The Real Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Create High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Packages that Clients Want to Invest In (and What to Do About It)

There are few things more powerful in a coaching, consulting or service-based business than supporting your clients to shrink time and space and create better results.  And for many women entrepreneurs the best container for supporting clients to create exponential results and get the best return on their investment is High-Ticket Packages.

When working with women entrepreneurs who want to simplify their businesses, whether they’re coaches, consultants, painters, lawyers, chiropractors, fitness trainers or yoga teachers, the single biggest question is “how do I create High-Ticket Packages?”

High-Ticket Packages are popular because each premium package solves a specific problem for a specific client.  Specificity is key here.  Your High-Ticket Package is a high value fusion of services built into a solution to a specific problem.  Your ideal client sees it and immediately knows exactly why she needs it.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably wondering how to take your services; what you do and the solutions you provide and create High-Ticket Packages that support your premium clients to experience better results.

The online business space has created a mindset that creating High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or other service-based package simply means raising your prices.

I’ll start by discussing what High-Ticket Packages are NOT.

High-Ticket Packages are not a misguided decision to raise prices or charge more just for the sake of raising prices.  Raising your prices or slapping a high amount on your services without corresponding high value, high touch and massive transformation just turn your offer into a high-priced service. 

There is a huge difference between a high value High-Ticket offer and an overpriced service.  And this is where the real struggle to create and sell an irresistible offer starts.  It’s irresistible when your ideal premium clients cannot wait to invest in it.

The Biggest Mistake Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants Make when Creating High-Ticket Packages

Once you decide that you’re ready to play in the High-Ticket space, the biggest mistake one can make is diving straight into creating the package or focusing on the features and logistics, like what goes into the package, the price of the package or how to market and sell the package.

Before even determining features or logistics of High-Ticket Packages, there are five things you need to consider.  I call these the 5 big Money Mindset strategies that you need to consider before even determining whether you’re creating a 6-month, 3-month, 1 year or VIP day package.

Skipping these steps will affect how you create the package, how easy it will be to market or sell the package, and how confidently you can talk about the investment in your High-Ticket Package. 

The bottom line is that glossing over any of these steps is the real reason why you’re struggling to create, price, market and sell your High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-Based Packages.

The first step is key to standing in your power and owing the value of your High-Ticket Packages, especially during sales conversations, where most women entrepreneurs experience power leaks when it comes to talking about the money.

Choose to Be A Leader

To create High-Ticket Packages and Irresistible offers that sell easily, I invite you to set the intention to be a leader during every step of the process.  A leadership mindset shifts everything from identifying who you will work with, to charging the value of your services, and standing in your authentic power during the sales conversations.

As a leader, you’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any opportunities and threats in your niche.  This gives you the power to step up and play up to your strengths rather than compete against your weaknesses.  It’s the difference between staying stuck in overwhelm and tolerating clients who stress you out, or staying numb to lack of focus and clarity, versus, identifying what top three needle movers to focus on every day and creating better habits.

What I’ve seen in my own business and with both colleagues and clients, is that the decision to be a leader empowers women entrepreneurs to create boundaries around what they charge, what they will and will not tolerate when it comes to packaging, and confidently talking about the investment in their services.

Skipping this step results in struggle, and lack of confidence in supporting clients to create results.  Embracing this step supports you as the entrepreneur to show up and give 100% of the value you promised, while acknowledging your clients are fully responsible for doing their part to create the results they want.

This reduces the stress, overworking, undercharging and overwhelm – priceless.

Now, let’s talk about the next step that causes extra struggle when creating High-Ticket Packages that sell.  The inner game aka Mindset.  Mindset always leads and actions follow.

Master Your Money Mindset

High-Ticket Money Mindset goes beyond positive thinking and affirmations to shifting into the identity of the woman who charges the value of her services, knows she will get it and gets it. 

Anything less is the core of a scarcity mindset.

Mastering your High-Ticket Money mindset empowers you to energetically throw open the doors to allow in what you want.  Stepping into this powerful identity requires you to decide that you’re worth it and to claim your space in your niche.

The first step on this High-Ticket Packages Mindset path is believing in the value of the services and the results they provide once your clients do their part.

Next, drop the excuses and create a premium state of mind where you claim what you do, own it and actually do it.

What does this look like in real life?

