How to Release the Biggest Money Block that Keeps Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches Underpaid and Overwhelmed (Part 2)

Women entrepreneurs and Coaches do this a lot.

I do it. My clients do it. My colleagues do it. And I’m sure you’ve done it too.
Admit it.
You’ve done it.
What are we talking about? What am I accusing you of doing?

Holding on to the biggest money block that keeps women entrepreneurs and coaches underpaid and overwhelmed.

Playing the “HOW’ game.
How do I get clients?
How do I raise my prices?
How do I build a successful coaching business?

It doesn’t matter if you’re CPA, a life coach for women, a yoga teacher, a chiropractor, a dentist or a plastic surgeon. We all want it.

The “How To” template. Wondering…. I’ll have more clients, or I’ll be better at sales… if only someone could give me the 5 steps to charging my worth or the 3 steps to selling with ease. The strategy for doing X.

Those HOW questions? They are all great questions.

Like we mentioned in Part 1 of this article, these are questions that any savvy woman in business will ask as she creates her dream business. But like most money blocks, this one; focusing on the HOW first, can be fatal to the bottom line of a business.

Starting with HOW is the Best Way for Women Entrepreneurs to Sabotage Their Business

In a world where we are obsessed with getting step by step recipes for doing anything, and how-to templates for things like setting up your Ikea office table to having a sales call with a prospective client, many business women are wired to self-sabotage.

To use HOW as the first step.
To kill momentum before they even start.
Let’s step out of the “HOW” Money Block security blanket for a minute and hit pause on the self-sabotage.
The question, I get when coaching women entrepreneurs is, “well, then what should I ask first?” or “I’m going to need to know how at some point.”
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, I hear you.

There is no right or wrong way to figure out how to create your profitable and successful business. You get to play anyway you want. It’s your sandbox.
And it’s powerful to know that there are better questions to ask.

How to Shift and Release the Biggest Money Block in Your Business

What is the Best Question Women Entrepreneurs Can Ask in Business and Life?

It’s the secret to shifting and releasing the “HOW” Money Block.
So, what’s the better question?

What do I want?

Yes, that question. What do you want?

Simple right?
So obvious, I deserve an eye roll here.
Knowing what you want is the GPS to getting what you want.

Let’s take a simple example.

Assume you’re in Baltimore and you’d like to get to DC. You get in the car and start putting information into the GPS.
What’s the first thing the GPS needs from you?
Remember, you still don’t know how.
But the first thing you need to give the GPS, before it can do its job is to tell it what you want, in this case, WHERE you want to go.

Your “what do you want” is your destination for the GPS.

And you can’t just tell the GPS, I’m going to Washington DC. It needs the specific address so it can point you in the right direction – give you the HOW, one step at a time.

It needs this before the HOW.

Money Mindset Coach

What’s the Secret to Creating What You Want?

The key is to be super clear about what you want.
To be crystal clear about the vision.

I’ll repeat it again just in case I wasn’t too clear there.

The key is to get really, really clear about what you want – about where you want to be.

What does that vision mean for your life and business?
What do you really, truly want?
Live into it.
Taste it, feel it, visualize what it looks like to have it right now.
Describe your life and business from that place of having the thing you desire. Get juicy. You salivate just describing it. It feels so real, so alive.

Who is the woman that has that?
Who is the woman that creates it?
What are her habits?
What does she do to create it?
What does she believe about herself?

When you visualize like this, it eliminates the money blocks that normally get in the way when you start with HOW?
The “I can’t afford it” story.
The “I don’t have the time” story.

With visualization, go to that place where money is no problem, where time is no problem.
You have all the money and time you want. Just focus on the specific address.
I invite you to just get clear.

Great, now you’re there.

How to Tap Into Your Wisdom and Intuition for the HOW

Now, ask yourself, how did I get here?
The clarity (crystal clear vision) and connection to the vivid outcome you just described in juicy detail will give you the safe space to know your how.

Work backwards – Your creativity and resources are kicked into high gear at this point. Your Money Block defenses are down, and you can see all the opportunities in front of you.
All the ways you can make this vision happen.

An important question I ask at this stage is “Do you believe you can have this?”

Whatever this is for you.

The ideal client.
The profitable niche.
The premium, high-end package and offer.
Charging What You’re Worth.
Aligned Marketing.
Stress-free sales.

Or maybe is non-business related…
Losing the weight.
Creating the amazing husband or wife.
Finding the perfect job.

Do you believe you deserve it?
Do you believe you’re worthy of it?
Do you believe you’re more than enough to be worth it?
Do you believe it’s possible for someone like you? Yes, you! You special amazing woman entrepreneur!

womens mindset coach

How Do You Relate to Possibility?

Because only if you believe, can you even get to the HOW.
And if you do believe, then you know from the video in Part 1 that the bridge always appears. If you believe.

What do you have to believe to be true about yourself to believe that this is possible for you?

If you don’t believe you deserve this or are worthy of it, or are more than enough for it, then I gotta be real with you.

Raising your prices won’t help your business – You’ll still be afraid to tell anyone the new price.
You’ll still believe you don’t deserve premium, ideal clients.
You’ll back away from creating high-end package or offer.
You’ll find more ways to procrastinate, wait until its perfect, wait until you get more training, wait until you have more experience, wait until you know more, wait until the kids graduate from college or until X happens; whatever your version of X is.

What do you want?
What will it mean for you, your life, your business?
What will your business look like with this in it?
Do you believe it is possible for YOU?

And now,
Yes, finally….

HOW can we make it happen for you?
So that you can finally stop under-earning and over-delivering, and end the struggle, stress and overwhelm cycle for good.

Cheers to your fabulous success!

I’m MiMi Dabo and I support Women Entrepreneurs who struggle with Creating Premium Clients and Charging their Worth, to Confidently Package, Price, Market and Sell their Services to their Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche.

I help them to ditch the crappy Money Blocks and stories, and package their services into irresistible high-end offers for their ideal clients, raise their prices or charge what they’re worth, and market and sell with ease so they can radically increase their income – while changing the world in the process. Visit

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