Money Mindset Tips to Attract High-End Coaching Clients

7 High-Ticket Money Mindset Tips to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to your Coaching Business in 2024.

You have incredible God-given gifts that transform lives, businesses, careers, relationships, health or wellbeing, and it is your divine responsibility to share those potent gifts with your high-end coaching clients.

But how do you attract, enroll and work with those high-end coaching clients you truly love working with, the ones who really get your magic, those who see the value of your work and those who want everything God is giving them through you and your offers?

This is part ONE of a 4-part Money Mindset Tips series to support you attract your best high-end coaching clients and easily + confidently sell your high-end coaching packages in 2024.

In part ONE, we’ll discuss money mindset strategies and in part TWO, I’ll Number ONE of the 7 powerful money mindset tips or money mindset questions that will 100% change your life and how you do business in 2024, no matter how much money you’ve already made.

If you prefer to skip part ONE and go straight to the Number ONE of the 7 money mindset tips in part TWO, then, click here.

There are some things you assume you won’t have to deal with after you make a certain income amount or after you’ve reached a certain stage in growing your coaching business.

Income wise, maybe it’s $50K months or your first 7-figure year or month. Experience-wise, perhaps it’s after 5 or 10 years or coaching or serving 100s of clients. Whatever it is for you, we all have one.

But when it comes to High-Ticket Money Mindset, no one’s exempt from the crappy stories and lies, and we all create income plateaus and self-imposed ceilings on the amount of money we can receive and the amount of joy we can hold.

If you’ve ever wondered how to attract your best high-end coaching clients in 2024 or where to find more high-end coaching clients for your coaching business, then these 7 high-ticket money mindset tips are perfect for you.

More than just basic high-ticket money mindset tips, or another how to improve your money mindset discussion, these are identity shifts that will support you to BE all of you and trust yourself to move along in faith as you attract and enroll your most loyal and most aligned high-end coaching clients anytime.

I’m using my own personal money mindset journey to share money mindset tips, money mindset exercises and money mindset strategies for identity shifts that magically attract your best high-end coaching clients for your coaching business – from the inside out.

These high-ticket money mindset tips apply whether you’re making 8-figures, 7-figures or zero figures.

How much money you’ve already made and how many years you’ve been coaching is irrelevant when it comes to money mindset challenges that show up in your niching, pricing, packaging, positioning, messaging, marketing and high-ticket sales – anything related to growing and scaling your coaching business.

We all deal with money mindset sabotage at different levels in our coaching businesses, especially when we’re selling $100K+ high-end coaching packages.

How I Use Money Mindset to Attract High-End Coaching Clients

If you see yourself in any part of my money mindset story, I hope it supports you today.

money mindset tips

In 2017, my colleague, Marissa and I attended a local DC Transformational Money Mindset Coaching meetup for Spiritual Women Coaches, Transformational Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.

Like me, she is an out-of-the-box creative, multidimensional, multi-passionate coach, and all we wanted at the time was to attract our dream high-end coaching clients who we could be ourselves with.

High-end coaching clients who got us and got the value of the transformations.

High-End Coaching Clients who already know and just step into the transformational high-ticket coaching offers.

We loved our work, and we were making good money. We’d never heard of money mindset tips, or money mindset coaching or even heard of anything related to money mindset work. We were knee deep in the world of strategies.

At the time in 2017, I was a Spiritual Transformational Life Coach who’d already made $20K days selling my Private $7K 6 months Transformational Coaching Packages (that was the actual name for a while).

I was working with realtors, attorneys, accountants, spiritual women coaches, life coaches, fashion designers, artists and healers. I had no specific coaching niche, and I was doing everything from faith life coaching to dating coaching for singles, couples’ relationship coaching, bounce back from divorce coaching, and heal my marriage coaching for women.

I also did packaging and pricing coaching, and sales coaching for attorneys, accountants and coaches, career coaching for women, intimacy coaching for women and nail your niche coaching for life coaches (even though I had no niche).

You name it, I did it. And I was quite confused about how to grow a simple and profitable coaching business with coaching clients I actually wanted to work with and ‘challenges or desires’ I was actually interested in co-creating outcomes for.

Marissa was having similar challenges, so a mentor recommended we try this local money mindset coaching experience to get some money mindset tips for more clarity and momentum.

