How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business (Part ONE)

How to attract high-end coaching clients to your coaching business.

This is one of the most popular questions I hear in The Prosperous Womb from women coaches who partner with God and the Holy Spirit to serve high-end coaching clients with bespoke high-ticket coaching offers.

“How to attract high-end coaching clients” is not a newbie coach question. I hear this both from women coaches who’ve been working with clients for years and already have what the world considers a successful 7 or 8-figure coaching business AND from women coaches who have only been coaching for one or three years and are only making 5 or 6-figures.

How much money you’ve already made in your coaching results, your millions or testimonials and the results you’ve already co-created in any niche don’t matter when it comes to how to attract premium high-end coaching clients to your coaching business at your NEXT LEVEL. It’s a next level uplevel. Not more of what’s worked in the past.

How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business

That’s why I’ve decided to start this 5-Part Series on How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business.

Not just from a basic HOW to attract more high-end coaching clients perspective but based on a global pandemic I’ve noticed in the Coaching Industry as whole over the last 6 years.

And based on my own personal experience attracting, enrolling and working with high-end coaching clients over the last six and a half years.

It’s actually directly tied to my YouTube video series High-Ticket Sales Seduction and The High-End Coaching Clients Course for Women Coaches.

High-Ticket Sales Seduction is not just mastering how to sell more mediocre high-ticket coaching offers or how to attract more high-end coaching clients into our coaching businesses.

How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business

What is High-Ticket Sales Seduction?

High-Ticket Sales Seduction is partnering with God and the Holy Spirit to go deeper than selling high-ticket coaching offers or high-ticket sales mastery.

High-Ticket Sales Seduction is supporting high-end coaching clients in any coaching niche to remember WHO they are. To remember their identity – who God says they are, what he says about them and what he declares they can do.

To step into their Assignment – whatever work God is doing through them in their health, their families, their communities, their business, their career, their wealth, their mindset, wherever. Your high-ticket coaching offer is a lighthouse that gently calls them HOME to themselves.

They resonate deeply with a memory of HOME. Of Shalom. Of God’s infinite love.

Deepening your high-ticket coaching skills and sharpening your toolbelts to focus on depth – going deeper with your high-ticket coaching offers, and attracting and enrolling long-term, committed premium high-end coaching clients you love working with, over simply chasing more coaching clients with low-ticket coaching offers. Choosing Depth over volume.

The focus of High-Ticket Sales Seduction is on upleveling your current high-ticket coaching offers to serve at the highest level. Knowing what works best for you when you’re deciding on how to attract high-end coaching clients into your coaching business. Deciding on what to include in your high-ticket coaching offer suite. Co-creating a profitable business model and crafting a potent high-ticket signature framework, system or coaching methodology.

And of course, figuring how to name your high-ticket coaching offers so that they’re as irresistible to high-end coaching clients as Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks in the Fall.

And boldly and confidently marketing high-ticket coaching offers on platforms you enjoy sharing on and doing high-ticket sales your way – so that your high-end coaching clients see your high-ticket coaching offer as a Lighthouse.

Start with this video to get a sense of where we’re heading with High-Ticket Sales Seduction.

So, let’s dive right into Part ONE of How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients into Your Coaching Business.

How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients into Your Coaching Business.

Yesterday I held a High-Ticket Sales Seduction workshop for a few of the women coaches and entrepreneurs in The Prosperous Womb email community.

Women coaches and entrepreneurs who’ve already worked with me on other projects, including The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Heartbeat Connection Experience and the former LIVE High-Ticket Profit Explosion workshops during the pandemic.

During our discussion on attracting more premium high-end coaching clients, raising prices, upleveling high-ticket coaching offers and deepening our coaching skills to serve at our highest levels, I noticed a new global pandemic.

A deadly epidemic threatening to kill their coaching businesses and the industry as a whole.

And it’s a huge hairy scary thing.

Let’s dive in.

These are women located in the UK, the US (DC, LA, NY, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Virginia), Seychelles, Kenya, Spain, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Germany, France and Italy.

It was beautiful to have such a global representation in various coaching niches – relationship coaching, life coaching, mindset, career, executive, birthing and hormonal balance, spirituality, spiritual life coaching, faith coaching, dating, divorce, and health coaching.

No, these are not business coaches.

They’ve all hit an income, life, satisfaction, impact and joy plateau.

While I don’t focus on monthly income, to make things easier, let’s say they’re all still swimming in the $25K month pond. Some are in the $2K a month, $5K a month and so on. The point is they all want to be in the $75K to $200K month pond or $1 million a month sea.

And they’re not there. Nope, not even close.

Because of this deadly pandemic.

How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business

What is the Global Pandemic Threatening Your Coaching Business?

And no. It’s not COVID.

I’ll share 1 of the 5 BIG epidemics I noticed – the things in the way of EVERYTHING they’re working toward in their lives and businesses.

And I’ll share the other 4 in the next set of posts. You gotta come back.

You want to stay tuned to this series because #5 is the deadliest and one of the most expensive for your business. You cannot afford to miss it. It’ll cost you.

So, what was the first epidemic I noticed.

Hate wrapped neatly in a pretty boredom package with ribbons that spelled loss of passion.

Yes, they hate, hate, hate their current coaching offers. In fact, they are on the verge of being bored to death.

Just listening to them, their language, their words, their gestures, you can see that they have seriously outgrown their offers and the clients they’re working which has led to subconscious resentment of their businesses and their clients.

They’ve lost their passion for their work and many have forgotten why they even became coaches in the first place.

