How to Sell High-End Coaching Packages in 2023

How to Sell High-End Coaching Packages in 2023 is a popular question for many Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Think lifetime future use value, results and outcomes, all in one exponential high-ticket coaching offer she can’t say no to, and specific messaging that speaks directly to the outcomes and results that your high-end coaching client values and wants right now.

High-end coaching clients say NO ONLY to what they don’t want. Give her the exponential high-ticket coaching offer she can’t say no to, and you’ll sell your high-end coaching packages.

It’s NEVER about high-ticket sales funnels, 8 figure formulas, ‘paint-by-numbers high ticket sales scripts’ or what to say in a sales conversation. You know what to say.

Stop pretending not to know. And if you need more support on this, the 3 High-End Coaching Clients Intensive has your name on it.

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In a world where High-Ticket Sales is considered merely another transactional element of coaching business, and everyone wants to sell coaching offers in their social media DMs, or just sell high-end coaching offers on email, how to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Packages in 2023 certainly turns heads.

If you’re here for another mainstream High-Ticket Sales funnel or another Ascension Model Sales Pipeline, then you’re NOT in the right place. If you’re looking for another high-ticket marketing or high-ticket sales tactics, blueprint or swipe file, then you’re in the wrong place.

Stay if you’re here to get in on powerful transformational sales that take your straight to the high-ticket coaching clients that you’re MOST excited to work with.

And definitely linger if you’re excited to work with fewer clients at a higher investment level instead of creating another mediocre high-ticket coaching mastermind or cattle call with 200 high-vibe clients.

How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Who you sell to and what you sell is an important starting point. But it’s more about play, fun, freedom, and unapologetically enjoying a prosperous lifestyle while being God’s biggest Gift in the world. Being who God created you to be and allowing him to work FULLY through you in your Assignment.

Knowing how to communicate your Spiritual gifts and magic in sales conversation, and in way that connects to the heartbeat of your clients in your positioning, messaging and marketing makes ALL the difference. Speak directly to the outcome or transformation so that even in a crowded space, you’re all she sees. Be uncomfortably clear.

This is what sells your high-ticket coaching offers and high-end coaching packages. Not some cringey high-ticket sales script. The high-ticket sales conversation is merely a way for you to dive deeper into her desire, expand her vision and decide if you’re a great fit to work together.

How to sell your high-end coaching packages is more about messaging and being specific enough for high-coaching clients to know that you understand their desires, you speak their language and know what they want even better than them. When you speak her language, she feels deeply heard, deeply seen and deeply understood.

This is what separates actually selling high-end coaching offers from trying to overcome high-ticket sales objections in sales conversations. Remove the need for objections. Period. We only say NO to what we don’t want.

Know what she desires deeply. Know what she values. Know why she wants it and what it’ll do for her and speak that language to her. Directly. So, you become the obvious choice.

But that’s not all.

Selling is a delightful summer breeze when you truly have conviction in your high-end coaching offer, and you deliver what you love.

Be fully SOLD on your high-end coaching packages and offers and the investment to work with you.

Because you KNOW the value of your work to your high-ticket coaching offer today and 20 years from today.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Welcome home.

I’m MiMi Dabo, The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches. I’m the owner and founder of The Prosperous Womb, and the creator of two high-end coaching packages for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.

SuperNatural™, LOVE Letters and Obsessed, all, exclusive private, One to One, high-end business coaching packages for women coaches, attorneys and accountants. 85% of my coaching clients are women coaches who partner with God to co-create extraordinary results with exponential transformational high-end coaching packages.

Thanks to selling high-end coaching packages, I work with ONLY 5 to 8 private coaching clients a year. I’m a scaling down type of coach who believes simplicity is the key to prosperity and life.

But if you’ve read my About Page, you know my business didn’t start out with High-Ticket. I’ve created and shared my Spiritual gifts with everything from $37 coaching products to $197 coaching services and soon to be $500K high-end coaching packages.