At the time, she was a life and career coach for executives, and she was making consistent $15K months, but for both of us, something felt OFF.

Something was missing and we couldn’t quite put our fingers on it. All we knew was that we were bored to tears by our coaching businesses and we needed a lifeline.

Between the two of us, we had already invested in enough high-ticket business strategies to sink the Titanic, but none of those strategies felt aligned for our coaching businesses.

We were looking everywhere, but inside for answers. Chasing more formulas, better high-ticket sales scripts, more strategies, more marketing platforms, complicated funnels and creating more mediocre coaching offers for everything and everyone.

Searching for God’s wisdom everywhere but inside of us.

Not stopping first to ask I AM in me, who we need to BE to Be recognized and found by our best high-end coaching clients.

We wanted to Know the How. How to attract more high-end coaching clients online. How to find high paying coaching clients. You get the gist.

Would these Money Mindset Tips really change our lives and our businesses?

We were skeptical because as former trial lawyers, this money mindset coaching experience felt a bit wild and wacky to both of us. But we knew that we don’t know what we don’t know. So, we relaxed and leaned fully into receiving mode.

We learned 4 potent money mindset tips that evening. And one of them changed our lives and the way we did business forever.

It wasn’t anything earth shattering or something we hadn’t heard from the gurus yet, but somehow it landed differently that day.

money mindset tips

Ask Better Questions to Attract Your Best High-End Coaching Clients in 2024

Money Mindset Tips #ONE

The best money mindset coaching Marissa and I got from that event was to ask better questions, other than HOW.

And we got some much-needed hot seat money mindset coaching. It was so worth it.

You see, all this time Marissa and I had been searching for the best strategy to attract high-end coaching clients online. We were both planning on going from selling lower ticket $7K offers to $15K, $25K and $75K offers in2018, and believed that all we needed was another powerful strategy.

We assumed that if we got the right formula, strategy, blueprint or business coach, then we’d stop attracting high-paying coaching clients and actually attract the best high-end coaching clients we wanted.

It was great to attract and enroll high-paying coaching clients, but I wasn’t enjoying my work. I was working with those clients simply because they could pay me and not because they were committed to the results or that I even cared about those particular problems or desires.

It was an eye opener for both of us to finally see the difference between high paying coaching clients and high value, self-led high-end coaching clients. I dive into this important distinction in the “High Paying Coaching Clients are NOT High-End Coaching Clients” Video.

More importantly we discovered that another strategy wasn’t going to help us sell those $25K and $100K high-ticket coaching offers, nor was it going to attract our best high-end coaching clients. We uncovered a whole layer of fraud.

Yes, fraud.

We were being inauthentic. We were still hiding a part of ourselves from the world and our mediocre low-ticket coaching offers did not reflect the work God was doing through us.

We were hiding in our messaging, afraid that if we were authentic, the high-end clients we wanted to work with would reject us.

how to attract your best high-end coaching clients

We thought we had to be a certain way to be fully accepted, and we’d spent so much time performing that we didn’t even realize how that was sabotaging our coaching businesses, as reflected in the coaching clients we were attracting.

So, why am I sharing all of this in this Money Mindset tips blog post?

Because over the last 7 years of doing this work, I’ve supported many, many women coaches who are making lots of money and on the outside, everything looks great (especially on those filtered social media images), but behind the scenes they’re falling apart.

they’re not being a MATCH for the high-end coaching they want to attract. You can’t hack your BEING.

they’re not making any profits from those 7-figure gross revenue years.

their messaging is not landing with their best high-end coaching clients and

they waste way too much time worried about their image or trying to be ‘professional’ whatever that means.

They’re NOT being themselves, and we all know that WHO we’re being is what determines our success. It’s an inside out job.

Money Mindset Tips #TWO

You gotta BE the high-end coaching client you want to hire you.

It’s not the big strategies that support us. Those are great and a blessing to know. But it’s the little tweaks here and there to the offer, the messaging, a word here.

Money Mindset Tips #THREE

The little things like the right bespoke high-ticket coaching offer, understanding your high-end coaching clients, upleveling your content, dialing-in your messaging to speak to the right people make the biggest difference and take you from a $23K month to a $93K month with little effort.

