How and Where to Create High-Ticket Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers

How to Find High-Ticket Coaching Clients, Unicorns and all things bright and beautiful.

If you’re like many Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches who create High-Ticket Coaching Offers based on their Soul’s work, you may be thinking that there’s a special secret to finding High-Ticket Coaching Clients who are willing to invest in themselves at that level.

Or perhaps, you’re convinced that you have to be someone different than yourself to attract coaching clients at a premium level. Or that you must go the mainstream route, market on a million different platforms and sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offers to anyone who can pay you.

Now that you’ve repackaged your coaching offer into a $25K or $50K or 100K or even $1,000,000 High-Ticket Coaching Offer, the next step is Spiritual Marketing those juicy and aligned High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Spiritual Marketing for High-Ticket Coaching Offers

In this Spiritual Marketing for High-Ticket Coaching Offers blog post, I’m focusing on Organic Marketing Strategies that Actually Work. (These same principles can be applied to paid marketing).

If I was a genie in a coaching business bottle, I bet you the number one marketing question I’d get from women coaches is How and Where do I find High-Ticket Coaching Clients, or How do I get High-Ticket Coaching Clients?

In fact, this question is very relevant and must be KEY when creating the high-ticket coaching offer….not after.

As you create your high-ticket coaching model, and determine your high-ticket coaching funnel, your client attraction plan must include your personalized aligned marketing strategy that works exclusively for you to attract your soul aligned high-ticket coaching clients.

That way, your dialed-in messaging calls in ONLY those clients you want to work with and repels those who “cannot afford” your high-ticket coaching offers, and those clients who don’t have the time or energy to invest now.

Your soul-aligned high-ticket coaching client wants to invest herself right now. She is completely OVER the challenge and wants exponential results now in her life, health, wealth, business, career, relationship, or whatever results you co-create with your Niche.

Instead of wasting precious time and resources trying to figure out how to find clients or new places to go looking for high-ticket coaching clients or what social media platform to use, watch the ‘How and Where to Create High-Ticket Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers’ Series and put all the pieces you already have together so that they magically work for you (finally).

No coach needs to squeeze high-ticket coaching clients out of a rock when there are abundant rivers, lakes and oceans full of clients, and some just waiting to fall out of the sky into your high-ticket coaching programs.

One secret I can share is that no matter what the marketing gurus or business coaches tell you, it’s NOT true that if only you could crack the code for that special hiding place for high-ticket coaching clients, everything will in your business will be ok. Nope.

high-ticket coaching offers

As you dive into Video 1 of the ‘How and Where to Create High-Ticket Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers’ Series, I invite you to consider a few key energetic marketing truths.

Go beyond merely understanding who you work with, what you do, and why you’re the best fit for them. That’s fundamental, but it is also just foundational and for mainstream marketing that’s enough. If you’re here, it’s because you know that your path is unique to you, and all the answers you want are on your journey.

And to support your aligned soul clients to be FULLY seen, heard and understood, you need to not only give value and create connection, but be able to shift their perspective and go all in on what Soul is expressing through you.

Are you a true match for the aligned high ticket coaching clients you desire?

Because if you’re not, you’ll never cross paths with them. Never. God knows they deserve better and He will match them to the coach is more aligned for them.

One of the things I’ve learned about Spiritual Marketing for women coaches is, to first, give yourself the grace to grow and evolve in with your offer, positioning, messaging, and marketing at your own pace AND to fall in love (again) with yourself so much that you become a magnet for aligned high-ticket coaching clients everywhere.

Be an energetic match for miracles everywhere in your life. You’re infinite. You’re unlimited. You’re abundant.

Embodiment is important and vital to being a radiant, rich and highly impactful coach, who not only creates a thriving 7 or 8-figure coaching business, but also creates holistic wealth everywhere in her life, relationships and health.

This involves you being the energetic chiropractor of your life and consistently realigning to stay on track with your intentions, with what Soul wants to express though you, without any making any mistakes or missteps mean anything about you, and without judging yourself and others.

Your coaching business and high-ticket coaching offers are a complete reflection of your inner and spiritual work, which means your business will not grow without you growing as well. And your inner work, whatever that is for you, is the best marketing strategy you’ll ever have.

Optimizing Your High-Ticket Coaching Funnel

In Video 1 of the ‘How and Where to Create High-Ticket Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers’ Series, you’ll go into the ‘Aligned How’ to really make everything work together. You’ll be able to leverage your gifts and your story to talk about your coaching offers in a way that builds trust with your audience.

And you go even deeper in Video 2 with exactly How to truly dial-in your messaging and magnetize your high-coaching offers so that high-end coaching clients literally throw their money and safety deposit boxes at you.

You’ll shift any self-doubt and kick self-sabotaging money blocks to the curb because you’ll remember you are KNOW with absolute certainty that everything that comes through is valuable.

You’ll identify how to actually share your high-ticket coaching offers out in the world in a way that truly lights you up, and creates bigger impact even for those in your audience who choose not to work with you.

If you still feel like you’re missing out on some secret sauce marketing strategy for high-ticket coaching offers or you’re missing the key to attracting your ‘ready to invest right now’ high-ticket coaching clients, You’re RIGHT.

And you’ll find out EXACTLY what you’re missing in Video Part 3 (The Where) below.

Where to Get Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers

In Video 3 of the ‘How and Where to Create High-Ticket Coaching Clients for High-Ticket Coaching Offers’ Series, you’ll find out EXACTLY what you’ve been missing all this time, and dive into 5 places to create at least 3 high-ticket coaching clients over the next 14 days. If you don’t, come back and I promise to give you your time back.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “Marketing” Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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