The Hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022 for Spiritual Women Coaches who Hate Niches

High Ticket Coaching Niches open up a huge Pandora’s box for Spiritual Women Coaches, especially those Spiritual Women Coaches who absolutely Hate Coaching Niches.

After my last post and video series on the Top Profitable Niches for 2022, I got an earful from many Women Coaches who were NOT pleased with me “trying to put Spiritual Female Coaches in another box.”

I’ll respond to the ‘Hate Niching’ part first, and then dive into the 4 (and bonus) Hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022, 2023, 2024 and probably for a long time.

Let me just say, I’m ALL about Freedom, Opportunities, Choices, Ease and Simplicity, and that’s why I support Women Coaches, and ALL Coaches who choose to, to create Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Niches that support them to quickly add multiple 6 or 7-Figures to their coaching income without working harder or being more.

And to those Anti-Nichers and I Hate Niches Coaches out there I hear you. I really, really do because I hated the idea of finding a niche or limiting myself. I thought I’d feel like a caged animal. I felt this way for a few years until I recognized the aligned niching truth.

My Personal Journey to Creating My Aligned Niche

Aligned High Ticket Niching is NOT about fitting into a box or coloring within the lines or playing by the rules or any other powerful feelings associated with a simple Marketing strategy option.

It’s just this. Another Marketing structure that you can choose or Not Choose. It’s an Option for Spiritual Women Coaches like ME who do NOT Hate High Ticket Coaching Niches, and want to use it to Simplify, Clarity and create some form of Structure, in addition to our divine intuitive gifts, vibrational alignment and energy calibration.

This post about the Hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches is NOT to convince you to Niche. It’s just me sharing my own personal story, including the real profit-draining marketing challenges that gently pushed me to align with a Niche that spoke to my heart and supported me to show up fully for my coaching clients.

In my opinion, Niching doesn’t mean you don’t get to show up FULLY as all of you in the world, and share ALL of your gifts whenever you desire. You Can and May do that Anytime You feel like and talk about Anything you desire if that rocks your boat. Absolutely NO Limitations.


A High Ticket Niche is just another gateway to a profitable business that provides a specific result.

For us Spiritual Female Coaches, it is our unique lens through which we see the problems our High-Ticket Clients want to solve. It’s a basic marketing question of Who You Want to Help the Most, and With What Problem. The beauty of Niching is that we can fully anchor our coaching businesses into one specific result AND STILL co-create exponential results in other areas of our clients’ lives.

All High Ticket Coaching comes with powerful ripple effects.

And, I get it. When I was a Life Coach for Women, my High Ticket Coaching Clients came to me for all different things, from Life Coaching to Relationship Coaching, Pricing and Sales Coaching, to Career Coaching and Mindset Coaching. But this was simply because as a Life Coach for Women, I was marketing my coaching business for all different things and results.

While it was fun (sometimes), like many other Spiritual Women Coaches – Life Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Business Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Career Coaches – I experienced a gap in my coaching business that gently pushed to create a Niche aligned with my gifts and talents, and what my clients deeply wanted, without feeling like I was hiding in a box, or trying to be like every other coach out there.

I was unable to write blog posts, emails or even position my messaging to my premium High-Ticket Clients because I was speaking to 100s of different people who were all at different points in their journey and I had no cohesive marketing strategy to be Everything to Everyone.

What I noticed over the years as a Life Coach for Women was that my High-Ticket Coaching clients were seeking expertise, and they valued investing in themselves to elevate their experience and create exponential results – specific exponential results.  Like making money, creating great relationships, finding jobs they loved, losing weight, healing hormonal imbalance, saving their marriage, finding love, building a 6-figure business, looking and feeling great naked.

Benefits of Selecting My Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Niche

I realized that to make life easier for me so I can focus on myself, my family, all my hobbies, gifts and passions, and still read 125 books a year, I needed to get crystal clear with the specific transformation my coaching offers provide. My High Ticket Coaching Niche, like all other High Ticket Coaching Niches, was not a permanent eyebrow tattoo. It just helped me to distinguish myself among a sea of other business coaches, and provide a path for my High Ticket clients to see me, hear me, know me and run directly to me.

So, I identified what I loved most and was passionate about, and what my High Ticket Clients were willing to invest in – for their exponential results. And now, as a High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches who want to create Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Boutiques, I’m able to support way more women than I thought possible or could have imagined. Because I work with only 12 Women Coaches a Year, I’m able to support thousands more through the very specific and focused resources on my blogs, articles, almost daily emails, YouTube Channel, and other communities, including other people’s Podcasts.

Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Niches or Not, I’m a huge fan of tailoring a business to the people who are most likely to invest in themselves by hiring me. High Ticket Clients who energize me.

The Hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022 for Spiritual Female Coaches Who Hate Niches

If you’re a coach who is already helping clients with results like making money, creating romantic relationships, finding jobs they love, losing weight, healing hormonal imbalance, saving their marriage, finding love, building a 6 or 7-figure business, looking and feeling great naked, Guess what??? You’re already coaching in one or more of the 3 (and bonus 4th) hottest High Ticket Coaching Niches in the world. Congrats!

Check out the Video where I dive into the 3 (and bonus 4th) most profitable High Ticket Coaching Niches for 2022 and beyond.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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