Even though we all wish we could just magically attract our best high-end coaching clients that we’re here to serve, it wasn’t happening as quickly as we wanted.

Even though we wanted to attract high-end coaching clients who got us and got the value of the work we co-created together, it wasn’t working out that way. We were attracting high-paying coaching clients.

Until after that night.

We started asking better questions, which I’ll share some of those below for you. And we started showing up fully, authentically in our work. In our offers, in our messaging, in our positioning, our marketing and sales.

We were no longer afraid to show how different we were. I wanted to be a business coach, but I have blue hair, almost 20 piercings, I love Jesus, and dealing with stuff I thought would make me look like I didn’t know what I was doing.

In fact, my then business coach told me I didn’t look like someone anyone would hire for business coaching. What???!!!!

Marissa believed that if her potential clients or her audience knew how different she was, they won’t think she was qualified to coach them or great at what she does.

All complete BS.

money mindset tips

How to Attract Your Best High-End Coaching Clients in 2024

We stopped trying to figure out HOW to be someone we’re not and stopped trying to fit into someone else’s outdated box.

And what happened?

We learned how to attract high-end coaching clients with these money mindset tips, which made selling high-end coaching packages easier and more pleasurable.

Selling $25K high-ticket coaching offers and $100K high-ticket coaching clients was easier. In 2018, I started working exclusively with high-end coaching clients and joyfully niched down to support only transformational women coaches who didn’t fit in a box, and who chose to partner with God to co-create exponential results with their coaching clients.

I stopped worrying that if I was fun, high-end coaching clients wouldn’t take me seriously and the blessings poured in. I was attracting my most loyal and most aligned high-end coaching clients, who interestingly were very similar to me.

Spiritual women coaches, Transformational coaches, Christian women coaches who simply wanted to work with a handful of high-end coaching clients and grow a simple and profitable Boutique high-ticket coaching business. My tribe.

The key I realized was to Simply BE YOU.

Money Mindset Tips #FOUR


All of you. Unboxed. Multi-dimensional. Multi-passionate.

God’s masterpiece.

Up until that money mindset coaching experience, Marissa realized her favorite phrase had always been, “I just want to be me.” Well, no one was stopping her, other than the lies and stories she had been telling herself all that time.

What stories are you telling yourself about WHO you are, who you can or cannot work with?

What you can or cannot charge. Who you’re qualified to coach?

And how much longer you have to wait to make X amount of money in your business?

These money mindset tips saved us.

mimi dabo

By the end of 2017, I had taken almost every money mindset course on the internet was working with one of the top business and money mindset coaches.

I wrote my first money mindset ebook and charged $37 for it. It was a 60-page downloaded pdf with 50 potent self-led better questions.

My colleagues, my friends, even my own life coach at the time, questioned why anyone in their right mind would pay $37 for a money mindset pdf course when they could buy real hardcover books from real authors on Amazon for $11 (shipped to their homes).

I listened only to God’s whisper to heart. The I AM in me seeking to share those money mindset questions through me. It sold like hotcakes.

Another lesson learned. God’s wisdom and guidance already working in you, the I AM is greater, wiser and more potent that the most popular online marketing or business coaching guru.

In 2019, I upleveled my coaching offers to $100K and $250K offers and stopped selling the money mindset pdf course or workbook. I figured it would diminish my other work because to me, it didn’t make sense to sell a $100K high-ticket coaching offer and a $37 money mindset course pdf.

I offered it for free. Hundreds downloaded it and joined my Prosperous Womb email community.

And in 2023, I realized that it was helping both women and men in my email community create up to $100K coaching offers. Just by asking better questions. What??!!!

It was time to midwife the money mindset course with even better questions and support transformational women coaches all over the world, especially those who were not working with a business coach, to get the clarity, momentum and expansion they deserved, so that they too could grow a highly profitable and impactful coaching business their way.

And the High-End Coaching Clients Playbook was born.

Money Mindset Tips, Money Mindset Questions and Money Mindset Exercises to Attract High-End Coaching Clients in 2024

money mindset course

Now, we all have to opportunity to do what we want. To fully express the magic inside of us that needs to be shared. The magic that gently pulls our best high-end coaching clients toward us like magnets.

