High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops support you to co-create at your highest frequency and BE an open portal to ALL exquisite self-care, divine abundance, infinite possibilities and opportunities, unconditional love, and a beautiful legacy. Welcome Home to Heart, Real Impact, Real Value, True Service, High-Ticket Profit Explosion, and all the tools to co-create YOUR WAY.

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

high-ticket profit explosion business coach

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops support you to co-create at your highest frequency and BE an open portal to ALL exquisite self-care, divine abundance, infinite possibilities and opportunities, unconditional love, and a beautiful legacy. Welcome Home to Heart, Real Impact, Real Value, True Service, High-Ticket Profit Explosion, and all the tools to co-create YOUR WAY.

Hello Beautiful!  

You’re entering a Space of Gratitude, Ease and Flow, where You can finally breathe again and Create the Luxe Spacious Life you desire and vision with no attachment to outcomes.

Your safe Prosperous Womb Space to plug into your own potent power and co-create REAL PROFITS so that you ENJOY REAL Freedom and Space for MORE in your life, health, relationships, wealth and your coaching business.

Everything you desire and vision, and more.

Being the YOU who already LOVES your life.

Being the YOU who already 100% knows you want a Profitable Coaching Business You LOVE + Wraps around your Life.

ZERO Convincing Energy in this Space.  You’re either ready for your lit up life or you’re not.

Being the YOU who wants MORE Simply Because MORE will be AMAZING and NOT Because You Need It.

Being the YOU Confidently Sharing Your Heartbeat Message and the NAME(s) of Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer or Coaching Program without Shame, Judgment or Fear.

Being the YOU Effortlessly Enjoying Selling Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers, without the complicated, inflexible systems and strategies that drive you crazy.

Being the YOU who is co-creating with Dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Being the Powerful Woman and CEO who makes 6, 7 or 8 figures just by BEING her Natural Authentic Self, without any people-pleasing, chasing likes, or self-sacrifice.

Being the YOU who’s already making REAL Profits that support you to consistently Enjoy (with ZERO guilt) ….

Spaciousness, Gratitude, Exquisite Self-Care, Spirituality, Divine Connection, Weekly Luxe Spa Dates, 4-Day Weekends, Radiant Beautiful Skin, In-Between Moments of Nothingness, Creative Ideas Flowing Through, Working with Coaching Clients that Light You Up, Drop from the Skies Sales Moments, Beach Villas, Stillness, Intuitive Guidance, No limits life, Luxe Travel, Private Chefs, Healthy Loving Family, Complete Financial Freedom, Giving and Sharing whenever You want, Reading Again, Falling in Love with Your Partner Every Day, Enough Land to Grow Your Own Organic Food, and Lots of Play.

Breathe this in.

Exhale.  It’s safe to be the healthiest, happiest, hottest, and wealthiest YOU.

It’s Time for Absolutely Certainty that you’re already HER and 100% Conviction in Your Potent Coaching Offers.


Welcome home to The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, home of the Profit Wisdom Codes.

A Divinely Creative Space where Women Coaches can BE themselves and enjoy themselves so much, that abundance, blessings, clients, sales, money, opportunities and impact chase them down every single day.

After hosting 15+ LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops (for Women Coaches, Accountants, Attorneys and other Women Entrepreneurs), I’m grateful to now offer you your own Private Intimate Business Workshop where you and I (just us two and your business) roll up our Sleeves and be, do, create your Simple, Profitable Coaching Business your way.

Each of these High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops is based on the Profit Wisdom Codes, and collective feedback from 100s of women coaches who have taken these workshops and have chosen to SIMPIIFY and intimately Scale their coaching businesses, in a way that’s effortless, fun, and in service of the work they’re here to do in the world.

I’m so excited that you’re ready to uplevel with juicy, real High-Value, High-Ticket Coaching Offers that are an Easy “Yes, I Want It NOW,” for your dream Soul High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

And I’m even more excited that you’re ready to attract all the High-Ticket Clients you want without the drama and make all the High-Ticket Sales you want by just being yourself.

That’s all good, but what I can’t wait to celebrate is that you have finally decided to STOP settling for making sales and income and make High-Ticket PROFITS every single month so you can enjoy true financial freedom and abundance.

