11 High-Ticket Money Mindset Secrets to Get Rich Now

It’s awesome to see women entrepreneurs owning their powerful High-Ticket Money Mindset and unapologetically claiming their desire to get rich now and do more good in the world, or create wealth without the trappings of guilt, working harder or overwhelm. 

And it’s even more inspiring to know that women are doing so much good in the world now without waiting to get rich.

Many women entrepreneurs, especially coaches, tend to shy away from money conversations because they believe money is bad or claim they want to focus only on impact.  That’s great, but you need to eat before you can create impact.

Many of the women entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants I work with come to me because they want to create High-Ticket business models and turn their annual income goals into monthly income.  And each woman entrepreneur has her own unique WHY. 

While we’re all already rich NOW in our own ways and are already making a huge difference and impact in the world, many women want to make even more of a difference… they want to build art schools for kids, they want to invest in supporting women entrepreneurs in third world countries with micro loans, they want to be able to pay college tuition for the students in their extended families, they want to build their dream houses and buy their dream boats, they want to travel to luxury destinations around the world, they want to upgrade the quality of life for their families, they want to hire daily private chefs and weekly private masseuses, and some just want financial freedom and flexibility to spend more quality time with their families.

Yes!!!! to all the different reasons why women entrepreneurs want to get rich now, or create wealth, or break their current income ceilings.  And I applaud them all.  The beauty about getting rich or creating wealth is not about how much money you have in your bank account or how big your business is.  What I’ve learned over 30 years of combined online business and corporate work experience is that wealth and prosperity is MORE about how much you love your life.  Your business, your income, your sales, your profits and money are just one slice of the wealth pie. 

Female entrepreneurs are queens of blocking Money and anything else they want.  Thanks to High-Ticket Money Mindset money blocks, we make things harder than they are.  What is a Money Block?  A Money Block (or any block) is any belief that pushes away the money (whatever you want).

So, to answer an email question I received from women’s relationship coach, Tracey K., “How can I get rich now and do more good in the world,?” I’ve put together 11 High-Ticket Money Mindset Secrets to give Tracey and every woman entrepreneur unfair advantage in creating wealth, impact and income.

High-Ticket Money Mindset Secret #1 – Be a Leader

When it comes to creating, marketing and selling High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-Based Packages and Offers, being a Leader is key.  A leadership mindset shifts everything from identifying who you will work with, to charging the value of your services, receiving money and standing in your authentic power during the sales conversations.

Decide that you ARE a High-Ticket Business.  You don’t need to know what your High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-Based Packages will look like or how much the investment will be to work with you.  It’s just an energetic decision that opens the door to the income, profits, impact and results you want in your business.  It’s a commitment.

To step into a High-Ticket Money Mindset leadership identity, it is crucial to identify the limiting beliefs that you need to let go off so that you can design and implement your non-negotiables for everything from self-care to pricing and sales.

Powerful leadership will support you to focus on solutions over problems and develop an empowering relationship with failure and rejection.

As a leader, you’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any opportunities and threats in your niche.  This gives you the power to step up and play up to your strengths rather than compete against your weaknesses. 

It’s the difference between staying stuck in overwhelm and tolerating clients who stress you out, or staying numb to lack of focus and clarity, versus, identifying what top three needle movers to focus on every day, and creating better habits.

If you’re going to bet on anyone bet on YOU.

Mindset Secret #2 – Get Clear on Your Money Goals

When your goal is to turn your annual income into your monthly income, it’s important that you get super clear on your intention to create money in your business.  Tap into what you want, be crystal clear, understand your WHY and make the decision to be all in.  And remember that your monthly expenses are NOT a money goal.

Set your money goal without disqualifying yourself with limiting beliefs.  A High-Ticket Money Mindset starts here. 

There are hundreds of money blocks that can stop you from turning your annual income into your monthly income or creating X amount months in your business.  Unhook and release yourself from the stories to see new opportunities and possibilities to create what you want in your business. 

A limiting belief is just a thought you’ve held as true.  To break your current income ceiling and create your new money goals, you have to be willing to let go of the limiting beliefs and see what’s possible – what’s on the other side.

Identify the top limiting beliefs that cap your income – those holding you back in your business, and release any money blocks about how much money you’re willing to allow in.  Get real with your money stories and really confront the beliefs. 

You must be unavailable to believe the I’m not good enough, expert enough, smart enough stories or I’m too old, or too fat, or too skinny or I don’t have enough time or whatever stories you’ve been using to self-sabotage so far. 

Be completely unavailable for the crappy money mindset blocks like who will pay me that amount, or I won’t be able to find clients who can afford me, or people won’t like me if I’m successful.  Reach for the empowering thought that supports your goal and step into that identity. 

And be mindful of who you have conversations with about your money goals, as well as who and what you listen to when setting your intention.