To understand and clarify what truly matters to us and partner with God as the foundation for our mission, our vision, our offers, our messaging, our sales. All of it.

So that we create a business that allows our high-end coaching clients to recognize us when they find us.

So that high-ticket coaching offers are the full expression of God’s goodness in the world.

So that we stop pretending to be normal.

And allow God’s wisdom and our intuition to guide us throughout this journey of of life, love, coaching and relationships.

And magically attract the best high-end coaching clients we’re here to serve.

how to attract high end coaching clients

Here are a few of the money mindset exercises that I’ve shared with my own high-end coaching clients in SuperNatural, LOVE Letters, Obsessed and in The High-End Coaching Clients Playbook for Women Coaches.

I refer to them as money mindset tips in this blog post, but they’re really just shifting from dwelling in HOW to asking better questions.

What are you here to do?

What do you really want to do? What do you really want to offer, and who do you want to play with?

What’s important to you about that?

What’s your Assignment and what do you want your impact in the world to be?

Who are you here to serve and what does God want to share through you?

Who were you born to serve at the highest level? Whose and what exponential results are you here to co-create?

If you could do anything you love and it would attract your best high-end coaching clients, what would you love to do?

What makes you the perfect MATCH for my best high-end coaching clients?

Who are you best high-end coaching clients and how will you recognize them?

When you attract your high-end coaching clients, how will they recognize you?

What do you believe? What are your core values? What do you really truly stand for?

Are you showing up in your offers, messaging and marketing in a way that supports them to truly see you and authentically choose you?

What makes her see you as the obvious choice? What makes her know and believe you’re the coach who can support her, or that your high-ticket coaching offers are her Lighthouse?

What are you the best at? What is your zone of genius and what stands out the most about what you’re the best at?

What is the ONE thing that I’m hiding right now, that if shared and fully expressed that to my high-end coaching clients, would be my Superpower?

Am focused on the results I co-create with my best high-end coaching clients get from co-creating my high-ticket coaching offers, or am I focused on conveying the value of the coaching offers.

Do you understand and know your high-end coaching clients at their deepest level? What are they desiring the most? Why they want what they desire? How will it change their lives? How your offer fits into their life? And what it will do for them?

What are they bumping up against the most when it comes to being, creating and having that outcome or desire?

Where are you not being in service? Being in service simply means asking better questions.

What are you resisting in your business right now, and where are you not being in integrity with your values and your brand?

What are you resisting selling in your coaching business right now?

What are you resisting charging for the investment to work with your highest tier offers right now?

Do you trust yourself to follow through?

What is most important to you right now?

What is your most valuable resource or your greatest asset? (quality time with your children/family? your money? writing your book? there’s no right or wrong answer). What’s most important to you about growing or investing in that resource?

money mindset course

Here are 11 examples of specific High-Ticket Messaging money mindset questions in The High-End Coaching Clients Playbook to support you to attract your dream high-end coaching clients with dialed-in messaging they recognize.

  1. Where in my messaging am I subtly or subconsciously apologizing for being a higher-ticket coaching business?
  2. Where in my messaging am I making myself bad or wrong for choosing to work with high-end coaching clients, or charge high-ticket investment rates?
  3. Where in my messaging am I subconsciously apologizing for being great?
  4. Where am I giving my power away and repelling my dream high-end coaching clients?
  5. If I was no longer apologizing, undercharging or worried about what others think about my coaching offers, my pricing or what I look or sound like, what would I be sharing in my messaging?
  6. Who would I boldly be speaking to, and who would I boldly repel?
  7. Whose opinion am I prioritizing when sharing my messaging?
  8. Who am I giving my power away to? Who am I afraid will judge me?
  9. What haven’t I said or shared in my messaging that needs to be said or shared?
  10. Am I sharing my conviction and values?
  11. Am sharing what I stand for and what I believe so that I can attract more high-end coaching clients who naturally resonate with me?

Let’s dive even deeper and talk about the high-ticket money mindset tips that go beyond how to improve or shift your money mindset to attract high-end coaching clients.

7 Money Mindset Tips and Identity Shifts to Attract, Enroll and Work High-End Coaching Clients Everyday

best money mindset course

Click HERE to get Number ONE of the 7 Money Mindset Tips in part TWO.

Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-End Coaching Clients Business Coach and Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb.

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