High-Ticket Coaching Offers

In my coaching business, I get asked a lot…. MiMi, why high-ticket?

And here’s my response I shared recently with a group of amazing high school young ladies I’m mentoring in spiritual high-ticket entrepreneurship.

Specifically, around accounting, manifesting money with God, relationships with money and wealth, self-worth, messaging + marketing, niching down and high-ticket sales (when selling their tutoring services).

They wanted to know why high-ticket? And how I navigate the exclusivity since not everyone “will afford” my services.

In the simplest terms for high schoolers, this is how I explained why I sell high-ticket coaching offers. I call it Manifesting Money with God.

As an African woman, one thing I know for sure is that women are not selfish. 

And money-rich women, wealthy women are generous, kind, and put money in the hands of others, in the hands of their families, in the hands of their communities, and make this planet a better place.

So, it’s selfish NOT to sell high-ticket coaching offers as an option for your offer suite. Selling high-ticket simply means you’re serving deeper and creating MORE valuable impact + resources and wealth to share, give, invest, grow and enjoy.

Money in your hands, my dear amazing, wonderful woman, is a healing balm in this world.  

Be wise. 
Lose any judgment you have around being wealthy, healthy and rich.
The power is in you, not the paper that comes from a tree.  It’s literally just a plant.

You’re the powerful one because of who God says you are. You’re worthy simply because God says you are.

We’re all infinite spiritual beings connected to an infinite God.
Because we’re always connected to God, who is already in us, we’re living in infinite abundance.

But sometimes, life happens, and we plug into moments, things, feelings and events that make us feel separate, disconnected, discouraged, and even resentful or angry.

My invitation to today is to invite you, if you’re feeling disconnected, to see and feel God in you, in the mundane, in the ordinary, in this post, in your high-ticket coaching offers.

So that you remember who you are. 
That’s all life is, really.
Remembering who we are in Christ.

Not so that we can bypass the emotions and feelings that come from that disconnection, but to feel them FULLY. And then pour into yourself, nurture yourself back to home, to self, to what you know is true, to God.

From this place of connection to God, you’ll start thinking and working wiser and simpler, not harder.

In the Prosperous Womb, we work wiser, not harder.

You’ll EXCLUSIVELY only invest your time, energy and resources in high-ticket offers that give you your greatest returns, more life, more value, more money, more impact more health and more of who God says you are. You’ll stop spending your time on things that make you little money; so little, you can’t even survive on it and have very little impact for those you’re selling it to.

You’ll ask better questions like what’s the best way that I can serve the people I’m here to serve with the gifts God has given me for them?

Be thoughtful about what you’re offering.

Be thoughtful about the high-ticket coaching offer.

Be thoughtful about what you’re including.

Be thoughtful about the amazing results you’re co-creating.

Be thoughtful about what the high-end coaching clients want.

Be thoughtful about creating a high-ticket coaching offer you feel confident delivering and lights you up.

You’re simply the vessel God is working through to give your clients what they’re here to enjoy.

What’s the best and highest-level way to package your gifts and price them in a way that highlights the lifetime future use value of the transformation? Not just the value they get today.

Suspend any judgment you have about who can afford you or what anyone can afford. People will shock you in the best way possible and undress any money mindset issues you’re projecting onto them.

Who is willing to pay me for what I’m naturally good, great at?

How much am I willing to charge so that I show up at my best and highest level, knowing this money is not about me?  

When pricing, consider this quick note about what you charge.  Be in integrity with God and charge the FULL lifetime future use value of the transformation.

Pricing that gives you the creative freedom, time freedom and financial freedom to build a solid faith-based millionaire legacy, generously support MORE clients with lower ticket offers, help MORE family members, make MORE impact with your gifts, and sow MORE into God’s kingdom.

And then ask yourself….

Am I courageous and faithful enough to speak only to people who are “willing to afford it” because they KNOW the transformation and its future value to them?

To position yourself and your business as THE authority so that your marketing and messaging pre-sell your high-ticket offer.

You’re not here for everyone.

Whose life, relationship, parenting, hormones, sleep, business, mindset (insert your niche) will be better because of your high-ticket coaching offer.

You’re here for the people God is serving through you, your gifts and your offers. We all have assignments. We have an obligation to step fully into those assignments and share our gifts with the people those gifts are for.

Our best high-end coaching clients.

You’re here for the people who are excited to invest in the outcome, who are relieved for the opportunity to have that outcome…. because it’s a gift. Those who are willing to afford it because they know the ROI.
Selling high-ticket coaching offers are not the only service tools in your coaching business.

But they give you the option to serve everyone else and their mother with your lower ticket offers.  Because you leverage of high-ticket sales.

That’s why I serve with high-ticket. It’s simply high value, high touch, Love for God, self and others, plus co-creating exponential returns on dreams, desires and goals for God’s people.

Someone giving you $100 because they know they’ll get a million dollar return on their health, life, relationship, finances, business, decluttering, mindset (whatever you coach on).

And then this.

You remembering who you are and boldly stepping out in faith to speak directly to ONE human.
Focusing on one human at a time, even in a group of millions.
Invite that human into a conversation with you.

Ask, how can I support you?
what’s going on with you?
what do you want?
I have something that can help with that.

If you’re a great fit, make the offer.
Here’s my packaged experience that supports you to do that and MORE.

If you’re a transformational coach in any coaching niche (or non niche), perhaps you have a 90-day 10K high-ticket coaching offer.

Maybe it’s a 12-month 100K high-end coaching package.

Maybe it’s a 6-month $75K high-ticket coaching package.

Maybe it’s an 18-month $250K high-ticket coaching mastermind.

You can create this today.  It’ll take less than a day to do this. 

For my high-school students, it could be a math tutoring package for $2500.  It’s possible right now to create and sell that today.

Having good health and the resources to be healthier.

Having money.

Having spaciousness.

Having savings.

Having creative freedom.

Having time freedom.

Having money freedom.

These expand you, and light you up and make you wake up every day being your best.

You can still be your best with zero dollars in the bank and a mountain of debt.  
You can still be your best slaving at a job that wears you out and pays little
You can still be your best working with clients you’ve outgrown.

Of course you can.

But that takes a level of faith that many folks don’t have.
There’s no crown for emotionally abusing yourself.

Which scenario makes you feel MOST abundant?

What would make you feel amazing no matter what’s going on in your life?

What is your dreamiest vision for the mission God has put on your heart.

Who can you serve?

What can you support them with?

What is the simplest, easiest way to make the most amount of money, solving the biggest problem for someone else? This is how your high-ticket coaching offers are born.

Wealth, joy, money, ease, shalom….these are all easy to create when you’re tapped into God; into infinite possibilities that is I AM.

Others not willing to afford your services can get what you do from someone else. You’re not here for those who can afford you. You’re for those you’re meant to serve.

Your aligned high-ticket coaching clients and high-end coaching clients.?

God has put the gifts for them in YOU. You’ve got to show up for them. They will buy. They’re ready.

This is what high-ticket means to me. God’s best for you. God’s best for your clients.

Cheers to your high-ticket coaching offers!

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