Many Online Business Coaches focus ONLY on making MORE income or sales, or (X) months or (X) figures and the Finite Monthly Game without taking into account your heart, your Desires, PROFITS, or your uniqueness, gifts, life, relationships and TOP business intentions for the next decade.

But . . .  what’s sexier, better and wiser than chasing or making another 6, 7 or 8 Figures in Your Coaching Business?

Apart from High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, of course.

High-Ticket Profits, Beautiful!   ACTUAL PROFITS and actual cash money to finally do what you want without counting down until the next month, or next quarter or next year.

Real Profits doing work where you are YOURSELF without the stress, anxiety or hustle.

Real Profits where your 6, 7 and 8 figures are simply an extension of YOU Being YOU, doing work you love with clients you love and fully allowing Soul to express through you for your highest JOY, Wellbeing and IMPACT.

Without Real Profits, all we have is Income Financial Freedom.  The truth about simply making income or chasing another $100K month is that Income merely pays bills and supports you to buy expensive things.

After a deep dive behind the books of many multi 6 and 7-figure coaches, I KNOW that chasing more income ($250K Months/7-Figures) creates MORE Income Ceilings and Money Ceilings.


Creating PROFITS, on the other hand, gives you TRUE FREEDOM to invest your life, your health, your wealth, your coaching business AND anything you choose.

Real Profits give you the space for MORE.

More Wellbeing.

More Unforgettable Experiences.

More Flexibility.

More Freedom.

More Impact.

More Time.

More Joy.

More Wealth.

More Life.

More Support.

More Money.

And Many MORE Choices to do MORE of whatever you choose for your life, your business, your relationships and your health.

Profits are the Portal to joyful new opportunities and a beautiful lasting legacy.

— Exponential Value, High-Level Service and Potent Expansion for Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

— And Wholistic Business Success that Supports the Whole YOU.

Welcome to The Prosperous Womb

You’re FINALLY Ready to move beyond your basic I made multi 6 figures or 7 figures and barely-there profits….

And Sell, Serve and Skyrocket Your Profits and JOY, Wealth and Health without sacrificing your faith, freedom, fun, family, time, unique gifts, magic, sanity or health.

You’re here to Uplevel your Offer, Messaging, Value, Impact, Service and PROFITS.

And You’re Ready for MORE FUN growing a SIMPLE Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business that is 100% aligned with who you are, your identity, your assignment, your dreams, your core values and your life.

You’re breathing deeper just knowing you can finally work with high-ticket coaching clients you love – the kind of coaching clients you can 100% BE YOURSELF with.

Imagine sourcing deeper within your divine self and ditching the shoulds, musts, swipe files, blueprints, formulas and canned scripts that make you cringe for the knowledge, wisdom and intuition that’s Already in Your Prosperous Womb.

Let that Land for a minute.

Because when you co-create with The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, we co-create at the highest frequency AND we Let it Be Easy and Fun!

So Easy…. Even a 10-Year-old can expand her capacity to receive and do this.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops are created from a High-Value, High-Impact, Premium Service, High-Profit and 100% Freedom and Joy Perspective so that You Work Wiser and Not Harder.

And Each of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops is based on the same 3-Step High-Ticket Profit Explosion MIDWIFE CEO Signature System Framework that I use to support my PRIVATE High-Ticket Coaching Clients in SuperNatural, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day, and The High-Ticket Profit Explosion HeartBeat Connection.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops are for Women Coaches at any stage in their coaching business.  They’re perfect if you’re celebrating your 1st $1K month or your second 7-figure year.

Paradigm shifts work for everyone!


Finally Creating from a space of I LOVE MY LIFE.  Can you imagine what the world, your impact, your life, your coaching business, your health, your body, and your relationships would look and feel like today if you’d already embodied this?

— Knowing How to Tap into Your Own Prosperous Womb to Effortlessly Create the Profitable and High Value, High-Ticket Coaching Business You’ve Been Dreaming of, by plugging into your own power source and inner frequency.

— Owning Your Identity and Midwifing Your Unique Gifts, Magic and Expression.

— Niching Down or Simply Just Focusing on Your Dream Soul Tribe in Your Assignment.

— Giving Birth to a Flexible Signature System that Creates the Ultimate High-Value, High-Ticket Coaching Client Experience.

