How to BE a 7-Figure High-Ticket Coach Impacting Millions

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, then you’re probably wondering how to be a 7-figure High-Ticket Coach impacting millions.

This post is for you if you’re looking for the SINGLE best option (and there are many others) to create MORE of your Aligned High-Ticket Clients you’ve committed to working with, and MORE High-Ticket Sales.

When it comes to being a High-Ticket Coach making multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures in her High-Ticket Coaching Business, it’s LESS and LESS about doing more of everything or even worse, working harder, and instead being 100% FOCUSED.

This is non-negotiable; a 150% commitment to putting the High-Ticket Coach blinders on and staying in your lane. Because “all the things” that got you to 6 Figures are NOT the same things that will support you to easily create multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures and beyond.

If you’ve been in my world, you have an idea of exactly where I’m going with this High-Ticket Coaching topic, and if you guessed Niching down, then you’re right. I can scream this from the rooftop all day long, but it is proven that the least complex way to grow High-Ticket Sales and Sell More of your High-Ticket Coaching Offers Faster is to do this ONE simple thing.

How to BE a 7-Figure High-Ticket Coach – Create a Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche

Niche down and simplify your business model so that you’re focused and crystal clear on exactly WHO you are as the High-Ticket Coach, crystal clear on exactly WHO you serve, crystal clear on exactly WHAT outcomes you create or WHAT problems you solve. This is the complete essence of the High-Ticket Coaching Model; my preferred business model for stepping into High-Ticket Sales and Scaling with Ease.

Look, I’m not oblivious to the fear that comes with the idea of High-Ticket Coaching Niches. That’s why I’ve dedicated so much of my time and work I do to navigating this topic for High-Ticket Coaches, especially Spiritual Women Coaches.

You’ll find answers for everything from What are Coaching Niches, to What is the Most Profitable Coaching Niche to How Do I find My Coaching Niche, or How do I find a Profitable Coaching Niche, to the Most Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches for Spiritual Women Coaches, and all High-Ticket Coaches.

The thing here is, it’s not just about finding the Hottest High-Ticket Coaching Niches in 2022 or 2023 or beyond or looking for what type of Coaching is in demand, it’s really about you, what you want, what you believe is possible about what you want, and definitely about growing your High-Ticket Coaching Business to make the profits and impact that you want to make in the world. And that’s difficult to do if you’re serving 10 different groups of clients.

You could be a High-Ticket Coach in one of the Most Profitable Coaching Niches, and still not sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers faster and scale with ease if you don’t fully commit to it, or to be open to Niching down even deeper.

How to BE a 7-Figure High-Ticket Coach – The Fear of Committing to ONE Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche

I’ll share some of my own Profitable Niching Down personal story and experience.

When I first started coaching a few years ago, I was a full on Life Coach for Women. I coached any woman with a pulse on anything related to life. I did Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Money Mindset Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Business Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Marriage Rehabilitation Coaching, Dating Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching, and Niching Coaching – if it involved a woman with a pulse who could pay me, I took it on.

While I gained a ton of coaching experience and dated a few niches, I eventually decided to narrow my coaching niche down to Business and Money Mindset Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants. I just couldn’t bear to narrow down further at the time. This was in 2017, and while it may seem like a great and Profitable Coaching Niche, I can tell you now that Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs is not a Niched down deep niche. It sounds good, but it’s still all over the place.

It slowed down the progress I was making in my building, and I struggled to make my marketing and positioning clearer. At one point, I considered having three separate blogs and email lists – one for women entrepreneurs, one for coaches and one for consultants, and then I stopped myself.

One because I realized women entrepreneurs included every business woman on the planet, and I was hyperventilating just trying to figure out how to navigate the confusion.

And two, I was barely surviving.

But it still felt really scary and challenging to really commit to Niching down even more. I knew deep in my heart that my passion, my calling, my purpose, all led to to ONE place; Spiritual Women Coaches. Elite women coaches who walk by Faith and NOT by fear. Women who are BORED by fear, and want to create a simple Business Model that allows them to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers of $25K, $50K or $100K and grow a business to multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures and beyond with ease, and without sacrificing their Faith, Family, Freedom, Joy or Individuality.

I was turned on by this. But that would mean cutting my audience by 80%. Eliminating all women entrepreneurs and all women consultants, especially since most of my clients at the time were attorneys, realtors, and other women entrepreneurs. Cutting down my audience by 80% would mean significant loss in revenue and impact. At least that’s what I thought. But as I worked through the logistics, I found myself getting more and more excited about the idea of exclusively committing myself to going ALL in with serving just ONE WHO.

How to BE a 7-Figure High-Ticket Coach – The Benefits of Choosing a Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche

Eventually I found myself at a plateau and had to make a decision. As CEO of my business, I knew that my Faith, Clarity and Self-trust were the backbone of my power to make better decisions and swiftly execute them. Sure, I’d have to leave most of my audience behind, but I also know that there is are thousands of amazing coaches out there that they can work with. I’m not arrogant enough to believe I’m “THE” coach for everyone.

Once I took the Niching Deeper plunge and really focused on simplifying my business model to co-create High-Ticket Coaching Models exclusively with Women Coaches, Life was sweeter, better and soooo expansive. I can’t even tell you how easy marketing, positioning and messaging have been since then.

My positioning as a High-Ticket Coach is so much easier because I’ve established myself as The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches supporting them with Niching, Positioning, Messaging, Marketing, Sales and Money Mindset.

My messaging is super clear because I’m speaking directly to the Women I truly want to work with, and NOT those I’ve convinced myself to believe that I’m qualified to serve. Sounds ruthless, I know. But this is what supports me to create great results for the exclusive group of High-Ticket Women Coaches I’ve chosen to work with now.

My marketing is ultra-specific and cuts to the point and to the heart of who I work with and what outcomes we co-create together and Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is finally just as much fun as coaching. Everything in my High-Ticket Coaching Business is now accelerating and on course to create the income and impact I desire and I’m able to focus more on what truly matters and enjoy significant quality downtime to live my best life yet.

The beauty of all this Niching down is that I’m able to work with more than just Spiritual Women Coaches. Interestingly, the deeper you go, the wider your audience. More and more other clients that I am aligned with are reaching out to see how I can support them, and if we are a true fit, I’m more than happy to. The assumption is that if ‘she’s brave enough to draw a line in the sand and go that deep with that one group, she must be good.’

And this is the same for my High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Believe me, no matter how much you think you’re in a niche because you’re a Health Coach, or a Business Coach or a Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach or even Fitness Coach, I bet you’re not still not being specific enough. It’s true for me too. Once I hit my next impact and profit goal, I’m gonna have to niche down even further to really keep simplicity at the core of my life and business.

If you know that you’re interested in co-creating ONE Simple High-Ticket Coaching Model that allows you to create your multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures / or beyond with ease, and you know investing in support around Niching down, Positioning, Messaging, Marketing and High-Ticket Sales is the key to your smooth up level, then Learn More about The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience and Apply to Work Together.

It is definitely the ONLY Private High-Ticket Coaching Experience of it’s kind in the World. Yes, in the world.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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