Create a Successful Coaching Business in 2024

Create a Successful Coaching Business in 2024.

It’s a new year and with God, anything is possible!

Happy Successful Coaching Business to all Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches and all Women Coaches who partner with God in 2024.

Happy bright and prosperous new year, Beautiful!

As we welcome in 2024, remember that the work you do with your spiritual high-ticket coaching offers and high-end coaching clients is mighty and good.

May God’s beautiful light give you clarity to create your successful coaching business, may His love embrace you with confidence all year, may His grace give you the grace to run your race at your own pace.

May his Words give you wisdom for the how, and may His Shalom fill your heart and your life as you serve with your spiritual high-ticket coaching offers in the world.

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Whether 2023 was your best or worst year ever in your coaching business, remember that whatever happened is perfect and so is what didn’t.  You’re still in the game, and you’re here serving your amazing high-end coaching clients. 

Alive and well with a beautiful beating heart. 

Welcome back home to the Prosperous Womb.

Your sacred space where we co-create and sell potent spiritual high-ticket coaching offers to high-end coaching clients, so you serve them deeper with exponential results, and you multiply your profits and impact.

I’m very grateful for you.

As we begin another new year, with big hopes, big dreams and new desires, or the old ones we didn’t tap into last year, I invite you remember this ONE thing for your successful coaching business.

mimi dabo

How to Partner with God for a Successful Coaching Business in 2024

That the God we partner with in the Prosperous Womb is Elohim, Mighty Creator. 

And that Elohim is the I AM already in you, already doing the work in you with your spiritual high-ticket coaching offers and best high-end coaching clients.

There is NO need to look for God outside out you in the sky, in another formula, template or script or confusing strategy.

So, as you make plans this year to co-create a successful coaching business, and change your life, raise your prices, say the thing you haven’t said, sell the spiritual high-ticket coaching offers you truly want to sell, write the book, improve your health, grow your business to X amount and impact and whatever it is you want to be, do and create in 2924, know this.

The Mighty Creator is working in, with and through you to co-create you successful coaching business.

Elohim is used 2,570 times in the Scripture to remind us of God’s strength and wisdom I AM, already working within you and me.  

To remind us that no matter how big our dreams are, no matter how scary it is to raise those prices from $5K to $100K, no matter how challenging it feels like to sell high-end coaching offers, we have God in us doing the work.

The same Elohim who created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1.1).  From the beginning.

And the more we partner with God, Elohim, the Mighty Creator, the more we experience His presence, wisdom and power through us to trust ourselves and move along in faith and sell the spiritual high-ticket coaching offers we want to.  

Not the ones we’ve been told to sell.  

To work with our best high-end coaching clients, not the ones we’ve been told to box ourselves into a coaching niche we don’t like, to serve.

And to charge the value of our services, the future lifetime use value, not to undercut our pricing to charge $10K.

If you’re ready to co-create a successful coaching business at a new level of expansion this year, then the High-End Coaching Clients Playbook is for you.  

how to create a successful coaching business in 2024

You never need to wait for a special day, a New Year, birthday, tomorrow, one day, or anything to call in your next level of your expansion and successful coaching business. 

It’s a decision you make today in the now, in the present, because now is all we have. One decision away from your most expansive, profitable and impactful year in your successful coaching business.

Partner with God to Co-Create Spiritual High-Ticket Coaching Offers for Your High-End Coaching Clients

We are not created to live our lives, doing this work, using our own strength.  

No.  We were designed to need God’s strength and wisdom already in us.  

That’s why it’s inside of us.  

Not for safekeeping, but for the work God has called you do this year.  For the impact you’re here to make with your work this year. 

For the spiritual high-ticket coaching offers you desire to co-create this year.

For the high-end coaching clients, you’re here to serve this year. 

For the transformation you’re here to make today.

2024 is a gift.

What will you do with it?
Who will you be in it?
What will you give yourself permission to receive this year?

Over the next couple of days, I’ll share the best ways to work with me to co-create your MOST successful and highly profitable + impactful coaching business in 2024, but for now you can start with The High-End Coaching Clients Playbook and get true clarity about….

What do you truly want to experience in 2024?
What impact do you truly want to make this year?  And for whom?
What do you truly want to offer and for whom?
What message do you truly want to share in 2024 and on which marketing platform(s)?
What do you truly want to sell and at what investment level?
How much money do you truly want to make and for what?

Know that with the Mighty Creator by your side, you’re limitless.  You get to choose what you’re going to create and who you’re going to be.

And I guarantee you that when you trust God’s intuitive guidance and wisdom already within you and move along in faith, you’ll look back on January 1, 2025, and feel something you never have before at your courage to DO the thing.

I love you and I hope you’re proud of whatever you accomplished in 2023. You won some, you missed some, you fell 100 times and picked yourself up when no one else was looking. Praise God and Celebrate you!!!!!

Celebrate, but don’t live in the successes of 2023. May they inspire you for your next level, not keep you stuck in the pasture of last year.

May you believe in yourself enough because of WHO is already in you. The only way 2024 will look like 2023 is because you want it to. Period.

Let The High-End Coaching Clients Playbook guide you to make an offer to at least one client TODAY who deserves to have her best life, relationship, profit business, career, financial or health year in 2024.

May you never think today is not a good time to make an offer aka SERVE. 

Get your High-End Coaching Clients Playbook and start serving for real. Get it here.

Simply doing your part with what God has already given you, and moving along in faith, is enough to move heaven and earth.

Cheers to 2024!

From my heart to yours,
MiMi Shalom dabo

*Jesus is in me, so I’ll claim the victory now.  #shalom

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