How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops.

Hello Beautiful! Have you ever considered hosting a workshop to sell your high-ticket coaching offers?

In 2017, I started selling life coaching offers and relationship coaching offers with workshops, as a way to add the experience of group coaching to my Private Coaching Business.

At the time, I was selling $10K to $15K Spiritual Coaching Offers for Attorneys, Accountants, Women Coaches and Women Entrepreneurs.

Why I Decided to Market and Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops

After upleveling to my first real high-ticket coaching offer in 2019, I created The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops as a bridge for selling high-ticket business coaching offers to Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches, and Aligned Women Coaches who desire a Simple and Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business.

ONE major reason why I created The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops was because many of the women coaches who were flowing into my world were tired of the shallow BS finite month income goals that didn’t fill them up anymore. They were done chasing $100K months and 7-figure coaching businesses they really didn’t even care for or desire.

They wanted something sacred, intimate and energetically expansive.

They were listening to their truth and bravely committed to enjoying a simple and profitable boutique high-ticket coaching business with no-income-limits. A high-ticket coaching business with high-impact, high-value, and highest-level service.

And many of them were not on social media so I had to think outside the box. What would be a win-win marketing and sales strategy to sell my high-ticket coaching offers?

This group of women turned me on and lit my heart on fire. I too was deep into the sacred, intimate space of DEEPER work. That surface level stuff never really turned me when I started my coaching business. I respect Self-Led powerful women coaches who tune into what God is calling to do in their coaching business.

Doing their coaching business their way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re called to work with a group of 1,000 clients or a mastermind of 25, or an exclusive and private 1 to 1, or growing a movement of 1 million women. As long as they’re tapping into their desire’s and not their mentor’s dream or business model.

Inspired by these women who were not afraid of their own power, I pivoted from focusing on women coaches who wanted to make money, to these deeply aligned women who desired something beyond another $(X)K finite month or year.

Here was this whole niche of women, just like me were detached from everyone else’s opinion and who wanted MORE simply because MORE was amazing.

A Safe Space for More Space. More Expansion. More desire. More play. More Freedom. More Choices where you’re not triggered by someone else’s journey.

Where none of us compromise our identity, our assignment, our impact or our values because of other people’s negativity, insecurities, limitations or self-limiting beliefs.

A space where we could ALL BE in our power and shine brightly together, illuminating each other’s divinity.

Women Coaches who were FINALLY stepping out of the good girl paradigm of people pleasing to charge for the lifetime value of their work, and their own lifetime mastery and expertise of their tools, unique magic, brilliance, divinity, intuition and all of their HERness.

Without shame, guilt or condemnation, and without owing their non-aligned client’s affordability.

How refreshing.

Do You Need Sales Conversations When Selling with Workshops?

It was refreshing.

And it was exciting to know that I could enroll High-Ticket Coaching Clients from these High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops.

But…. But, But.

And it was a big but.

Should I replace my sales calls with the Workshops????? After all, it seemed like all the gurus were preaching no sales calls.

I do High-Ticket Sales for ALL my Private High-Ticket coaching offers and thoroughly enjoy high-ticket sales conversations, and have all the time in the world for them.

And I also I wanted to find a way to connect deeper with clients before getting on the sales call. A deeper relationship than I have with potential clients on my blogs, YouTube Channel or email list.

A way to see them in action before a sales call. To see what lights them up and how. What stops them and where. And how they recover. I desired some sort of bridge that would bring in clients like the ocean to my coaching business without me working harder or spending more time away from my family.

A simple high-ticket sales funnel. A simple lead magnet. A simple high-ticket client attraction system that works for my way of doing business. Hosting Workshops was the answer for me. It was like having one signature talk that generates clients.

Just like my other organic marketing and sales funnels, the actual Sales Call was simply a way to see if we’re a great energetic 1-1 fit.

