How to Quantum Leap with 10x Growth in Your Coaching Business

How to Quantum Leap with 10x Growth in Your Coaching Business. Especially when you’re selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers in any Coaching Niche.

One of the things I love about the coaching industry is how everything we think, see, eat, be, do, drink, or watch influences our lives, the money and profits we create, the clients we work with, and our highest level of impact yet.

One of the greatest gifts we can choose for ourselves when selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is knowing how to quantum leap in our coaching business aka quantum growth. 

Not simply to fill some bottomless bucket with more money or more of whatever, but to align with the best version of ourselves.  Our future self.  HER. And serve at our deepest level.

How to Quantum Leap in Your Coaching Business – Becoming HER

And that’s why I support selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers and creating High-Ticket Profit Explosion. Our greatest freedom is how we choose to see ourselves.

10x growth, quantum leaps and high-ticket profit explosion ALL start with us telling the truth.

When we see ourselves as already worthy, loved, supported, well able, powerful, self-led and committed, it’s easier serve at our deepest level with our most potent body or work and create the life we desire now.

When we see ourselves as HER, we step fully into our Joy, Freedom, and Fullest expression of ourselves.

This month, The Prosperous Womb email community is diving deeper into all aspects of HER.

HER is simply the 10x growth model that I’ve used to create powerful shifts in my own life from how I quite a 40-year sugar addiction to healing my body from chronic disease and creating the courage to grow an unapologetic bespoke, private high-ticket coaching boutique.

HER is YOU 5 or 10 years from today. For me, it’s MiMi 2028 and MiMi 2028’s energy.

From health to wealth, and impact and profits in our businesses, we’re focusing on everything 10x moving forward.  Gone are the days of incremental 10% growth.  We’ve 100% outgrown the mainstream way of doing business.

If you’re here to go deeper into how to quantum leap with 10x growth in your coaching business, keep reading.  If not, it was good having you.

Today, we’re diving into HER and how to quantum leap from the perspective of what you’re watching.  To dive deeper into ALL aspects of HER and how this affects the results you’re creating now in your coaching business, check out The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop, HER.

For now, let’s rewind back to my previous live High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops over the last few years. Some of the ‘watching’ questions I asked everyone include,

What shows do you watch?
What shows do you watch to build a wealth attitude and mindset?

What shows are you saying to watching now that HER/your future self said no to 5 years ago?

What shows are future self/HER saying YES to, that you’re still saying no to today?

Or if you don’t watch anything, apply this same concept to eating/drinking/hours of sleep/ relationships/exercise/sugar/addiction/social media/news/etc?

Before I share the top 9 shows that the women have shared over the years, I’ll share a little bit about why this is so important for shifting from incremental 10% growth into 10X growth.

Whatever shows you’re saying yes to, are influencing whatever it is you’re currently creating in your life and business right now.  That goes for you, me, all of us.

I’ll ask again. When it comes to your version of how to quantum leap for 10x growth in your coaching business, does your future self/HER value the quality of the shows you’re watching today?  

What is your future self/HER saying no to watching/eating/reading/doing/being that you’re still saying yes to today?

Let’s apply that to your income/profits.

The impact of 10% incremental growth is 10% of $100K (or insert your 2022 income) = $10K.

The impact of 10X growth is 10x of $100K (or insert your 2022 income) = $1,000,000. 💰

Whatever you say yes to watching/reading/eating/drinking/etc creates your level of expansion.  Personally, now I only enjoy watching those shows that expand me, my attitude and my mindset. 

The few shows that support me when I’m deciding how to quantum leap and create 10x impact in my life.

This hasn’t always been the case for me. I used to watch whatever I found entertaining.

As I narrowed my lens to 10x, the things that I once found interesting or entertaining, no longer fascinated or interested me. Just like sugar, they fell to the side. I realize now that my HER had said no to those shows long before I chose to listen to HER.

The shows/books/things/relationships/ideas/food/life in my 20% bucket was at the bottom of HER’s 80% bucket. I dive into the 80-20 Rule and 10x growth in The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshop, HER.

How to Create and Use Expansion Energy to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers

These days I’m more into shows/things that showcase the 10x growth mindset. I love and enjoy the attitude and mindset of women who KNOW they can have it all.  And act based on that KNOWING.

This is a secret I learned from my accounting professor who would always remind me that if I wanted to pass the CPA, I need to study with people who KNOW they’re going to pass the exam. Faith.

This is 100% Expansion Energy.   

100% Expansion energy is where you give yourself room to grow so that you identify how to make an hour with you worth 10 times more to the right client.

It’s the High-Ticket Coaching Offer that creates DEPTH – that deeper transformational journey that co-creates exponential expansion for your high-ticket coaching clients.

