The Million Dollar Secret to Creating High-Ticket Clients Now

If I charged a million dollars for every female entrepreneur who asks how to find High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Clients or how to create another High-Ticket Coaching Client funnel or how to attract High-Ticket Clients without expensive ads, I’d be a skinny black billionaire by now. I guess I’m not charging enough.

High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting has its own special set of money mindset issues, over and beyond the usual fear of failure, fear of raising prices, fear of being visible or fear of judgment that comes with entrepreneurship.

The impostor syndrome money blocks that show up for female entrepreneurs when they go from charging $997 a month to creating a High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Package with a $50,000 or $75,000 investment level can be daunting and very real.

After working with women entrepreneurs with online businesses in law, real estate, photography, coaching and consulting, I know it’s time to share this million-dollar secret to creating High-Ticket Clients now with everyone.  Especially since it’s a non-secret secret.   It’s so obvious you might may even consider reading it a waste of your valuable time.

Massive Mistakes Female Entrepreneurs Make that Repel Ideal High-Ticket Clients

At a recent High-Ticket business coaching retreat, I asked several service-based female entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants this question.

What is the most powerful strategy for ruining your High-Ticket business?

I got a blank stare.  So, I rephrased my question and asked,

What is the one thing you must do now to drive away your ideal High-Ticket clients and kill your profits?

Every woman entrepreneur in the room was on fire with responses like…

Failure to Niche – I agree.  When it comes to selling High-Ticket coaching or consultant services, solving one specific problem and being known for that one thing elevates a coach, consultant or service-based female entrepreneur to expert status.

Wishy-Washy Messaging – I agree.  It’s tough to speak to clients at the point in their client journey where you can help them if you’re still talking to everyone with a pulse.

Fear of Raising Prices – Again, I agree here.  You cannot create a High-Ticket business model or attract High-Ticket clients what want a higher return on investment if you’re afraid to move beyond $197 pricing points.

Fear of Receiving Money – So true.  If you’re afraid of receiving money for your services or charging for the value of your work, then you’ll subconsciously make it harder for High-Ticket clients to pay you. 

All these female entrepreneurs were right.    These three things and many others are some of the massive mistakes’ women entrepreneurs make that keep them from creating ideal clients, higher income and profits, and more impact without working harder or twisting themselves into a pretzel to please everyone. 

The Million Dollar Mistake High-Ticket Coaches and Consultants Make (And What to Do Instead)

I can’t tell you how many women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants I talk to every week who have a profitable niche, a great marketing message that meets their ideal client exactly where they are in their journey, and perfect pricing points for their services.

Yet, they’re repelling their ideal High-Ticket clients and killing profits in their business.  Everything is stalled.

Why and how are we repelling the clients we want to work with even though we’ve worked with some of the best business coaches in the world – the top female business guru coaches who have given us every strategy, template and script we could ever imagine.

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s the million-dollar mistake.

This one.

Getting More Information without Implementation.

Many female entrepreneurs have all the systems in place that they need to succeed, and they’ve paid for business strategies that cost more than my annual home mortgage, but they’re still on the hunt for the holy- grail-shiny-object-magic-potion for success.

Women entrepreneurs are losing more ideal clients, income, impact, and profits because they’re reading more, learning more, and getting more information, all without implementation. 

I have female entrepreneur weight loss clients who can write a Ph.D dissertation on how to lose weight and look younger, and business coaching clients who can write a whole book on how to attract coaching clients online.

They already know what they need to get to their next level.  They have paid for the tools, and the strategies and spent years in the online group business coaching programs.  They even have 100s of other ebooks and swiped files on their hard drive.  Tools they’ll never read.

Yet they are not actually doing the thing, taking aligned action or implementing.

Today, entrepreneurs spend more time implementing the latest Tik Tok hack for boiling eggs without breaking the shells than they do applying the strategies they’ve already paid for to their business.

So, what’s the secret?  What can we do instead of learning more?

The Million Dollar Secret to Creating Ideal High-Ticket Clients Without Learning More

It’s a secret is so simple that it’s worthy of your eyeroll now.

Cue the drumroll…

The Million-Dollar Secret? 

Get Wet Now.

My favorite quote captures this perfectly.

“You can’t get wet from the word ‘water.’” 

Alan Watts

No matter what you’re trying to create in your business, you can’t create it without implementation. Just like getting wet, you’re only wet if the water actually touches you. You can read about water being wet. You can write about water being wet. You can talk about water being wet. You can hold a picture of water, but you’re still not wet if it doesn’t touch you.

Think about it. 

If you’re a High-Ticket Health Coach with High-Ticket Coaching Packages of $25,000 or more, you can create $100,000 a month easily, depending on your delivery structures.  But if you spend all your time downloading more information, joining the newest group coaching program that promises to give you the best High-Ticket sales script or reading another book about mindset or pricing, you’re pouring your impact, income and profits down the drain.

Get Wet Now.

What would be possible if you implemented the best tools and strategies you already have in your toolbox? 

What would your business create?

What impact would you make?

You don’t need a coach for this.  Nobody needs a coach.  But every woman entrepreneur deserves a powerful coach who challenges her to recognize and own her true worth and see beyond her own limitations to skyrocket her impact, income, profits, and joy.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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