Life Coaching for Women: The Top Reason To Work With A Life or Business Coach Even if You are Billionaire Bill Gates

Let’s talk life coaching for women in business.

Life Coaching and Business Coaching for women are two of the most powerful tools for personal, business and professional development, but not everyone has a coach.  Thousands of high performing and super successful individuals around the world have reached their highest level of success without the support of a coach.

So, why does billionaire Bill Gates note that everyone needs a coach?  Let’s take women entrepreneurs and coaches for example.

Business coaching for women entrepreneurs takes women in business to their next level.  Since my transition from Life Coach for Women to Business Coach and Money Mindset Expert for Female Entrepreneurs, I’ve worked with many smart, ambitious women who want more.  More than just the daily grind of creating a business.

Women entrepreneurs want to make impact, leave a legacy and do work that stimulates them.  These high performing business women want to make more money and a bigger impact doing what they love, while working less so that they have more time, flexibility, better health and a better quality of life.  If not, what’s the point?  Right?

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So where does the life or business coach come in?  With business coaching, women entrepreneurs are looking for ways to incorporate strategies and tools that will simplify their business models and free up their time.  One of the biggest areas business coaches working with female entrepreneurs can support them is in identifying and creating their ideal clients in a profitable niche.  There is no business without ideal premium clients who are happy to invest in themselves.  Anything less is a stressful rollercoaster.

business coach for female entrepreneurs

Sometimes, entrepreneurs will dive into creating a business without really understanding WHO they are selling to; without identifying WHO wants the product or service and WHY they want it.  This is one of the biggest support areas that business coaching offers.  This is the secret sauce to any business.  Marketing, Sales, Pricing; every single decision in business comes down to who is my client and what is her biggest problem.

A business coach can help a female entrepreneur really dive deeper into understanding the client’s deepest fears, biggest challenges and greatest needs.  Business coaching cuts through the noise to get to the heart of creating an ideal client.  Another key area a business coach can be an asset is finding a profitable niche.  This can be a tough thing for women entrepreneurs who are primed to just serve everyone and be there for everyone.  This part alone is worth the price of working with a good business coach for women entrepreneurs.

business coach for women

And there’s more.  Business coaches can help their clients with marketing and messaging.  Identifying ideal client and nailing a niche is one thing, but positioning is important.  Not every woman entrepreneur knows how to position her business as the solution to her ideal client’s biggest problem.   A business coach can help narrow things down and take a marketing message from wishy washy to the entrepreneur’s ideal client thinking the entrepreneur is in his or her head.  This support is invaluable.  And you don’t have to be Bill Gates to need it.  Coaching can be a tool for specificity in every area of business.

I could go and on, but you get the point.  One thing that I hear frequently when coaching women entrepreneurs and other women in business is that selling is sleazy, or they hate sales and marketing and wish someone would just do that part for them.   And yes, you can hire a team to that for you, but if you’re starting, it’s probably best to know how to market and sell your own services.  It’s your business after all.  Business Coaching is a powerful tool for supporting women to have sales conversations with ease, and perhaps to even enjoy them.

womens business coaching

I am grateful that I get to work with women with big dreams and support them to nail their niche and identify their ideal clients, to go from trading hours for money to raising their prices to creating high-ticket coaching packages or premium consulting packages that sell.  And to help them master speaking the language of their clients and selling with ease.

The bottom line?  To support them to create the and money freedom that they desire.  Can we all just do it on our own?  Of course, but why not work with someone who can help you get there faster.  Not because they do the work for you, but because you can’t read the label of the bottle when you’re inside the bottle. 

business coach for female entrepreneurs

By now, you see how useful a business coach can be for women entrepreneurs.   But there’s even more.  Business coaching offers something more than just another strategy, tactic, or process.  It supports women entrepreneurs with their Money Mindset; which for some business women is the thing that has them really stuck.  They can add and subtract and know what they need to do to get their clients or make money, but it’s the Money Mindset part holding them hostage.

If you want to read more about Money Mindset and how it gets in the way of women entrepreneurs creating a profitable business, read the blog series on Business Coaching and Money Mindset.

women business coach

And let’s not forget the importance or life coaching for women.  It supports women entrepreneurs to deal with stress, health issues, relationships issues and anything that stands in the way of them radically increasing their income while working less.

Coaching produces results!  And that’s powerful.

What about you?  What do you want in your life and business?  What is your biggest challenge, and how is that impacting your business?  What would be different for your business if you worked with a life or a business coach?  How would your life be different when you know you have a life or business coach in your corner, co-creating with you every step of the way.

Maybe you don’t need a coach to lean into that powerful space.  Maybe you’re already there.

I suspect that even if you’re already there; already “made it,” a little feedback from a coach can shift your perspective, and change your life, business or world in ways you did not even believe were possible.

Life coaching and business coaching for women give you permission to live fully.  To step into your next level.  Consider working with a coach. 

Give yourself permission  –  Write that book.  Sing that song.  Paint that picture.  Act that scene.  Build that school.  Start that business. Create that awesome family.  Get the job of your dreams.  Live on the beach. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Live your best life.  Gain confidence to show up fully in the world and take the space meant for you!

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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