This is Important.  A crappy money mindset is mental violence against you and your business.  (For support with identifying your money story, shifting limiting beliefs and releasing these money blocks, read one or more of the numerous High-Ticket Money Mindset articles right here.  And download the FREE Money Mindset Journaling Course, The 10x Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches.

Leave your Money Blocks at the door.

Wise folks say we need to lose what needs losing so that we can find what needs finding.  Once you let go of the limiting beliefs, you’ll create the space to create more of what you want. 

Now, write down how much money you want to create – with a number and dollar sign.  Instead of 225K, write out $225,000.  One money mindset block I see is fear around claiming the number.  For many female entrepreneurs, it feels safer to write $225K instead of the actual number. 

Here’s the deal. 

Writing out the actual number is giving yourself permission to be safe; giving yourself permission to unapologetically take full responsibility and accountability for creating wealth in every area of your life.

Break it down by week.  By month.  By quarter.  By year.

As a High-Ticket woman entrepreneur who wants to radically increase her income and profits while working less, your two key questions are (1) how much money do I want to make each month, and (2) how little to do I want to work each week?

How much money do you want to create?  What is your income goal for the next 90 days?  How much money do you want to create in 6 months, in 1 year and in 5 years?  Claim your money goal now and own your numbers.  You won’t reach your money goal if you don’t claim it. 

Clarity leads to Confidence, which leads to Clients.

Mindset Secret #3 – Give Money a Home

Money loves a plan.  A crystal-clear plan.  Allocate every dollar and give money a home or a job to do and it will show up to work for you.

Percentages work great.  If you have no idea where the money will go, sit down today and create a list of how you’ll allocate each dollar as it comes in.  Make a date with your money.  Give it the attention it needs so that it flows easily to you and stays with you long enough to do its job or stay.  Create a money frequency that pulls your income, impact and profit goals towards you.  Remind yourself you love making X amount months.

If your money doesn’t have a plan, it will make one for you.

Mindset Secret #4 – Be Clear on Your Niche

How easy are you making it for your ideal High-Ticket Clients and More Money to come to you?  Is it crystal clear what you do and who you serve? 

Be a specialist.  Solve just one thing for your clients.  Just one thing.  The deeper the niche, the more value you can provide.  Be the best at creating results in that one area and you’ll be the expert in that niche.

This is really important and can be very challenging, especially for women who like to be everything to everyone.  Let’s keep it simple.  

Decide on a niche that is most congruent to you so that you don’t end up feeling like an imposter.  One of the questions I hear most when coaching women entrepreneurs to create High-Ticket Packages is, “what’s the best High-Ticket niche?

Here’s a High-Ticket Business Coaching secret.   There is No special High-Ticket Niche.

It always come back to value.  You can serve in any area and make it profitable.  You can help clients with basket weaving or painting mansions and create high-value packages that allow those who want it to create amazing results in less time.

You can coach women to lose weight or help women 10X their profits.  It doesn’t really matter.  The point is that you choose a niche that has ideal clients who are willing to invest in themselves at a higher level.

Trust your intuition and choose a niche where people are willing to invest in themselves and create better results for themselves.  Contrary to popular opinion or what you see on social media, no market is saturated.  A profitable niche is one that supports you to make money doing what you love.

Decide on what results you’ll provide, what you’ll focus on and what NOT to focus on. This is important because shiny object syndrome is real and being everything to everyone is contagious.  Claiming your niche and staying in your lane is crucial to your success.  

What this means for me in my coaching business is sticking with what works for connecting with my ideal clients; claiming my niche and working exclusively with women entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants; offering only 1 front-facing High-Ticket VIP Day Intensive; with only one result – creating, marketing and selling a $25K or higher High-Ticket Package.

Find your Business G-Spot, and keep it Simple, specific and clear.

Your niche is NOT meant to limit you.  It is merely a High-Ticket Money Mindset that supports you to focus and position your business to strategically align with your ideal High-Ticket Client and the exponential results she wants to create.

Mindset Secret #5 – Claim Your Ideal High-Ticket Client

You’re not here to work with everyone.  When creating High-Ticket Packages, consider choosing clients you want to work with within your niche.  Don’t just settle for clients you think you’re qualified to serve.

Clearly articulate WHO you work with and the crystal-clear value you’re providing so that your potential clients resonate with it.  It must be clear enough for them to know for sure it solves a problem they have, and it will be easier for them to decide your services are the obvious choice for them to solve that problem.

Know who you work with and the specific result she will get.

Mindset Secret #6 – Master Your Magnetic Messaging

How easily do your Ideal Clients know you’re they’re obvious choice?  Is your website clear, specific and easy to navigate, and how wide open is your door?

