Pre-Sell Your Best High End Coaching Clients

Pre-Sell Your Best High End Coaching Clients.

What’s currently happening in your coaching business?

Are your best high end coaching clients reaching out asking how to work with you?

Do your best high end coaching clients reach out saying I’M in when you send out info about offers and services?

Any tell me more’s when you share content on social media or YouTube?

In the God-Made Women Millionaires experience, if your best high end coaching clients are not buying, or reaching out frequently to see how they can work with you or invest in an offer, there’s a first place to start.

If your best high end coaching clients don’t know your offers by name, even if they’ve only just seen your messaging or content for the very first time, there’s a first place to start.

I invite you to consider that….

You may still think you’re bothering them or being a bad girl.

You still don’t believe that your best high end coaching clients want to be sold to.  they’re dying to be sold to.

You still don’t recognize that what you don’t think is valuable to you is actually pure gold to them, and valuable beyond belief and they can’t wait to get their hands on it.

You’re still apologizing for the sale and hiding dm me if you’re interested, at the bottom of your email, or not talking about your offer by name throughout your content.

You’re still operating on “self” without partnering with God + Jesus + Holy Spirit, thinking you’re the one doing this.  

When you’re in partnership with God, you’re just a vessel for all of I AM to unfold, come through.

If you don’t 100% believe in the value of your offers and the results you co-create, don’t even bother doing any content or emails.   It’s showing up 100% in your energy and your content.

You’re repelling your best high-end coaching clients. And attracting those you’d rather not work with.

We all want to be consistent. But consistently doing ONE thing in a way that doesn’t work for your best high end coaching clients won’t sell your services or offers.

It will slow down sales, income, profits and impact. That’s not the best way to grow a simple and sustainably profitable business that brings in whatever amount of money you’ve decided to make each month, quarter or year.

Work wiser, not harder.

And no, testimonials are NOT the answer. 1000 testimonials in one email/content won’t fix crappy messaging.

Your best high end coaching clients are wildly creative and vastly expressive.  They don’t sell themselves short with what other people have done or how far your other clients have gone.

What God is doing through them with their unique divine gifts is 100% different to anyone else. Respect their divinity, gifts and uniqueness and their ability to make powerful decisions for themselves.

Premium messaging holds the key to sales.

It’s great to sprinkle testimonials, but not don’t do a whole tsunami to deflect from your “i’m being a bad girl” mindset.

It might attract those clients who don’t believe in themselves and need you to fix, feed, teach, validate or handhold them. But it will NOT attract and pre-sell your best high end coaching clients.

Don’t limit your best high end coaching clients’ capacity by drowning your message in testimonials.

It’s cool in the world; it’s very on brand with “walking by sight.” But you’re not of the world, are you?

I invite you to be open to receiving this today so that your messaging can start pre-selling for you.

This is the work I do with my best high-end coaching clients in my God-Made Women Millionaires to support them to take the income ceiling off and move beyond what X amount months they’re currently doing.  

Whether it’s 10K months, $50K months, $100K months or for some, $400K months (whatever it is for you). We’re all at different points in our journey.

And if you’re reading this thinking, but I’m not even at $10K months, that’s great too. Use this post to go from zero to 10K months.  The principles are the same.  It’s not a formula or script.  

Just ONE shift from “i’m being a bad girl” to “what I have is valuable, they want it NOW, changes who you’re being about selling, which changes what you say and how you actually sell.

Just this post alone will shift the way you share your messaging today and double your chances of attracting and enrolling your best high end coaching clients.

Go back and look at what you’re currently saying and see where you’re apologizing, hiding or believing you’re a bad girl.

You can’t do messaging without talking about sales, so read the blog post, “why your best high end coaching clients want you to sell to them.”  

Dive in and 1000X the value of this blog post for your coaching business.  

When you’re great at naturally sharing what gives your best clients transformational insight, or shifts their belief about the desire or challenge, then any proven strategy will work for you.  The power of the strategy depends on the player, not the strategy.

Your local junior league football team probably WON’T win the next championship by applying the Kansas Chiefs’ strategy or script or formula even if you gave it to them 100 different ways.  

They’re not yet at that level of mastery.  They need their own playbook first.  They need to get better at playing the game first.  And then all they’ll need is ONE tiny shift — to Win the Superbowl.

Are you getting better at naturally sharing the transformational insight, messaging, or language that gets your best clients to buy now?​ 

​​Or to be willing to afford your highest value high-ticket offers?

The best transformation happens from the inside out and overflows out into the world, to your best high end coaching clients and all those you whose lives you touch every day.

Focus on mastery, going deeper in your art, recognizing the value of what God is doing through you and transforming your relationship to messaging and sales first.

And watch the sales start rolling in. Because your potential best high end coaching clients start believing, she’s obviously in my head and sees me.

You’re the one in charge of how much money you make.  

How easy do you want this to be today?

Today’s Next Step.

Read why your best high end coaching clients want you to sell to them.”

Welcome to the God-Made Women Millionaires experience in the Prosperous Womb.

And cheers to pre-selling your best high end coaching clients, and mastering how to sell naturally, your way!

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