When you fall in love with your deeply transformational high-ticket coaching offers you’re like 7-year olds on Christmas morning. You cannot help but scream about the offers from the rooftop and sell it like it’s the best thing in the world.

Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers BEcome the transformational portal for your high-ticket coaching clients’ lives, health, relationships, career, wealth, bodies/whatever you coach on, and a manifestation portal for your own coaching business.

100% Expansion energy is where creativity is the home of healing and transformation for us and for our high-ticket coaching clients.

You know without a doubt that LESS is MORE.

You go deeper.

You serve deeper.

And create love, wealth and mastery from the inside out.

You create your most potent body of work.

You co-create more distinct exponential results.

You tap into your Prosperous Womb and your unique magic to operate in a Category of ONE because no one can be and do what you offer the way you be and do it.

The Power of Expansion Energy for High-Ticket Profit Explosion

➡️Expansion supports you to identify what it will take to let go of good for great.

➡️ Expansion supports you to create from where you are with LOVE because you’re no longer making where you are now, wrong.

➡️ Expansion supports you to create dialed-in marketing messages that speak exclusively to WHO you choose to work with, and not EVERYONE.

➡️ Expansion supports you to raise your prices and charge the value of the offers/packages because you know the impact your work makes in the world, and the value to your clients.

➡️ Expansion supports you to show up BRAVELY and powerfully position your high-ticket coaching offers as the obvious choice because you have conviction in what you’re selling.

➡️Expansion supports you to boldly share the message that you’re resisting sharing – the heartbeat connection that activates your potential high-ticket coaching clients to want to go on the voyage of discovery with your high-ticket coaching offers.

➡️ Expansion supports you to sell and serve with ease because you STOP making selling wrong.

➡️ Expansion supports you to let go of commitment trauma and create long-term packages that actually support the exponential results your clients want now.

Expansion Experience has taught me that where you are now in your business journey tells you NOTHING about what you can create in the next minute/day/month/quarter/year/the future.

And when we step into expansive energy (especially those of us who are making money and impact using our divine gifts),


We start with the lifestyle we desire and create a coaching business that wraps around it.

We align ourselves with who God says we are and stop chasing shiny objects that seem to have a clearer, easier path.

We stop playing with the lesser 10% goals that keep us away from our 10X goals.

We stop playing small.

We stop growing businesses we’ve 100% outgrown.

We stop selling offers and marketing to clients we’ve 100% outgrown.

We stop people pleasing.

We stop questioning our self-worth.

We stop settling.

We stop hiding and share our best work.

We stop pretending not to know the how.

We ask better questions.

We step fully into receiving everything God has promised is available to us. 

👀 Without shame, judgment, or condemning others who already have it or how they received it.

👀 Without making wealth bad, hard or confusing or perfect for her, but not me.

My invitation to you today is to be-come part of the kind of world/community/mastermind/relationship that you want to create in your own reality.

To watch the shows that support you Being HER.

What influences you now?  Who are you hanging around?  Do they/Does it expand you?

What are you watching/reading/taking in?  Does it make you believe you can have anything you desire?  Does it remind you that anything is possible if you believe?

What do you see as normal in your life?

What do you see as effortless in your business?
What do you see as ‘but of course’ in your business?

When 5 clients reach out to you in one day, and 4 out of 5 say yes to themselves with your potent high-ticket coaching offer and yes to working with you, is that ‘but of course this is normal,’ or ‘oh my gosh, how did that happen?’ Is it effortless?

I’m here to remind you that.
physical wealth is safe.  you’re meant to healthy.
time wealth is safe.  you’re meant to enjoy time freedom.
money wealth is safe.  you’re meant to have money.
emotional wealth is safe.  you’re meant to have shalom.
mental wealth is safe.  you’re meant to well.
financial wealth is safe.  you’re meant to be rich.

And before I leave, here’s the list of the top 9 shows women watch to remember they can have it all (from their perspective, not yours).

Gossip Girl
Downton Abbey
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Sex and the City
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The Cosby Show
Buying Beverly Hills

Share Your favorite Shows in the comments below.

What is your exponential goal this year, this month, this week?

How will you prioritize yourself this year in service of your exponential 10X results? 

What difference would that make in your life, family, Spirituality, health, money, wealth, business and relationships?

What difference will it make for your clients?

When you take exquisite care of yourself, you’re a match to miracles.

LESS is MORE. And if you know you know you’re secretly fed-up with 10% growth and ready to 10X your life, your joy, your business, your relationships, and your health without doing 10 times more work (with MORE REST), then, Join Me at The High-Ticket Profit Explosion LIVE EVENT.  

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Quantum Leap with 10x Growth in Your Coaching Business” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb. |