Best High-End Coaching Clients. Less is More

The best high-end coaching clients are the perfect example of less is MORE.

When it comes to selling high-ticket coaching offers to attract high-end coaching clients in 2024, we need to focus on more than just how to find high-end coaching clients or search for some random high-end coaching clients list on google.

We need know why we want to work with high-end coaching clients and how creating a simple and profitable boutique coaching business will give a better quality of life, more joy, freedom and peace… oh an let’s not forget high ticket profit explosion.

Not everyone is interested in working with high-ticket coaching clients. I have clients wouldn’t trade their healthy 7-figure low-ticket high-volume coaching business for the world.

But the majority of the women coaches who work with me, partnering with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit ultimately simply just want Shalom. Working wiser, not harder.

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Understanding the Best High-End Coaching Clients

First, what do I even mean by the Best high-end coaching clients? The best high-end coaching clients are YOUR soul clients. Those you’re here to serve in your Assignment. Those high-end coaching clients who want your offer and cannot wait to say a thousand Yesssses to themselves.

Just because someone can afford to invest in your $350K high-ticket coaching offer doesn’t mean they’re the best fit to work with you.

One of the biggest lies out there when it comes to the coaching business is that only business coaches can sell high-ticket coaching offers or work with high-end coaching clients.

And it’s time to kill that LIE so that it stops killing your profits.

Working with the best high-end coaching clients is a decision and a choice you make if you want a simple and profitable coaching business that comes with inner peace, high profits and impact, and freedom.

You have the option choose to skip doing all the things that come with growing a coaching business with low ticket coaching offers and decide to sell high-ticket coaching offers. You don’t need to coach for 10 years before creating higher level value coaching offers.

Notice I said nothing about price. It’s all future life value and return on investment over the next 15 years for your clients in your niche.

High-End Coaching Clients don’t care what you call yourself or what coaching niche you’re in, as long as they see value for themselves in the transformation your high-ticket coaching offers provide.

Why High-End Coaching Clients Invest

High-End Coaching Clients invest simply because they want to do, feel, enjoy, have, be create something tied to their greatest ambition, dream, aspiration, challenge, commitment or asset. A commitment they know they’ll co-create easier if they partner with your offer, expertise, support and tools.

They care about the outcome, results and transformation in their relationship, marriage, lives, health, wealth, nutrition, and it has nothing to do with cash, money, income or profits, and they’re more focused on the transformation experience, not more information.

This is why you, me, all of us women coaches can easily add a high-ticket coaching offer to our coaching business without doing anything more.

One thing I’ve noticed consistently while working with women coaches in she’s ‘Obsessed with My Offer,’ LOVE Letters and SuperNatural is that the only difference between a $10K coaching offer and a $50K coaching offer is the price number. Both coaching offers offer the same value, but one coach is so insecure about selling at the higher investment level that she stuffs the $50K coaching offer into a $10K package.

The truth about Low Ticket Coaching Offers

The truth is both low ticket and high-ticket coaching offers need to be sold. You can do or the other, or both. Neither one is good nor bad. It’s all a matter of how simple you choose your life to be and how much joy, inner peace, time freedom, creative freedom, money freedom and life satisfaction you want to enjoy.

Let’s say you’re currently selling coaching offers for $5,000 and your income vision is $100K/month or $1.2/year. Or let’s go even lower with $30K/month and $360K/year. How many $5K coaching offers would you need to sell in one year to meet your income goals?

How realistic is it to create your income vision within 6 months, or 12 months, or 18 months or 3 years, without doing MORE of what hasn’t’ worked before? How many sales conversations would you need to book? How much time would you spend on content creation and doing “research” on social media?

How many qualified high-end coaching clients leads (active buyers/investors) would you need to generate each day based on your current lead generation and sales conversion rates?

How many hours would you need to work every day in your coaching business?

Creating high income goals with low ticket coaching offers is the fastest path to burnout, sickness, lower quality of life, overdelivering, overworking and unhealthy lifestyles.

how to land high-end coaching clients

The Power of ONE

Less is MORE with best high-end coaching clients. Less is also MORE PROFITS and IMPACT, and this is counterintuitive and hard for most women coaches to take in.

Especially those women coaches who rely on how hard they’ve worked or how exhausted or busy they are for validation and self-worth.

When you decide to work with high-end coaching clients, you don’t want every single human to invest in your high-ticket coaching offers. You just want ONE.

Create ONE clear and specific, high value, high-ticket coaching offer for ONE specific person who wants ONE specific result or outcome.


Let’s pause for a moment here and think about how SIMPLE life is when you’re tailoring your messaging, content, offers, everything to just ONE person.

And now,

Imagine for a moment, ONE person investing $100K in ONE coaching offer instead of 100 people at $1K or 10 people at 10K? Just pause for a moment and take in that simplicity and ease.

It takes the same amount of time to market and sell both, and sometimes on the same platform. I would argue it takes less time and work to sell a $100K high-ticket coaching offer then it does a $7,500 coaching offer.

Let’s look at this at various price points.

Sell ONE $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer instead of chasing 100 people at $1000.
Sell ONE $30K Mid Ticket Coaching Offer instead of attracting 30 people at $1,000 or 10 people at $3K.
Sell ONE 10 Low Ticket Offer instead of “finding” 10 people at $1000 or 20 people at $500.

Which of these works for your lifestyle, your business model and the vision you have for your family, your life, your health and your business?

Which of these will support you to create a LOVE Letters Coaching Business that wraps around your lifestyle and feel like cashmere on your skin?

And don’t be fooled into believing that working with a million clients equals impact.

Impact is about depth NOT volume. Working with High-End Coaching Clients is a depth game, not a volume game.

I’m going to wrap this up with a basic reminder when it comes to pricing coaching offers. The truth is that no matter how little you charge for your coaching offers there are many coaching clients who’ll choose the belief that they afford your lower ticket $3K, $5K, $10K or $15K coaching offers.

And yet, no matter how much you charge, there are always going to be your best high-end coaching clients who cannot wait to Say YES, YES, a thousand times YES to your $275K high-ticket coaching offer.

That’s Why you’re the ONLY person responsible and accountable for choosing the Less is MORE approach to growing a coaching business you love.

How would your life be different if you added just ONE high-ticket coaching offer to your coaching business today?

In case you’re wondering, Less is MORE is what I’ve found to be the high-end coaching clients secret to making millions.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “best high-end coaching clients” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

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Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb.

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