Skyrocket Your Profits with this Simple High-Ticket Sales Funnel

Have you ever wondered what having a profitable High-Ticket Sales Funnel in your business would look like? When it comes to High-Ticket Marketing and Sales, one of the top questions I hear from online women entrepreneurs is how to get High-Ticket Clients online. 

If you’re a female coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur working with High-Ticket clients, then you’re probably wondering how to skyrocket your profits and impact with a High-Ticket Sales Funnel, and without stress or complicated business strategies. 

And if you’re like me or most of my clients, you’ve already wasted enough hours searching for everything related to High-Ticket services on google, or paid a lot of money for the exclusive magic potion High-Ticket Sales Funnel, or the perfect High-Ticket Sales Script or the top 10 High-Ticket Marketing Strategies for creating 90k in 9 days.

Yet, here you are.

While it’s not rocket science, creating a successful High-Ticket business is not about “getting” High-Ticket clients or any of the other HOW’s we female entrepreneurs tend to focus on in our service-based businesses. 

The secret?  

You’ve heard this before.  It’s Clarity.

Creating High-Ticket Clients is more about knowing exactly who you serve; what results they want to create AND why what they want to create is important to them; and finally, knowing the value you offer AND how it supports them to create the exponential results they want.  Whether you’re working on nailing your High-Ticket Service Niche, creating content for High-Ticket Marketing, or mastering your High-Ticket Sales, knowing your who and what, as well as the value you offer is the key to skyrocketing your profits with a simple High-Ticket Sales Funnel.

Now, the key is using this Clarity to create a simple high-ticket funnel that can skyrocket your profit and impact without learning anything new, spending money on expensive ads, complicated business strategies or scrolling your life away on Facebook.

How to Create a Profitable High-Ticket Sales Funnel for Your Coaching, Consulting, or Service-Based Business in 7 Simple Steps

Repeat Slowly.




The key is to create content that turns your messaging into your High-Ticket Marketing and Sales team. Your content is part of your team; working to create more High-Ticket Sales, ideal High-Ticket Clients who invest in your services, and higher impact, income and profits.

If you’re thinking, this won’t work.  Or it will take too long. You’re right.  This simple High-Ticket Sales Funnel will never work for you unless you’re willing and able to create content that attracts and creates your High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Clients, helps you skyrocket your sales, income, profits and impacts with ease, and grow your High-Ticket business without stress.

High-Ticket content that supports you to scale your coaching or consulting business to the next level, while continuing to focus on your top three needle movers.

As a female entrepreneur, I assume you’re running a business that’s a going concern. And based on that assumption, you plan to be in business longer than a year. This post is NOT for you if you’re looking for a quick get rich scheme or the next magic bullet. It’s for the female entrepreneur who wants to support her clients to create exponential results and the highest rate of return for their investment in her High-Ticket coaching or consulting packages.

This simple High-Ticket Sales Funnel is more than just another funnel for attracting clients. It is the same strategy that supports you to work only with your ideal clients in a profitable niche, create 12-months’ worth of content for your marketing plan, create aligned messaging and branding that position you as the obvious choice for your ideal High-Ticket clients, and supports you to quantum leap your income and profits without complicated business strategies or investing in another generic online group coaching program.

Yes, these simple 7 steps are proven to deliver all of this and more if you’re willing to apply them and do the work. There’s no magic dust here. If you can see past the next 90 days, and the next 18 months for a simple way to grow and scale your business with ease, then this is for you.

If you’re still reading, let’s work through each step of this simple 7-Step High-Ticket Sales funnel.

Identify and Claim Your Profitable High-Ticket Niche

Creating content for the sake of content is a waste of time, money, resources, and energy.  Having a profitable niche and knowing exactly who your ideal High-Ticket Client is empowers you to create content that specifically attracts and converts your ideal High-Ticket Clients and grows your audience of potential clients who know, like and trust you to support them.

This is important and can be very challenging, especially for women who like to be everything to everyone.  Let’s keep it simple.

Be the specialist.  Solve just one thing for your clients.  Just one thing.  The deeper the niche, the more value you can provide.  Be the best at creating results in that one area and you’ll be the expert in that niche.

Decide on a niche that is most congruent to you so that you don’t end up feeling like an imposter.  One of the questions I hear most when coaching women entrepreneurs to create High-Ticket Packages is, “what’s the best High-Ticket niche?

Here’s a High-Ticket Business Coaching secret.

There is No special High-Ticket Niche.

It always come back to value.  You can serve in any area and make it profitable.  You can help clients with basket weaving or painting mansions and create high-value packages that allow those who want it to create amazing results in less time.

You can coach women to lose weight or help female entrepreneurs to 10X their profits.  It doesn’t really matter.  The point is that you choose a niche that has ideal clients who are willing to invest in themselves at a higher level.

Trust your intuition and choose a niche where people are willing to invest in themselves and create better results for themselves.  Contrary to popular opinion or what you see on social media, no market is saturated.  A profitable niche is one that supports you to make money doing what you love.