Once I decided that workshops were my bridge, the big question was How was I going to market and sell my high-ticket coaching offers with workshops?

And would it be easier than my blogging and email list pathways?

I created multiple workshops within my 3-Step MIDWIFE CEO Signature System framework in The Prosperous Womb, from the first trimester midwifing of gifts, mastery and experience, to sacred and intimate scaling post birth. High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops included HER, Aligned Pricing, Sacred Sales, Mindset and Wealth, Aligned Systems, High-Ticket Offer Suites and so much more.

In March 2023, I decided to streamline my coaching business and take a step back from hosting these LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, and created specially channeled evergreen versions that work as lead magnets to attract my soul-aligned high-ticket coaching clients.

Since that first ‘HER’ virtual High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop in 2019, I’ve learned a lot and made beaucoup mistakes when it comes to how to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops and actually making SALES of my high-ticket offers. And most importantly on the business end, making PROFITS before, during and on the back end.

In this blog, I’m sharing 11 PROFIT Keys for Hosting Your Own Profitable Coaching Workshop to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops
How to Host Workshops that Market and Sell Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops

Start with the End in Mind.  Why are you hosting this workshop? What outcome are you co-creating apart from selling your high-ticket offers on the back end? 

Do you actually have an offer that you’re selling on the back end?  Most people don’t have a clear connection between the workshop and the high-ticket coaching offer, so the bridge doesn’t really work.

In my experience, workshops are the easiest way for clients who find high-ticket sales calls challenging, to sell their high-ticket coaching offers in a non-confronting way.  Because they don’t really enjoy sales conversations, the workshop gives them a deep dive into what their potential clients truly want. 

And allows them to see the potential client’s personality. What gets them going? Where do they stop?  What do they complain about.  It’s an expanded high-ticket sales conversation

And if you know for sure that your high-ticket coaching offer on the back end can support them, you invite them into a sales conversation or just invite them to your offer.

Always connect the workshop to the offer you’re selling and the outcome you’ll be co-creating with the client.

Create a Profit Explosion Plan. I go into this in the Part 3 Video.

Create Integrated Transformation.  One of the biggest NO Nos in a coaching workshop is to over teach.  Workshops are NOT an information dump site.  Go write a blog or write a book, if you want to say everything. 

The best way to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with workshops is to create bite size transformation outcomes connected to big paradigm shifts. 

Let them see something in a different way and have a shift in perspective that supports them to take the next step with your high-ticket coaching offer. 

Information dumps just create overwhelm and confusion.  Confused buyers don’t buy.  This is NOT your life’s work.

The whole point of learning how to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with workshops is so that you’re able to effortlessly invite high-ticket coaching clients into your High-Ticket Offer Suite without the complicated funnels and webinars.

Limit the Length of the Workshop from anywhere between 45 to 90 mins (2 hours max).  If not, it’s basically a VIP-day.  And it’s fair to expect coaching clients to focus on 12 different Aha’s all at once.  It’s too much information without the integrated transformation.  Clients stop focusing and start wondering how to escape.

No Dry Power Point Presentations and Spreadsheets.  Unless you’re a trainer, teacher or consultant, there’s no need to share 100 power point slides teaching clients about the transformation.  Just co-create the transformation with an embodied experience so they leave with the thing or with the shift to create the thing. 

For me, the whole point of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops is Co-Creation, Inspired Action, Transformation and Integration.

Let’s leave the workshop with the outcome or the actual steps to create the thing.

NOT just the how.  Create a YouTube video on the HOW.  And co-create transformation in the workshop.

Always Be Marketing and Selling Your Workshops.  Share the link for them to pay for your workshop even if the landing page/website is not yet up.  The is not about photoshoots, glamour shots and pretty brochures.

You don’t need everything to be perfectly in place to sell.  Especially if you’re doing these monthly/quarterly, or maybe even weekly.  You don’t need a website. 

