Coaching Websites: Simple Sales funnel for Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Coaching websites are more than just a pretty photo gallery of lifestyle images for coaches.  One of the High-Ticket Marketing tools I am most passionate about when it comes to selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is a coaching website. 

Look, I’m not talking about investing in anything fancy or trying to imitate other coaches’ websites.  But having a home on the internet; a place to call your own outside of social media is one of the BEST strategic High-Ticket marketing and sales decisions any Spiritual Female Coach selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers can make in her business.

And yes, I get it.  The allure of social media DMs on Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn can create a false sense of security, but guess what???  You don’t own Facebook.  You don’t own Instagram.  You don’t own LinkedIn.

Plus, if you really set up your coaching website to be the life of your High-Ticket Sales Funnel, you don’t even need ads.  We all know the skyrocketing costs of Facebook ads. 

But I’ll get off my “coaching websites” soapbox and share a few strategies and tips that have supported me to enroll High-Ticket Coaching Clients with Confidence in each of my High-Ticket Coaching Niches.

It’s not just throwing together a beautiful coaching website and hoping your premium High-Ticket Coaching Clients just effortlessly show up and immediately invest in your Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offers.  In addition to having magnetic messaging that captivates and converts, there’s some actual work that goes into attracting the High-Ticket Clients you want to work with.

It’s a Simple Secret that most Spiritual Women Coaches and Business Coaches don’t really talk about because it’s not as Sexy as DMs or Facebook Ads.


It’s real Simple.

Simple High Ticket Sales Funnel for Spiritual Women Coaches

It’s Blogging! Blogging is what takes a coaching website from nice to have to must have, aka coaching websites that convert – another High Ticket Coaching Funnel.

Yes, Blogging.  That’s how I created my simple High-Ticket Sales Funnel when I started my initial Life Coach for Women coaching website.  And yes, it starts with getting a domain name that is tied to coaching; specifically, the solution you offer if you know you’ll be doing this a while.  While I’m no longer a Life Coach for Women, I’ve decided to keep my domain name because everything I do with my High-Ticket Business Coaching Clients impacts the lives of women.

Now, back to Blogging to for creating High-Ticket Clients and Sales.

When I first created my coaching website, I knew that blogging would be my primary source of creating clients for my business.  I’m a simple gal.  I’ve been blogging for over 20 years, and I know and understand the power of SEO and how to use Keywords to build the traffic you want for your website.  It takes work, but it works.

Instead of writing about anything that stimulates you, the key is to focus on creating blog posts that answer questions that your ideal High-Ticket Coaching Clients are asking.  And to be honest, you’re already doing most of this on your Facebook Lives and Instagram Lives.  Now, all you need to do (if you want to spend more quality time with the people and things you love) is to turn those quality Facebook and Instagram Lives into quality blog posts that turn readers into clients.

I’ll share some key marketing strategies I use when writing blog posts on this coaching website.

Coaching Websites and Blogging Tip #1

First, I ask my potential coaching clients what they want.  It’s no use writing blog posts if no one is reading them or even interested in looking for those types of articles.  It’s much easier to write a helpful blog post when you already know what your clients want.

The BEST way to know what your potential clients want is to first Nail your Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche.  You’re probably thinking…..Why do you have to limit myself?  Well, this is NOT a post about the benefits of High-Ticket Niches for Coaches.  But ONE of the greatest benefits of blogging within a Coaching Niche is that you know exactly what your clients want, and you can support them to co-create it.

Your coaching website just ends up being an extension of your coaching and your way of getting potential clients to know, like and trust you so that they invest in your High-Ticket Coaching Offers.  The Niche exists because the people in that group want the same thing (with slight variations).  This cuts down your research time and allows you to focus on the next step.

Coaching Websites and Blogging Tip #2

Second, I do Keyword Research.  This one is huge for optimizing coaching websites, and I do have some tools that I use, but to keep it simple for this post, Google Analytics is a huge one for information on how potential clients find you and what they’re looking for.  When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and landing on the first or second page of Google, KEYWORDs are Queen.

This is where upfront market research comes in really useful because the words your potential clients use when they’re talking to you are the same words they type into the google search engine when they’re looking for support around what they want.

