High-Ticket Coaching Niches: Profitable Niches for Spiritual Female Coaches

What are the MOST Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022?

High-Ticket Coaching Niches (especially Aligned Coaching Niches) are a huge topic for Spiritual Female Coaches who want to create a Simple High-Ticket Coaching Business that supports them to quickly add multiple 6-figures or 7-figures to their existing coaching income.

While any coaching niche can be a great niche for High-Ticket Coaches, there are at least 4 that are the hottest and most profitable coaching niches for 2022, 2023 and beyond. 

For Spiritual Female Coaches, whether they’re one of the many life coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, marketing coaches, business coaches, or money mindset coaches, one thing is for sure.  The narrower they go in their profitable coaching niche, the easier it is to create an expertise that High-Ticket Clients are willing to pay for – regardless of the amount of the investment. 

With High-Ticket Coaching Niches, Spiritual Female Coaches can claim and own a very specific result that High-Ticket Coaching Clients will get by working with them.  And this completely shifts how much easier marketing and High-Ticket Sales becomes for Coaches.

High-Ticket Coaching clients seek expertise, and they value investing in themselves to elevate their experience and create exponential results.  Creating High-Ticket Coaching Niches are more than just finding a coaching niche.  High-Ticket Coaching Niches challenge coaches to create their own market, defined by their greatest allies – their divine gifts, core values, what they deliver and how they deliver it.

The hottest and most profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches support Spiritual Female Coaches to operate their coaching business doing ONLY what they’re GREAT at.  Specifically solving just ONE problem.  Distraction is a bottleneck in every coaching business and High-Ticket Coaching Niches are the Antidote.

And now it’s time for the big reveal. So, what kind of coaching is most in demand right now?

The Most Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches for Spiritual Female Coaches

If you’re already a High-Ticket Coach, charging at least $25,000 for your Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer, you may already be serving in one of these 4 High-Ticket Coaching Niches.  And, after reading this post, and watching the videos, you may realize that you’re still just skimming the surface of your niche.

The 4 hottest High-Ticket Coaching Niches in no particular order include:

Money – Helping High-Ticket Clients make money, save money, grow money and build wealth.  This is a very broad niche, that includes any type of business coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching and money mindset coaching.

Health – Health Coaching is always a HOT niche for any coach.  And this is usually in two very much needed categories, Weight Loss Coaching and Wellness Coaching.  There are always potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients who want to lose weight so that they can look and feel good naked, add quality years to their life, spend quality time with their children, get more energy or feel good enough to go all in on their business dreams. 

On the other end, you have so many people who are dealing with diseases or illness and just want to feel well, strong, and healthy again.  These potential High-Ticket Clients would be happy in to invest in someone who specializes in working in the area causing them suffering.   Who wouldn’t?

Relationships – Relationships and Connections make the world go round.  So, it makes sense that this is one of the most profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches.  There always clients who want to save their marriage, make their marriage better or learn how to communicate better with their spouses, and on the other end, there are Singles who would love to create love.  Any form of marriage coaching or coaching for singles is hot. 

Life – You may be asking, ‘Is Life Coaching Profitable?’ And believe me, it is. I created my first $20K day as a Life Coach for Women (watch the Life Coach Salary Video here).

Hear me out on this one before rolling your eyes.  I know that many coaches think Life Coaching is NOT even a niche, let alone one of the most profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches. 

But don’t knock it until you try it.  A High-Ticket Life Coaching Niche is not for everyone, but I know from personal experience how profitable and hot it is. Before switching to High-Ticket Business Coaching for Spiritual Female Coaches and creating The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience, I was a thriving Life Coach for Women. In the brief video below, I talk about how I was able to make this hot Life Coach for Women niche work for me (I go into more detail in the Life Coach Salary Video).

How to Go Even Deeper within the Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches

While you can create a profitable and successful coaching business with any of these 4 High-Ticket Coaching Niches, the real secret to success is going deeper and drilling down on your niche to really find your Business -Spot. 

The place where your expertise shines and you’re able to stand out as the obvious choice for your potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients.  Where you stop competing and dominate the niche.

I dive deeper into Creating Your Own Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Niche in this next video.  If you’re asking, ‘what is my coaching niche,’ and wondering how to go narrower and deeper to create a wider net of potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients, you won’t want to skip it. This is how you get the High-Ticket fitness, relationship, career, health, business or executive coaching clients.

Think of this High-Ticket Coaching Niche video as your own coaching niche finder.

7 Reasons Why Every High-Ticket Coach Needs to Nail A Profitable Niche

And now, let’s talk about a few of the reasons why every High-Ticket Coach needs a High-Ticket Coaching Niche in their Coaching Business.

I dive into the top reasons in the video below.  Check it out and run, do not walk to nail your own High-Ticket Coaching Niche.

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