Stop Asking How to Land High-End Coaching Clients

How to Land High-End Coaching Clients.

One question I get when working with women coaches who create, market and sell high-end coaching packages, is how to land high-end coaching clients for my coaching business.

Or where do I find high-end coaching clients.

High-end coaching doesn’t discriminate.

100s of women coaches ask how to land high-end coaching clients.

Those who’ve been coaching for 15 years and have already made 8-figures but are now looking to transition from low ticket to high ticket coaching, as well as coaches who are fresh out of their life coaching certification and want to design and price their first high-end coaching program, or ‘get’ their first high end coaching client.

I get why this question is so popular. In fact, I spent most of 2017 asking similar questions when transitioning from low-ticket coaching offers to my very first high-ticket coaching offer.

And that’s why in 2018, I decided to focus exclusively on high-ticket coaching. Since then, I’ve niched down, specialized EXCLUSIVELY in high-end coaching for women coaches.

And I’ve created my entire high-ticket coaching business, focused on creating, marketing and selling high-ticket coaching offers AND attracting, enrolling and working with pre-sold high-end coaching clients.

I don’t know about you, but for me, asking how to land high-end coaching clients in 2017 was rooted in my insecurity and discomfort around selling high-end coaching packages and high-ticket coaching offers.

I wanted the high-end coaching template, the formula and essential ingredients for high-end coaching – so that I could avoid the messiness of actually experimenting, experiencing and learning my own way, instead of regurgitating what everyone else was doing. Being another parrot in the coaching industry.

I felt like I needed to convey value, prove my worth or do a dance – as if my God-given worth depended on how much the investment was to work with me.

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by everyone else who was already dominating the niche, and I thought, how would anyone even find me in this sea of gurus and experts?

I spent months running down the rabbit hole of the imagined opinions of others.

Once I recognized that I was partnering with God in my coaching business, everything shifted for me, and I learned how to trust God’s wisdom through me to move past the generic answers I was coming across on Google and social media and tap into my own Prosperous Womb.

And today, I could be like every other business coach and just share 5 generic canned ways to land high-end coaching clients, or 8 proven strategies to get high-end coaching clients online, but I know better than wasting your time.

You deserve better and I respect your divine wisdom.

mimi dabo

Let’s agree now to make this the end of our “how” or “quick fix – put a bandaid on it” Era and move into our Wisdom Era – the Prosperous Womb Era – where we partner with God and create a simple, profitable and highest impact coaching business from the inside out.

So that we work wiser, NOT Harder.

We’ll stop searching for canned examples of how to sell high-end coaching packages from online coaching gurus.

No more asking how to create high-end coaching packages with another step-by-step template.

And we’re staying away from complicated high-ticket coaching funnels in 2024.

Less is MORE and simple is the new black.

You are the HOW for high-end coaching (YOUR WAY).

You are the permission and the essential ingredients for high-end coaching.

You are the secret and you have all the tools for creating your own high-ticket signature system.

You’re only ONE decision away.

If you’re on board with your Wisdom Era, keep reading.

If not, you can get a quick fix – 8 proven strategies to get high-end coaching clients right here.

I see you you’re still here.

You’ll be glad you stayed…. because I’m sharing 100 ways you can ‘land’ high-end coaching clients for your coaching business.

Trust me, you only need ONE, but identifying these will shift the way you be and do your coaching business for ever.

We’ll dive into 1 of the 100 ways in this blogpost. (You can skip right to that part below, if you prefer).

Here’s the truth – the real tea about selling high-end coaching packages in 2024 or asking how to land high-end coaching clients in 2024.

It’s important to recognize that we don’t find high-end coaching clients or look for high-end coaching clients because they’re not Easter Eggs.

And similarly, we don’t get high-end coaching clients, close high-end coaching clients like doors, or land high-end coaching clients like planes.

Let’s dive right in and see who we BE and how we Do.

how to land high-end coaching clients

How to Land High-End Coaching Clients – The BEST Answer IS

We simply BE FOUND.

(I’ve got you covered. You can stop reading right now and check out the 100s of videos on attracting high end coaching clients and selling high-end coaching packages, so that you attract, and BE found by high-end coaching clients starting today.

Believe me, you’ll never ask how to find or land high-end coaching clients again. Ever. Just start watching here).

If you’re still reading, welcome back.

