How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI is a popular sales coaching question for many spiritual women coaches and Christian women coaches these days.

Especially for women coaches selling higher value, high-ticket coaching offers online.   

I get questions all the time asking, how do I use AI for high-ticket sales, or does AI mean sales will be much harder for me because I hate tech, or will AI really help me sell my coaching programs? 

I’ve also noticed a lot of weariness around AI especially with spiritual women coaches and Christian women coaches who treasure that divine spiritual connection and tend to be unaligned with anything that (appears to) interfere with that natural connection. But we’re not 2-year-olds, and we can’t kick and scream or throw a spiritual tantrum anytime we judge something as bad; whether it’s money, AI or whatever is seducing us to self-sabotage.

AI Marketing and Selling with AI won’t disappear simply because we prefer to meditate and pray our way through our technical frustrations. My invitation? Embrace it and allow it to support you, to bless you and work for you so you have way more time to enjoy your Freedom, better health, wealth, higher profits and better quality of life.

Let’s focus on how the power of AI can help all of us women coaches sell high-ticket coaching offers better.

AI won’t replace God expressing through you. AI is not your Soul.

I’m going to focus on how to create clients with AI with your marketing and selling and NOT the popular discussion of whether Robots will replace coaches (my answer is that will never happen. If CPAs and accounting software can co-exist, then so can AI (artificial coaching) and real coaches)).

To answer the question, How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI, we need to go way deeper than basic digital marketing tactics like how to automate your coaching business, how to create a simple high-ticket sales funnel, or how to create a valuable lead magnet. 

Those are important. But they don’t really address how to sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI in a way that is simple, easy and natural, and where anything you offer sells without following anyone else’s rules because you’re enjoying powerful insight from all your data. 

What I’ve learned after hosting several Selling with Wisdom workshops over the last 18 months is that when folks ask how to sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI, what they’re really asking is what is AI marketing and how do I use it. It’s simpler to choose marketing because it helps us avoid selling, right?

I’ll address both how to sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI and Marketing with AI in this blog just to distinguish between the two.

How to Use AI to Market High-Ticket Coaching Offers Online

Selling high-ticket coaching offers with AI is really just upleveling your high-ticket marketing game with AI marketing systems, structures and strategies that support you to attract soul-aligned potential clients and convert those prospective clients into high-ticket clients for your high-value coaching offers, programs or packages.

It’s embracing artificial intelligence and using it to dominate the coaching industry the way accountants and CPAs (and other service providers) have been using AI for many years to dominate the accounting industry to create better results for clients, make a bigger impact, make their own lives easier, and work wiser, not harder.

AI is NOT God. AI simply builds on what’s already there; on what God has already fully expressed through you in your videos, blog posts, articles, podcasts, lead attraction systems and other content available online. On the systems, strategies and structures that are already working for your coaching business.

Automating bad habits and systems is foolish.

12 Things to KNOW Before Marketing and Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI

So before diving head on into AI Marketing, remember the basics, i.e., connecting to the heartbeat of your prospective client.

Know Yourself – Who are you? What is your identity? What do you want? What kind of coaching business do you want to enjoy over the next 5 years?

Know Your Mission and Legacy – When you connect to the heartbeat of this, you’ll have conviction in what you’re selling in the first place. This creates confidence.

Know Who You Want to Play With – Who is your soul-aligned client? Who is she? Who do you want to support and why?

Know What She Wants – What does she want? What is her biggest aspiration? What exactly does she want it?

Know Why – What is the value (to her) of this solving the challenge or co-creating the aspiration? What value will it add to her life/business/relationship/health/career/finances/wealth/family? What will life be like for her without it?

Know High-Ticket Coaching Offers – Consider the difference between transformation high-ticket coaching offers (programs/packages) and high-content consumption offers that are not outcome driven.

Know Your Offer – What is your offer and why will it work for her? Love Your Offer. Have conviction in it so that your confidence in the outcome shines through when you market and sell. Why is it the obvious choice for her now, and how is it different from everything else she’s tried that hasn’t worked?

Know the Power of ONE – Focus on the ONE highest challenge/aspiration (you solve) that creates a domino effect for everyth8ing else to align in her life. This is a powerful magnet that pulls clients toward you to create your own beautiful butterfly garden.

Make this explicitly high-value, outcome driven and focused. What actually happens to the client because she invested in working with you?

What does the client leave with at the end of her journey with you?

What do you provide and what makes you different?

Know Your Signature Framework – What is the client experience? Know the Tangible and Intangible micro-outcomes she receives during her journey with you.

Know Your Message – Know her aspiration and speak powerfully to it. Dial in your messaging to speak only to the soul-aligned client you desire to work with because thanks to AI, you’ll be matched with the wrong client if you’re sharing the “wrong”/fake/incongruent content online. This is important. You’re the ONE with the judgement. The AI tool simply spits out data based on what’s available to it.

Know How You Want to Market and Where – Create and share your wisdom. Choose what works for you and is most fun and profitable. Consider going deeper with video content. Choose your platform.

Know How to Sell from the Heart with Wisdom – Before Selling high-ticket coaching offers with AI, master high-ticket sales. This involves selling something powerful and valuable. Something you genuinely care about.

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How AI Marketing and Selling with AI Support Your High-Ticket Coaching Business

It’s important to determine whether you even want to market and sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI. Not every tool is for everyone, even when it’s helpful.

Here are a few questions to journal on/ask yourself before diving into selling with AI.

Consider how and which AI tools can support you to save time now in your online coaching business?

How can AI support you to generate your dream 100 client list so that you or your team doesn’t spend hours online looking for your perfect match?

