Specifically in my fashion business, I went from $1970.60 total in the previous 12 months to almost $60,000 one year later.

In my coaching business, creating a premium money mindset has empowered me to build a business that I’m hopelessly in love with now.

I want you to generate your own version of ease and flow in your life and business!

That’s the game we play together.

I help you ditch all those crappy Money stories and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from asking for money and receiving all of it.

We have names for the stories.

Names like procrastination, playing small, being afraid to raise your prices; assuming clients cannot afford you, assuming you’re not yet an expert, putting a ceiling on how much money you can make, your unique version of not-enough-ness, trying to be like everyone else and ignoring all the good that your money can do in the world.

I help you package your amazing services into irresistible high ticket offers or premium coaching packages for your ideal clients in a profitable niche.   We’re co-creating the clients your soul is calling you to serve; the clients who are happy to pay you so that you can release the pain in the ass clients and those who cannot afford you to finally find their perfect someone – the one who is happy, willing and able to support them in every way.

Yes, they truly deserve that and you’ll feel better for it.

I help you to raise your prices and charge your worth, and I help you create the marketing and sales plan that turns you on.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

All this, while changing the world in the process.

My Why?  To create the life of my dreams for me and my family, and impact the lives of 1,000,000 Children.

Growing up, my dream was to create a support structure where no child is ever left behind; to empower 1,000,000 women to confidently provide food, shelter, clothing and the emotional + medical needs for their families.

As an entrepreneur I believe that supporting other entrepreneurs AND mobilizing others to support entrepreneurs around the world is a great step towards making the dream a reality.

Women entrepreneurs in developing countries and even in the US struggle to get the funding, support and access to tools, resources and training they need to grow their business and support their families.

This is why I support Kiva to make a big part of my dreams a reality.  For every woman who works with me, I invest in a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries.

Their mission is to “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”  Learn more about Kiva on my Kiva Lending Page.

If you’re already a Kiva Member, then I invite you to join the Miatta MiMi Fashion + 10X Money Mindset Circle Kiva Lending Team.   Together, we can serve with love and massively impact the lives of at least 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs and children around the world.


Extraordinary women like you deserve extraordinary support.

I look forward to supporting you to elevate your inner game, 10x your life and business, and create success and abundance in every area of your life.

In addition to my law, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Ontological Coach (the study of being), Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach (goal and project design + strategic action).  I am a graduate of the International Coach Federation-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.

I am a Health and Hormone Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, a Certified Life Purpose Coach and Yoga Life Coach for Women, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Thanks to my personal experience and training, I love partnering with inspiring women like you to co-create a successful business, life and relationships. 

If you’re ready for success in your life and business, and pressing reset on your money mindset – then let’s do this!

Download the Free 10X Money Mindset Workbook

business coach for female entrepreneurs

10x Money Mindset Workbook

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches (PDF)

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