High-End Coaching Offers | Build A Successful 7 or 8 Figure Coaching Business with High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Let’s dive into High-End Coaching Offers. Or if you prefer, High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

The antidote to Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches overworking undercharging, self-sacrificing and self-sabotaging just to make $20K Months in a coaching business.

Are you ready now go into 2023 already selling Real High-End Coaching Offers and enjoying the ease of a simple and profitable High-Ticket Coaching Model?

How to Create Your High-Ticket Coaching Model – Private 1-1 High-Ticket Coaching Offers Or Group Coaching Offers Or Both

Let me ask you.

If you were easily and joyfully making 7-figures a year, or 8 figures in your coaching business today. And if you’re were making that blissful money doing exactly what you’re amazing. And you’re using your gifts, your creativity, your divinity, everything Soul is expressing through you.

And if the exponential results you are creating for your high-ticket coaching clients, creates MORE Love. More Healing. More Joy. More Quality Relationships. More Wealth. More Health. More Money. More Life.

More of everything that is good for you, your family, your clients, your community and your world, would you be a HECK YES to creating, packaging, pricing, positioning, marketing and selling your high-ticket coaching offers with Confidence?

If you’re here for this, I invite you make $100K High-End Coaching Offers (or as close to that as possible) your baseline and Let Yourself Have this Experience Now.

Can you feel the possibility?

Can you feel the expansion?

Can you feel the bliss?

Can you feel the joy?

Can you feel the grace?

Can you feel the ease?

Can you feel the flow?

Can you feel the alignment?

Can you feel yourself working in your assignment?

Soften. Surrender.

Let it All In.

With high-end coaching offers, you no longer have to make your coaching business look hard, or suffer through over-delivering just to be worthy.

You were born worthy. This insight is the difference between a Holistic Wealthy Coach and a Coach who is just money rich. It’s more about doing your Soul’s highest work, the quality of life you get to step into for the rest of your beautiful life, and the impact this will have on you, your family, your coaching clients and the world.

And because you know without a doubt that money in the hands of a holistic wealthy woman like you, is healing balm in the world. More money in the hands of women like you who want to do good in the world will make a bigger and better IMPACT in the world. Imagine what will be possible for your clients when you’re being the best you. Make the decision now to start selling high-ticket coaching offers and high-end coaching packages in 2023 and beyond.

Yes, it’s ok to NOT feel called to work with low-ticket offers and step out in faith into the world of high-end coaching offers, where you collapse timelines to co-create results that are not logically reasonable; to co-create your biggest impact in the world. Be the breath of fresh air in the coaching industry.

High-End coaching offers are the premium level in your coaching business where you allow God to fully express itself through you, surrender to Soul fully leading you in your reality, even when it doesn’t feel safe or logical.

Knowing your Identity.

Stepping fully into your Assignment and going beyond the risk, fear, the doubt, the resources, the expectations others have, the self-imposed ceilings, the stories, the certainty and restrictive society norms.

Stepping into massive expansion of your deepest desires to support clients to co-create their ULTIMATE desires. Because you see risk, fear and doubt through the eyes of Identity and not your circumstances. Fully embracing Confidence and Uncertainty = Faith.

But first.

Are you willing to dance in the rain when it’s still dry? I hope so.

Because that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re selling $100K or $250K High-End Coaching Offers in a sea of online coaches scaling down high-ticket coaching offers to $5K or 10K or at most, $15K. This where you must step completely out of ego and trust Soul to fully lead the way.

Especially if you’re willing to stand out with Private 1-1 High-Ticket Coaching Offers. These are the unicorns.

I hear questions all the time, like how do you get a high-ticket coaching offer. Well, let me show you in the example below.

One example of a High-Ticket Coaching Model is a Private 1-1 $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer. Creating a $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer (or higher) is a simple way to create $100K Months in a coaching business.

Let’s say you work with only 10 clients, and offer a monthly payment plan of $10K a month. That’s $100K a month in coaching income, just from 10 clients. You can do this with an engaged audience of just 100.

Remember, your value is not set by someone else’s lack of value in their work. No more glorifying low-ticket coaching offers or information overload. Choosing to be a high-value coach takes God’s wisdom and courage. Don’t downgrade your worth. Stand in your power and charge the value of your work.

Money is a tool to exchange value. So, know the value of your high-end coaching offers so that you can receive Money.

It’s true that there is so much conflicting information online when it comes to High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

What is a High-Ticket Coaching Offer or What is a High-End Coaching Offer?

So, we’ll start with the first question. What is a High-Ticket Coaching Offer or a High-End Coaching Offer?

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer is a Transformational Coaching Offer that solves a specific tangible challenge that your High-Ticket Client in a Profitable Niche knows she has, AND is willing to invest at a higher amount to solve because she wants exponential results and a premium experience. 

