3 Money Mindset Strategies to Simplify and Grow Your Business: High-Ticket Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants

As a High-Ticket Packages Business Coach, one of the questions I consistently get from women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants is, “What do I focus on if I want to grow and scale my coaching business without stress?” 

If keeping things simple without overwhelm, stress or complicated business strategies is at the top of your ease and flow business list, then these 3 Money Mindset business growth strategies are just what you need in your business kit.

Part of the discussion brings up concerns about whether simplicity hinders growth.   Let’s deal with this issue before diving into the strategies to simplify and grow your business. 

Here’s the deal.  This is a popular Money Block.  Scarcity and Struggle lead right into the Either-Or way of doing business, which then pits simplicity against growth.

But what if one could do both and get even better results?

What if we looked at the And-both way of being, instead? 

Instead of asking whether it’s simplicity or growth.  What if it’s BOTH simplicity AND growth.  (assuming you want both).

Now, let’s talk about what comes up when most of us business women hear the words growth and scale.  Does growing or scaling your business mean making things harder or more complicated? 

For many women entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants, growth and scale bring up images of a large team, complicated business funnels, complex business strategies, less sleep and working more hours. 

One potential client, a business coach who was already working 60 hours a week to market and sell her $97 coaching programs explained that she never wants to grow her business because it would take too many Facebook ad strategies. She constantly hit her upper ceiling and struggled with her desired income goal of $250K because she had convinced herself she’d have to work 100 hours a week to just to make her dream 250K money goal.

In her situation, and with that money mindset, she’s right.

But what if growing or scaling your business had nothing to do with working more, or working harder, or expensive Facebook ads, or doing more of what’s not working?

Sounds like a fantasy, right?

What if simplifying and growing your coaching, consulting or other service-based business comes down to just two things. Trust + Decide.

A simple decision to simplify your business model.

Yes, that simple leadership decision can change everything, and is the difference between struggling and freedom.

When you step into proactive leadership and choose the business model that works for you, it creates momentum.  Identify what sort of business experience fills you up. Is it Private 1-1, One to many, Online courses, or Live experiences?

It’s a mindset Identity shift that supports you to focus on what will be a great fit for where you’d love to BE instead of staying stuck in “yes, but” beliefs, and floundering scarcity and procrastination.

Start with your Why and tap into Who and what are you BEcoming on your business journey?  Are you committed to simplifying and BEing more strategic with a system that works for you? Being clear on what you want and streamlining on what to focus on is KEY.  It’s not about doing more or working harder.

 It’s about being specific and consistent and working smarter.  Consistency and specificity are abundance magnets.

Now that we have the basic mindset shifts out of the way, let’s dive into the 3 Key Money Mindset Strategies that will 10X your coaching, consulting or service-based business profits with ease.

The first strategy is a powerful way to make life easier for yourself.

Nail your highly profitable Niche and Signature System. 

Trust your intuition and choose a niche where people are willing to invest in themselves and create better results for themselves.  Contrary to popular opinion or what you see on social media, no market is saturated.  A profitable niche is one that supports you to make money doing what you love.

I invite you to focus on working ONLY with ideal clients within that highly profitable niche so that you get skilled at creating better results for you and your client.  As a profitable business woman, you want unlimited potential to grow and scale the number of people you serve; and you want a niche that doesn’t put a ceiling cap on your income potential. If you’re not feeling it, be brave and brilliant enough to break up with a niche that’s not working.  I’ve had to do that twice.

A Profitable Niche is the difference between “trying to help more people or trying to create more impact” and Actually helping more people and creating massive impact.  In your profitable niche, your ideal clients are willing and committed to making the investment in the results they get from working with you.  For everyone else outside your niche, your services are “just a nice to have.”  In your profitable niche, they’re always a “must have.”

And consider creating your own signature system. Every business deserves a signature system.  Your signature system is the process you use to support clients to get results. This signature system is what magnifies the value of your services and makes it easier for your ideal clients to say YES because they see exactly how they can create the results they want. 

