High Ticket Sales for Women Coaches and Women in Business

High Ticket Sales for Women Coaches and Women in Business.

Are you tiptoeing around your pricing, messaging and high ticket sales in your coaching business?

In 2005, a few local handmade artisans, designers and creators in Washington DC, including me, opened up our first brick and mortar co-op in DC.  It was a hot bed of market research for high-ticket pricing, packaging, high-end clients, high-ticket marketing and natural high-ticket sales.

We all priced our products individually based on our individual money mindsets.  Some folks priced ranging from $25 to $20,000 and others started at $600 all the way to $75k.

One hot June Saturday afternoon still wildly stands out in my mind as a powerful lesson on high ticket sales.

My colleague carves wooden animals that sell for between $8K and 24K.  And that day he decided to showcase and sell his wooden ducks.

I decided it was time to sell my wild jewelry pieces made from different funky materials, including wood, tires, metals that I’d found in my travels in Capetown.  The necklaces ranged from $650 to $2,500.

I remember clearly the first “buyer” walking in, clearly unimpressed and wondering why any human being would want to buy anything that wasn’t made by a machine.  Why would anyone want to pay for “DIY,” she asked?

And this was her being nice because at the time, she assumed we were selling $1 to $5 pieces.  Imagine how big her eyes got when Jeff told her one duck was $18K. 

She almost passed out and asked why anyone would buy such a thing when they could go the dollar store and a pack of six rubber ducks for 99 cents.  

She then turned to me and asked how much I was selling my junk.  I told her and she almost passed out (again). She huffed and puffed, calling us crazy, and a bunch of other names.

Around noon, a whole new set of customers wandered in.  You could tell that they already knew they were HOME.  It was like boats seeing the lighthouse and immediately recognizing.

They lingered at each table, listening to the stories of where we got our inspiration, our materials, how each item was made and they touched each item, held it in their hands, cried over how amazing everything was and shed more tears over how God’s gift of creativity was being manifested through each of us in such, beautiful and amazing ways.

It was a $42K day for Jeff.

It was a $9K day for me.

That was 19 years ago and it taught me the meaning of high ticket sales, and the power of offers, pricing and messaging to attract high-end coaching clients who are asking for the money before you do.

Most of my other colleagues also had great sales that day, with the amount depending on what they were willing to charge for creating and selling things that came easy to them.

You see, we got the memo. That high ticket sales was not about the selling part or the asking for the money part.

High-Ticket sales starts with midwifing God’s greatest gifts in and through us and creating offers, products, packaging, pricing and specific messaging that repels everyone who doesn’t want what we have and attracts only our best-fit high-end coaching clients.

We understood that high ticket sales is directly tied to understanding (inside and out) our high-end or high-ticket clients.  We knew WHO would be willing to afford a wooden duck for $25K or a tire necklace for $1,200.  We understood why they wanted these products, what having these unique, bespoke, handmade delights meant to them, and what they made having them mean about themselves.  

We also understood that our stories and the stories of the products, the creating, the designing, the packaging, all that mattered. Because when our best-fit high-end clients and customers saw these products, they would get it and immediately know ‘this is for me. oh my gosh, I want it. it’s so beautiful.  the details are amazing.’

And that’s exactly what happened.  

I sell exclusively ONLY to high-end coaching clients and customers who want to enjoy and experience the gifts God is sharing through me, both in my fashion business and in my coaching business.  

Because of the same things I consistently share with you in the Prosperous Womb.

Understanding High-End Coaching Clients for High Ticket Sales

➡️Understanding your high-end coaching clients and knowing what they value the MOST.
➡️Knowing what’s MOST important to your high-end coaching and what matters MOST to them.
➡️Giving your high-end coaching clients the bespoke, exclusive, private experience they choose and want.
➡️Creating high-ticket coaching offers and products that give them the fastest, clearest, most powerful and efficient path to co-creating outcomes and results they value the MOST.

➡️Playing with customized, bespoke, unique experiences that create automatic scarcity.

➡️Exclusive access and messaging that repels everyone else and makes your best-fit high-end coaching feel seen, heard, valued, deeply held.
➡️Having the conviction and self-worth to charge the REAL value of your high-ticket coaching offers and products so that your high-end coaching clients and customers KNOW without a doubt, you’ll never undervalue their dreams, or undermine their results or their vision and you’ll never make them settle for less because you don’t.
➡️They feel safe because they know that NO is an option for them, and you respect it.
➡️Your high-end coaching clients feel safe and confident partnering with you for their biggest dreams, results and desires because if you’re not undermining yourself with your belief in yourself and your pricing, you won’t undermine their results.

Whether you’re selling bread, shoes, coaching offers, consulting services or artisan chocolates, you can’t charge high-ticket prices if your high-end coaching clients and customers can’t distinguish your offers from everyone and everything else in the sea of coaches out there.

Midwifing, creating, packaging, pricing, positioning and messaging your high-ticket coaching offers and products to stand OUT in ways that matter ONLY to your best-fit high-end customers and clients command higher prices and make the investment to work with you a drop in the bucket.

Do you know matters the MOST to your best-fit high-end coaching clients and customers?

Do you know what’s MOST important to your best-fit high-end coaching clients and customers?

Do you know and understand what makes your best-fit high-end coaching clients and customers buy?

Do you know how high-end coaching clients love to buy and what makes the experience fun for them?

If not, you better find out.

Otherwise, you’ll still be working with clients you’ve outgrown and selling offers that don’t create they results they want or the profits you desire.
And you’ll wonder why 2024 is no different from 2019.

I created the money mindset playbook to support you to 100% answer all these questions and create profits and impact on your terms.

Get it here.
Cheers to you powerfully pricing and selling!
No more tiptoeing in your life and business.

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