The investment for High-Ticket Coaching Offers is subjective and can range anywhere from $25K to $1,000,000, and much higher. What makes a Coaching Offer, a high-end Offer is really the high-value, deeper transformation for the High-Ticket Coaching Clients, as well as the exponential Return on Investment, which makes the investment a drop in the bucket.

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer promises a very clear result and the components of the high-end coaching package or program support the high-ticket client to co-create that result.  The High-End Coaching Program or Package is based exclusively on the Value and the Results and NOT the time spent working and co-creating with the Client. 

Exponential High-End coaching offers support premium high-ticket coaching clients to make significant quantum leaps without stair stepping their transformation.

So, let’s get right to the heart of high-end coaching offers.

How do you create high-ticket coaching offers?

What Should You Include in Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers?

How to structure a high-ticket coaching offer?

How to Create a High-Ticket Coaching Funnel.

How to position, market and sell high-end coaching offers with confidence and ease?

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than 5 minutes, you know that my answer to the question ‘how to build a successful coaching business?’ always comes down to one simple phrase and act.

Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers or High-End Coaching Offers.

Yes, there are millions of ways to create a successful and profitable simple and pleasurable coaching business, but when it comes to simplicity, focus and exponential transformation, selling high-end coaching offers for high-end coaching clients wins the prize. It is also the simplest way to make $100K+ Months in a coaching business in any coaching niche, while delivering big impact, deep transformation and the highest Return on Investment for High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Imagine creating a single $100K or more high-end coaching offer that makes you at least $100K every single month in your high-ticket coaching business. How simple, pleasurable, abundant and expansive would your life and business be? What results would your high-ticket coaching clients enjoy?

What would be possible for your high-end coaching clients outside of their biggest vision? The sky isn’t even the limit in this kind of coaching business.

Today’s post gives you a deeper insight into how to design $100K+ high-end coaching offers or if you prefer, how to create a high-ticket coaching offer in any coaching niche.

How To Create a High-Ticket Coaching Offer or a High-End Coaching Offer

The first step in creating a High-Ticket Coaching Offer is to tune into your zone of genius, Nail your aligned profitable niche (or if you prefer, narrow your focus), and create magnetic messaging that captivates and attracts your potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients. 

This is VERY important because to structure your high-ticket coaching offer, you first NEED to know What Results you create or What transformation your offer will provide and FOR WHOM?

What specific results does your client want to create? 

What does she truly want?  What problem is she looking to solve? 

What Next Level Expansion is she looking to Step into? 

What transformation does she want most? 

Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer needs to be specifically tailored to your client’s need to solve the challenge or step into the expansion.

And it goes even further than that.

You, as the premium High-Ticket and High-Value Coach must see beyond your high-ticket client’s vision; beyond what even she believes is possible. And co-create results that support her with a holistic expansion in her life, her faith and spiritual growth, her business or career, her health and wellbeing, her beauty and body, her personal, business and professional relationships, and her financial wealth.

Just like your Soul will no longer let you be/do/create anything that keeps you small, your client’s life will only get better and better because of her experience with you. Give yourself the permission slip to be EXCLUSIVE.

2 Things to Include In Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Speaking about exclusivity, there are at least 2 KEY things to include in your high-ticket coaching offers.

Every High-Ticket Coaching Offer needs to be an exclusive, bespoke experience for your coaching clients. I dive deeper into the best way to customize coaching offers to exceed exceptions for every unique client within your niche, or area of focus.

A bespoke, customized experience is key.

Second every High-Ticket Coaching Offer gives your High-Ticket Coaching Clients access to YOU. They are investing in your premium offer to work with you, not to get a collection of online courses, or DIY courses, or access to your assistant coach.

Access to YOU is important. No one at this level is interested in investing $100K or $250K to get another generic online course that makes you and your coaching business money in your sleep, or while you’re sipping cocktails at the beach.

Now that we’ve got two keys in place, it’s time to give people the opportunity to afford investing in your high-ticket coaching offers.

Let’s step into Overflow.

If you haven’t designed a high-ticket coaching offer that lights you up yet, then watch these few videos below discussing how to create high-end coaching offers video. You’ll get step by step details on designing your own juicy and profitable high-end coaching offer, or repackaging existing coaching offers into a high-end coaching offers.

For a deeper dive into creating high-ticket or high-end coaching offers (and changing lives with them), click HERE for your exclusive access to my High-Ticket Coaching Business library of over 200 videos discussing creating, positioning, marketing and selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

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And if you’re READY now to experience your own radiant, rich and spiritual coaching business where you serve more deeply with REAL high-end coaching offers and live life on your terms, then REGISTER HERE for the High-Ticket Coaching Offers LIVE! Event for Spiritual Women Coaches, Christian Women Coaches and ALL Women Coaches who want to own their power and create the life of their dreams.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “High-End Coaching Offers” Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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