What Is My Life Purpose And How Do I Discover It?

What is my life purpose?  How do I discover my life purpose?

Have you ever asked any variation of these questions?  Do you know anyone searching for their life purpose?

Yes?  So, do I.

“I just want to be happy,” laments Cassie.  “Why is it so hard to be happy these days, MiMi?  I want to be financially set and find work I actually love.  I want to look forward to going to work.  Maybe I need to just start my own business.”

“What else?,” I ask.

“I want to marry the love of my life, have two kids.   I want to also make a difference.  Maybe start a non-profit for disadvantaged kids.  I feel like that’s the stuff I should be doing.”

WHY do you want this?  What’s your big WHY?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you ever wonder whether you are doing what you are meant to do? Do you ever wonder why people ask questions like these?

For a long time, I asked myself these same questions, but along the way, my inner critic showed up and told me I was selfish for questioning my life. I was selfish for seeking joy in my life. And I was ungrateful for wanting to be everything God created me to be.

After all, I was healthy, relatively happy and had a roof over my head. What else did I want?

But I did want more.

I wanted to know my big WHY.  My purpose.

I wanted to know what truly matters to me.  I wanted to discover all my talents and passions, and most importantly, discover my purpose.  My goal is to get to heaven so empty that the angels have to roll me down the pearly gates.  I don’t want to have any ounce of any of the gifts, talents, passions, dreams and love that God put inside of me.  I want to use it all living my purpose here on earth.

I ask myself daily, “Where else other than here can I be everything I was created to be?”  For me, that place is right here.  I’m not waiting until I get to heaven. I’m going to use it all up.

Taking the time to find what makes you unique; what makes you who you are; and discovering what you bring to the world that no one else does is pretty special.  It helps with focus. It helps with goal setting. It gives you peace about the decisions you make. It helps create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning.

How great will that feel?

Another powerful plus? It helps you shift your mindset. It creates awareness around the obstacles and challenges in the way, and empowers you to get unstuck. Knowing why you are here gives you the freedom and the passion to create what you want in your life.

For more than 15 years, my life felt incongruent with my core values, but I let money and my ego guide my plans. I felt stuck, but couldn’t understand why.  Once I discovered my WHY – purpose, I found my reason for being.


MiMi Dabo Photo Credit: Tina Krohn


Discovering your purpose is more than just some deep profound rhetoric. It is a great way to be productive in every area of our lives. Clarity around life purpose helps us to identify how we spend our time and energy. It inspires and motivates us to make decisions quickly.

Our WHY cuts down on procrastination and perfectionism and empowers us to keep moving forward.

What about you?  Have you discovered your WHY?

What will be possible if you had an inspiring reason to get moving every day?

Real life has a way of knocking down even the very best. Sometimes this creates challenges around reflecting on purpose.

What if your purpose has nothing to do with your current circumstances?  What if your purpose is the gift you give to the world even if you believe your hands are tied?

Your WHY gives you the power to create your vision and live your best life possible. 

You don’t have to quit your job and join the Peace Corps out of guilt.  Spend time thinking about who you are, who you want to be, the gifts you have been blessed with, the life you want to live, and why you want any of those things.  Then empower yourself to seek work and play that is aligned with your values.

There is no right or wrong.

Need some tips discovering your life purpose?


  1. the things you are passionate about;
  2. the activities that you can engage in for hours and happily lose track of time;
  3. the people, places or things that inspire you;
  4. the things you frequently get complimented on;
  5. whose pain you feel, and why it challenges you to make a difference;
  6. what needs in the lives of people around you are not being met;
  7. what difference you want to make in the world;
  8. what has been the most meaningful experience in your life;
  9. what you dreamed of the most when you were a kid; and
  10. what you want your legacy to be when you look back on your life.

What do you have to lose?

What do you have to gain? Clarity. You may be restless, stuck, bored, empty or unfulfilled until you discover and live your purpose.



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