Maybe you’ve been here??

90% of these women are working with clients that don’t excite them anymore and selling and delivering mediocre low to medium ticket coaching offers that don’t even inspire them to wake up and get on coaching calls with their current clients.

They feel stuck doing the same thing with the same coaching clients over and over again.

And they want to do something different. They want different or upleveled high-ticket coaching offers and they want to attract committed long-term high-end coaching clients they enjoy working with and who are an easy YES for their upleveled offers.

They want to attract high-end coaching clients who see their high-ticket coaching offers as a Lighthouse. A place to start. Home.

They want to enjoy BEING HER.

These fabulous women coaches are GRATEFUL, and they also want to thrive, be satisfied doing work they love, make the money they want and really truly enjoy showing up for themselves and their clients, but they don’t want to rock the boat.

What if they try something different and it doesn’t work?


They’re literally terrified to create any new shifts. They’ve identified success to be ONE way and anything that rocks that boat is a massive threat.

Have you been here before? You love your clients as people. You know your offers are great. But you secretly wish you could upgrade and uplevel both because the level of transformation you’re co-creating now is mediocre. Just like the amount of money you’re making now. Medicore.

You can do better.

But will you?????

If you’re yearning for more excitement, a higher income, and the thrill of trying something new, you’re not alone.

Feeling like you’re on a plateau doing the same things over and over again is a common challenge. It’s a sign that you’ve outgrown your current mainstream coaching model and are ready for something fresh.

Staying in your comfort zone may provide stability, but it can hinder your growth and satisfaction. Satisfaction is greatly underrated by us in this profession.

I’ve been there A LOT of times. Many women coaches (colleagues, friends, clients) face the challenge of wanting to reinvent their coaching business but fear that rocking the boat might lead to loss of business and lower income/revenue/profits.

How do you move from this place? And how does partnering with God and the Holy Spirit support you?

And how do you BE HER now?

How Does Your Plateau Affect How You Attract and Work with High End Coaching Clients?

1️⃣ Feeling bored or hitting a plateau in your coaching business is a clear sign that you’re moving into your next level. It’s a nudge from God pushing you out of your comfort zone so He can do greater things through you and with you.

Working with clients who no longer excite you and offering uninspiring and mediocre transformational coaching services can lead to burnout and resentment. I invite you to consider that that it’s perfectly normal to desire more excitement and fulfillment in your coaching journey.

Imagine waking up every morning excited and lit up, jumping out of bed because you know your offer is the answer to someone’s prayers and you’re about to co-create your client’s dream with her today. Woo!!

When you’re partnered with God and the Holy Spirit, desire and gratitude live in the same house.

So, it’s PERFECTLY ok to be grateful for EVERYTHING you already are and have and desire that next level.

It’s growth. Evolution.

Simply BE the High-End Coaching Client you want to attract.

How to Move the Plateau Mountain Between You and High-End Coaching Clients.

2️⃣ God only wants what’s best for you. So, embrace this change as a form of growth. Acknowledge that your desire for something new and different is a sign of your evolving expertise and potential.

Rather than making abrupt changes that might impact your income negatively, consider a strategic transition. Gradually introduce a new coaching offer and start attracting higher-end clients into your business while maintaining your existing income streams.

This is a security blanket while upleveling (f you need your blankie). It’s all part of stepping out in Faith. You believe what God says about you, then what’s to lose if do this wisely?

Wisdom is key here, not human smarts.

Use God’s words and what He says about you to move this mountain. Don’t speak or believe anything God does say or believe about you. You cannot afford that expensive mindset. It will ruin you and your business.

Match Your Mindset to the Coaching Business and Life You Want to Enjoy Every Single Day.

3️⃣ Have a long-term growth mindset. Take the time to define your revised vision for your coaching business.

This gives you grace and clarity to really think during the natural and ebb and flow of life, so that you don’t spiral, create more stories and mountains out of molehills, and then find 100 ways to self-sabotage what God is doing in and through you.

Give yourself the grace to trust and surrender to what God is saying to you today and every day.

And of course, be brave enough to fail as you run your race at your own pace. You cannot fail when God is working through you.

Let’s dive in here.

What excites you?

What lifestyle do you want to enjoy? now….in 12 months….in 5 years….in 10 years? This is important because you want to wrap your coaching business around this. Imagine your business as a Love Letter to your life.

What kind of high-end coaching clients do you want to work with?

What type of coaching offer or high-ticket coaching offers align with your skills, your passion and expertise? Having a clear vision will guide your powerful transformation.

Tap into the gifts, magic and creativity that God has already given you by deepening your current skills, exploring new coaching approaches, services, or niches that genuinely excite you.

Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

Now that you know, here’s how you can ACTUALLY get those new high-ticket coaching leads and attract fabulous high-end coaching clients to your coaching business starting now.

Celebrate and Have a Good Time Working with High-End Coaching Clients You LOVE!

4️⃣ Celebrate and honor the EXTRAORDINARY work that God is doing and wants to continue doing through you. Honor your passion and prioritize your own growth, joy, satisfaction, profits, impact and fulfillment.

Remember that attracting clients who truly inspire you can lead to a more rewarding coaching experience for both you and your clients.

My invitation to you this weekend is to really spend a few minutes chewing on this, digesting it and making an empowered decision of what you want. It’s almost the end of September.

Don’t wait until January 1st to do this!!!!

You can easily 10x your income, impact and profits between October and December 2023 if you start today.

Cheers, and let me know how this post lands for you today.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients to Your Coaching Business (Part ONE)” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb.

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