Selling Bespoke $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Growth and Money Mindset

Selling Bespoke $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Growth and Money Mindset.

Welcome back to our High-Ticket Profit Explosion 10X Exponential Growth Series where we focus on LESS is MORE

If you’ve been following the blog this month and all of Q2, you know we’re ditching good and going for great.

We’re leaving behind everything we’ve 100% outgrown in our mainstream coaching business and moving from 10% incremental growth to 10X or more exponential growth in our lives, relationships, health, money, profits, wealth, money, spirituality and joy.

If your head is spinning right now, no worries I got you.

I specialize in Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers, High-Ticket Sales Mastery and High-Ticket Profit Explosion with a 10X or higher growth mindset for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.

Let me be clear. 10X growth or 10X money mindset or Exponential growth does NOT mean selling bespoke high-ticket coaching offers.

High-Ticket Coaching Offers are just one of the millions of ways to quantum leap, create 10X exponential growth and high-ticket profit explosion in your coaching business. You get to choose what works best for you, your coaching business and your lifestyle.

Here are a few videos to support you to step fully into selling bespoke $100K (or any amount) High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Growth and Money Mindset (if you choose).

What if I’m Not Yet Selling Bespoke $100K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers?

Today’s blog post is all about Selling Bespoke $100K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Growth and Money Mindset.

Or for those Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches who’re just dipping their toes in the Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers Pond, let’s say selling coaching offers $25K and higher. 

And of course, the same 10X Money Mindset principles apply to low ticket coaching offers, mid-ticket coaching offers and beginner High-Ticket Coaching Offers starting at $10K (and lower).

If you’re considering selling bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers and you’ll love examples, then these 3 High-Ticket Coaching videos are perfect for you.

The first video will give you the secret that your business coach won’t tell you about how to create your Soul-led, deeply potent, high-value High-Ticket Coaching Offer from your own Prosperous Womb.

The second video is a High-Ticket Coaching Offer guide with what to consider when creating a high-value, potent Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offer without relying on someone else’s formula, coaching business model or blueprint.

The third video dives into how to create and sell high-ticket coaching offers.

And the fourth video provides 3 examples of $100K and $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers as a guide for creating your own deep impact and High-Ticket Profit Explosion.

This blog post is for you if you’ve been selling Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers for 20 years, and it’s for you if you’re considering adding your first signature Bespoke $50K High-Ticket Coaching Offers to your coaching business.

And it’s also for you whether you have a coaching niche, or you’re a multi-passionate coach swimming in the X-factor ‘don’t put me in a box’ pool.


Ok. Let’s dive into the Selling Bespoke $100K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Money Mindset discussion.

But first, feel free to substitute $100K with whatever amount you’re comfortable with. 

This is NOT a comfortable hangout if you’re still marinating in mainstream coaching pricing so let’s see how you feel about your own pricing AFTER this 10X Money Mindset discussion.

Selling Bespoke $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Money Mindset Starts with This ONE Thing.

10X growth Money Mindset when selling bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers starts with telling the truth

In this case, the truth about your relationship with the money you’ll be receiving for your potent body of DEEP, High-Ticket, High-Value work.

And the truth about your commitments.

You need these two things to ACTUALLY sell and make impact and profits when selling bespoke high-ticket coaching offers.

Watch this very short, yet potent video discussing commitments BEFORE reading further so that what comes next truly lands for you.

Nothing you do to sell bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers or create 10X growth in your coaching business matters if you’re lying to yourself AND if you’re NOT 100% aligned with receiving and fully enjoying the 10X money, joy, freedom and life that comes with that 10X growth and 10X Money Mindset.

You’ll end up doing 10X more things to prove your worth.

You’ll end up taking 10X more actions to stay busy.

But you’ll just end up being frustrated, burnt out, undercharging, overdelivering, questioning your self-worth, discounting the value of your offers and expanding your message to speak to clients you have no interest in working with.

And you don’t have to.  Really.

All you gotta do is simply soften and allow money in. How?

No, not by going down the money mindset rabbit hole of where you grew up, or how your parents talked about money when you were 7, how many arguments your parents had or didn’t have about money, or what your grandmother believes about women and money.

You don’t even need to check on whether the adults in your life tortured you with the whole ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ BS.

Here’s what I’m inviting you to consider, today, in this precious moment, as a grown woman selling or considering bespoke high-ticket coaching offers with a 10x money mindset.

Cue the wild dancing and champagne because of course, I have more videos to support you with everything you’re about to consider.

I invite you to look at your CURRENT money beliefs directly in the eye and dance with these 13 wildly relevant questions.

TRUST YOURSELF. You already know all the answers. There’s nothing new here. As always, my job is simply to support to remember that you already know.

Key 10X Money Mindset Questions to Ask Yourself

➡️ Do you remember WHO you are and RECOGNIZE that you were born already worthy of receiving? 

Your worth has everything to do with WHO God says you are (priceless) and NOTHING to do with the value or worth of your offers.  Are you currently charging the FULL worth of your offers?