It’s an invitation to stop telling yourself you’re not good enough.  It’s time to stop playing small by declaring that others do it better than you and you’re not the expert. 

Or that No one else is charging X, or your clients won’t be able to afford your services, or no one will buy if I start charging more. 

All these crappy stories are just alibis to keep you struggling.  It’s easier to settle for less than you deserve because of the fear of rejection, fear of failure or even in many cases, the fear of success.

People are always ready to invest in at a higher level.  They’re paying first class for travel; they’re buying Teslas and they’re paying for the latest iPhone.  Your ideal premium High-Ticket Packages clients are all out there waiting for you.  People are everywhere waiting to pay you.

The real deal is that High-Ticket clients want high value solutions to their problems because they’re done with playing around.  High-Ticket clients pay attention to creating their results because they actually want the transformation.  Their money is on the line and they show up 100% for the results.

The Best Way to Create Money Mindset Mastery for High-Ticket Packages

A powerful mindset is not something you wait until you’re ready to have.  It’s simply a decision to share your value and get paid well for it.

It’s the difference between marketing your High-Ticket services to the ideal clients you want to work with, versus settling for marketing and selling to clients you think you’re qualified to serve.

It’s the difference between deciding that your High-Ticket Package Prices are NOT a lot of money and wondering who can afford to invest in your services.

Money Mindset Mastery is doing the work that empowers you to see clearly that the investment in your services is drop in the bucket for the value you offer.

Investing time to do this Money Mindset work allows you to get over yourself and your crappy stories and focus specifically on the return of investment for your clients.  The real win becomes Who they are being, and what they are doing and creating as they reach their goals.

One of the beautiful outcomes of Money Mindset Mastery for High-Ticket coaching, consulting or service-based Packages is that it empowers you, as the woman entrepreneur to believe in the power of investing at a higher level to achieve better results. 

As you invest at higher levels, your confidence kicks resistance to working with your next level clients to the curb.  Unless you invest in High-Ticket, you can’t understand the mindset of selling High-Ticket Packages and you’ll struggle when asking for the money.

Money Mindset Action Steps

If crappy stories are holding you back from creating High-Ticket Packages, it’s time to take the bull by the horns.

One quick action step is to first identify each story you’re telling yourself about why you cannot X, Y or Z.

Identify how the story is slowing you down, stopping you or keeping you from being, doing or creating the results you want.

Determine whether the story is true.  And if you’re still struggling with this, then decide what would be possible if the story was no longer important to you.

If it was no longer important to you, for example to procrastinate on X, or focus on non-needle movers in your business, what would you have to believe?

Write down this new belief and create new habits that support it.

Get support and help to shift the limiting beliefs so that you attract and create the clients your soul truly wants to serve. To support you on the journey, I’ll share the journaling prompt I used to make the shift from selling $37 Money Mindset eBooks to creating High-Ticket Packages for my clients.  I had stories around my value and self worth, and I struggled with whether it was safe for me to have money or be wealthy or whether I even deserved it.  I didn’t want money to change me or make me bad.  That’s a story for another day, but here you go.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because ________________.  (Write 8 reasons why you give yourself permission to sell High-Ticket Packages).

For example, 4 of my 8 are,

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because it creates better results and a higher of return on investment for my clients.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because it gives me time and money freedom to be, do and create whatever I want, whenever I want with my daughter.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because the money I make does a lot of good in the world for my extended family, my charities and me.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because I can blissfully pay for more family members to go to college and more kids in my charities to go to school than when I was limiting my business income to $55,000 a year.  

I review my permission statements every workday because it creates gratitude for all the people and gifts God has put in my life, and all the ways being aligned with my life purpose makes a positive difference in the world.

Feel free to share yours below.  Last, but not least, our final Money Mindset strategy is all about stepping out of your shell.

Let’s take fear of niching as an example here.

If it was no longer important for you to serve everyone, who would you work with?  What would you have to believe is true for you to create a profitable niche?  What new habit can support you claiming your profitable new niche?

This brings us to the third step that most women entrepreneurs just ignore when creating High-Ticket Packages.  This creates major struggle because a High-Ticket Package usually has just one specific outcome and promises just one thing.

It’s difficult to create a package with 10 different results for 10 different people.  This is the core of confusion and wishy-washy marketing messages.  To stay out of struggle lane, nail your niche.