I invite you to focus on working ONLY with ideal clients within that highly profitable niche so that you get skilled at creating better results for you and your client.  As a profitable business woman entrepreneur, you want unlimited potential to grow and scale the number of people you serve; and you want a niche that doesn’t put a ceiling cap on your income potential. If you’re not feeling it, be brave and brilliant enough to break up with a niche that’s not working.  I’ve had to do that twice.

A Profitable Niche is the difference between “trying to help more people or trying to create more impact” and “actually helping more people and creating massive impact and skyrocketing your profits.”  In your profitable niche, your ideal clients are willing and committed to making the investment in the results they get from working with you.  For everyone else outside your niche, your services are “just a nice to have.”  In your profitable niche, they’re always a “must have.”

Identify and Claim Your Ideal High-Ticket Client

You’re not here to work with everyone.  When creating your High-Ticket Sales Funnel, consider choosing ideal High-Ticket clients you want to work with within your profitable niche.  Don’t just settle for clients you think you’re qualified to serve.

Clearly articulate WHO you work with and the crystal-clear value you’re providing so that your potential clients resonate with it.  It must be clear enough for them to know for sure it solves a problem they have, and it will be easier for them to decide your services are the obvious choice for them to solve that problem.

Position yourself as high-ticket, high-value, transformation.  It’s a win-win experience.  You’re doing it because it creates better results for your clients, and you’ll have more resources to support that transformation.   They get a higher return on investment and you move into your next level in every area of life and business.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media or how many likes you get on Facebook.  You need to pick who you work with.  You need to know who you serve, what you do and how it benefits your client on a high-ticket level.

Identify and Nail Your Messaging aka What Your Potential Ideal Clients in Your Audience Really Want

Now that you’ve nailed your niche and you’ve claimed your ideal clients, it’s time to be a leader.  And that means getting crystal clear on what they truly want.  No wishy-washy mess.  Take a stand with your message. 

Create a lead magnet that speaks to them so that you have a vehicle for your content.  A way to capture your audience’s attention and email address so that they are happy to be part of your world.  (I’ll deal with High-Ticket lead magnets in depth in a separate post and link it to this post). 

Taking a stand with your content and messaging means going beyond the ‘what do you want’ question to really nail why what they want is so important to them.  The content in your High-Ticket Sales Funnel needs to be more like your automated sales team.  High-Ticket messaging MUST help your ideal clients uncover the Why behind their Why and support them to discover the obstacles in the way yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plastic surgeon, a coach, a dietician, a yoga teacher, a fitness trainer, a consultant, an interior designer, or a chiropractor.  This is a MUST and works in any service-based industry for any High-Ticket Package involving High-Ticket Marketing and Sales for a High-Ticket Client.

Nailing this part is what takes your content and ultimately, your messaging from that’s interesting, to ‘oh my gosh, she’s in my head and I want it now.”  Here’s a quick example; I created 3 ideal High-Ticket clients from one email I sent out to my health coaching business list because all three women thought I was hiding in their kitchen pantry or stalking them.  It was a simple email discussing the mindset of willpower when it comes to junk or processed food, and how to lose weight and keep it off for good.  Yes, it can be that simple – if you choose.

Identify Your Content Topics with Specificity

Deciding your content topics is the second easiest part of this 7-step High-Ticket Sales Funnel.  And you can only decide this after you know who you serve and what they want. 

In my own High-Ticket Business, I work with service-based female entrepreneurs who want to create High-Ticket Coaching Packages or Consulting Packages over $25,000. Because my niche is so narrow, I’m able to dive deeper into topics that support them to skyrocket their profits and turn their annual income goals into their realized or actual monthly income. 

Some of the content topics my High-Ticket Coaching Clients are interested in include everything High-Ticket:  How to Create High-Ticket Packages, How to Price High-Ticket Coaching Packages, How to Market High-Ticket Offers, How to Master High-Ticket Sales Calls, High-Ticket Sales Funnels, How to Get into High-Ticket Sales, High-Ticket Marketing, How to Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services, How to Attract High-Ticket Clients, How to Identify High-Ticket Service Niches and How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Packages. 

You get the point.  My focus is specific and narrow and I’m able to dive deeper into topics that help clients create a higher return on their money, time and energy investment, as well as bridge the gap between what they want and my single offer in my business.  Each content topic is specifically tied to helping them create High-Ticket Packages over $25,000 and all the ways to price, market and sell that offer with ease.

Identify the Ideal Format for Your Content in Your High-Ticket Sales Funnel

Meet your Ideal High-Ticket Clients where they are.

This is the part I refer to as Pick Your Favorite: Miles, Cash or Bonuses. 

We all love creating profits and impact with our work, and most importantly we love creating clients who we want to work with and who enjoy paying us money to create the exponential results they want.

So, it’s important to be sure that you’re choosing the ideal format to share your content and messaging so that your ideal client sees you and knows you’re talking to her. 

Think of your favorite credit card.  When it comes to choosing miles, cash or bonuses, everyone is different.  Some folks love traveling so they want the miles.  Others love getting cash back.  But being picky isn’t about sacrificing the quality of the clients you want to attract, it’s more about what works for you and gives you the highest rate of return.

