5 High-Ticket Sales Secrets That Will Create Dream High-Ticket Clients

Raise your hands if you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to master High-Ticket Sales, and you want to create High-Ticket clients that are a dream to work with in your coaching, consulting or serviced based business.

Keep your hands up if you’ve had trouble with the S word or have deep feelings about High-Ticket Sales or any type of Sales.  If you’ve ever experienced fear or anxiety around High-Ticket sales or selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers, or you or someone you know consider selling to be sleazy, then you’re in the right place.

You, Me, female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, everyone; we’re all wired with programmed beliefs about everything in our lives, and we’ve created patterned relationships and beliefs to everything, including High-Ticket Sales and Selling.  When these beliefs start to sabotage our sales, they become money blocks that keep us from creating High-Ticket Sales and High-Ticket Clients in our business.

And when it comes to selling High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Services, those beliefs, stories and patterns show up during High-Ticket Sales conversations to dictate how we’ll be when sharing value, talking about money, asking for the money, saying the investment in our services or just identifying how we can help our potential High-Ticket Clients.

I gotta say one of the most interesting things I’ve observed as a business coach for female entrepreneurs is that there’s something about a sales conversation that ignites deep fear around value, self-worth, money mindset and receiving money.

The funny thing about creating a profitable High-Ticket business (or any form of business) is that we need to create High-Ticket clients. 

Creating High-Ticket clients means having High-Ticket Sales Conversations.  Without sales conversations, there is NO client, income, profit or impact.  I believe that Sales is the second most important key to sharing your soul’s gifts and talents in the world and making a difference in the lives of those who want what you have.  The first is … if you guessed Marketing, you’re right.  Selling, especially High-Ticket Sales is caring, sharing and serving because High-Ticket Clients gets their highest Rate of Return and create exponential results with your high value services.

Entrepreneurship is not a straight path.  And if you’re like most female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, High-Ticket Sales or Enrollment conversations are not a walk in the park.  But with the right money mindset and High-Ticket Sales strategy, you can bounce back fast from any sales conversation setbacks. 

Read this.  Hear this. Remember this.  Your High-Ticket Sales will NEVER outpace your Limiting Beliefs.

Every entrepreneur wants more clients, or better clients, and in High-Ticket businesses, the quality of clients trumps quantity any day.  Mastering High-Ticket Sales is how you up level your business, impact and create more breakthroughs.  Implementing the 5 strategies in this blog will increase your confidence, strengthen your money and sales muscle, create income breakthroughs and create more time, impact, flexibility and money freedom in your business.

This where the money comes in.  This the place where you actually create your money.  So, let’s roll.

Be the Leader in the High-Ticket Sales Conversation.

One of the most powerful things any female entrepreneur, coach or consultant can do in a sales conversation is set the intention of being a leader and supporting her potential client to a clear YES or NO decision.  Your job is to support your client to make a decision that supports her to create the exponential results she wants, and not to get her to say YES to something she’s not yet ready to create.  (this is how frustrating clients and experiences are born).

Find your Business G-Spot. There’s no need to twist yourself into a pretzel to demonstrate your worth, of if you’re a coach, give free coaching to prove your value.  And you don’t have to trick anyone into working with you by making big, bold promises your services cannot deliver.  The key to being a leader in a High-Ticket Sales conversation is to create the space where you and your potential client are both sitting or standing in your authentic power. 

As the female entrepreneur, coach, or consultant, you’re the one in chare of inviting the potential client to work with you or not.  Your potential client is only in charge of deciding whether or not she’s worthy of investing in herself.  So, as the leader, play up to your strengths instead of competing against your weaknesses. 

Shift the High-Ticket Sales Money Block and Reframe High-Ticket Sales Conversations as an Invitation to Share Value.

As a business coach for women entrepreneurs, I consider selling as nothing more than an invitation to my High-Ticket table.  If you don’t invite potential High-Ticket clients, they won’t even know your services are an option for them to create the exponential results they want in their lives, relationships, businesses or health.  You have a duty to let them know your services are the solution.  It’s selfish not to share this option. 