To know how to land high-end coaching clients, let’s ask better questions that supports and empowers us to attract self-led high-end coaching clients who FIND US and invest in high-end coaching packages.

How can pre-sold high-end coaching clients find you????

How can your high-end coaching packages or your high-ticket coaching offers BE Lighthouses that attract pre-sold high-end coaching clients?

How can your dialed-in high-end messaging captivate and ACTIVATE high-end coaching clients to joyfully self-identify and step fully into your high-end coaching clients.

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Here’s the simple answer for how to land high-end coaching clients in 2024 or the UNHIDDEN secret to landing high-end coaching clients.

The secret to landing high-end coaching clients or selling high-end coaching packages is taking the focus off you – completely.

And simply identifying how you personally want to use your expertise, gifts and wisdom to make buying high-end coaching packages fun for your pre-sold high-end coaching clients without sacrificing your inner peace, joy, serenity, time, health, faith, family, fun or freedom.

But before we dive into how to make buying fun – your way, let’s first understand high-end coaching clients.

how to find the best high-end coaching clients

Understanding High-Ticket Coaching Clients

High-end coaching and attracting or working with high-end coaching clients is NOT a volume game.

It’s a depth game.

And of course, high-end coaching clients are the hero in our business, not us. In my experience, high-end coaching clients are irrational, illogical and unreasonably unrealistic.

In simple words, they’re irrationally passionate about what they want.

If your high-end coaching clients in your niche are like many of the women coaches I co-create with, then you already know this…

High-end coaching clients don’t fall for the self-imposed limitations of others.

They are the clients who take 100% responsibility for + and are fully accountable for their actions and results.

All you as the high-end coach needs to do, is your part in co-creating those exponential results.

Here’s a powerful short video for 100% clarity on high-end coaching clients, and why high-paying coaching clients are NOT high-end coaching clients.

And now, that we know we’ve remembered who are and owned our power, let’s get into how we make buying fun for high-end coaching clients – your way, of course.

how to get high-end coaching clients

Make Buying Fun for High-End Coaching Clients

One of the best ways to make doing business joyful for you, your high-end coaching clients and your coaching business is to make buying fun for high end coaching clients.

Why? Because when you make buying high-end coaching packages fun for your high-end coaching clients, they’re PRE-SOLD.

This means everything is easier. And high-ticket sales? Think Pleasure.

Selling high-ticket coaching offers and having sales conversations becomes the best part of your work – second to co-creating with your high-end coaching clients, of course.

When you make buying fun for high-end coaching clients, you’ll never ask how to land high-end coaching clients because they’ll easily FIND YOU and your ‘Lighthouse’ high-end coaching packages and high-ticket coaching offers.

Everything starts to feel more spacious, more like play.

Are you ready to play?

how to find your coaching niche

The Power of Niching Down to Make Buying Fun and Attract High End Coaching Clients

We’re starting the 100 ways to make buying fun for high-end coaching clients in random order of importance.

You can choose to do this first if you prefer, but there’s 99 more to come. So, breathe easy.

Number ONE of 100 today is, drumrollllll….

Niche down.

This is not about the riches being in the niches. It’s about exploring and stepping into your highest level of service and choosing the simplest way to do business.

So, yes, Niche down.

Or specialize. Maybe the phrase niche down gives you palpitations and visions of being locked in a tiny box with no air.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, MiMi I’m wayyy past niching down. I’m a seasoned coach with seasoned offers I’ve been selling for 10 years or 8 years or 2 years.

Yes, yes, yes, I hear you. I get that your offers are making you 7-figures every month or every year. I get it.

AND niching down to specialize with deeper mastery and greater impact is not just for coaches fresh off their life coaching certification. Niching down, like high-end coaching doesn’t discriminate.

It’s for all of us choosing to work with high-end coaching packages and high-end coaching clients. This is actually what supports us to attract high-end coaching clients INSTEAD of just high-paying clients. If you watched the video above, you know why this distinction is very important.

And there are millions of benefits that come with specializing or niching down with high-end coaching clients.

how to find your coaching niche

Niching down to sell high-end coaching packages within your specialty support you to understand your specific high-end coaching clients deeply and determine the level of transformation they need for this step of their journey.

First, you’re able to understand exactly how your high-end coaching packages or high-ticket coaching offers fit within your high-end coaching client’s life, business, relationship, health or career (whatever niche you’re in).