Pick up the phone and call.  It’s great practice for selling high ticket coaching offers.  I pick up the phone and call colleagues and former colleagues from my accounting and legal life and invite them to The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops. 

Not just any former colleague. Any businesswoman I know who would be happy to make profits in her business and grow a simple business that wraps around her lifestyle.

Who in your network would MOST desire the outcome of your Workshop? Pick the phone and call. DM her. Email her. Text her. Whatever works best for your profitable, fun and aligned way of doing business.

And sell the workshop wherever you sell your coaching offers too. I sell workshops via phone call conversations, email, through blogging, in my youtube videos, and a few times on eventbrite. If you’re on social media, go live on with behind-the-scenes reels or anything you’d love to share, and then invite your people.

Always gather and then, invite.

Does Not Have to Be Industry Niched.  I prefer offer-niched workshops as opposed to industry niches, but EVERYTHING works if it works for you.

I didn’t limit the LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops to just coaches because the Aha’s that come from sharing strategies and tips that work across industries tend to me quite potent.  It opens coaching clients and everyone in the room to a whole world of possibilities.

Use Your Signature System of Framework. Remember that every workshop is based on your signature system or framework, with one specific outcome.  Simply take them through the client journey to co-create the outcome. 

Let’s say you’re a holistic health and weight loss coach and your signature system includes Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness and Hormonal Balance.  You can create 10 different workshops around hormonal balance alone that can lead directly into your lose weight and look great naked high-ticket health coaching offer for women.

Price the Workshop for Profit and Impact even if You “plan to make your money on the back end”.  Its practice for expanding your capacity to receive and not putting client in an energetic deficit because you’re afraid to charge for your services. 

The investment for the LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops ranged between $1,111 and $2,222 and the size was limited to an intimate group of only 8 women because they were actual coaching workshops.

If your workshops are teaching or training workshops, the sky is not even the limit. You could have 1000s of participants, at much lower investment points (if you choose).

For the evergreen High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, the investment is only $250.

That way, it’s profitable AND you’re satisfied even if no one buys on the back end.  Prioritize satisfaction and alignment over making money. You’ve already mastered how to make money. Profit and Impact go hand in hand.

Make the Offer.  That’s the whole point of this blog post on how to sell high-ticket coaching offers with workshops.

As you co-create the transformation in the workshop, you make a clear connection to your high-ticket coaching offer. The workshop transformation is discrete part of that high-ticket coaching offer.

And then you invite participants to sales conversation for your high-ticket coaching offer, or simply sell it right out, depending on the offer and your sales process.

You may be asking how to make the offer. Or the best time to make the offer.  Or what to say when you make the offer.  STOP. 

Make the invitation whenever it feels aligned for you. Start seeding it in the marketing for the workshop so that everyone walking into/logging into that workshop ALREADY knows the name of that offer.

You can find more about making the offer in the ‘How to Workshop Your High-Ticket Sales’ Workshop, right here.

Don’t make THIS HUGE mistake that I see many, and I mean many women coaches making during workshops.

Choosing instead to make the offer in the email where they send the replay because they can’t get themselves to “sell” during the workshop. It’s service, babe.

Don’t leave participants hanging with 1/10th of an outcome when they can get the 100% outcome by continuing the work in the high-ticket offer.

Please don’t tell me you plan to send it on the replay.  I’ve never recorded any of my high-ticket profit explosion workshops so making the offer during the workshop was also a priority for me.

Bonus: Of course, if you do record the live workshop, you can always package it as a part of a course or a stand-alone course for free or for sale.

Use Your Book to Market your Workshop as an Industry Expert.  If you already have a published book on your signature system, then use that book to create at least ONE signature workshop that you’re known for.  And your book becomes your high-ticket sales funnel.  This also increases the price of the workshop.

Voila! Now, You Know how to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops! And whatever workshop you choose for your coaching business, make sure it creates a PROFIT EXPLOSION for you.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Workshops” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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