Claim A Profitable Niche

This is really important and can be very challenging, especially for women who like to be everything to everyone.  Let’s keep it simple. 

Be a specialist.  Solve just one thing for your clients.  Just one thing.  The deeper the niche, the more value you can provide.  Be the best at creating results in that one area and you’ll be the expert in that niche.

Decide on a niche that is most congruent to you so that you don’t end up feeling like an imposter.  One of the questions I hear most when coaching women entrepreneurs to create High-Ticket Packages is, “what’s the best High-Ticket niche?

Here’s a High-Ticket Business Coaching secret. 

There is No special High-Ticket Niche.

It always come back to value.  You can serve in any area and make it profitable.  You can help clients with basket weaving or painting mansions and create high-value packages that allow those who want it to create amazing results in less time.

You can coach women to lose weight or help women 10X their profits.  It doesn’t really matter.  The point is that you choose a niche that has ideal clients who are willing to invest in themselves at a higher level.

Trust your intuition and choose a niche where people are willing to invest in themselves and create better results for themselves.  Contrary to popular opinion or what you see on social media, no market is saturated.  A profitable niche is one that supports you to make money doing what you love.

I invite you to focus on working ONLY with ideal clients within that highly profitable niche so that you get skilled at creating better results for you and your client.  As a profitable businesswoman, you want unlimited potential to grow and scale the number of people you serve; and you want a niche that doesn’t put a ceiling cap on your income potential. If you’re not feeling it, be brave and brilliant enough to break up with a niche that’s not working.  I’ve had to do that twice.

A Profitable Niche is the difference between “trying to help more people or trying to create more impact” and Actually helping more people and creating massive impact.  In your profitable niche, your ideal clients are willing and committed to making the investment in the results they get from working with you.  For everyone else outside your niche, your services are “just a nice to have.”  In your profitable niche, they’re always a “must have.”

Decide on what results you’ll provide, what you’ll focus on and what NOT to focus on. This is important because shiny object syndrome is real and being everything to everyone is contagious.  Claiming your niche and staying in your lane is crucial to your success.  

What this means for me in my coaching business is sticking with what works for connecting with my ideal clients; claiming my niche and working exclusively with women entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants; offering only 1 front-facing High-Ticket VIP Day Intensive; with only one result – creating a $25K High-Ticket Package.

Simple, specific and clear.

Once you’ve identified your niche, make it easier on yourself by embracing the fourth step, which is claiming who you want to work with.  This will be helpful when it comes to creating marketing messages that resonate. 

Claim Your Ideal Clients

You’re not here to work with everyone.  When creating High-Ticket Packages, consider choosing clients you want to work with within your niche.  Don’t just settle for clients you think you’re qualified to serve.

Clearly articulate WHO you work with and the crystal-clear value you’re providing so that your potential clients resonate with it.  It must be clear enough for them to know for sure it solves a problem they have, and it will be easier for them to decide your services are the obvious choice for them to solve that problem.

Position yourself as high-ticket, high-value, transformation.  It’s a win-win experience.  You’re doing it because it creates better results for your clients, and you’ll have more resources to support that transformation.   They get a higher return on investment and you move into your next level in every area of life and business.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media or how many likes you get on Facebook.  You need to pick who you work with.  You need to know who you serve, what you do and how it benefits your client on a high-ticket level.

Create Your Signature System

Last, but not least, every business deserves a signature system.  Your signature system is the process you use to support clients to get results.

Consider creating your own signature system with 7 or LESS steps. 

For example, my Business G-Spot Signature system takes my clients through 7 concise steps to create coaching, consulting, and service-based packages for $25k or higher.  Your signature system is what magnifies the value of your services and makes it easier for your ideal clients to say YES because they see exactly how they can create the results they want.

Now that you’ve invested the time and energy to go through these 5 steps, the struggle is over.  You’re now ready to dive into the easy part of creating High-Ticket Packages.

Identifying the result of your High-Ticket Package. 

Identifying what value to include in the package, and what to leave out.

Identifying how long it will reasonably take for your ideal clients to create these results.

Identifying how structure the package.

Identifying the perfect pricing point for the package.

Identifying how you will market your package.

Creating the marketing message and sales plan for the offer.

And finally, creating and implementing the strategy that best works for you to create the results you want for you and your business.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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