Fear of Being Seen | The Impact of Visibility on Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Fear of being seen.  It’s one of those insidious self-saboteurs many spiritual women coaches use to “protect” themselves from other people’s gremlins. Me included.

Are you hiding yourself?

As we roll into a new quarter or new year, or a new fresh start for some, I’d love to share something that I know has come up for many of the women in this community.  Fear of being seen. Fear of being criticized, fear of being too much and fear of being too visible.

I got a text from a colleague this week who wasn’t really trying to be a jerk but couldn’t help it.  She was complaining that I was too much because every time she typed in something related to our coaching niche on google, my blog post or my video or my LinkedIn profile would show up in the top 5 results on page 1. 

And in her words, “you’re too much. that’s just a lot. I can’t even imagine being out there like that. do you have to be everywhere?”

This is actually one of the best marketing compliments I think I’ve ever received. Well, apart from creating Aligned High-Ticket Clients from my marketing, of course.

Yes, I get it.  It can seem like showing up everywhere means you’re doing all the things.  But no, it just means you’re doing 3 things consistently 3 or 5 days a week in your business.  That’s all.

How Fear of Being Seen Shows Up in Your High-Ticket Coaching Business

So, why am I even talking about this?  How does this relate to you and your marketing strategy for 2022?

Have you ever experienced fear of visibility?  Maybe you’re still editing that article or blog post you told yourself you’d publish 3 weeks ago.

Perhaps you’re still preparing to prepare to hit record on that FB Live or YouTube Video  you’ve been meaning to do?

Or maybe you still haven’t called that referral partner yet.

Where are you stopping yourself in your business because you’re afraid of what others might think?  What others might do.  What others might say.  How others might feel.

Let me ask you.

Do you have a fear of being seen? Or fear of being criticized? Or fear of being judged? Or fear of being too much?

Whose opinion are your holding up higher than yours?

Whose opinion are you holding up higher than your Aligned High-Ticket Client’s needs?

Whose opinion are you holding up higher than the gifts God has given you to share with those you’re called to serve?

How does this impact you selling your High-Ticket coaching offers?

How are you showing up in your High-Ticket Coaching Business?

Are you doing just a tiny bit every week so that no one complains you’re too much or that you’re a lot? 

Are you doing just enough in your business to fall beneath the radar? 

Are you whispering in the marketplace and hiding from the people God has called you to serve?

How Fear of Being Seen Sabotages You When Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

If you read this blog, you already know I go on and on about High-Ticket Sales or Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers all day and all night.

But here’s the truth. While sales is important, without visibility, your online High-Ticket Coaching Business doesn’t exist. You can’t keep selling to the same 5 people in your community. You need to curate a community of Aligned Potential High-Ticket Clients who want to work with you.

Without marketing, you cannot sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offers. You need willing buyers who can invest.

It’s not about the money. 

There are much easier ways to make money than being a High-Ticket Coach.

Yet here you are.

You have a burning desire to serve.  And it’s your job to show up so that your client’s find you and receive all that serving you claim you want to do.

It’s not your client’s job to find you.  It’s your job to be visible enough to be seen.

My former sales boss used to remind me NOT to be vanilla when leaving messages for prospects during our cold calling.  He’d remind me to STOP HIDING and put some more energy into being MORE of ME.  Not try to be anyone else.  Just more of me.

My invitation to you today is to put more of you in your own marketing and be more of you.  To stop worrying about what people will say, think, text or do if you’re visible and showing up so that your clients find you.

To show up.

And to focus on what you’re here to do and serve with love. 

To know that the people who you’re called to serve won’t mind because they will be able to find you and they can finally get the support they been dreaming of, desiring, and wanting.  They can grow the business, get better health, lose the weight, get a better job, all because you show up and were visible.  All because they found you.

Take up a little more space today and do the work you’re called to do.

It’s time to shift fear of being seen, show up and be visible so that you can actually sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offers and be in integrity with the impact you’re here to make.

Challenge yourself to show up on google every time someone types in your name or anything related to your niche. 

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