High Ticket Niches for Coaches: 7 Reasons Spiritual Women Coaches Need a Profitable Coaching Niche

We’re wrapping up our Most Profitable High Ticket Niches for Coaches video and blog series with the 7 Reasons why Spiritual Women Coaches Need a Profitable Coaching Niche. 

This post will be valuable for you whether you’re looking for the Best Life Coaching Niches in 2023, the Most Profitable High-Ticket Business Coaching Niches for 2023, or simply wondering whether it’s wise to niche down and make your life and business simpler in 2023.

After reading this post, You’ll KNOW why it’s important to niche, and when you’re ready to niche down, you can find the Best Online Resource for The Most Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches, Here.

If you’ve been following the videos on YouTube or reading the High-Ticket Coaching Niches blog posts, we’ve already broken down The Most Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches for Spiritual Female Coaches in, 2023, 2024 and beyond, and talked about How to Niche Down further within your High-Ticket Coaching Niche.  You can catch up here.

Now, it’s time to wrap things up and really dive deep into how High-Ticket Niching is one of the top strategies to creating a sustainable and profitable High-Ticket Coaching Business.  Period.  Since we’ve already talked about many of the objections Spiritual Women Coaches usually have when it comes to Niching, it’s time to highlight 7 of the REAL benefits for you and your coaching business.

You can watch the video or read the blog post below (or both!)..

Reason # 1 for Choosing High Ticket Niches for Coaches

This one’s a no brainer really.  You distinguish your brand from the sea of the thousands of other great coaches, especially when it comes to growing and scaling a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure online coaching business. 

When you nail your aligned High-Ticket Niche, you cater to a very specific group of clients, and we all know people love working with specialist. 

Let’s think about this for a moment.  If you have back, joint or muscle issues, do you go to your general practitioner, or do you look a chiropractor?  If a potential client (45-year-old woman) is struggling with fibroids, which of the 4 coaches will she choose if given the option? 

A health coach? 

A health coach for women?

A health coach for women over 40?

A health coach for women over 40 who struggle with fibroids and fertility issues?

Reason # 2 for Choosing High Ticket Niches for Coaches

You become the go-to person in that area of work.  You set yourself up as the expert and position your brand as an authority in your niche.

Here’s why.  The deeper you go in your High-Ticket Coaching Niche, the better you become at serving that niche, and the wider you can go in the niche.  The more you work with a similar group of clients, the better you can understand exactly what they want, know the results they want, understand why they want to create those results, and what they’ve already tried, but hasn’t worked.

You speak their language even better than they do, and they start to feel like you’re in their head, which makes you the obvious choice when it comes to working with a coach.

Reason # 3 for Choosing High Ticket Niches for Coaches

You get MORE Referrals.  When you’re clear on Exactly Who you support and the results you co-create, it’s easier for family, friend, colleagues, and referral partners to new clients you way.  We’ll use the same example as before.  Let’s say you’re at a cocktail part or networking event and you tell people what you do. 

Which one of these is MOST likely to get a “I know someone who could definitely use your help” response?

A health coach? 

A health coach for women?

A health coach for women over 40?

A health coach for women over 40 who struggle with fibroids and fertility issues?

You get the point.

Reason # 4 for Choosing High Ticket Niches for Coaches

You’re MORE Visible Online.  Here’s a little Organic marketing secret attracting your High-Ticket Coaching Clients.  Google SEO loves Niches.  This gets you more visibility online because you rank higher for specific keywords your High-Ticket Clients are searching for. 

Trust me.  Your potential clients are not searching for life coach or health coach or relationship coach for business coach.  Only your competitors are doing that.  Your clients are running very keyword specific searches like life coach for women instead of life coach and weight loss coach for women over 40, instead of just health coach.

So, once you nail your High-Ticket Coaching Niche, you can optimize your website SEO so google sends you clients who are looking exactly for the results you co-create.  Watch the video for more ways to use your website for optimal SEO and market research.

Reason # 5

Nailing your profitable niche makes your Marketing 100% easier, especially when it comes to messaging and positioning your High-Ticket Coaching services as the obvious choice.  The beauty about any Niche is the clients within that Niche already know what they want.  And you already know you can co-create the results they want so it’s a match made in business. 

You can speak directly to them because you know them and you can position yourself at the go to expert because there’s no back and forth, trying to figure out if you’re the one. 

Your blogs, social media posts and YouTube videos all become free targeted ads for your ideal premium clients, and your sales page becomes a natural extension of your marketing.  This makes Sales Conversations more enjoyable than a warm summer breeze.  Your clients can easily find you and immediately hire you. 

Reason # 6

You build Trust and Loyalty with potential clients.  The beauty of showing up consistently writing or speaking about the same topic frequently means that your potential clients start to rely on you. 

They know that if there’s anything within that Niche that they’re looking for, they can count on you, your videos, your posts or your blogs and website to give them the information they need or show them how to get it.

Without a niche, they don’t know what to count on you for.  Showing as Jacklyn of all trades sharing about relationships one day, health coaching the next and marketing another day, leads to confusion and confused people do not buy.  Niche down and go deep with your tribe.

I’ll give you an example. 

If women coaches are searching for anything related to creating high ticket coaching offers, or selling high ticket coaching offers, or pricing high ticket offers, or finding the most profitable high ticket coaching niche, or marketing high-ticket coaching offers or even how to attract high ticket coaching clients, they know for sure that they can read my blog, watch my videos, download one of my freebies or join my email list, and they’ll find the answer they’re looking for… without even having to spend a dime working with me in my signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer, The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience.

It’s easier to be the trusted expert on everything related to ONE thing if you focus on just going deeper and learning and sharing everything you can about that ONE thing.

Reason # 7

Believe me.  Your life will be so much easier for all the reasons already listed, and you’ll have the space, freedom, and flexibility to grow and enjoy other opportunities in your business.

While there are way more than 7 Reasons Why Spiritual Women Coaches Need a Profitable Coaching Niche, I believe you already get the Niched Down point.

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