Quadruple High-Ticket Sales Now with This Ridiculous Pricing Strategy

Before I invite you to consider using this ridiculous pricing strategy to quadruple High-Ticket Sales now, let me ask you a quick question. 

What’s the biggest pricing question you’re dealing with in your business right now?  Pricing questions other than the generic how should I price my services or if you’re a coach, what should I charge for coaching?

When it comes to creating, packaging, pricing, messaging, marketing, and selling to High-Ticket clients in a coaching, consulting or service-based business, the pricing game is a little different.   Especially if you’re planning on going All in with the High-Ticket business model.

As a High-Ticket coach or consultant, it’s a given that your prices will be at least $10,000.  Any potential ideal High-Ticket client heading to your website already knows that and doesn’t really care.

There are always a few female entrepreneurs in the room who clutch their pearls when I say that High-Ticket Clients don’t give a damn about your pricing.

Yes, they don’t.

Why?  Not because they have money to throw down the drain.

It’s just basic Money Mindset.

A High-Ticket Client wants exponential results and is willing to pay for the results and invest the time and energy to create it.   And perhaps, most important when it comes to pricing is, a High-Ticket Client is focused MORE on the Return on her Investment over the How much does this cost conversation.

When it comes to pricing, High-Ticket clients care most about Value.  How will what they’re paying for support them to create the results they want, and how long will it take?  The length of time is less material than the ROI.

Keep reading to find out What the strategy is; WHY I recommend it; WHO it is exclusively for; and most importantly, HOW to implement it to prevent an EPIC FAIL.

So, are you ready to hear the most ridiculous pricing strategy to quadruple your High-Ticket Sales now? 

How to Increase Your High-Ticket Sales Using This ONE Pricing Strategy and Nothing More

“This is the most ridiculous and the dumbest pricing strategy I’ve ever heard, she said.  Hasn’t anyone already told you that is the worst mistake you can make if you want prospective clients to sign up for a sales call?  It will drive everyone away,” she said.

I’ll never forget the moment my then-business strategy coach yelled my head off during our second coaching call (it the last call before I fired her).  Not because I disagreed with her, which I did, but because she had no faith in me as a successful black female entrepreneur and she acted more like a consultant than a coach. I wanted a business coach, not a business consultant or business strategist. And I needed someone who would believe in me even on the days when I couldn’t. (let’s call her Coach Q).

So here we go. 

If you’ve been asking, “Should I publish my prices on my website?” then this one’s just for you.

My proposed strategy was to Publish My Prices for My High-Ticket Coaching Package on my High-Ticket Business Coaching Website.

In my defense, I wanted to be crystal clear in my messaging.  Unlike Coach Q, I believe that your pricing strategy in any High-Ticket business model is part of your crystal clear, direct, non-wishy, washy messaging. 

It’s putting your stake in the ground and claiming your ideal clients.  Is it scary?  Yes, I admit that sometimes it’s a butt-clenching moment for many female entrepreneurs. 

But it’s way more rewarding than it is challenging.  It’s declaring WHO you work with and the VALUE you provide for them.  It’s unambiguous and your ideal clients will know you are speaking directly to them and consider you the OBVIOUS choice.

Coach Q informed me she wanted to stop me from repelling potential clients who believe anything over $$1,997 is too high.

My sales (Hearing Yes’s on the Call) increased 4X once I published my prices, and Sales Calls became ridiculously easy because the only reason for any of my sales calls today is to decide whether we’re a great fit to work together.

And NO.  You don’t need to publish your prices to hear YES on your sales call or see typed Yes’s in your DMs.  I was getting yes’s before implementing this strategy.  The only difference was the 4X in High-Ticket Sales.

The Money Mindset of Publishing Your Pricing on Your Website without Repelling Your Ideal High-Ticket Clients

This is important.  Way more than the strategy or how to implement it.  I wouldn’t skip over this part if you’re struggling with whether you “should” publish your prices on your website now. Or if you have any general High-Ticket Pricing concerns.