➡️ Do you own the value of the work you do now, and the results you co-create, without discounting or diminishing or distancing yourself from the potency of your work?

➡️Do you enjoy getting paid for giving potent value?

➡️ Do you believe that your aligned clients want to, and are willing and ready to invest in/buy your offers today?

➡️ Do you believe that your aligned clients value your offer as it is today?

➡️ Do you believe your offer is priced to attract the attention of the clients you want to work with?  Or is it still priced for those you’ve outgrown?

➡️ Do you believe your messaging speaks directly to the heartbeat of your soul client?  Or is it still speaking to the clients you worked with 6 months ago?

➡️What are you resisting sharing in your message that will activate your audience to work with you, and 100% support you to receive MORE if you shared with your audience?

➡️What is your energy around sales?

➡️Where are you waiting for everything to be perfect before making your highest-level invitation to your highest-level clients?

➡️ Where are you basing what higher impact you can create based on what you’ve done in the past?

➡️What are you saying YES to now that you need to say NO to, in support of receiving MORE.

➡️What low quality thoughts and actions are keeping you away from your 10x growth income, health, life, profits, impact and money.

As promised, here are a few videos to support you.

This first video dives into pricing your bespoke high-ticket coaching offers, some of the biggest pricing mistakes I’ve seen coaches make when selling bespoke high-ticket coaching offers, and how to completely avoid them.

The second video dives into 5 ways to know you’re NOT yet aligned with your bespoke high-ticket coaching offers AND your pricing.

The third video is a reminder that when it comes to selling bespoke high-ticket coaching offers, the money is in the heartbeat connection message.

In the fourth video, find out the biggest messaging mistake when it comes to dialing-in messaging for high-ticket coaching offers, and how to avoid it without losing impact and profits.

It contradicts with one of the big lies I hear all the time in the high-ticket coaching space, whenever women coaches are not selling their bespoke high-ticket coaching offers like hotcakes. ‘I’ll sell (or sell more) bespoke $100K+ high-ticket coaching offers once I get luxury branding.

Here’s the boring truth when it comes to selling bespoke high-ticket coaching offers.

You don’t need a luxury brand, fancy website, luxury photoshoot, fancy business cards, complicated business strategies, guru secrets, an amazon “best seller” book, or 5 years expertise. All those are perfect, but not a pre-requisite.

The fifth video shows you that ALL you need to get moving is a transformational message that connects to the heartbeat of your potential Soul-aligned clients so that they know that you fully see them, hear them and know them. Watch the video for the very potent stuff and dial-in your 7-figure heartbeat messaging.

And the sixth and seventh videos will support you to create dream high-ticket coaching clients you enjoy working with, and you can be yourself with.

The Truth About a 10X Money Mindset and High-Ticket Profit Explosion

And now, let’s talk more about the 10x Money Mindset that actually sells bespoke high-ticket coaching offers and creates high-ticket profit explosion in your coaching business and deeper impact for your clients.

You won’t make 10x money or profits if you’re scared of making money.
You won’t make 10x money or profits if you’ve got pseudo intellectual rules about being rich or wealthy.
You won’t make 10x money of profits if you believe you have to do 10x more things/strategies.

10x Money and Profits come to women who have an honest relationship with money. They know that money in their hands is a healing balm in the world. They….

Love spending/sharing/investing/blessing with it.
Love having it.
Love being supported by it.
Trust who they are with it.
Trust what it can do for them.
Love partnering with it to do good in the world.
Love appreciating it and being grateful for what it can do for them, their loved ones, the world.
Know without a doubt they want it.
Know how to use it in their Assignment and for the highest good of all.

If not, it will still come.  It always does, BUT it will bring a lot of crap along with it.  You already know that.

Allow your business to be a manifestation portal for you and focus simply on creating value that’s better, more distinct, in a category of ONE, and from the space of your unique genius in your prosperous womb.

This is NOT woo-woo.  It’s a 10X lifestyle. And you simply have to shift the thoughts you have about it.  You’ve got a million other thoughts to choose from. 

So, Choose wisely.

For additional support with creating, positioning, pricing, marketing, selling and scaling with bespoke high-ticket coaching offers, check out The Prosperous Womb High-Ticket Coaching Channel on YouTube.

What’s Next for Your Coaching Business?

To dive deeper into the world of selling bespoke High-Ticket Coaching Offers in any amount, here are a few ways to go deeper with your high-ticket profit explosion.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops

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Private Bespoke High-Ticket Coaching

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The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day. A Full Deep Dive with just me, you and your coaching business at a luxury 5-Star Hotel. Everything from Niching, Offers, Packaging, Pricing, Positioning, Signature Systems, Marketing, Messaging, Sales and Intimate Heart-based Scaling, depending on where you are now.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “Selling Bespoke $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers with a 10X Money Mindset” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

Please share this Post with other Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches creating and enjoying successful 7, 8 or 9-figure coaching business on their terms without sacrificing their time, energy, faith or joy.

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