Attracting High-End Coaching Clients in 2024

Attracting high-end coaching clients in 2024 doesn’t have to make sense.

It doesn’t have to.

Attracting high-end coaching clients and working with high-end coaching clients that get you and love your high-end coaching packages doesn’t have to make sense.

Making more than enough money doing what you love doesn’t have to make sense and it’s safe to dream bigger and desire more income, more sales, even more of your best clients and more of everything you want for you.

Attracting High-End Coaching Clients in 2024 – YOUR WAY

Attracting high-end coaching clients to your coaching business in 2024 can be as simple as you choose it to be. 

5 years ago, one of my former coaching clients, Maria, was really excited about attracting 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients to sell her first $45K high-ticket coaching offer. 

When we met, she was frustrated with all the business coaches who’d told her she could only sell X, and she could only sell at a certain price point like $10K, and only within a certain niche.

As a transformational coach, she was beginning to question whether she’d wasted the 6 years she’d spent in coaching barely making $10K a month.

When we started working together, the way I co-created with her didn’t make sense to her.  Attracting her 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients online seemed so light, so refreshing, so different. At first she was suspcious of her own results.

Everything seemed too liberating.  Too freeing.  Even pleasurable.

Once she started co-creating her dream life, body, health and business, she experienced a whole new way of doing business – tapping exclusively into her prosperous womb – her way!

You mean, you can create whatever God is expressing through you and sell it?  Just like that?

You mean, attracting your best high-end coaching clients doesn’t have to be this huge production of complicated strategies, creepy funnels and high-ticket sales scripts that you make cringe?

You mean you don’t need to box yourself into a niche you don’t enjoy, and pretend to BE professional or know everything or do everything?

You mean you could just be yourself, have fun, and have a successful coaching business making any amount of money you choose?


How sustainable is growing a profitable boutique high-ticket coaching business if you can’t be yourself.

And you’re working with business coaches who have no idea what God has put in your heart, telling you to do what worked for them – when you’re completely aligned with those formulas, simply because it makes sense to them + they make $5Million per month.

how to attract high-end coaching clients

It doesn’t have to make sense.

How High-Ticket Coaching Clients FIND YOU in 2024

I always tell high-end coaching clients, ‘good luck closing the door God has opened for you.’  You can’t. 

You prayed for your best life and for the “How” so that you could build a simple and profitable business that wraps around your lifestyle in the way you want.  God has answered. 

And you’re questioning it because it’s too simple to make sense.  Your human mind needs to complicate it.  Self-worth, and all.

All you need to sell in 2024, is your high-ticket coaching offer that your clients want now and a high-end coaching clients attraction plan with messaging that speaks directly to them so that you’re the obvious choice – everyone else is irrelevant because you’re the only one they see.

An offer they want now + messaging that makes them run to the other room to grab their wallets and self-lead themselves into your offer.
Messaging is key.

And be yourself and let more of you come through in your offer, your content, your messaging, your marketing and your selling so that you co-create with them at the highest and best level.

The only rules for attracting your best 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients in 2024 are the ones you make up because you don’t trust yourself enough yet.

You get to do what you want to do. That’s what coaching is all about. Bringing out the MORE of you.

There are no “shoulds” or “have tos” unless you prefer that. Find what works for you so that you do it consistently + sustainably without giving yourself random self-inflicted diseases.

Color outside the darn lines.

It never has to make sense.

If it did, you won’t need faith.  If it did you won’t need God.

And here’s thing. If you rely on logic, or what has already worked for you in the past, or on your coach’s 1000 testimonials, you’ll end up creating another very predictable future in 2024.

You’re moving beyond what’s reasonable, predictable and expected of you in 2024.  What you’ve already done, what others who worked with your coach have already done, is completely below God’s standard for you.

Trust yourself and move along in faith with what God is trusting you to share with your best high-end coaching clients. 

And be the woman who can still hold space for herself even when things don’t go as planned. 

It’ll make perfect sense a year from now.

Instead of asking how to find 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients online in 2024, I invite you to consider other client attraction questions like….

What do I need to sell high-end coaching packages in 2024?

What attracts my high-end coaching clients to my high-ticket coaching offers in 2024?

How will my high-end coaching clients recognize me?

How will I recognize them?

It’s simple.

Be You.

And do what’s right for you.

That’s why I created the 3 high-end coaching clients intensive.

If you resonate with being, doing and enjoying more of what you desire in your life, then go here to book your intensive this month.

The 3 High-End Coaching Clients Intensive is for YOU if you’ve ever asked any of these questions.

How to attract 1 on 1 or group high-end coaching clients in 2024.

Where to find 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients in 2024 online.

How to get 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients offline in 2024.

How to get your first 3 1 on 1 high end coaching clients in 2024.

How to get your first 3 1 on 1 high-end coaching clients.

How to get your first 1 on 1 high-end coaching client without social media.

How to sell high-end coaching packages in 2024 with no coaching niche.

How to sell spiritual high-end coaching packages in 2024.

 See you at your 3 high-end coaching clients intensive.

Simply doing your part with what God has already given you, and moving along in faith, is enough to move heaven and earth.

Cheers to 2024!

From my heart to yours,
MiMi Shalom dabo

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