How to Go from $100K to $1Million or $4Million to $10Million in Your Coaching Business

How to Go from $100K to $1Million a Month, a Quarter or a Year, in Your Coaching Business.

How to Go from $4Million to $10Million a Year in Your Coaching Business.

Let’s talk about the REAL KEY to High-Ticket Profit Explosion.

And the Key to 10X Exponential Results for High-Impact Women Coaches Selling Bespoke, High-Value, Deepest Level, Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Everyone’s version of exponential growth is different. For some High-Impact women coaches, it’s moving from 6 figures to 7 figures.

For others, it’s going from $4 million dollars a year to $10 million dollars or their first 8 figures in their coaching business. And for some, it’s moving from $1 million a month to $4 million a month.

We all get to choose our own most authentic and divine version of exponential growth.

So, I’m convinced that at this level, it will be wiser to understand the keys to creating exponential growth, instead of reducing our discussion to simply how to go from $100K to $1Million in Your Coaching Business.

And I believe Sadie who sent in the question below that created this blog post, agrees with me.

Focusing on Finite months and finite income amounts are KILLING the coaching industry. We’ve got to BE and do better.

Before we dive into Sadie’s question, if you’re here for the true “how” tactical breakdown for How to Go from $100K to $1Million in Your Coaching Business and nothing else, then simply go to The Prosperous Womb YouTube Channel and binge watch.

Every video on The Prosperous Womb YouTube Channel supports women coaches to create exponential 10X results (including 7 figures or higher) in any coaching business in any niche – From a “Simple + Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business” perspective because I focus mainly on High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

And here’s the best place to start if you’ve 100% outgrown undercharging and incremental growth in your mainstream coaching business and you’re ready NOW for exponential growth and 10X results, whatever that uniquely means for you.

How to Go from $100K to $1Million in Your Coaching Business

Sadie sent in a question asking, how to go from making 6 figures in her coaching business to making 7 figures within 18 months or less. 

And more specifically she asks for the secret for how to go from $100K to making $1Million or more in your coaching business.

FYI, Sadie and I have already spoken since this email. This “How to Go from $100K to $1Million in Your Coaching Business” blog post is simply offering just another perspective on creating exponential growth, high-ticket profit explosion, 10Xing results and enjoying a better quality of life.

And before I go on, I just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches and Multi-Passionate Soul-Led Women Coaches on The Prosperous Womb Email List who send in these amazing, detailed comments/feedback/questions that support me with wisdom and insight as I write my book, High-Ticket Profit Explosion, Girl Get Your Life, Legacy and Profits Off the Table (October 2024). You inspire me EVERY DAY. I’m grateful for you.

Sadie is an amazing High-Impact Relationship coach for women going through high-conflict divorce, and a single mom to an amazing 13-year-old. She’s particularly interested in going from $100K to $1Million without doing more work, creating more low-ticket, or spending more time away from her daughter.

She has an expansive toolbox of coaching tools, strategies, complicated sales funnels and systems that she’s sourced from over 11 different online business coaches and Instagram gurus.

She’s wants to know the real key to the high-ticket profit explosion that I talk about on this website, in all my emails and in my YouTube videos.

She wants the real secret to 10X her results and her quality of life within the next 18 months.

I’ll share part of what she’s ok with me sharing from her email in her exact words,

how to go from $100K to $1Million in my coaching business is probably not the right question but all I know is how to ask how questions. And that’s all the coaches I’ve worked with honestly know how to answer even though their strategies have stressed me out more. But after reading your stuff, I know that asking more hows won’t feed me or [my daughter] or make us happy. [my daughter] deserves more than me just barely paying bills even though i’m making 6 figures. Profits are a fantasy in my life right now. I need to raise my prices. I need to uplevel my life. I know this.”

I don’t really want the how-to breakdown for how to go from making $100K to $1Million in my coaching business. I want the real keys that will support me with the mindset shifts. I believe that if you can make $145K or $155K, you can make 7 figures too. I worked really hard to get to 6 figures and I thought I’d feel like I’ve achieved something, but it still doesn’t pay the bills and I’m tired all the time. I don’t get much sleep. I’m sick all the time, my daughter is miserable, and I don’t know what to do.

Everything you share on email and on youtube is so different to what I’ve learned from online business coaches. I feel like if I’m not doing all of the things I’m doing, I’ll lose momentum and not make any money. I need to learn how to trust myself to focus on what moves the needle forward but I’m too exhausted. I’m too tired to think. I’m always working or on social media looking for inspiration. I dream of the good life. I dream of making impact at the high-ticket level.

I dream of charging at least $75K for my packages. I know they’re worth way more than $75K, but I’m too scared to move away from selling low ticket offers. I have to build that confidence for that once I start feeling better about myself. They’re safe to sell but I’m bored with my business. I’m just tired and I’m not being a good mom right now. Help! To be honest, I don’t want the how. I already have too many hows. I think I really want to know why all the hows and formulas I’ve paid for (a lot of money) are not working.”

