How to Get High-End Coaching Clients for Your Coaching Business (PART TWO)

How to get high-end coaching clients for your coaching business is one of those high-ticket marketing questions that Google wishes we would stop asking.

And I get why it’s so popular with coaches who sell high-ticket coaching offers, or with those thinking about moving from low-ticket high-volume coaching offers to high-ticket low volume offers.

Because for the first 5 years of my own business, I thought the biggest problem in my coaching business was how to find MORE high-ticket coaching clients online or how to attract MORE high-end coaching clients who were willing to, and excited to invest in $100K+ high-ticket coaching offers.

As I continue to work with women coaches who partner with God to co-create profitable business, it makes me sad to see them experiencing the same issues I did.

That’s why I created the High-Ticket Sales Seduction workshops and series.

high-ticket sales seduction

High-Ticket Sales Seduction

High-Ticket Sales Seduction is all about Humans selling high-ticket coaching offers online.

To humans.

It is a heart-based system for selling high-ticket coaching offers to humans online. Imagine mastering high-ticket sales and selling $250K+ high-ticket coaching offers with heart, without treating high-end coaching clients like algorithms, leads, complicated funnels or just prospects.

Working with High-End Coaching Clients is NOT a volume game. It’s a depth game. It’s all about going deeper with high-end coaching clients and partnering to serve at the highest level. How deep are we willing to go? How easily can we step into conversations that potential coaching clients are already having?

High-Ticket Sales Seduction supports women coaches choosing to partner with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to co-create their Love Letters high-end coaching clients they love working with and high-ticket profit explosion in their own coaching businesses – so that they enjoy MORE impact, wealth and freedom (time freedom, money freedom and creative freedom).

I realize there are tons of other issues at play that get in the way of creating high-end coaching clients we enjoy working with, that have nothing to do with lead generation or the famous HOW to attract high-end coaching clients’ question. I dive into at least 5 of those viruses in this high-ticket sales seduction series.

Getting back to humans selling high-ticket coaching offers to humans, I’ll share 8 SIMPLE strategies to support you to continue doing work you love at your highest level (you can jump straight into the video right here if you want to skip the rest of the blogpost).

These 8 strategies for attracting and enrolling high-end coaching clients are PROVEN (marketing and sales) strategies that will support any high-ticket coach selling high-ticket coaching offers grow a simple and profitable high-ticket coaching boutique – in any coaching niche – without paying for ads that don’t work, wasting time on social media or indulging in MORE shiny object distractions.

And because they’re not just another bunch of trendy ‘how-to’ high-ticket marketing strategies, they will ALWAYS work for how to get high-end coaching clients in 2024, in 2028, in 2099, and for as long as you’re in business.

You can even use them to attract high-end coaching clients for your bakery business if you decide to quit coaching tomorrow and bake bread instead. They will work anywhere for any one in any niche and any industry at any time.

You only need one or two of these high-ticket lead generation high-ticket sales seduction strategies to create a simple, profitable and high-impact coaching business that wraps around your beautiful life.

But before we dive into these 8 proven high-ticket marketing and sales secrets for selling to humans, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the global pandemic in the coaching industry.

Because if you have any of these 5 symptoms of the virus, it doesn’t matter if you get 100 high-ticket coaching clients rolling into your coaching business every day. You won’t enroll any high-end coaching clients you actually enjoy working with. Which means, no impact and no profits.

And even if you do enroll these high-ticket coaching clients, you’ll find yourself stuck at uncomfortable income plateaus without realizing why. These same viruses are the reasons why women coaches do the work for $100K+ months but stay on the $50K months or $25K rollercoaster.

If you haven’t read part ONE of “How to Get High-End Coaching Clients for Your Coaching Business’ yet, here you go.

Read How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business (Part ONE).

high-ticket sales seduction

Key Challenges in the Way of Attracting High-End Coaching Clients

Part ONE of this 5-Part High-Ticket Sales Seduction Series dives into virus #1 and how it stands in the way of women coaches attracting and ACTUALLY working with your premium high-end coaching clients, no matter how many “perfect match” high-ticket coaching client attraction strategies we apply.

The truth is that it’s never really about how to get high-end coaching clients, or how to attract more high-end coaching clients online, is it?

It’s more about partnering with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to co-create a simple, profitable and high impact high-ticket coaching business with sustainable high-ticket sales. A coaching business that God can use to do the extraordinary through you.

We can all get all the premium high-end coaching clients in the world, but if we don’t have the structure and systems in place to close the sale and actually support those clients, it’s time to give up the dream.

Read Part ONE here.

Let’s move on to virus #2.



Yes, validation is #2.

A lot of the women coaches in the High-Ticket Sales Seduction workshop (see the discussion in Part ONE) said that they were afraid to do things differently, offer anything different or raise their prices in case their current clients don’t see the value in the new thing.

You CANNOT attract or get high-end coaching clients with this corrosive mindset.

It’s quite simple. You CANNOT attract or get high-end coaching clients for your coaching business if you’re NOT selling high-ticket coaching offers.

MiMi dabo

One coach said, “what if my audience doesn’t like me anymore because I switch things up to uplevel. what if they don’t get it, MiMi? that would make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

I wonder if you’ve ever felt like you your worth is tied to your clients investing in your offers.

I challenge this perception because NONE of us want to keep our audience stuck at one level just to feel good about ourselves. None of us want to STOP our clients from upleveling simply because we will feel unworthy if they stop buying and our income plateaus or dries up.

Let me know what you think. Have you experienced this? I know I did, when I was transitioning from Spiritual life coaching offers to business coaching offers. I was scared. What if no one saw me as a business coach? what if no one invested. 5.5 years later, it’s never been a problem.

And what’s important is that we can’t sell and seek approval at the same time.

We’ve got to detach from the outcome.

8 Proven Ways to Get High-End Coaching Clients for Your Coaching Business Even if You’re Not on social media.

As we dive into these heart-based high-ticket marketing lead strategies, I invite you to check out 7 priorities that will support you with your long-term growth vision for your coaching business.

These 7 priorities affect every decision you’ll ever make as you continue doing work you love with high-end coaching clients. In no particular order, they are Faith, Family, Fun, Freedom, Time, Health and Profits.

In the video, you’ll get more than 8 MORE how to’s. You’ll identify how high-end coaching clients are created even before the high-ticket sales conversation or high-ticket sales call. The client relationship begins when they first hear or see your messaging and deepens when they exchange money for the valuable transformation experiences and results you’re co-creating with them.

And I believe this is key; you’ll figure out how to let other people (including your coaching colleagues) become your high-ticket sales pages (with integrity), as well as how to stop sharing what’s most important to you and share messaging that’s most important to potential clients.

Being a lighthouse.

Without having to waste more time on social media.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Get High-End Coaching Clients for Your Coaching Business (PART TWO)” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb.

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