I’ve said this many times on this blog and in my High-Ticket Coaching Videos, but I’ll repeat myself.  Your potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients are NOT typing Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Business Coach or Health Coach into google.  Only your competitors are doing that as research for their own coaching websites.

Keyword research supports you to write EXACTLY about what your potential clients are searching for online.  When I was primarily a Life Coach for Women, 99% of my coaching clients found me through google, just by typing “Life Coach for Women” or “Life Coach for Women in DC” into the search engine. 

Knowing what your potential clients are searching for online is key to creating High-Ticket Offers that sell. In my health coaching business, I know that my clients are always searching for tips and strategies on how to quit sugar. So I write a lot of blogs providing support around that issue.

For my Business Clients, I spend a lot of time answering marketing and sales questions like How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers, or How to Attract High-Ticket Coaching Clients, and positioning my services as the obvious choice. Keyword research is the secret weapon for creating systems that work for me.

This leads me to the third strategic High-Ticket Marketing and Sales Step.  So, your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients have landed on your coaching website.  What happens next?

Coaching Websites and Blogging Tip #3

You’ve done the hardest part with the sales funnel.

You’ve built the website.

You’ve done the keyword research and written blog posts that provides the kind of value your High-Tickets really want.

And now, they want more of you. 

Coaching websites that convert NEED a lead magnet.  Something of value that you give (and it could be that blog post) in exchange for your potential client’s email so that you nurture the relationship and create more lasting trust.

And this next part is important.

Every coaching website needs an Application.  I see how this could seem like a form of self-sabotage.  I hear clients say coaching applications are just another way of slowing down the sales process and keeping potential clients away.

My response is and always will be that any potential client that has a problem completing a few questions will be a pain in the butt to work with.  It’s a SCREENING process and yes, you need ONE.  But that’s a blog post for a different day.

One of the questions I included on my Apply to Work with Me Page was “how did you hear about me or find me?”  Google was one of the options, with a follow up question, “what words did you use on google?”  Every woman who found me on google, included the words or what they remembered typing into google.  This was super helpful for me when writing blog posts, writing my sales page, and just generally optimizing my website.

There are fewer pleasurable things than waking up to multiple applications from potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients who found you (especially when they want to work with you before even signing up to your email list) just because they read a blog post or a few, that they resonated with. 

I love receiving emails that say, “it’s like you’re in my head” or “it’s like you’re reading my mind” or “I found this post on your coaching website at 2 in the morning, and you have no idea how much I needed this.” 

There’s many more like this and I love knowing that doing the pre-work – narrowing my niche, market research and keyword research – ends up creating EASE and FLOW in my marketing and sales, without me being on social media or flushing money down the Facebook ads drain.  I’ve already done that in my fashion business and have all the t-shirts with ‘being there…done that’ (NOT that there’s anything wrong with doing Facebook Ads, of course).

This is how you convert cold leads within 24 or 48 hours.  There’s no magic pill or potion.  It takes work, but once you have a system for it, you’re good to go.  And blogging becomes something you love doing because you know the rewards, and NOT another thing you HAVE to do in your business.  You get to answer questions your clients have and share your epic value with them in evergreen blog posts that people can find FOREVER.

You can also repurpose these blog posts from your coaching websites into podcast episodes, YouTube videos or whatever else works for you and your business, without sucking the life and joy out of you.

One Caveat is that Blogging Not for everyone.  If you hate writing and can’t delegate blogging to someone else, I invite you to focus on another way to share value and create High-Ticket Coaching Clients.  And if writing is your jam, get ready to have some FUN!

If Optimized Coaching Websites and Organic SEO Marketing are 2 things you’re really interested in to Sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offers, then drop a comment below or send me an email.  I’m happy to record a video sharing highlights of the 7 Steps I Use to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Organic Marketing.

This is something I usually share in detail in The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience.

STRATEGIC EASE and STRATEGIC SIMPLICITY are the key names of the game.

Bonus Blogging Tip

Create YouTube Videos for your Blog Posts and link them to your coaching websites. Google owns YouTube. Let that sink in. This is Optional, of course.

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