You’ll identify why the results your offer co-creates are important to her and why she wants it, including why NOW is the best time for her to step into it.

This wisdom plays a key role in confidently selling high-ticket coaching offers your way – applying your own wisdom, intuition and magic, from the inside out.

Let’s go down the niching rabbit hole.

I’d love to know what you would do in this instance.

What would you search for on Google if you experienced a knee, neck or back injury? Would you type in ‘doctor’ or would you specify, either chiropractor, neck specialist, back specialist or knee specialist?

And if you needed a lawyer to sue the person who caused your injury, would you search for “lawyer” or look for an attorney who specializes in personal injury law.

You and I both know you’d prefer someone who specializes in what you’re looking for, rather than a divorce lawyer or a general lawyer with no experience in personal injury.

That’s the power of niching. When clients find ‘Lighthouse offers’, they have a HUGE sense of relief because they know they’re in great hands. They breathe and rest easy.

Your potential clients are waiting for you to niche down so they spend hours crossing coaches off their list because they don’t fit into what they’re searching for.

Why is it that we want specialists in every area of our lives, but when it comes to our coaching businesses, we think generic is better?

What if this was just another sophisticated form of self-sabotage. Let me make my life harder by playing small, shrinking God, hiding my magic, dulling my light and hiding in the general population so that I don’t have to own my worth.

Here’s the tough truth.

how to land high-end coaching clients

When we partner with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to co-create exponential outcomes with our high-end coaching clients, we must shine God’s light and go deeper, not wider to make wider impact.

Paradox, much?

But back to the real tea.

The world loves specialists.

The market loves specialists and pays very lavishly for the folks who choose to specialize.

Why do you think your endodontist and your dentist have verrrry different payment rates?

You don’t have to marry your niche.

But how can you specialize deeper in what you do – beyond surface coaching and problem fixing. REally going deeper.

What deep level of transformation would you love co-creating consistently with high-end coaching clients?

How can you make it easy to sell high-end coaching packages and easily be found?

How can you co-create an offer your high-end coaching clients cannot wait to invest in NOW — one that is directly tied to their greatest commitment, deepest desire, biggest challenge or most important asset?

And how can you dial-in your messaging 100% around your high-end coaching packages, the outcome and your WHO – so that it’s uncomfortably clear, which makes your magnetic messaging captivate and activate high-end coaching clients.

Empowering them to be PRE-SOLD.

She’ll see clearly that you understand her and what she desires (even more than she does).

She’ll know that you see her clearly.

She’ll know that you hear her loudly.

She’ll know that you get her and what she wants.

And she’ll know, like and trust you enough, that your high-ticket coaching offer becomes the obvious choice.
When you know and understand your high-end coaching client, you can meet her at any time on her journey to creating her greatest priority, solving her biggest challenge, or co-creating her greatest desire and commitment to herself.

The fastest way to grow impact and profits in any coaching business is not tied to fancy systems and complicated high-ticket sales funnels.

It’s been seen as the ‘go to’ person for what you do, for what you specialize in.

This is the best way to attract pre-sold high-end coaching clients and land high-end coaching clients for your coaching business.

How fun would enrolling pre-sold high-end coaching clients Be for you?

How FUN and easy would it be for high-end coaching clients to step into your offers when they see you as the ‘go to’ person?

How pleasurable would a high-ticket sales conversation with an already pre-sold high-end coaching client be for you?

How much fun would the experience of delivering that offer and co-creating together be for both you and your high-end coaching clients?

The question is not how to generate more leads for your coaching business or where to find high-end coaching clients.
And it’s not blindly asking Google how to sell high-end coaching packages (even if it comes with some other coaching guru’s examples).

You are the HOW.

Simply make buying high-end coaching packages fun for high-end coaching clients — your way.

Plus, you’ll get referrals like hotcakes because your friends, family and colleagues and former clients know exactly what you do and who you do it with.

It’s much easier to refer a natural weight loss coach for women over 40 than it is to refer a health coach.

And creating and sharing content will feel more joyful because you know exactly who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about.

When you know the challenge and have daily experience that supports you to go deeper and speak to it with powerful content and messaging, you become a thought leader in your niche.

And she’ll start to believe you understand her and her challenge even more than she does.

You being in her head distinguishes you and sets you apart.

This is know, like and trust on steroids. The perfect recipe to make buying fun for high-end coaching clients.

Stay tuned for #2.

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