Create a High-Ticket Business Model.

Once you’ve nailed your profitable niche and have signature system in place, simplifying your business with a High-Ticket business model to offer results-based High-Ticket Packages shifts you out of complex business strategies into ease and flow.  A simple High-Ticket business model stabilizes your business regardless of trendy marketing and sales practices or the latest flashy social media platforms. 

When it comes to creating a High-Ticket business model and creating High-Ticket coaching or consulting packages, one of the lingering questions I get is “Do I need a team to make my first 6 figures?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, a consultant, a dentist, a chiropractor, a baker, a yoga instructor, a lawyer or any other service-based woman entrepreneur, the quick answer is, you don’t need a team.  You don’t need teams, fancy bells and whistles or any other distraction to create the money you want in your business. You don’t need a logo.  You don’t need a website. 

You only need to have profitable niche, know you your ideal clients are and what they want, figure out what value you can create to help them, design a High-Ticket package (front-end offer + back-end offer) that creates results, create market marking that speaks to where they are in their journey and sell.

High-Ticket business models with High-Ticket Packages (results-based offers) shrink time and exponentially grow your profits and impact.  You create more money in less time because your pricing positions you to create premium ideal clients without twisting yourself into a pretzel to please anyone.  Ideal clients who are completely committed to creating better results in their lives, health, relationships, careers or businesses.

This is a great time to pause to acknowledge the Money Mindset issues – triggers that come up for many women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in this area.

This could be trigger if you buy into the limiting beliefs that it takes a year or more to make 6-figures or if you’re limiting yourself to an arbitrary 5K or 10K monthly income ceiling.

Create a shift by focusing on the advantages of High-Ticket Packages for your clients, and yourself.  Consider that offering High-Ticket Packages creates better results and a greater return on investment for your clients, while supporting you to work at your highest level. 

The key to simplicity is scaling back on what you offer. Consider creating only one front-end offer that you use to market your services and enroll clients, with a higher priced and amazing results-based offer as your back end or next level option.  Your Front-end offer is something that is an easy yes for premium ideal clients. For example, my front-end offer is my Private Virtual High-Ticket Packages VIP Day Intensive. Leveraging simplicity works wonders to attract and create your ideal clients who don’t end up been paralyzed with 4 or 5 different offers. 

Clarity, consistency and specificity attract wealth and create better results.  So, the deeper you go in your niche, the wider and higher the level of impact and transformation you create for your clients (and those they live, work and play with).  The fastest path to significant time and money freedom, and profits is creating and selling one or two offers. 

Again, this is usually triggering for women entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants who have taken a vow of struggle.  If you’re addicted to working harder to make money, or programmed to work 90-hour weeks to create 6 figures, then it may take some money mindset works to shift the money blocks and lean into the vision of creating 6 figures with just 4 clients or 5 or 2 or even just 1, depending on your High-Ticket Package and what results your clients create.

I’ve experienced this too in my own business journey.  Several clients (and me) have felt the need to prove our worth to justify charging a specific price point.  It would be a shame to settle for a business model that supports a limiting belief that you’re not qualified to charge a certain price.

It’s not all butterflies and kisses. The truth is if you want to create a profitable business with High-Ticket packages, you must be willing to doing things a bit differently than you’ve done before.  And there’ll be a part of the critter brain having a meltdown around “different.” 

It’s terrifying and natural to BE uncomfortable.  The level of discomfort is just a recognition that change and up leveling is uncomfortable, but the payoff makes it worth it.  Imagine being the business owner who has time and money freedom — whatever FREEDOM means to you.  How will your life be different? How will all that flexibility affect your and your life?

It’s not about the dollar amount you make in your business.  It’s more about the quality of life you get to step into for the rest of your life, and the impact this will have on everyone in your life.

