The Top Secret to Finding Your Dream Job or Business in 90 Days: Part 1

How to find your dream job or create your ideal business so that you can live and work with purpose is a burning question for people seeking a life full of joy, purpose, passion and fulfillment. It is what matters most to people who feel like they haven’t yet found “their path.”

Sometimes we are exposed to so many options and opportunities that things get overwhelming. And perhaps it’s not just about too many options as it is a lack of joy. Looking for the next best relationship. Next best job. Next best business idea. The next vacation. That will do it, right?

Probably not.

Take Cynthia for example. She wanted to discover what she was truly passionate about and create a life for her and her family that considered her values, her passion and her life purpose. She had what on the outside looks like the perfect job, a great marriage and two wonderful kids, but something was missing. She felt like she was just existing.

Boredom had kicked in.  She felt restless. She also felt guilty. How could she feel so lost when her life seemed so perfect on the outside?

What should Cynthia do? Who can she be to create the life she wants?

There is no one size fits all answer for that. What works for one person may not work for another. People are diversely brilliant and creative. Maybe you’re looking to start your dream business. The next person may be looking for the job of their dreams with the perfect paycheck, perfect boss and great vacation and sick leave options. Others are simply seeking peace and their bliss.

Perfection to one person may just be mundane to the other. So how does one discover their purpose or create their ideal dream job or business in just 90-days.

The top secret and the first step? Discover Your Purpose.

Yes, it is really that simple!

Discovering your purpose (Our WHY or WHAT For) is more than just some deep profound rhetoric. It is a great way to be productive in every area of our lives. Clarity around life purpose helps us to identify how we spend our time and energy. It eliminates boredom and inspires and motivates us to make decisions quickly.

Our WHY cuts down on procrastination and perfectionism and empowers us to keep moving forward.  Knowing who you are, what you want and why you want it cuts out the rest of all the crap we put ourselves through in life.

You don’t have to quit your job and join the Peace Corps out of guilt. Spend time thinking about who you are, who you want to be, the gifts you have been blessed with, the life you want to live, and why you want any of those things. Then empower yourself to seek work and play that is aligned with your values.

There is no right or wrong.

Need some tips discovering your life purpose? Let’s break it down.

Ask yourself:

1. What am I passionate about?

2. What activities can I engage in for hours and happily lose track of time?

3. What places, people or things inspire me?

4. What things do I frequently get complimented on?

5. Whose pain do I feel, and why does it challenge me to make a difference?

6. What needs in the lives of people around me are not being met?

7. What difference do I want to make in the world?

8. What has been the most meaningful experience in my life?

9. What have I dreamed of doing since I was a kid?

10. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

I invite you to consider asking yourself these 10 questions, and giving yourself the gift of time to reflect on your responses.  After all, what do you have to lose? Stuck/Unfulfilled/Bored/Empty.

What do you have to gain?


You may be restless, stuck, bored, empty or unfulfilled until you discover and live your purpose.

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