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The questions How to Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer and What Should Be Included in a High-Ticket Coaching Program, are two of the most popular questions I get each month regarding High-Ticket Offers and High-Ticket Marketing for Spiritual Women Coaches. 

So, if you’ve been wondering how to create, sell and deliver your Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer, then welcome home!  You’re definitely in the right place for all things High Ticket.

Today’s High-Ticket Business Coaching blog post is part of my ongoing High-Ticket Sales Series for Women Coaches who want to create, sell, and deliver $25K, 50K or $100K Coaching Offers with Confidence. 

We’re going to talk about what makes a Coaching Offer a High-Ticket Coaching Offer, How to Structure a High-Ticket Coaching Offer, and What to Include in a High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

While I talk a lot about High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25K, everything in this blog post can be used to create a High-Ticket Offer for any amount from $5K to $500K and more.  The same core principles of High-Ticket apply regardless of how much you decide to charge.

Let’s dive right in!

What Makes a Coaching Offer a High-Ticket Coaching Offer?

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer is a Coaching Offer that solves a specific tangible problem that your High-Ticket Client in a Profitable Niche knows she has, AND is willing to invest at a higher amount to solve.  The investment for High-Ticket Coaching Offers is subjective and can range anywhere from $10K to $1,000,000 (or more).

What makes a Coaching Offer, a High-Ticket Offer is really the exponential transformation for the High-Ticket Client, as well as the exponential Return on Investment, which makes the investment a drop in the bucket.

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer promises a very clear result and the components of the coaching package or program support the Client to create that result.  The Coaching Program or Package is based exclusively on the Results and NOT the time spent working and co-creating with the Client.  An Exponential High-Ticket Coaching Offer supports your client to make Quantum Leaps.

What is a High Ticket Offer?

How to Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer

Step 1 – Tune into Your Zone of Genius and Nail Your Profitable Niche

The first step in creating a High-Ticket Coaching Offer is to tune into your zone of genius, Nail your aligned profitable niche and create magnetic messaging that captivates and attracts your potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients.  This is VERY important because to structure your offer, you first NEED to know What Results you create or What transformation your offer will provide and FOR WHOM?

What specific results does your client want to create?  What does she truly want?  What problem is she looking to solve?  What Next Level Expansion is she looking to Step into?  What transformation does she want most?  Your High-Ticket Offer needs to be specifically tailored to your client’s need to solve the problem or step into the expansion.

A Profitable Coaching Niche is the difference between “trying to help more people or trying to create more impact” and actually helping more people and creating massive impact.  In your profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche, your “YES” High-Ticket Clients are willing and committed to making the investment in the results they get from working with you. 

For everyone else outside your niche, your services are “just a nice to have.”  In your profitable niche, they’re always a “must have.”  If you need support around identifying the most aligned profitable niche for your specific High-Ticket Coaching Business, then read High-Ticket Coaching Niches: Profitable Niches for Spiritual Female Coaches and The Hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022 for Spiritual Women Coaches who Hate Niches.

Step 2 – Create Your Signature System or Methodology

Every High-Ticket Coaching Business – Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Relationship Coaching or Business Coaching experience – deserves a signature system. 

Your signature system is the process you use to support clients to get results.  High-Ticket Clients are paying for specific results or outcomes, and your Signature System is what creates a picture of the transformation; showing where they are not and exactly how (customized to fit each individual High-Ticket Client’s needs and where she is on her health, fitness, relationship, money, career or business journey), they will get to where they want to be after working and co-creating with you. 

Your Signature System is what magnifies the value of your High-Ticket Offers and makes it easier for your High-Ticket clients to say YES because they see exactly how they can create the results they want.  Each step is clear and specific.  A huge benefit of creating this is that each step in the Signature System can later be its own High-Ticket Coaching Offer, Program, Course, or even a book.  Join the High-Ticket Coaching Business Email List if you’d love a deeper dive into Signature Systems and how to create yours.

Step 3 – Price Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer

Honestly, this is one step that you can take either before or after you create the offer.  What I’ve noticed is that energetically, spiritual women coaches are more in alignment with pricing and the structure of their High-Ticket Offers if they determine what they want to charge before they create the offer (this different from the various pricing options that we co-create for selling the offer).  More on that in a different blog post.

When you feel into the energy of how much you want to charge for the offer (and for spiritual female coaches who work with me in The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience, those options include $25k, $50k or $100k), it’s much easier to stay away from overdelivering or dealing with pricing guilt because you clearly see from Step 4, how the investment is work with you is barely a drop in the bucket compared to ALL the value of your Offer. 

