How to Scale Your Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales Now

How to Scale Your Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales is a top of mind business growth question for most women coaches who sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

And I can guarantee you that you’re not the only spiritual female coach wondering how to scale your coaching business in 2022 without stressful tech, a huge team, complicated sales funnels or spending all your time spinning around on social media.

If you’ve landed on this page, you definitely want to keep things simpler this time around and scale your coaching business to multiple 6 figures or your first million dollars without sacrificing your Faith, Family, Freedom, Joy, Unique Gifts and Weirdness or your Sanity. You want to make tons of impact, get paid very well and get your life and time back.

Sounds like you want a unicorn. But no worries, it’s not magic. Scaling your coaching business to multiple 6 figures or your first million dollars within 18 months is not some elusive goal reserved for online coaching gurus.

It’s simple. Perhaps too simple if you’re always in your head, working on overcomplicating everything to make yourself feel worthy and more qualified to be/do/create the thing.

Here’s the simple truth.

You just need to stop doing all of the things, stop comparing yourself to the latest Instagram guru, stop beating yourself up for whatever mistakes you think you’ve made, and keep four things in mind….focus, simplicity, systems and the most underrated of all, your divinity.

Know who you are and whose you are (Remember your identity).

Know what work you’re here to do in the world and the impact of that work in the world (Remember your assignment).

You’ve probably read all the books, taken all the courses, and perhaps even worked with some of the best online business coaches for women. You’ve got tons blueprints, steps and cookie cutter strategies. And yet sales, especially High-Ticket Sales is still challenging.  There’s a reason why.

This is because most business coaches and even sales coaches love to jump straight into proven cookie cutter strategies. The best part about proven strategies or any high-ticket sales strategy is that they all work.

But before diving into scaling your coaching business with a simple high-ticket sales strategy, I’m going to share my secret weapon (the 5 Keys) to mastering high-ticket sales even if you have NO strategy. Because strategy is NOT everything. Especially when you’re distracted by the latest marketing trend or trendy new social media platform.

Do you need a sales strategy? Yes, but that’s the easiest part of any High-Ticket Coaching Business.

You can google “best sales strategies for women coaches” or “high-ticket sales for women coaches” right now and get one million strategies that will work if you know how to implement them.

Let me keep it simple for you. All you really need is a marketing and sales plan that works for you. Automate that plan with a simple high-ticket sales funnel, including a simple lead magnet on your website or landing page. Create an Application to screen potential clients and personalize a sales script that doesn’t make you cringe. You deserve an invaluable System that supports you to rinse and repeat. Voila! Your sales strategy.

I’m going to focus on sharing the 5 Keys to Being a High-Ticket Sales Queen (courtesy of my own generous High-Ticket Sales Coach who consistently challenges me to keep things simple in my own coaching business).

I know for sure that once you have these 5 keys, you’ll master High-Ticket Sales and fall in love with selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers consistently. 

And guess what?? These 5 keys work anywhere in your life.  Master them everywhere and be/do/create everything you’ve ever wanted. So let’s dive right in.

How to Scale Your Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales: Have Unapologetic Faith

You must have faith in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.  You must know without a doubt that your offer expands your clients and supports them to step into what’s possible for them.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not always walking by faith 24-7. 

Sometimes doubt creeps in.  And in those moments when I forget to remember who I am and whose I am, in those moments when I lose faith in myself or my business, I just borrow God’s faith and run with it.

Scaling Your Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales: Have Conviction

You must have uncompromised belief in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer and the results/outcomes your clients get from investing in it.  Internalize the value of your High-Ticket Coaching Offers and believe that the outcomes your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients co-create is worth every single penny.

And believe with every part of your being that working with you is the best option for your potential client. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, no one is going to believe it.  So, believe. 

Scaling Your Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales: Have Confidence in You

You must have the confidence now, not after you sell the High-Ticket Coaching Offer.  If you need support around this, I’ve added few videos that I know will boost your confidence.  Bottom line?  My confidence and courage come from God, so I just meditate on Joshua 1 v9 and run with that. 

Do what works for you… but willpower won’t.  Neither does feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  That’s low level willpower and it comes with diminishing returns.

How to Scale A Coaching Business with High-Ticket Sales: Position Your Business as the Obvious Choice

You must stand out from other coaches in your niche.  Repositioning your High-Ticket Coaching Offer to be the ONE with no competition simply means offering a journey and coaching experience (the offer, the container, the signature system) that no one else is offering.  This part is easy ONCE you include YOU and All YOUR Gifts….even your weirdness and your quirks.  That’s what makes your offer unique.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing.  Be a leader.  Be confident enough to offer exactly what your High-Ticket Coaching Clients need and have conviction in the results.  This supports you to share your message in a way that speaks directly to the soul of the clients you want to work with. 

This is the messaging that makes them weep.  Because for the first time, they give themselves permission to see themselves having the results they want.

Scaling with High-Ticket Sales: Be and Share the Love

You’re a coach, so I know you’re doing this because you want to make impact in your own way and money on your own terms.  You wouldn’t be doing this if you were in it for the money. 

I’ve said it before.  There are easier ways to make money than selling.  So, when you are sharing and selling your high-ticket coaching offers because you know who you are, you know your assignment, you love this work, you love your clients, and you love supporting them to succeed, that’s when you become the High-Ticket Sales Queen. Period.

That’s when you make impact in the world. That’s when you create the results you want in your business. That’s when you increase your income and your profits and create generational wealth on your terms every single day. (Rinse and repeat).

You cannot serve if you cannot sell.

If you’re still here and reading this, AND if this is something you want to master now, I can support you to Master your high-ticket coaching business – the marketing, messaging, sales, positioning, packaging, and pricing so that….

You truly serve those aligned clients you’re here to bless.

You have unapologetic faith and conviction in your offer and your business and know that sharing and selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is what you were born to do.

You support your own clients to create the life, health, relationship, career, or business they want.

This is how to scale your coaching business with high-ticket sales to multiple 6 figures or your first million dollars within 18 Months. No magic. No guesswork. No chasing more shiny objects or selling all. of. the. things.


If you’re ready to work exclusively with Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients consistently and streamline your sales process to scale your coaching business in 2022 with High-Ticket Coaching Offers that make tons of impact while you’re lavishly paid doing work you love (without guilt or condemnation) , then it’s time for you to be the High-Ticket Sales Queen.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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