The whole point of leveling and branding your coaching, consulting, or service-based business as High-Ticket is to repel clients who are unwilling to invest in themselves with High-Ticket services. 

Publishing your prices (and I’ll show you a best practice option for this) embodies a Leadership and Yes energy, and a powerful Money Mindset.  When we’re crystal clear on who we are and decide what we will and won’t tolerate any longer, the universe opens up wide and provides for us.

This Yes Energy supports female entrepreneurs to stand in the truth of their power, unapologetically charge for the worth of their services, and actually get it.

Courageously publishing your prices for your High-Ticket Packages on your website builds the muscles of your boundaries. It’s like energetically opening all the doors to allow in EXACTLY what you want.  Anything else is contradicting energy and is the basis for a scarcity mindset.

When you’re confident and own your value and have faith in the power of your coaching or consulting to create results, your ideal High-Ticket clients will feel that energy and show up 100% to do the work and create the results they want.

The important question that supports me in my business and could be useful for you to ask yourself, is, “How can I shift my messaging (including pricing) to create more of the High-Ticket clients I want, who can afford to invest in my services when it resonates with them?”

Those are the only High-Ticket Clients I want to support.

The biggest issue I notice when working with female entrepreneurs is the belief that High-Ticket is a lot of money.  The reality is that is your High-Ticket price is Not a lot of money.  If you think it’s too much and you need to play games or hide it, then you believe it’s expensive.  And if you believe it’s expensive, you won’t have the confidence to sell, which means you’ll subconsciously undermine yourself and sabotage your High-Ticket Sales.

It’s not your job to get into your client’s wallet.  Anyone who wants to afford it will invest in working with you.  Keep your eyes on the Value and Return of Investment for your High-Ticket Clients.  ROI is so much more than the money AND more about who our High-Ticket Clients are being + what they are doing and creating as they reach their goals

If you haven’t done the work to see that the investment in your coaching or consulting is a drop in the bucket vis a vis the value you offer, then it’s time to invest some time in the Money Mindset part of your business plan.

How to Publish Your Pricing for High-Ticket Services on Your website to Quadruple High-Ticket Sales

This is the part most female entrepreneurs care about the most.  It’s simple.  Create a High-Ticket Sales Funnel.  Hang on a minute in case your eyes are starting to glaze over at the thought of another complicated High-Ticket Sales funnel.

I’m talking about streamlining how you get clients to book a sales call with you on your website or on social media. And it’s just an option.

Create an Application to Work with You.

It’s quite simple.  I’ll use my Application to Work with Me as an example.  I ask a few questions to get to know the potential High-Ticket Client, her business, her current successes, and her greatest challenges.  I also focus on questions that weed out any potential clients who just want to hop on a sales calls for tickles and giggles. I read each Application carefully and schedule a Call with those who I believe I can support based on the detailed responses they provide.

As part of the application/interview process, I include the range of the investment levels to work with me and make it no brainer for those who know they want to invest at that level for the services I offer. 

It empowers the potential client to decide for herself whether she is willing to invest in herself at a higher level and opens for the door for her to step into her feminine power and naturally say YES to herself before even getting on the call with me.

I completely agree that slapping the investment to work with you in the middle of your High-Ticket Sales page could be a deterrent for anyone with money blocks, including High-Ticket Clients, no matter how irresistible the offer.

Nothing impacts your business more than your pricing.  It’s like oxygen for your business.

So, it’s a science and an art to publishing your prices on your website so that a potential High-Ticket client sees how this offer can transform her life before getting on the High-Ticket sales call or sliding into your DMs.  This is one of the secrets to making decisions like a High-Ticket Female Entrepreneur.

There’s nothing ridiculous about making the decision to share the investment to work with you on your website, and there is no judgment if you decide it’s not what you want.  There is no Right or Wrong.  The only thing that matters is what works for your life and your business. 

Consider that it’s not about whether or not you “should” publish your the investment to work with you on your website.  As with everything in life, it’s ALL about the story you’re telling yourself about it; the meaning you give to publishing the investment to work with you.  That’s the story that determines whether or not you’ll increase your High-Ticket Sales now.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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