Part of this reframe, is to understand that your potential clients are sophisticated and capable enough of making a decision as to whether they choose to invest in themselves or not.  They are also quite capable of deciding what they can and cannot afford.  It’s not your job to decide for potential clients what they can or cannot invest in or afford.  Business coaching and Money Mindset coaching with women entrepreneurs has taught me that while people don’t have money for everything, they have money for the most important things in their lives. 

As the seller aka female entrepreneur, coach or consultant in the sales conversation, your goal is to help potential clients make a decision and take action.  It doesn’t matter if they answer is yes to working with you or no.  The point is that they have decided what they want, and that alone is a powerful step for them in their journey.

Get Out of Bed with Their Finances.

This is the second biggest money mindset issue female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants deal with the most when it comes to High-Ticket Sales.  You’ve done it.  I’ve done it.  And many of us will keep doing it until we create awareness around it and learn how to make the shift to being blissfully unbiased aka the 10X money mindset.

I’m talking about getting in bed with our potential clients’ wallets and finances.  The truth is that you have absolutely no idea what your potential client is thinking during the sales conversation.  Believe me, you don’t.  Yet, you’re busy freaking out over what you have convinced yourself to believe they’re thinking.  This is super arrogant. 

Instead of holding the potential High-Ticket client as a powerful adult who can make decisions for herself and her money, you’re deciding they’re too fragile or stupid to make that decision.  No potential client will invest in something she doesn’t want (on some level) so I personally never assume a potential client doesn’t want what she’s here for.  Begin each High-Ticket Sales conversation with the right attitude and energy.

The first step is creating this shift and moving into a reframe is to take a look in the mirror.  What are your own beliefs about selling and being sold to?  Your potential clients are merely mirroring your own beliefs.  If you are uncomfortable or upset when someone makes you an offer, then how can you authentically make an offer for a sale?  It will be challenging because you’ll feel like you’re swimming in sea of bad, sleazy, manipulative idiots.

Identify Your Power Leak During High-Ticket Sales. 

One of the tools I use in business coaching women entrepreneurs is to help them identify this important money mindset money block.

Where in the sales conversation are you giving away your power?

Do you have trouble discussing the money part? 

Does your voice go low when it comes to discussing the money part?

Do your shoulders hunch over when it comes to talking about the investment in your services?

Do you sit or stand with an awkward pose when it comes to the money part?

Are you confidently making your High-Ticket offer? 

Are you aligned with your prices?  Do they energize you and make you want to jump out of bed every day and deliver?

Are you clear on your ideal High-Ticket client?  Have you nailed your High-Ticket niche, claimed your WHO and mastered your messaging?

Are you clear AND is the potential client clear on WHAT they want?  They can’t say YES to your services if they don’t even know what they want, or see the obstacles slowing them down or stopping them.  You’ve got to be on the same page. 

What about the follow up? Do you have follow-up energy or the chasing vibe?

Here’s the deal.

When female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants recognize their power leaks, and own their power and value by mastering their money mindset, then they are ready for High-Ticket Sales and High-Ticket Clients.  What I’ve learned in business coaching for women is that people everywhere are waiting to pay you and success is inevitable. 

Insight alone is Not a mindset shift.  Clients get insight all the time.  But insight won’t help you 10X your income or lose the weight without supporting aligned implementation and action.

The only way to confirm the transformation or shift has happened is because it shows up in your results.  And we do this through stepping into Identify.  Identity is how to move from insight to results.  Embodying the identity of leadership.  It’s challenging to step into leadership if you don’t believe in the value of your own High-Ticket Packages or Offers.  For this to work, you MUST believe in the High-Ticket Package you’re offering.  That it actually creates exponential results.   Inviting people to your High-Ticket table feels deceptive if you believe your services doesn’t work.  You have an obligation to do whatever it takes to make someone’s life better if you have what they need to create the results they want.

Next… And this is very important.

