10X High-Ticket Clients and High-Ticket Sales with Magnetic Messaging Now

Are you a female entrepreneur growing a thriving High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Business? I don’t know about you, but some of my biggest failures in my business have also been the source for my biggest breakthroughs. 

When I first started my coaching business a few years ago, I was more in the build it and the High-Ticket Sales and Clients will come camp.  Until I mastered Magnetic Messaging in my coaching business, it was crickets with my High-Ticket Sales and ultimately no High-Ticket clients for a few months.

If you’re a service based female entrepreneur or coach or consultant working with, or thinking of working with High-Ticket Clients, it’s more than likely that over the last 18 months, you’ve invested in High-Ticket marketing strategies to create High-Ticket Clients, done research on the most profitable High-Ticket service niches, or enrolled in a High-Ticket Sales program to 10X your profits.  You’re not alone.

Master Your Magnetic Messaging for High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Clients & High-Ticket Sales

I’ll get straight to the point. What I’ve learned in building both my High-Ticket Coaching businesses (Grown Women Eat Real Food and MiMi Dabo Coaching), as well working exclusively with service-based female entrepreneurs, and collaborating with other women entrepreneurs, is that the key to creating High-Ticket Clients, and the best way to 10X sales and profits is to be yourself in your messaging so that your clients get the opportunity to choose YOU.

It sounds simple, but this is the secret to any successful High-Ticket marketing. Being yourself is your most powerful branding and messaging asset in your High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting business because it is the ONLY way you can really clarify and claim WHO you work with, what you specialize in and what problem you solve with your High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting services.

Being yourself allows you to connect to your WHY and what you genuinely want to create in your business so that you powerfully choose your WHO and get to know that WHO – target audience very well.  Being yourself also helps you to imagine their current experience and clearly articulate their next level version of themselves so that every single piece of marketing material you create speaks to and calls them to step into that next level version. It gives you permission and courage to clarify, specify and choose the WHO you really want to work with.

This key element of your messaging is what gives you the unfair competitive advantage in any High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting business and makes High-Ticket Clients BE and feel seen, heard and completely understood.

When you try to copy other coaches’ or consultants marketing messaging, it’s challenging to identify the ONE solution or outcome you provide for your High-Ticket Clients.  When you’re being the authentic you in your marketing message you give Hight-Ticket Coaching and Consulting Clients the opportunity to really SEE you and CHOOSE you.  This unique perspective positions you as the obvious solution and the only choice.


Because you’re being clear on the experience you create, and the desired outcome and exponential results High-Tickets prefer aka the Return-on-Investment factor.

Magnetic Messaging needs to be crystal clear on EXACTLY what you do and how you support them.

How to Create Magnetic Messaging for High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Service-Based Businesses

So, how do you create this magnetic messaging that stops your High-Ticket Coaching and Consulting Clients from scrolling and empowers them to pay attention? Forget everything you’ve heard about the books they read and the movies they enjoy watching for a moment and focus on ONE thing for now. Know what’s going on inside. Know their struggle so well that they believe you know what’s frustrating them even more than they do and your services are the solution. More on this in detail later.

Speak to them in their language.  Magnetic messaging speaks to the heart of High-Ticket Clients and increases High-Ticket Sales and Profits because the messaging has language that gets them and creates instant engagement.  They dm you or send you an email to learn more, or even better, easily find you, instantly apply to work with you and immediately hire you (assuming you believe you’re a great fit). 

Let’s dive deeper into the HOW of Magnetic Messaging for High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Clients.

Know and speak to WHO they are.

Know and speak to WHAT they want (what problem, what exponential result, what outcome).

Know and speak to WHAT is frustrating them, slowing them down, or in the way of them creating their desired outcome.

Know and speak to HOW it is affecting them now.

Know and speak to WHAT they’ve done in the past that hasn’t worked.

Know and speak to HOW your solution is designed for them.

Know and speak to HOW your solution is different from what they’ve already done in the past.

Know and speak to WHAT outcome they’ll create from working with you.

A High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting business is not a one-size-fits-all or build it and they will come marketing scenario.  Your business and your services are the solution.  Narrow in your message – think deeper instead of wider and BE the expert whose services your High-Ticket Clients want to invest in.

Connect all the dots and position yourself as the obvious solution. And you’ll inevitably 10X Your Profits in your High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Business.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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