Significant time and money freedom (every week – every single day).  Not just when you’re on vacation.  That’s a corporate job mindset.  Personally, it’s more important for me to have freedom and flexibility every single day than being stressed out and waiting for my 3 month vacation (even though a 3 month vacation is a great treat). I prefer daily flexibility and the 3 month vacation. Not Either-Or. Every business woman is different, and owning and being honest about what you want (without the guilt or condemnation) is what will support you to create the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

As a business owner, charging more money is the simplest process of healing and shifting your own limiting beliefs around money.  To charge high-ticket prices, you need to face your own stories while  stepping out in faith. (Stories of not being enough, or not being worthy, or not being the expert, or waiting until you’ve worked with at least 5 clients before you can raise your prices, or that you’re still new, or whatever story or alibi you’ve been using to stay stuck in your life, business and relationships). 

Waiting until the limiting beliefs and stories are all gone before charging the value of your work is a unicorn. The shift happens as you take action and not before. It’s courage over confidence when it comes to the game of life. If you’re still working clients who are not a great fit for the High-Ticket Packages you’re offering, then there are limiting beliefs holding you back from owing your value.

Get support and help to shift the limiting beliefs so that you attract and create the clients your soul truly wants to serve. To support you on the journey, I’ll share the journaling prompt I used to make the shift from selling $37 Money Mindset eBooks to creating High-Ticket Packages for my clients.  I had stories around my value and self worth, and I struggled with whether it was safe for me to have money or be wealthy or whether I even deserved it.  I didn’t want money to change me or make me bad.  That’s a story for another day, but here you go.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because ________________.  (Write 8 reasons why you give yourself permission to sell High-Ticket Packages).

For example, 4 of my 8 are,

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because it creates better results and a higher of return on investment for my clients.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because it gives me time and money freedom to be, do and create whatever I want, whenever I want with my daughter.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because the money I make does a lot of good in the world for my extended family, my charities and me.

I give myself permission to create and sell High-Ticket Packages because I can blissfully pay for more family members to go to college and more kids in my charities to go to school than when I was limiting my business income to $55,000 a year.  

I review my permission statements every workday because it creates gratitude for all the people and gifts God has put in my life, and all the ways being aligned with my life purpose makes a positive difference in the world.

Feel free to share yours below.  Last, but not least, our final Money Mindset strategy is all about stepping out of your shell.

Connect and Nurture.

In short, just Be Visible.  Being visible is not about being on all the different social media platforms or being the loudest person online or having the most likes, subscribers or followers. 

Those are just money blocks and distractions in the way of you strategically using your voice to share and sell the value you’re offering.

Be the unstoppable expert by giving yourself permission to be seen and heard.  Your clients don’t need you to be another online business guru.  They just want the transformation your results provide (once they do the work).  We give others permission to follow their zone of genius when we follow ours and let God’s light shine through our work.

There are several options for being visible.  There’s video (YouTube/Facebook lives/other social media), blogging, writing articles for magazines and news sites, podcasting, summits, or emails.  The key to creating lasting value is including a call to action in every place you share. 

I’m curious.  If your client googles you or your business, what will they see?

Again, I’ve struggled with feeling safe in this area too.  I had to do the money mindset work and create the powerful shifts I needed to show up and be visible.  It is one thing to show up for $37 money mindset eBooks.  It’s another way of being when selling High-Ticket Packages of 15K and higher. 

My comfort zone before my mindset work was to market and sell only to clients that at the time, I felt qualified to support, instead of connecting with the clients I truly wanted to serve.

Here’s a journal prompt that I’ve used, and shared with clients to create support for this Mindset shift. 

I give myself permission to feel safe about being visible because ____________________.  (Write 8 reasons why you give yourself permission to feel safe about being visible in your High-Ticket business model). Your answers may overlap with the reasons you wrote earlier for creating and selling High-Ticket Packages, but journaling is one of the catalysts for creating the shift into identity.  The more you do it, the more it works).

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert  www.highticketbusinesscoach.com.

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