I’ve sold $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and $250K High-End Coaching Packages, and if you’re on my email list, you’re following my progress as I dream up, market and sell my very first $500K High-Ticket Coaching Offer (I share all the highs, lows, wins, and fails, and exactly where I am during each trimester of birthing my first ultra-high-ticket coaching package).

You can join The Prosperous Womb email list right here and follow my ‘how to sell $500K high-end coaching packages’ journey in 2023. (

What to Know Before Asking Google How to Sell High-End Coaching Packages in 2023

So, before we start our High-Ticket Marketing and High-Ticket Sales Journey together, I’m curious about you, your coaching business and your own high-end coaching packages.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your sales happy meter? (10=highest). How much do you love Selling your coaching offers or high-end coaching packages? How much do you enjoy selling?

Are you clear on your Identity (Who God Says You Are) and what you’re here to do (Your Assignment)?

Are you really clear on who you are when you’re selling your Spiritual Gifts, and do you truly, truly, really, really know WHAT you’re selling?

Who are your people? Who do you serve and WHO are you selling your high-end coaching packages to right now?

What does your Assignment mean to you, how just High-Ticket Sales fit into your Assignment, your voice, your message and your High-End Coaching Packages?

How much fun do you want to have in your high-ticket coaching business?

And what do you want to create – income, profits, impact, full life expression, freedom, prosperity, health, wealth, money, LIFE?

Now that you’ve warmed up your own high-ticket sales muscles, let’s go!

Here’s the crystal-clear answer to How to Sell High-End Coaching Packages in 2023.

The starting point.

But before even wondering how to sell high-end coaching packages in 2023, you MUST first have your REAL high-ticket coaching offer AND potential high-ticket coaching clients to sell to.

In Part 1 of this post, we’ll dive into meeting High-Ticket Coaching Clients in 2023. Notice I didn’t say how to find high-ticket coaching clients, or where to find high-end coaching clients, or how to land high-ticket coaching client in 2023.

The shift in perspective is key, especially when evolving and growing out of transactional sales and moving into transformational sales strategies, systems and conversations.

Even before meeting our high-ticket coaching clients, let’s back up and get back to that juicy high-ticket coaching offer.

When you understand, know and own that gifts you’re here to share in the world, that the work you do is truly valuable, you’re willing to confidently stand behind your work, stand in your power and truth and bet on you with your most potent body of work, including your $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer or higher.

When you truly deeply see, deeply hear, deeply understand and deeply connect with the heartbeat of your potential high-ticket coaching client, you’ll create something that expands their vision and propels them to their highest level yet.

We’re not talking basic coaching offers that fix a problem or run from a challenge. We’re about REAL POTENT high-end coaching packages that you’ve birthed from the deepest part of you, your prosperous womb. An offer that allows the FULLNESS of God to come through you without modifying it, editing it or being apologetic about it.

If you’re still playing with chicken offers, then check out my High-Ticket Coaching YouTube Channel here, and master allowing the truth of who you are to move through you to create your own magnetic high-end coaching package. This is where you go deep, and deeper, and you’re not even close.

Go deeper still. Pull out that greatness ALREADY inside of your womb and let’s get this show on the road.

Great! You’ve got your offer and we’re ready to roll.

In this High-Ticket Coaching Clients’ video, I share the 3 keys to creating High-Ticket Coaching Clients for your High-End Coaching Packages, and where to meet your High-Ticket Coaching Clients in 2023.

You’ll master how to leverage the key aspects of standing in the POWER of your God through your offers and marketing those juicy coaching offers.

You’ll move from how to find high-ticket coaching clients to learning EXACTLY where clients exist. No more uncertainty, fear or pseudo confusion on your part.

And don’t forget to come back for Part 2.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Sell High-End Coaching Packages in 2023” Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with other Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches who want to create a successful 7, 8 or 9-figure coaching business on their terms without sacrificing their time, energy, faith or joy.

Cheers, MiMi Dabo,

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