— Packaging, Pricing and Positioning Your Newly Birthed or Upleveled High-Value, High-Impact, High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

— Dialing-In Your High-Ticket Messaging that Connects to the Heartbeat of Your Dream Soul Tribe So that It Sells Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer for You.

— Creating Aligned High-Ticket Marketing Strategies that highlight the Unique High Value of your High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

— Mastering High-Ticket Sales and Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers Like Hotcakes and Scaling in the Most Intimate Way Possible.

it’s time —

— To Create ALL the Clients, Sales, PROFITS and Life You Want without Feeling Like You’re Always Working

— And Enjoy More Quality Time Doing What You Love, with the People You Love, Wherever, Whenever

You Don’t Need Another 30-Day High-End Messaging and Marketing Course or another 90-Day High-End Sales Course.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops have what you need to Create Clients Now, Makes Sales Today and Skyrocket Your Profits in the next 30 Days without 25 more generic strategies, overcomplicated sales funnels, messaging that sounds nothing like you, and doing. all. the. things.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops for are EXCLUSIVELY for Women Coaches Who Desire Potent TRANSFORMATION, and NOT Just More Information.

Check YES or NO.

Active Co-Creation and IMPLEMENTATION are the key drivers of success with the High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops.

If you’re looking for just another generic online business coaching course or dry power point presentation with 5 steps to 100K Months or another soul-sucking spreadsheet, this is NOT for you.

RUN, do NOT Walk to Your Nearest Guru Coach.

If You’re a Powerful Woman, who knows she’s fully seen and leads herself to what she desires because she chooses to, AND

You’re here for TRANSFORMATION, Active Co-Creation and Real Financial Freedom, AND

You’re ready to IMPLEMENT, then Let’s Roll Up our Sleeves and dive into your choice(s) of Outcome-Driven High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops.

Sounds like Exactly What I Need Right Now, MiMi!!!
What’s the Next Step?

Invest in a Specific, Individual High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop Video


Invest in ALL 16 High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops PLUS all NEW Upcoming Future Workshops.  (Make a Single Payment and get Instant Access to Current LIVE Workshops + Future Workshops).

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Starter Kit

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops - High-Ticket Profit Explosion Starter kit

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Starter Kit Workshop unlocks your highest-level impact, value and service, and your coaching clients, income, sales, profits and joy.

High-Ticket Signature System Framework

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop - how to create a signature system framework for a coaching business

The High-Ticket Signature System Framework Workshop is the high-level bridge taking your client step by step from Point A to Point B, to create exponential results and a powerful client experience.

Pricing High-Ticket Coaching Offers

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops - how to price high ticket coaching offers

This Heart-Based High-Ticket Pricing Strategies Workshop is for Women Coaches who KNOW that High Value, High Impact and High Service follow PROFITS, and not the other way around.

Money Mindset for Women Coaches

Money Mindset Course for Women Coaches - High Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops

The High-Ticket Money Mindset Workshop is for all the AMAZING women who’ve been seduced by his charming stories like I CAN’T charge that, I don’t know how, What if Nobody buys, But….

Breathtaking Explosive Sales for Women

breathtaking explosive sales for women coaches

This Pulsating, Explosive Feminine Sales Workshop is for Women Coaches who want to activate MORE DESIRE and PLEASURE for their Powerful, Self-Led Dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Attraction Marketing for Women Coaches

attraction marketing for you high ticket coaching offers

The Attraction-Based Marketing Workshop is for Women Coaches who choose to dive MORE into the Chemistry, Spark and Attraction of their Messaging and Marketing for a Deeper Client Connection.

Heart-Based High-Ticket Sales for Women

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop - How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers

The Heart-Based High-Ticket Sales Workshop is for Women Coaches effortlessly selling from the heart ANYTIME even if Mercury is in retrograde, CNN says there’s a recession or it’s an Equinox new moon.

The High-Ticket Coaching Offer Suite

high ticket profit explosion workshops - how to create high ticket coaching offer suites that sell

The High-Ticket Coaching Offer Suite Workshop is for Women Coaches who value FREEDOM and choose to wrap their simple + profitable coaching business around the LIFE they’re in LOVE with.