By the time you actually create the offer, you KNOW FOR SURE that your client is getting an exponential rate of return on her investment.

Step 4 – Structure Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer

Now that you have a Signature System breaking down each step of the transformation, all you need to do at this point is work backwards from the specific result or promise of the transformation and include each component of your services that is needed to create the transformation or result.

What concrete parts of the work you do need to be included for your client to create her exponential results.  This takes some Mindset work because many spiritual female coaches are inclined to include EVERY THING they do. 

The focus of a High-Ticket Coaching Offer is service at the highest level.  And this means, LESS IS MORE. 

It’s not about throwing in the kitchen sink or turning the offer into an Amazon warehouse to create overwhelm.  Charging $25K or $50K or even $100K doesn’t mean giving more or doing more.  Overloading is a breeding ground for sabotage, and the name of the game here is, allowing space.  Put in less than you think you should.

I know this can be triggering, and one great perspective and mindset shift is going from “the need to give more,” which is based on Guilt, to “identifying what works best for the client’s transformation,” which is rooted in service and love.

Structuring the High-Ticket Offer also includes how long the program will be, how much access clients will have to you, and how you will deliver the coaching program?  Options include Masterminds, Group. Private 1-1, Hybrid Private and Mastermind, VIP Days, or Intensives. 

High-Ticket Coaching Offer Examples for Spiritual Women Coaches in Any Coaching Niche

If you’re looking for examples of High-Ticket Coaching offers, consider that there is no cookie cutter one-size-fits all rule for How to Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

You can curate various levels of High-Ticket Offers, and I recommend having NOT more than two. Confused High-Ticket Clients don’t buy and usually offering a platter of options are just another form of scarcity and self-sabotage.

Let’s say you want to offer a taster session with you (it’s not necessary, but it’s not precluded), you may opt for entry-level High-Ticket Coaching Offers, including any of the following:

One 90-Minute Pricing and Packaging Audit – These are great for High-Ticket Coaches who offer Business Coaching. I’ve used these in the past and they’re great for seeing whether a potential High-Ticket Coaching Client is really a great fit to work with.

An Accelerator Experience (6-week, 9-week, 12-week; you decide) – These are great for Business Coaches, Relationship Coaches and Health Coaches, offering High-Ticket Programs.

A 90-Day Group Coaching or Private Coaching Experience – Perfect any Coaching Niche.

A VIP Day Intensive or Half-Day VIP Intensive – I love these because they’re perfect for delivering High-Ticket Offers with exponential results.

One of my two High-Ticket Coaching Offers is The DIAMOND High Ticket Sales Intensive for Women Coaches (a Virtual & Private High-Ticket Sales VIP Day and 90-Day Experience customized exclusively for Spiritual Women Coaches Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers). I actually offer this as a down-sell and not as my entry level. Your business, your choice, your way!

I consider my Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer my main offer, and I admit that my High-Ticket Sales Intensive makes this Signature High-Ticket Offer a no-brainer investment.

What’s important to remember here is that the timeframe for delivery of your Offer is SIMPLY a container within which you and your client are committed to co-creating results; the period that your client commits to achieving her results.  That’s it.  Remember that the High-Ticket Offer and Package is based on the Transformation or the results and NOT the time you spend together. 

High-Ticket Clients value transformation, not your time.  And the truth is that the transformation is worth 10 times MORE than the price of the investment to work with you. 

One important money mindset shift here is that you’re not what you charge.  Really hear this.  You’re NOT what you charge.  AND when you undercharge, you dimmish your soul. 

Part of structuring the High-Ticket Offer includes naming the Offer.  It’s helpful to keep it simple and easy to understand, with part of the outcome in the name.  Trust me, your name doesn’t have to spell out every transformation your client experiences while working with you.

That’s it! 

Step 5 – Market and Sell Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer

Check out all the blog posts on how to market and sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offers for a deep dive on this topic.  The important thing to remember here is that Step 1 of any High-Ticket Sales Process starts with tuning into your genius, nailing your profitable niche and creating a magnetic message that actually attracts and converts the High-Ticket Clients you truly want to work with.  And the basis of all of this is Conviction (more on that in a separate blog post). Everything else becomes a natural extension of step 1.

What to Include in a High-Ticket Coaching Offer

Consider that you don’t need to make your Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer or your Taster High-Ticket Level complicated. Your High-Ticket Offer is a concise bespoke experience that is necessary for the client to client to create the results she wants without ALL the extras/bonuses that turn the offer into a yard sale.

The important aspects are Niching, Positioning, Messaging, Marketing and Sales.

And of course, be very clear and specific on the End Result or Transformation.

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