You talk about how we don’t have to settle for incremental bumps every month. I’m fed up with making $1,400 more or just $2,000 more every month. I really want to make more than just another 5 to 10% bump than I made last month. Every month I feel like I made just 5% more or 8% more than the following month. For all this work, that’s too frustrating. I’ve been stuck around $145K to $190K for way too long.

One leadership coach told me I need to focus less on going from $100K to $1Million in my coaching business, or how to make more money and focus more on changing my habits and improving my self-care for now because it’s the only way to really move into exponential growth. [b]ut that sounds like hot air because I’m a single mom and I’m doing this to make money.”

I know you’re a single mom too and you’re big on systems and self-care so maybe she’s right. [w]hat was the key for you in your own business to go from where you were to high-ticket, and still be there for your children. [w]hat was the mindset shift for you? what habits did you change and how did that affect your family?

[y]ou asked us in the last email what our 10x goal was for this year. Mine is 1.2 million dollars if I go with my high-ticket coaching offers. I’m committed to the life I’ve put on a pedestal for so long. I’m worth it. My daughter is worth it. My dreams are worth it. My clients are worth it.”

The REAL KEY to High-Ticket Profit Explosion AND 10X Exponential Results for Women Coaches Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Is there a secret for how to go from $100K to $1Million in your Coaching Business?  I’m not so sure it’s a secret. 

But there’s a simple key to High-Ticket Profit Explosion and 10xing Exponential Results, especially for women coaches selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers. Especially if (like Sadie) you already KNOW the how for how to make millions in your coaching business, even if you’re pretending you don’t know.

The simple key is probably NOT what you think it is. 

Its’ NOT doing MORE.

It’s NOT 10X the work.

It’s NOT 10X the effort.

It’s NOT trying to implement 10x or even 1x of unaligned strategies you’ve sourced from the prosperous womb of the trending business coach.

It’s NOT more certifications, courses, trainings or learning.

It’s NOT Doing. All. The. Things.

If you’re a high-impact, high-touch, Spiritual Woman Coach, Christian Woman Coach, or Soul-Led Multi-Passionate Woman Coach, I invite you to consider that LESS is MORE

And ….

Rest is not an option for exponential results.

Rest is not a reward for exponential results.

Self-care is life and the fuel for exponential results.

Spiritual Upleveling is the key to exponential results that involve more than just making more millions of dollars.

This may sound illogical to most women coaches, and it doesn’t make sense to most business women, but keep reading.

I love systems.  Personal Systems and Business Systems give me more space, time and energy to REST more and enjoy my life more.  Systems go beyond making more money.  That’s great, but I’d rather live my best life than be rich and miserable.

Personal systems support high-impact women coaches to be happier, create higher impact, enjoy MORE time and money, be healthier, look and feel better most of the time, enjoy higher clarity, be more focused, be very confident, be more energetic, and be/have so much of what goes into creating those aligned 7-figure and 8-figure coaching businesses.

One of the systems I opted to put in place in my business to support exponential growth and go from $500 months to some $20K days was REST. 

REST is what supports me to charge high-ticket coaching rates.

I’ve noticed that many of the clients who flow into my world use rest as a reward, and self-care as a treat.

And then they wonder why they’re not seeing the ROI on all the coaching, strategies and trainings blueprints, formulas and funnels they’ve spent so much money, energy and time on.

Their theory is ….

Once I do X, then I’ll take a break.

Once the launch is over then I’ll sleep.

Once I make my $XK month, then I’ll get a massage.

No, love.  You, me, all of us are born worthy.  God already took care of that.

And we’re deserving of loving ourselves enough to rest/take the break/self-care and everything else.  We deserve to take care of our Prosperous Wombs.  Self-care is like food and water.

Rest, sleep, self-care, spiritual growth and nutrition are all vital to quality of life, which is key to our success in business.

We’re too valuable to God to treat ourselves like crap.  Take care of the vessel that Soul is expressing itself through so that you actually hear Soul.

Integrate rest, meditation, incremental breaks, walks, stretching, anything you need into your work. 

Incorporate this into your personal systems so that your business systems actually have a chance to work.

And create powerful boundaries that lovingly support you. 

My personal systems are integral to my life and my children’s life satisfaction and wellbeing.  I integrated cleaning support, self-care, body work, nutrition and much more into my life and business.  And I raised my prices to incorporate these systems and BE consistent. 

I can’t support clients to 10X when I’m charging $2,500 a month for PRIVATE high-touch service (no one who’s honest with themselves can).  I’d only be able to support them with 5% to 10% MAX growth.