So, how do you master this magnetic messaging that stops your High-Ticket Coaching and Consulting Clients from scrolling and empowers them to pay attention? Forget everything you’ve heard about the books they read and the movies they enjoy watching for a moment and focus on ONE thing for now. Know what’s going on inside. Know their struggle so well that they believe you know what’s frustrating them even more than they do and your services are the solution.

Speak to them in their language.  Magnetic messaging speaks to the heart of High-Ticket Clients and increases High-Ticket Sales and Profits because the messaging has language that gets them and creates instant engagement.  They dm you or send you an email to learn more, or even better, easily find you, instantly apply to work with you and immediately hire you (assuming you believe you’re a great fit).  To get the real HOW, read 10X High-Ticket Clients and High-Ticket Sales with Magnetic Messaging Now.

Secret # 7 – Create, Commit to, and Take Action on a Clear and Specific Marketing and Sales Plan

As the female entrepreneur and CEO of your business, you’re the one driving marketing in your coaching, consulting or service-based business so you have to be willing to take the visible and sometimes vulnerable steps that you don’t want to take. 

High-Ticket Money Mindset issues show up in a myriad of ways. I recently had a conversation with a life coach for women entrepreneurs who was struggling with marketing and creating her ideal clients.  When I asked what was getting in the way, she was very candid and explained that she’s obsessed with finding the best planners for women entrepreneurs – her tool for mapping out her marketing and sales plans for the whole year.  The problem?  She never read her planner after planning.  So, she never followed through with any of the marketing plans in her planner. 

She was using her womens planner to self-sabotage creating clients because she was afraid to be visible. Writing out the plans was busy work.  She could check off marketing on her business list, without actually doing the marketing.  I’ve seen hundreds of money blocks, but this was a new one for me. 

Anyway, I challenged her to just get a pen and plain paper and spend the next 30 minutes mapping out her marketing plan for the next 6 months and keep it on her phone or somewhere visible every day.  She did, and she’s never looked back. 

Let’s keep this simple.  Have a pen, paper, and simple calendar handy.  Identify what marketing strategies you want to use in your business.  Let’s say you’re doing Podcasts, Blogging, and Facebook Lives, for example.  How many Facebook Lives, Blogs, Podcasts are you planning to do each month? Write down the number.

Break it down clearly.

When will you create the videos?  Will you transcribe them to create assets for your blog, Facebook and other social media?  For example, Create Podcasts – 1 hour twice a month or Create Facebook Lives – 30 minutes four times a month.

Now break it down even further by day.  Which day of the week?  At what time on that day of the week?  So, every Tuesday @ 2 PM, I’ll record a 60-minute Podcast or host a Facebook Live or Write a Blog Post.

Put each marketing event on your calendar and make it a recurring event.  If you plan to batch create your content (highly recommend), block the exact days and times on the calendar so that you know exactly what you’re doing and at what time.

This is KEY.  What is your intention and money goal for each marketing strategy?  It’s too easy to get caught up in vanity metrics and volume that have no money behind it.  Who wants 100,000 subscribers and no corresponding money? 

To release money blocks around the fake and vanity metrics, especially on social media, tie in the money and value component.  The metrics must turn into money for the marketing to be worth it.  Set the intention of a money goal tied to each marketing strategy so that it’s more than just a pleasant experience for you.  For example, at the end of 6 months and 24 Facebook Lives, I want to create $100,000 in income.

Once you’ve set your money goal and you have your High-Ticket Marketing strategies in place, determine how many conversations, sales calls or consultations you need to have each week to meet your sales and money goals.  The number one reason why Sales is so exhausting for some women entrepreneurs (and I’m not just talking about sales conversations) is because they don’t have a High-Ticket Sales plan in place that supports them to convey the value of what they offer (and they don’t give themselves a price raise).

Create a simple plan that supports you to book all your sales calls during the first two weeks of each month or preferably by the 15th of each month.  Starting each month believing you have 30 days to meet your sales goal is a huge money block that creates stress and desperation as the end of the month gets closer.

What processes and systems do you need to have in place to make sales happen when they need to happen?  How easy is it for clients to pay you?  How easy is it to receive money?

Secret #8 – Align Your Pricing with Your Money Goals

Raise your hand if you’re overcharging.  In all the years I’ve been coaching and working with women entrepreneurs, I’ve never met any who is overpriced.  Pricing is like the oxygen in your business.  It can breathe if your pricing is not aligned.  Pricing also determines how much income and profits you make so charging the value of your services is a must do.

Your potential clients are sophisticated and capable enough of deciding whether they choose to invest in themselves or not.  They are also quite capable of deciding what they can and cannot afford.  It’s not your job to decide for potential clients what they can or cannot invest in or afford.  Business coaching and Money Mindset coaching with women entrepreneurs has taught me that while people don’t have money for everything, they have money for the most important things in their lives.