Organic Online High-End Marketing & Visibility

how to get high ticket coaching clients online

This Fully Booked High-Ticket Coach Workshop is for Women Coaches who choose to Be Fully Booked with consistent Dream High-Ticket Coaching Clients through Authentic Content that Converts.

The Best High-Ticket Sales Script

The Best High-Ticket Sales Script for Women Coaches

The Best High-Ticket Sales Script Workshop is for Women Coaches choosing Heart-Based Sales and Selling with Love.  I’ll share my exact sales script and we’ll co-create your own divine sales script.

Create/Uplevel a High-Ticket Coaching Offer

how to create a high ticket coaching offer - high ticket profit explosion workshops

The Create/Uplevel A High-Ticket Coaching Offer Workshop is for Women Coaches who choose to midwife their unique, divine gifts and birth their most potent body of work from their prosperous womb.

7-Figure Messaging that Converts

high ticket profit explosion workshops - messaging that converts

The Messaging that Converts Workshop is for the Female Coach who chooses to DIAL-IN her Messaging and make it SIMPLE for the Clients She Loves and Can Be Herself with, to INVEST NOW.

Niche Down Without the Melt Down

the top profitable coaching niches for spiritual women coaches

This High-Ticket Niche Workshop is for Multi-Passionate Women Coaches who prefer to do what they love with the High-Ticket Coaching Clients they love, AND work with their Unique Divine X-Factor.

High-Ticket Profit Wisdom Codes

MiMi Dabo

This High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop is for Women Coaches who choose to walk by Faith, relax and allow all of who they are in, and Trust that Soul already knows their purest definition of success.

What Do You Want to Be Known For?

how to position your coaching business

This High-Ticket Brand Positioning Workshop is for Women Coaches who Want to Make it Easy for Potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients to Know What they Do and Who they Do it With.

The Power of Attraction Workshop

how to attract high-ticket coaching clients

This Power of Attraction Workshop is for Women Coaches Who Don’t Have to Sacrifice Who They Are to IMPACT Millions or Make Millions in their Coaching Business.

MEET Your Profit explosion Midwife

MiMi and SiSi at the beach

Hi! I’m MiMi Dabo, the Owner and Founder of The Prosperous Womb, and The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.

I’m a Spiritual Christian Woman who loves Jesus and is passionate about walking in love and co-creating intimate, deep, potent transformation with women coaches without sacrificing myself.

I love holding intimate, sacred space for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches to tune in to what God says about them, let go of doubt and BE who He says they are – Real Freedom.

I support Women Coaches (who don’t fit in a box) to co-create Holistic Wealth and Simple High-Ticket Coaching Boutiques so that they Serve Deeper with Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

In The Prosperous Womb, I’ve birthed The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion HeartBeat Connection, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day, and SuperNatural.

I’m also the Host of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Minute with MiMi Dabo, and Author of the Upcoming NYT Bestseller, High-Ticket Profit Explosion, Girl Get Your Life, Legacy and Profits Off the Table (October 2024).

Let’s amplify and supercharge your profits, impact and joy in your coaching business by turning your sacred wisdom into wealth with a Simple + Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business.

Your PROFITS and Real Freedom are my Assignment.  That’s the game we play together.

My Why?  To create the life of my dreams for me and my family and impact the lives of 1,000,000 Children.  Growing up, my dream was to create a support structure where no child is ever left behind; to empower 1,000,000 women to confidently provide food, shelter, clothing and the emotional + medical needs for their families.

As an entrepreneur I believe that supporting other entrepreneurs AND mobilizing others to support entrepreneurs around the world is a great step towards making the dream a reality.  Women entrepreneurs in developing countries and even in the US struggle to get the funding, support and access to tools, resources and training they need to grow their business and support their families.

This is why I support Kiva to make a big part of my dreams a reality.  For every woman who invests in any of the coaching offers in the Prosperous Womb, including each of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, I invest in a woman entrepreneur in a developing country, as part of my ongoing ‘Doing Good as You Shop Campaign.’ 

Each Workshop Sale will have a corresponding Kiva Donation to a Woman Entrepreneur.  Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to entrepreneurs in over 80 countries, “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

Learn more about Kiva on my Kiva Lending Page.   If you’re already a Kiva Member, then I invite you to join The Prosperous Womb Kiva Group.   Together, we can serve with love and massively impact the lives of at least 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs and children around the world.


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