I went from staying up until 2am everyday to sleeping at 7.30pm every single day.  My phone is off all weekends and off at 6pm every weekday evening.   

Yes, it’s radical, but I’m not pretending to be normal, so I don’t care.  The name of signature high-ticket coaching offer is SuperNatural for a reason.

You don’t have to quit sugar or do anything I do, but I know I had to quit my sugar addiction and clear all junk and processed food from my life to co-create exponential results in my health, my life, my peace of mind, my relationship with God and my children, and my business.

You’re the queen and boss of your life and you get to choose what goes for you, and what doesn’t.

And yes, you get to include these personal systems in your investment to work with you if you choose.

Yes, it’s included in the price of your coaching offers because it’s part of your personal and business systems that supports you to show up at your highest level.  It’s part of the infrastructure of supporting high-ticket coaching clients at the highest level. 

The exponential level.

NOT everyone reading this will resonate, but if it’s for you, you’ll know. And if you’re triggered by any information in this post, I invite you to tune within and ask where you get to go or flow into next.

What will support you to BE your best every day?  What will support you to co-create at your highest level with your high-ticket coaching clients week after week?

Examples of Personal Systems that Co-Create 10X Exponential Results in Your Life Coaching Business

There are so many options that I’ve supported myself and clients around BEING their best and BEING in Overflow and joy, even when everything seems to be falling apart.

Weekly massages?
Weekly spa treatments?
Weekly Acupuncture?
Upleveling to farmed food?  
Hiring a Cleaning Business to clean your home weekly?
Signing up for training in your area of coaching?
10 cups of water daily?
7 hours of sleep or rest daily?
Weekly chiropractor appointments?
Weekly bodywork?
Spiritual Guidance and Routine?
Hiring a Personal Trainer?
Hiring a Pilates Instructor?
Hiring a Yoga Coach?
Hiring a Personal Chef?
Hiring a High-Impact, High-Touch Coach to support your life, health, wealth, money, relationships or business? Hiring a team member/team?
Putting personal systems in place?
Hiring a Stylist or Wardrobe consultant?
MORE quality time with family?
Travel?  Hobbies?

Whatever you decide.  It’s your life.  And you get to choose what will make this life sweeter and better for you, starting now.

Not waiting until X happens.  Raise your coaching prices.  Raise your boundaries.  Raise your standards.  Raise your quality of life.  Raise your joy.  Enjoy your freedom.

This is part of your high-impact, high-level service.

So, if you’re wondering why some high-ticket high-impact coaches charge $250,000 and some charge $10,000?   

Those charging $250K know they’re showing up at their best because everything is running at the highest level, and they don’t compromise on that.  They show up 100% and give from OVERFLOW.  

And they charge for anything that supports 10x results for high-ticket coaching clients, including overhead and infrastructure that improves their performance, how they BE, how they show up and their expertise, training, upgrading, learning and skills.  

Are you operating at 100%?  Can your clients count on you for the highest level of high-touch service and support from overflow?

Will it be worth it for you and your clients to uplevel and move from just 10% growth or 10% wellbeing or 10% energy or 10% joy to 10X growth and 10X well-being and impact?

It’s simple.

10% more growth for $100K = $10,000. (it’s easier to show in terms of numbers).
same applies to 10% growth in peace, joy, love, quality of life.

10X growth for $100K = $1,000,000.  Yes, a million more (in more than just cash).
A million more growth in joy, peace, health, quality of life, etc.

So, what are you committed to for exponential growth, joy, high-ticket profit explosion and 10X results in Q2?

God believes in you and is expressing itself through you. Why don’t you give yourself a chance and believe in yourself too? God doesn’t do 1x or 2x, so why should you?

You already own a space at the table. There’s no need to wait until you feel successful enough to claim your spot. God already put you there.

Confidently walk yourself into the room where you’re NOT the one with the biggest dreams.

If you’re finding BELIEF and Confidence in yourself challenging, there’s a chance it’s because of what I dive into in this video. Quickly identify it and shift it. Trust me. You’re welcome.

What is your exponential goal this year, this month, this week?

How will you prioritize yourself this year in service of your exponential 10X results? 

What difference would that make in your life, family, Spirituality, health, money, wealth, business and relationships?

What difference will it make for your clients?

When you take exquisite care of yourself, you’re a match to miracles.

LESS is MORE. And if you know you know you’re secretly fed-up with 10% growth and ready to 10X your life, your joy, your business, your relationships, and your health without doing 10 times more work (with MORE REST), then, Join Me at The High-Ticket Profit Explosion LIVE EVENT.   

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Go from $100K to $1Million in Your Coaching Business” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

Please share this Post with other Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches creating and enjoying successful 7, 8 or 9-figure coaching business on their terms without sacrificing their time, energy, faith or joy.

Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb. |