How can AI maximize your CRM? Imagine automating data entry and capturing all your lead information in one-tenth the time you’ve been doing it? Yeah, breathe that in. And Exhale.

Imagine contacting, nurturing and qualifying leads without hiring another team member.

How can you save even more time with tools that create video scripts or blog posts for you in just seconds (as well as titles for those posts, including email subject lines)?

How can you use software to analyze your data and spot trends in your client attraction data and sales data?

How can AI support you to identify your most prosperous coaching niche based on data from your last 25 clients within the last 18 months?

How can AI support you to identify which programs are more profitable, and which need to be cut off even if X, Y, Z?

How can you use marketing AI tools to optimize (including writing actual copy for) your online opt-ins, coaching website, or sales pages?

What tools can make onboarding simpler?

What part of your client support can you automate without losing that human touch and connection high-ticket clients pay for?

And of course, it’s great to use AI but make it your own.

Even with AI, be yourself.

Google knows the difference between a YOU and a robot. Yup,

We’ll go deeper into selling with AI in a minute. 

But first. If this is your first time here at The Prosperous Womb, Welcome. 

One of our core values is supporting you as a high-ticket coach in any coaching niche (or no niche at all) to create your own high-ticket coaching economy by mastering how to do business your way, including how to market and sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI.  

And if you’re like many of my clients, one of your top priorities is creating more spaciousness, higher profitability and more impact in your coaching business.  

Keep reading if you want to discover your own unique ways, strategies, systems and essence of building and enjoying a successful, impactful and highly profitable coaching business with AI, without the cookie-cutter scripts, formulas and blueprints that keep you trapped in some guru’s skinny white jeans.  

This Prosperous Womb blog post is useful whether you’ve just made your first, second, third or fourth 6, 7 or 8-figures, or you’re just starting out and want to distinguish yourself as a high-ticket, high-value coach in your first year of business.  

Now, let’s dive in and discover how to use AI for high-ticket sales in your coaching business in 2023. 

Do I Really Need to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI?

One question my clients bring up a lot is whether we really need to automate sales at all?

Look, I get it. While I’m unavailable for complicated high-ticket sales funnels that screw up my nervous system and unhinge my hormones, I’m here for simple automated funnels that support me to attract and qualify prospective clients, and give me more time to read, travel and hang out with my kids.

If the AI tool is helpful and here to stay, I’m here to master and dominate how to sell my high-ticket coaching offers with AI.

I invite you to consider that it’s desirable to use advanced algorithms and analytical tools to automate and improve sales systems in a coaching business. Automation for repetitive tasks and data analysis doesn’t sound sexy, but they are the foundation of a profitable high-ticket coaching business. Depending on the size of your business, AI will support you to enroll more higher quality clients and create a predictable annual income. And if you have a team, consider AI the new team supervisor.

Think of AI is an insight and wisdom elf for your high-ticket coaching business.

If you choose to embrace automation and sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI, then this is KEY. Your human connection, human relationships, and human judgment matter even more. Automation cannot and must not replace YOU. Ever. Especially in a high-ticket coaching business where high-ticket coaching clients are investing $100K and higher to work with you, and not your assistant coach, sales team or robot.

AI cannot and will never replace the humanness of you. That’s why it’s artificial and your client knows that, but you need to make sure YOU are still in your business. This is how you’ll distinguish yourself from every other coach getting drunk on the AI Kool-Aid.

The bottom line?

Understand the basics of AI to know where to start.

Learn basic skills to support you to make wiser decisions and better choices when it comes to partnering with AI tools.

Experiment until you develop better skills and get better insights from your partnership.

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with AI

How you sell high-ticket coaching offers with AI is no different than selling high-ticket coaching offers without AI.

Selling high-ticket coaching offers with AI is simply selling with wisdom. Selling as you are – with heart, intuition, heartbeat connection, love, relationship, humanness, courage, curiosity, empathy, passion and compassion.

You just get the added benefits that come with AI marketing and messaging.

Let’s Sell.

Now that AI has connected you to your dream 100 clients, what’s next?

You still need to know how to do high-ticket sales. Period.

AI can generate a sales script for you, but AI is not going to do the talking and listening for you during your sales conversation. And AI doesn’t know your prospective client as intimately as you would when you “listen with your heart” and “discover together” during your natural flowing sales conversation (without a script that makes you cringe).

Create a sales framework that supports you to qualify prospective clients with an application form. AI can generate all the questions you need for this. Use the answers to those question to determine who you want to meet with.

And it’s time to dance in the moment.

Hold space.

Notice who you are being in the moment. And feel into the experience of the moment. Is your heart where you can truly connect to the heartbeat of your potential client?

Respect your prospective client’s power by asking powerful questions that don’t take her power away from her (and support her to explore what comes up so that together, you co-create her most expansive vision yet).

Ask questions that support your clients, not warm and fuzzy questions that skim the surface. Go deeper, realizing that you have something of value and you’re selling from a place of wisdom and love.

She doesn’t need to like you in the sales conversation. She needs to trust you. So, ask the challenging questions that support both of you to be in integrity with moving forward with a coaching relationship.

Support her to see what she doesn’t see yet and co-create her expanded and exponential vision.

Selling is NOT AI. It’s relationships. That human-to-human connection that no artificial tool can ever create.

AI doesn’t give you a pass to skip steps you’re not comfortable with in the sales conversation. It won’t ask for the sale for you, or invite her to work with you, but AI will support you to generate the language that won’t make you cringe.

When you have a personalized process like the one I’ve laid out here, you open the start of a beautiful coaching relationship (the close). It’s natural.

It’s unconscious competence.

Being and allowing abundance without limits.

Selling with wisdom.



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