Pricing is NOT a judgment about your value.

When it comes to pricing, keep your eyes on the Value and Return of Investment for your High-Ticket Clients.  ROI is so much more than the money AND more about who our High-Ticket Clients are being + what they are doing and creating as they reach their goals.

Asking “who is going to pay that much” for your High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or other services has NOTHING to do with the value you offer and EVERYTHING to do with the crappy story you’re telling yourself about your pricing. 

We do our clients a disservice by charging lower prices than our services are worth because it breeds resentment.  Resentment in turn, blocks your ability to receive money.  Not charging enough is also a sophisticated money mindset limiting belief that blocks High-Ticket Sales and repels our ideal High-Ticket Clients.  This money block supports female entrepreneurs to feel sleazy during sales conversations because “it feels off” to sell something you’re not aligned with.

For a detailed deep dive into Pricing and Charging, and how to create aligned pricing, read 3 Sneaky Pricing Money Mindset Blocks to Release Now.

Secret #9 – Simplify Your Priorities

It’s time to declutter your priorities.

What are you prioritizing?  Align your priorities with your money goals, your vision and your WHY.  Who are you trying to make happy with your choice of clients, niche and pricing?  What are you trying to stuff into one day, one week, one month or even one year?

Are you doing ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. instead of prioritizing and focusing on your top 3 needle movers in your business daily?  Most of what makes the magic happen in business, where the real money comes in, involves visibility and vulnerability – marketing, sales and leadership.  These are the top needle movers.

When it comes to focusing and simplifying priorities, it is so much easier and less challenging to focus on busy work instead of doing the things that make the magic happen.  Visibility and vulnerability demand that we confront our limiting beliefs, so we avoid doing anything that triggers showing up.

Whatever you’re avoiding today, this moment in your business is the needle mover in your business.

Ask yourself, What am I avoiding today? Or What do I not want to do today?

What is the return on investment in doing the things you’re doing to make money in your business? 

Is the thing you’re prioritizing and focusing on today one step away from creating your ideal High-Ticket Client?  Or is it 8 steps away (but more comfortable, right?  Way less scary and confronting).

That’s the clue — what you need to prioritize – the quickest, shortest path.

Secret #10 – Release Competing Priorities

Competing priorities create distraction, which leads to procrastination, which then leads to overwhelm.

Wise folks say if you want to make everyone happy, go sell ice cream.  You can’t twist yourself into pretzel with competing priorities, which for women entrepreneurs involve taking care of everyone and people pleasing.

For example, you have an intention to make $200,000 in your business, but you’re making it harder by creating and selling $97 products.  How many of these do you have to sell in one year to create your $200,000 money goal?  Your intention to make $200,000 a year is now competing with selling low priced coaching or consulting packages aka overwhelm.

You want to make more money, but you want to keep your prices low so that everyone is happy.  Your decision to create abundance is now competing with your desire to people please.  Align the investment to work with you with your money goals. 

Release the things that are not supporting you to meet your goals so that you focus on the needle movers, step out of procrastination and perfectionism, avoid overwhelm and go all in for what you want.

Secret #11 – Set Short Timelines and Take Swift Aligned Action

One of my favorite coaching questions is By When?  To create outcomes, we need to master the habit of taking new action quickly; within 24 hours.  Short-time frames kills perfectionism, procrastination, analysis paralysis, and leave no room for Impostor Syndrome.

It provides the opportunity to step up and create exponential results without waiting until X, Y and Z fall into place.  How quickly can you get it done?  What “It” is that you’ve been procrastinating on.  Maybe it’s creating the video or publishing the blog or calling that potential client who emailed you last week. 

There’s never a perfect time to do anything so practice starting before you’re ready.  Done is better than perfect and Clarity comes from taking action.

A wise man once said, “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.”  You can’t reach your money goals without taking action in your business.  You don’t have to go from where you are today, to 100% profitable High-Ticket business model with one step.  It’s a process.  You just keep taking steps, pause, look around to enjoy the view, celebrate each small win, and then take the next step from your new vantage point.

By When?

Bonus: High-Ticket Money Mindset Journal Prompts and Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants who want to unapologetically create $25,000 months and higher (High Ticket Money Mantras).

I Am Blessed.

I Am Loved.

I Am Fully Supported.

I Am Powerful.

I Am Confident.

I Appreciate Myself.

I Love Creating $___________ Months.

It is Easy for Me to Create $______________ a Month.

I Easily Allow In $______________________ a Month.

Making over $25,000 a Month is __________________________.

The Idea of Turning My Annual Income into My Monthly Income _____________________ Me.

If I Turn My Annual Income into My Monthly Income, My Life Will Be _____________________.

I ____________________________ Money.

All I See is Opportunity.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert  www.highticketbusinesscoach.com.

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