Whether you choose, miles, cash, or bonuses, it should be the best way to attract and create the audience of potential clients you want. For many female entrepreneurs, this means doing 12 Facebook Lives a week, for some it’s posting one new blog every week, others prefer to send emails 2x a week and some prefer to do YouTube videos.

Personally, I love writing.  So, for me, blogs and emails have been my High-Ticket Sales Funnel for at least five years.  My first 5 High-Ticket Coaching Clients in my business found me through my blog (AKA via Google SEO aka Cold Leads), and Immediately Applied to Work with Me). All 5 of them said YES to working with me during out Sales Conversation. This was 2016 and the investment to work with me at that time was only $7,000.

At the time, I was a life coach helping women with career, relationships, sex, business, confidence, and everything in the kitchen sink.  The investment to work with me then was $7,000 for six months and $15,000 for year.  I wrote about everything from health to relationships to finding a niche, and while I attracted women in every niche possible, every client was interestingly a female entrepreneur.

For them, it was important that I was a “life coach for women” who could help them with whatever specific issue they were dealing with.  They were specifically searching for a “life coach for women” who could support them to create what they wanted.  I attract women who “google” how to create the results they want and who can provide it for them, they love reading blogs and look forward to getting emails that feel like mike drop moments in their lives. 

Thanks to my content being my High-Ticket sales funnel, I’ve received emails ranging from, I feel like you’re in my head to I feel like you’re talking to me.  That was the magic sauce that empowered to get more specific and identify the content that truly speaks to the heart of my ideal client’s deepest desires – the upleveled version of herself. 

The desires she doesn’t even know she has or has been too afraid too even imagine, and the results she doesn’t even believe she can create… until they read my emails or blog and immediately visualizes that up leveled version of herself she can now step into with confidence, courage, clarity and ease.

Whatever format you choose as your favorite or go to format, allow your content and messaging to do the work.  No one needs to go live 20 times a day on Facebook or spend all day on Instagram. 

The key is to focus on your Why and the Why behind your Why.  What is your Why for skyrocketing your impact and profits?  What is your Why for turning your annual income into your monthly income?  What is your Why for creating 2 new High-Ticket Clients a month with your content?

And then create the video, or email or blog post that positions you as the expert and supports your ideal client to know that you understand her deepest desires more than she does.  Speak to the results she desires in way that allows her to see that version of herself or her business now.  If you show that better in video, go with video.  If you’re an eloquent speaker, go with video and transcribe it so that she has options.  If writing is your jam, then write from the heart.

Batch Create Your Content for Your High-Ticket Sales Funnel

If you want life to be simple and allow ease into your business, then I invite you to consider the concept of batching.  I’m a batching queen.  In my fashion business, I spend every Monday, batch cutting all the clothing I need to sew and then I batch sew on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I do the same thing with my coaching business.  I batch create 12-months’ worth of content in December of every year. 

You don’t have to create 12-months’ worth of content.  I’ve had many years of practice as a writer, batching content so it’s in my zone of genius.  What works for you?  Is it creating 4 weeks’ worth of content every 30 days?  Is it creating 90 days of content during the first week of every quarter?  As a High-Ticket service-based entrepreneur, your High-Ticket clients are investing in you to create a higher return on investment and create exponential results.

Your content is not just any content.  It’s EPIC.

This is your High-Ticket Business funnel.  Invest the time, money and energy you need to create the financial freedom you need to create more time for yourself and the people and things you love; to create 6-figure months or weeks; to create more peace in your life; to serve at a higher level; to travel more; to live fully.

Schedule Your Content

This is the easiest part of the funnel as long as you’re not stuck on the hamster wheel of should I email once a week, twice or week or once a month.  Or worried about overwhelming your list or stuck on whether or not you’re being too much.

For the first 5 years in my coaching business, I sent out an email every weekday to my list.  Yes, that’s 5x a week if you’re one of those women entrepreneurs who is squeamish about sending out emails.  In March 2021, I transitioned to sending out emails only three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

But each email has already been drafted and revised at least 11 months before it goes out.  Once I batch create my emails, I schedule each one and voila, it’s all done.  The funnel is complete.  I do the same thing with blog posts.  The same goes for my YouTube videos.  Each one is scheduled to go out so that I can focus on the top three needle movers in my business every work week.

Of course, with the pandemic in 2020, I made a few revisions to pre-written emails.  No one wants to be tone deaf.  But the core message was already there.  All I had to was make a few tweaks to acknowledge what was going on with my audience.

Whatever schedule you decide is up to you and your WHY.  The key is being consistent.  Not just for consistency’s sake, but because this is what creates the know, like and trust factor every High-Ticket business pays top dollar to create. If you consistently put out crap, you’ll consistently get crap.

Bonus:  5 Money Mindset Tips for Creating a Profitable High-Ticket Sales Funnel

  1. Know your Why.
  2. Create weekly monthly, quarterly, and annual marketing, sales and profit goals.
  3. Focus on 1 offer (2, at most).
  4. Shrink your timeline and focus on exponential results and the highest rate of return investment for you and your client.
  5. Make it easy for High-Ticket Clients to find you, hire you and pay you.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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