Fix the receiving leak and give yourself permission to receive. Female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants are convinced that fear of selling is the reason they hate Sales.  Not true.  I believe it’s actually a worthiness and fear of receiving money block.  Yes, we’re all in business to make money, but you’ll be surprised at how many women entrepreneurs are scared to receive money.

Are you willing to charge for the value of your services?  You won’t be excited to talk about your services in any sales conversation if you’re undervaluing and undercharging.

This is by far, the biggest money block and money mindset issue I see in business coaching for women entrepreneurs, especially with Female Coaches.  One of the biggest hang-ups female coaches have is feeling guilty about charging for their services, especially when it comes to High-Ticket Packages and Offers over $25,000.  Coaches are such spiritual, heart-centered people that they feel strange charging what they’re convinced is a high investment for a service that helps people.  This is especially true in the post-pandemic era we’re living in right now.  In fact, many female coaches feel like they’re “taking advantage of people when they’re down.”

Here’s the truth…If you have a gift that helps people, then you’re doing them a disservice by holding back.   Yes, there are some people who are struggling.  But you’re not “taking advantage” of anyone by getting out there and charging the value or worth of your coaching services.  With the right messaging, you’ll attract ONLY those who want to work with you regardless of the cost of the investment. Remember, you’re helping people and you’re making a difference.

Are you ready to take payments?  If your potential client wanted to pay today, are you ready to take credit cards? Or PayPal?  Or Venmo?  Or even cash app?

How easy do you make it to receive money or for clients to pay you?  Do you only accept checks or money orders? (you’ll be surprised how many women entrepreneurs subconsciously sabotage their High-Ticket Sales by making harder for clients to pay them.  For example, they’ll only accept money orders).

If you don’t give yourself permission to receive, you’ll attract potential clients who tell you they cannot afford you. 

Most female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants have mastered the game of playing small.  It’s time to Master your money mindset and check your money blocks and stories at the door because that’s the point in the sales conversation that you’re giving away your power

Identify your power leaks and ask yourself what the Story is that has kept you from talking about the money, creating easier ways to receive payment or whatever your block is. 

What have you been telling yourself about it?

If the story was no longer important for you to validate your alibi of playing small, what would that do?

What new belief would support you instead?

What new tweaks can you make to your sales and overall business with this new belief?

Keep Track of Your High-Ticket Sales Conversion Rates.

This is a powerful key metric in any business and not just a High-Ticket business model because it sets the stage for the type of relationship you’ll have with your business and the results you’ll consciously create.  Divide the number of new clients you’ve enrolled by the number of sales conversations you’ve had to track your conversion rates. This will help clarify how many sales conversations you need to create the number of High-Tickets you want in a month, quarter or year. 

Keeping track of your High-Ticket Sales Conversion rates supports you to know what’s working and what’s not and empowers you to step out of procrastination and reaction to being a leader and building the business you want.  Make a date with your numbers and take charge of what you create.  It’s a great way to see the gap in sales conversations.  Numbers indicate when you’re not inviting potential clients to your High-Ticket Table. 

Knowing your numbers empowers you to get out of the “wait and see” rut that many female entrepreneurs fall into, and it helps you take complete control of creating more profitable opportunities to be in front of your ideal High-Ticket clients.  It will impact everything from content creation for emails, podcasts, or videos to narrowing your message to align only with the High-Ticket clients you want to work with. 

As an accountant, I believe your numbers are a powerful asset in your business and one thing is true – data doesn’t lie unless you manipulate it.  When I started my business, my metric was…. for every 5 sales conversations I have, I sign on 1 client. While this metric has changed over the last few years, it’s been crucial for keeping me on track, raising my prices and increasing profitability over the last few years. 

What is your conversion metric goal?  For every X number of conversations, you’ll sign on X clients.  Make life, High-Ticket Sales and High-Ticket Client creation easier by knowing your numbers. You don’t have to fall in love with them. Just date them once a week.

Whatever you focus on and track in your business expands. 

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